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Mod: YES!!!! WE DID IT!!! 200 FOLLOWERS!!! Oh I’m so happy. Welp. I guess it’s animatic contest raffle time, but we’re splitting the contest first. I know I want to do a song from the Heathers musical for this but idk which one. So go look up the musical soundtrack, listen to it, then comment on this post which song you want to see made into an animatic(I already did ‘Lifeboat’ and 'Shine a Light Reprise’ so requests for those won’t be listed as a choice). I’ll give you guys 24 hours, so by 6:20 CA time tomorrow you need to have sent a song title. After that then I’ll do a casting call for characters. Till then, please send in song titles from the musical. And thank you for helping me reach 200 guys. I love you all. ^×^

Am I the only person who doesn’t think it’s an advantage to use community lots that have EVERYTHING? 

Like, “here’s this skate rink cafe where you can take your date to have a romantic dinner and also buy a new t-shirt and groceries, and if you need a cellphone or a magazine, no problem you can buy any of these here too, and if your date dumps you because you’re awful at bowling, we also sell pets to keep you company tonight”.

I’d rather see 10 loading screens but visiting 10 lots and actually doing something different in each one than going to just one (which lags as hell because it spawns a lot of cashiers and waiters and whatnot), not focusing in any particular activity and being bored out of my mind because there’s nothing else to do after a few sim hours in the lot…

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Dearest saviour I'm sitting in maths reading your smut what a life ❤️

LMAOO gonna calculate the slope of whosever dick you are reading 😂😂 more smut shall come soon ✊🏼 like bang and ( then it’s the cheating angst then it’s the wedding dance then it’s the kid au and then smut HC and then bang again 😂😂 idk let’s see how shit goes I need to start doing Request again ) :D

My mom’s so wild. When I’m at an even temperament she’s like “oh you’re not mentally ill, you have great control of your emotions”. And when I refer to myself as mentally ill she rolls her eyes, but when I’m severely depressed she’s like “you need to go see a doctor and get medicated, you need help”. She also still refuses to believe I’m bipolar even though I’ve been diagnosed for over half a year by 3 different doctors (and been showing the signs for years). But when I’m manic she’s always threatening to have me committed or saying “you’re scaring me, why are you acting like this?” Gee, I have no ideaaa 😒She’s also the sort to believe PTSD is a myth or that people who suffer from it should just “get over it”, so talking to her about my experiences is a no-go.

Requests Open!

Make sure to read the rules

Here is my masterlist so you can see what has been previously written in case you need some ideas of what to request

I figured I’d open requests since I will be going on break from school soon (next thursday to be exact) and you all might like to see me post some stuff other than my “Bound” series :)

Not sure on how many requests I’ll be taking, so if you have a few requests I’d just say send in whatever you have cause idk how many I will end up choosing to write :)

Happy requesting!

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What's your favorite MM character and what is your favorite thing about them (it's two questions I know but oh well)

My favorite is Jumin han i love him so much. he’s such a caring person he always put everyone else before himself, i know not a lot of people see that side of Jumin but he always helped other RFA members like when the hacker was a threat he gave everyone a bodyguard so everyone can be protected and if i remember correctly during yoosung or jaehee rout idk i forgot sorry he offered jaehee a place in his apartment so it will be easier to protect her because of the hacker and when on seven’s route he flew back immediately from his business trip when he found out that MC is in danger and keeps asking MC if she and seven needs help. he even offer Zen a job when he the scandal still around him and when Jumin called yoosung mom and tell her to visit yoosung, it’s kinda a dick move but i get it that his intention was good and he just wants the best for yoosung and lastly Jaehee route i get it people hate him so much because the way he act during jaehee route but why no one talked about how Jumin’s feels when he lost Jaehee as his assistance ?? he was so hurt that another person in his life leave him, during jaehee bad end 3 Jumin told MC that she may not work as good as jaehee but he keeps MC by his side because MC never change her loyalty toward him. Even when jaehee no longer his assistance he still wish jaehee good luck and if i remember correctly he said to jaehee that if she ever need help with anything just tell him he’d love to help. 

yeah that why i love him. he might be a cold person he hide his emotion inside but i love him i wanna give him a big hug and listen to his story happiness or sadness i’ll listen to him 24/7.  

