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Fireflies (Jumin x MC)

You go outside to find Jumin where he’s lit up.

Word Count: 611

I’ve had an exciting day ig. I competed in a news writing competition, I didn’t end up placing but there’s always next year ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk. Anyhow, I actually quite like the use of fireflies in stories and what not just with how gentle and fun-loving they are. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you! (ृ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ृ )ु


“Jumin! Jumin?” You stepped outside curiously from the small cabin you were staying for a small amount of time, night dripping down from the sky onto the long and tall wisps of grass.

“MC!” You heard his voice call out to you, his form oddly somehow lit up even being far away from you. “Darling come here!” 

You narrowed your eyes confusedly but followed his voice nonetheless,

And what you saw left a smile stretching from ear to ear upon your face.  

He was drenched in fireflies, the insects fluttering about him but never seemingly drifting away.

“O-Oh my goodness!” You laughed slightly, rushing forward excitedly. “You didn’t tell me you were a firefly magnet!” 

And even despite his laughter, you couldn’t help but admit how your heart melted as the light shone on his eyes, intensifying that gentle warmth that swarmed him. 

“I didn’t know honestly,” He chuckled lightly. “It’s a bit peculiar honestly.”

He took a few steps towards you, raising a curious brow as the fireflies still continued to follow. 

“How long do you think they’ll follow me?” He asked, tipping his head. 

“Maybe you have to outrun them,” You snickered. “You know, like play hard to get?”

“Perhaps. Like an experiment I suppose?” 

“Exactly,” You smiled, taking his hand as you began to lead him. “come on!” 

You began to run, leading him on as you both expectantly watched the fireflies float blankly for a moment before chasing after him.

A few began to trail about you, twirling and tying around you like a ribbon upon a dress.

Yet as you looked at your new friends, your feet skidded against a rock, knocking you off your feet as you accidentally pulled Jumin along with you.

He pulled you into his arms before you crashed down, pressing you close against him before thudding against the ground.

“Are you okay…?” He muttered, still the smallest grin on his expression as you turned to face him as you breathlessly sniggered. 

“Y-Yeah, what about you?” You curled his wave strands of hair through your fingertips, fearing you’d feel a hint of blood or the bump of a bruise. “You’re the one w-who really took the fall.”

“Of course love, I’m okay. Don’t worry.” 

You pressed a tender kiss to his nose, smiling sweetly. “My hero.” 

“I’m honored…” His voice began to drift off, tapping a delicate finger along your spine.

Until he noticed something.

He pointed up, your gaze turning up to find a twirl of familiar fireflies still swirling a little above you, oddly enough almost sinking beside the stars. 

You leaned back, resting your head in the crook of his neck, your fingertips weaving through his strands.

And despite being on the cold hard ground, the two of you lay on the spot, simple smirks decorating your faces as it almost appeared to be a light show.

And yet even with the fireflies, that wasn’t what lit up the world.

It was the utter adoration and devotion that painted your husband’s eyes when he looked to you.

And the love that filled both of your hearts.

there are two settings. the first is success, a crushing perfection that simmers below the surface, a gritted-teeth force that breaks down more often than it runs. it is relying on panic to wake you up, it is nightmares about numbers, it is being unable to stop shaking when the test comes back, it is empty scores, no flaws found but still feels sore. it is the appearance of self-assurance, top-of-the-class, always-in-yoga. nobody gets into the room when you’re sobbing over your gpa. they only smell the candles and not the burning.

the second is failure. it comes in the wake of the smallest thing. a shrug and “you could have done better” rather than a smile. that’s it. and then it’s time to destroy everything. she frowned at me once, we aren’t really her friend and we must never speak to her again. he didn’t want to get dinner, not only is he not interested but he finds us repulsive. it is realizing you are sixteen minutes late and just skipping class rather than showing up late. it’s refusing to study because you understand nothing. it’s taking something down before someone can rip it down for you. it’s isolating yourself so nothing can hurt you and it’s hurting because you’re isolated. it’s missed calls, never-at-work, always-too-drunk. 

that’s it. all or nothing.

