idk i really like the coloring rn

lordsmellymort  asked:

ok so im gonna send in a whole bunch of these but first off can u draw ur headcanon cecil & carlos designs?


god settling on a design for carlos was easy peasy hes p much described fully in the show so hes good its just C ECIL oh boy cecil was fun. theres so many headcanons and everything i just. 

i went kinda boring?? i kept the popular blond hair thing but tried to make his features more. idk. i really dont know. whatever. love his fashion sense tho

also i tried something new with the way i drew and colored! i tried to make it more pixel arty but it didnt come out quite like i planned. oh well. i still like it (tho i dont think ill ever do it again bc MAN that was hard)


yeah, im completely procrastinating linearting of the dc covers

also im trash im sorry

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name/nickname: on the Internet™ i go by whimsy but my name is asher and i go by ash sometimes

relationship status: my gf found out she was aro after our six month anniversary so. i’m pretty single now

fave color: black because i’m an Edgy Teen™

last song i listened to: rn i’m listening to this really good cover of this fucked up wonderful world exists for me with miku v4x (or v3? idk) covered by this really good cover artist called nyanaid

fave tv show: phineas and ferb. you can fight me

first fandom: honestly? i think it was homestuck oh wait no it was one direction. oh my god it was one direction

hobbies: crying, drawing, suffering, writing, experiencing extreme emotional pain,

books i’m currently reading: scythe by neil shusterman! i got it from him signed and everything

worst thing i’ve ever eaten: i have no idea and i don’t want to have an idea 

fave places: my bed

um i tag @mrsmorgenstern@choking-on-potatoes, @rudebbomb, @jaehyobae idk i know all my mutuals pretty okay

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Name: Vanessa
Family name: it’s ugly and stays private
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5′5
Age: 19
Fave Color: Royal blue
Time RN: 2:18 pm
Hours of Sleep: I can sleep 12 hours at once sometimes but I slept 5 today lol
Lucky Number: 3
Last Thing I Googled: vantablack (i wanted to know what it looks like)
Fave Fictional Character: Dexter Morgan/Greg House
Blankets I Sleep With: 2
Favorite Artists: if this is about music: Billy Talent, Rise Against, TOP, Placebo
Dream Trip: I want to visit London again
Dream Job: idk really
What You’re Wearing Right Now: black Billy Talent shirt and blue shorts
Follower Count: 368
Posts: over 50.000 lol
What Do You Post About: d&p, bands, memes
Most Active Followers: @moonymisha @howellfluff @glitterydoritos(i also tag you if u wanna do this!!)
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: i don’t know??
Why Did You Make This Blog: boredom really
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: nope lol
Why Did You Choose Your URL: I love placebo and phan, what can I say
Countries You’ve Lived In: Germany
Favorite Fandom: phandom obvs
Languages You Speak: german, english, mediocre french
Favorite Film: Perks of being a Wallflower
Last Article You Read: can’t remember rn
Last Thing You Bought Online: twenty one pilots shirt
Last Person You Dreamt Of: old classmates ughhh
A Recurring Dream: i fall down the stairs a lot or at least experience some kind of falling so that i wake up
Phobias/Fears: spiders, elevators
How Would Your Friends Describe You: i’m shy at first and then i start making dirty jokes
If You Had $$$ To Spend What Would You Buy First: makeup, food and merch
Shuffle Your Song Library And List The First Three Songs That Play: Placebo - Bruise Pristine, Melanie Martinez - Tag, you’re it, Placebo - Plasticine

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Names or nicknames: elise, nikki

Preferred Gender: female

Star Sign: scorpio

Height: 5'5

Sexual Orientation: bi

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favorite Colors: red and pink❤️💞🌹💖

Favorite Animal: i really like opossums rn idk ???

Average Hours of Sleep: probably like six or seven

Cat or Dog Person: both but if i have to pick, cats

Favorite Fictional Characters: Moriarty, Jughead and Jonathan Byers

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: like four lmao

Favorite Singer/Band: green day💞

Dream Trip: california

Dream Job: either a musician or a writer😸

When was this blog created? aaah i have no idea

Current Number of Followers: 233 ;;

When did your blog reach its peak? i dont know lmao

What made you create this blog? i wanted to connect with other green day fans honestly hah

I tag @youworryyouworryshit @skiiiba and @youn8bl0od 😸

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Name: bryce
Gender: trans male
Height: 5'7
Orientation: pan
Age: 17
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Hair Color: dyed black
Smoking?: idc
Drinking?: idc
Drugs?: idc
Job: not rn
Favorite Color: idk rn
Favorite Band: say anything
Siblings: 5
Tattoos?: i would like some
Favorite Book?: flipped
Perfect Date: what's a date again
Hobbies: drawing and talking and having fun p much!
Why should I pick you?: u don't gotta im doing this to try and make a friend
Why do you even want to date me?: can we be friends

heckie hell yeah we can be friends dude! and this is @ anyone you can send me messages any time im just really awkward lol

you sound really pretty btw? ive always wanted to dye my hair black but i m nea,,, everyone already calls me emo i dont need to further prove it lOL you probably work the black hair tho also those eyes sound gorgeous im jealous

i hav no diea wha a date is halp but drawing and making bad jokes is what i do best

anonymous asked:

what's ur favorite of mei and olivya's hair colors??? honestly they're both hair goaaals!! btw they both inspired me so much and my hair is green rn :)))

For Mei i really liked her green hair! The smoky burgundy makeup she wore complimented it well! 

For Olivya, her reddish-pink peachy hair is definitely one of my favourites! Idk why but it reminds me of summer and sweet smelling strawberries ♡

TBH they’ve inspired me so much, too! Both of them are beautiful, encouraging, and powerful young women. They’ve taught me that it’s okay to love myself, and that what I want with my life comes first before others’ opinions. Just like Mei’s, I bet your green hair is suuuper gorgeous! I’d love to see it haha~

nattfjaril  asked:

uh, questions... whats ur fave band, series, artist, tumblr, movie, song, memory?

ahhh thanks

my fav band is hole, i dont really have a favorite series but i used to really like harry potter, im not that into it anymore. my favorite artist is vincent van gogh and i dont really have a favorite tumblr!! my fav movie is requiem for a dream or blue is the warmest color. my fav song rn is lovefool by the cardigans and my favorite memory is like.. probably something small and stupid from a few years ago idk