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ngl that immortal silver fic sounds so cool tbh!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU i actually really like it, I’ve only got about ten pages of it, but I can’t figure out how to move it along because i overthink EVERYTHING. That’s obviously supposed to be Silver’s first scene in canon and like, i really don’t want to rewrite the whole fucking show with this one thing different but i’m IMPOSSIBLE so i would inevitably do that bgjkfsdgjhfdjgsdhghds i need to sit down one day and figure it out for real. 

I think just a few scenes from canon that would directly changed by this but then I feel like silver’s whole BEING would be altered if he could do things without the fear of dying from them, which would, i think, change his every move in s1 so idk idk

see, i told you, i need a foghorn to go off in my brain every time i overthink something i’m trying to write, except it would go off CONSTANTLY

Gonna hit the barn again 2night

-see if Zeke is less touchy with his feet, shoulders
-trim, maybe be a dick and just put him in the crossties so he can’t bite me so I can finish cleaning up his frogs, soz buddy
-if he’s shedding, which he prob has, give him a solid brushing out. Maybe start with the grooming and see if he’ll let me groom around his chest and shoulders
-light lunging, mb 15 min
-put him in the bosal and do some light flexing in that
-mostly just see how he’s doin
-which reminds me, I need 2 call the vet and coord next weekend

He was v grumpy last time but I think it’s just being wormy, now that he’s been wormed I think he may feel a bit better.

Idk tho do you guys think I should just leave his feet totally alone? He’s prob so tired of me badgering him and they are not bad, I can wait until he’s drugged from his float to polish them up then. Maybe I’ll just desensitize his shoulder and leg with the whip and treats like I did way back when.


I’ll prob figure it out while I’m out there.

asks part 1

ok so first of all I wanna thank all of you for sending nice and supporting messages and I’m so happy that I received so many more nice asks than the ones that were not so nice. I also got some very kind replies and messages and I wanna thank you people as well. it’s always good to see that there are still some people in the DA fandom that care and support each other. I understand if not everyone can agree with each other but sending mean anon messages? (not even counting the ones from before because they’re more like argument messages even if sending them on anon is kinda…idk I mean I can’t argue with a person I can’t really reply to but anway) I just wanna say that I appreciate everyone who took their time saying something nice and supportive and it gives me all the strength I need to cope with some not so nice messages :) 

anon: Mage rights or mage fights! ⚔️ 

mage rights activism will never die! keep on fighting

anon: hello :) all this Anders talk… when I played for the first time, I was shocked with his actions, but i actually saw his point quite clearly and i supported his decision. my belief is that any war has its martyrs (in a way). was blowing up the shit out of that chantry right? perhaps not. was it the only thing left for anders to do? yes. will i still support him and count him as my friend? absolutely. and he fought for rights and freedom, so.. i support your point too.   

exactly. I can completely understand if people think his action wasn’t right and I wanted him to trust me more so that maybe we could’ve found a solution together but I still love him and know that he fought for a just cause and support him in that

moustashleigh: I support Mage right, Mage fights, birb mage, and you :) I don’t think these people should be hassling you about your views, I hope you’re okay!            

@moustashleigh: thank you so much! I’m in fact very okay because I got so much support and kind messages like yours :)

anon: i 100% agree with you on the anders debate. you can still like the character and agree with his ideology without automatically approving of his actions and being “pro-terrorism”. what he did was wrong, but the situation is not so black and white, and neither is the character. anders, those years in kirkwall prior to the explosion, did so much good: he freed mages, he healed the poor for free, he did more for them than the chantry did. (contd.)

