idk i really like studio apartments

Firebringer modern au hcs

-Emberly and Grunt open a kitschy art-cafe where Grunt paints pictures for the walls and Emberly creates loads of different flavours of pie (idk why pie but i feel like that’s an Emberly thing to do)

-The gang all share a really shitty house/flat/apartment in their first year of uni, Ducker gets the spot next to the heater in the winter bc he pays most of the rent

-Zazz and Jemilla get married for tax breaks, and accidentally fall in love

-Smelly Balls(can we please give him a better name?) plays bass in a really shitty garage band that keeps everyone up all night with their music

-Keeri opens her own dance studio and her favourite class to teach is the really young kids

-Schwoopsie runs the local comedy club and cheers everyone up when they’re feeling bad