idk i randomly made this lol


A thing I randomly made! :9 I had fun with this, If you use! It would be cool if you tagged it “AU Palette” so I can see what ya made! Have fun!

You know it’s interesting to think back to all the interviews Harry’s done over the passed couple of weeks.. He kept insisting that he doesn’t like to tell people what songs are about and leaves them open to everyone’s interpretation as everyone experiences songs and lyrics differently. He was pretty adamant to get that across. And now that we’re starting to see some of these lyrics, I feel like that was almost a warning? Perhaps a sort of message to tell us “these lyrics aren’t necessarily my truth, but could be for someone else” if that makes any sense. Just because he’s singing certain lyrics doesn’t mean they really mean something to him.

I’m really bad at explaining things!!! but i just randomly noticed this lol do I make any sense????

Malcolm/Clara fics

Here are the only ones I know about. Let me know if there are more out there.

Not One for Poltiics by daynight (good ‘n)
Clarity by azertyrobaz (Clara is randomly French though idk why)
Gravity by azertyrobaz (sequel to Clarity)
Made to Be Broken by question_conjecture (just one chapter up - intriguing start!)
Eat Our Hearts Alive by lotuskasumi (guuuhh perf)