(contd. from before) in the end, he felt that after no progress for 7 years and impending tranquility for all mages, he needed to do what he did. again, not saying it was the right thing to do, but to dismiss him as villain through and through is misunderstanding the character. and at the end of the day, if solas deserves redemption, he who knowingly released a blighted monster on the world and continued with his planned genocide even after inq cleaned his mess up, then certainly anders does too

I think a lot of people just see this one action and all their judgement is based on it when in fact Anders is so much more and has done so much more good compared to his action. even if you just reduce him to “well he has killed people he is evil” then probably every freaking character in the DA universe is evil. and yes, if Solas deserves anything that is not pure hate (not saying I hate him) then Anders definitely deserves people at least trying to see his point and not sending me hate messages for trying to explain and support him

anon: anders isn’t real, anon. criminy, do you also think you’re a murderer for running around kirkwall killing random thugs without due process? you can’t just accuse a real person of being a terrorism apologist like they agree with real life horrors just because they like a fictional character. maybe chill            

agreed. I mean even if I said that Anders’ choice was completely justified and right and not wrong in any way (which I never did) I won’t excuse people killing others in real life to…try to prove a point or whatever. as far as I now there is still a difference between fiction and reality and I am able to differentiate between them

helpfuldeathgod: By Definition, Anders also wasn’t a terrorist. The Templars were becoming Terrorists, but Anders does not actually fall in line with what it takes to actually be considered a terrorist. If anything, everyone who calls Anders a Terrorist because he blew up a building is trivializing the whole thing. Anders was not targeting Andrastians to incite terror in the religion, nor was he targeting Templars for that either. It was just a last resort message to the world, which in itself is not terrorism.

@helpfuldeathgod: I thought about it as well and wanted to make this point but you explained it very well already so I will leave it at that. I never really thought his action as any kind of terroristic act because that’s not my understanding of terrorism at all

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I need advice. My boyfriend is adamant on not wanting kids.. how do I tell him I'm pregnant?

Oh shit, that’s quite a pickle isn’t it? Um, honestly… you love this guy, right? And he loves you? Idk how old you guys are, you need to tell him, and talk about it. Talk about options. There’s in-clinic abortion, abortion pill, adoption, or keeping it. I don’t know what your views are on the entire thing, none of the options are wrong. If you want to keep it, tell him. See how he reacts. If he ends up leaving you, then he wasn’t worth it. If he stays, then he’s a goodie in my opinion. 


not only did Yuuri have a billion posters of Viktor on his room, he also kept a picture of Viktor FRAMED ON HIS DESK RIGHT WHERE HE COULD ALWAYS SEE IT

and unless it’s merely an animation error not only did he keep a framed picture of Viktor, he also took the time to swap said picture from time to time


however it’s impossible to tell EXACTLY WHAT is in the frame right now so maybe it’s not Viktor anymore, but instead Vicchan (my poor heart if that’s the case) bUT WHO KNOWS maybe he did keep one picture 

please protect this pure boy at all cost he makes my heart melt he’s so adorable and loved Viktor for so long 

hey americans

do not vote bernie sanders




to literally everyone that ends up voting for Bernie Sanders in this election:

I will personally find you, slap you, and tell you how much I will never forgive you for the rest of my lifetime. Your super amazing protest vote will affect the lives of me, my friends, my family, everyone. everyone. did you read that correctly? 

e v e r y o n e

I am in a constant panic that this election will end with Donald Trump winning. For a while I was calm and felt like Hillary Clinton was going to win so I could finally calm down and just wait. n o p e. just kidding. I keep seeing posts on various social media of people saying they’re gonna write him in. I keep hearing some of my friends who are 18 say they are going to write him in. do not do it. no one could love bernie more than I do (other than his wife ya know) but I accepted the fate of the universe when hillary got the nomination at the DNC and slowly put my support towards her. 

I am no super fan. I don’t support her 100%. but I support her enough to be okay with her being our next president. 

Please read the consequences of what will happen if she doesn’t win. Please realize that whatever pride you have will be destroyed through the next 4 years and your supersized ego can suck my ass for the rest of our natural lives. 

This is one of the most terrifying elections that I know of. I thought that 2012 was scary, but thats just because as a half black girl I loved seeing Obama in office, and the race was always so close. This election is close, and has no reason to be. 

Do not vote Bernie Sanders

Do not vote third party

Do not refuse to vote

the fate of our country lies in the hands of your vote on November 8th. please do not let me and the other people who are too young to vote down. do not ruin our futures because your pride and ego are too huge for you to see what the outcome will be of your decision. Please make a choice between a woman who has been involved in politics since she was in college, and a business man who has had to file for bankruptcy multiple times for his “highly successful” companies.

Do not let me and millions of other people down on November 8th