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

Don’t Stop Us Now

@softkent ‘s 14 Days of Love fic-a-thon, day 6: ruined surprises!

It all started because Katya decided to have mercy on Eric and let him take morning classes this semester. WGSS120 was an amazing class, Professor Atley had the coolest stories about how postwar industrialization led to compulsive female domesticity, and his seatmate wasn’t the worst thing to see at 9:30 AM every Tuesday and Thursday. He would have almost been dreamy if he had the slightest knack for small talk. As it was, Eric didn’t even have a name to go on, just intent blue eyes and an ass that even the baggiest of shorts couldn’t mask.

One day, Eric decided to drop a hospitality bomb on the guy and see if he could coax a response out of him. They were both consistently early to class, so Eric budgeted ten minutes for a brief chat before class started and turned to Cute Guy with a winning smile on his face.

“So how about that reading, huh? I thought it was fascinating how cake mix became a prestige thing- everyone in my family bakes, and I don’t think we’ve used a box mix in forty years.”

“Yeah,” the guy said, “I think it had something to do with the scientific advancements they made in food preservation for the troops. Shelf stabilization wouldn’t have been nearly as achievable in earlier years.”

Miraculously, once you got onto a clear subject, Cute Guy was actually a decent conversationalist. Eric found himself losing track of time as they dissected last night’s chapters of Marling.

“And the American National Exhibition anecdote!” he giggled. “Who can even tell the difference between Russian and American Coke?”

“I bet it’s easier with all of the Soviet Union breathing down your back. ‘Da, cola of Mother Russia is vkusno!’”

“Nice accent,” Eric told Cute Guy.

“Really? Thanks, I’ll have to tell Geno. He’s always knocking my Russian. He’s, uh, a friend of my dad’s, and we both play hockey.”

“So that’s what your weird doodles are? Hockey plays?”

“Yeah, I’m captain of the hockey team here. We’re not half bad, if I say so myself.”

“Wow,” Eric enthused, “you must be a pretty good skater, then.”

“Yeah, I guess. I could teach you sometime, if you want. I’m Jack, by the way,’ Cute Guy said.

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ocean gem

Let’s be honest, I would date every member of the 1991-1994 Gryffindor Quidditch team

ASOIAF MEME: Wenda the White Fawn and the Kingswood Brotherhood

The Kingswood Brotherhood was an infamous outlaw organization during the reign of King Aerys II. Operating out of the Kingswood, the Brotherhood gained recognition by kidnapping several nobles and evading early attempts to capture them. Ultimately, they became such a nuisance that King Aerys sent a detachment of soldiers led by notable members of the Kingsguard to destroy them. Lord Sumner Crakehall and his two squires, Jaime Lannister and Merrett Frey, were also part of the retinue, led by Ser Arthur Dayne.

The Brotherhood was sheltered by the smallfolk of the Kingswood, preventing the royal forces from finding and ending the outlaws. However, Ser Arthur Dayne gained the confidence of the smallfolk, who had believed that the only ones protecting their rights was the Brotherhood. Arthur petitioned the king for better rights for the smallfolk and he made sure the royal forces paid for any items they took from the peasantry. Arthur’s actions swung the allegiance of the smallfolk to the royal forces who could now hunt the Brotherhood, as the outlaws could no longer walk around with impunity in the forest.

In a notable clash, the young Jaime Lannister, Ser Arthur Dayne, and Ser Barristan Selmy faced off against several notable outlaws, including the Smiling Knight and their leader, Simon Toyne. Barristan killed Simon, while Arthur killed the Smiling Knight. Jaime regards the battle, in which he crossed swords with the Smiling Knight, as one of his fondest memories.

Other members of the Brotherhood included Wenda the White Fawn, Oswyn Longneck the Thrice Hanged, Big Belly Ben, Fletcher Dick and Ulmer. All members are presumed dead except Ulmer, who joined the Night’s Watch to avoid execution.

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Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko
Lost Small World Stage Play


You must eat. For me.

“I hope you’re always smiling”

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