idk i needed to see this

i just wanna rant for a second about something that like.. really aggravates me i dunno

something i feel like me and other autistic people need to work on our disorder being used as an excuse. like i’ve had/seen experience where, for example, somebody might say something rude and the other person will express being upset about it. instead of just saying “im sorry for saying that and hurting your feelings”, they say “I didnt mean to say that mean thing. you see i have this thing called autism that affects (bla bla bla)”

like this is irritating because assuming the person youre talking to isnt autistic/doesnt know what it means is really obnoxious. I’ve had someone explain their disorder to me (the same as mine) when they shouldve just apologized and moved on.

this is also unnecessary because first of all, you dont need to share your life story dude. Secondly, using your social disability as an excuse to get away with being rude Sucks. it makes others like you look bad and its just a bad habit overall. if i say something rude and i dont realize that it would hurt someone, i try to apologize and try to fix it for the future. in the past i have used excuses but im trying to do better because now i know how it feels to be on the other end lol

im sure this goes for other things besides asd, but i dont really know. i have no idea if my post made any sense but its a subject that i wanted 2 talk about because it bugs the crap out of me to see

unpopular opinion but men don’t need praise for standing up to other men who sexually harrass/assualt women. doing something that should be a common standard isn’t deserving of praise at all.

by all means, men, please stand up for the women and men who are victims. please denounce these acts of violence. just don’t expect thunderous applause for doing so.

like a trend i’m seeing is this: a famous man denounces sexual harrassment, which should already be denounced on default, and their fans go “GET YOU A MAN LIKE ______”

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whats ur opinion on make up trends like highlighting/strobing and 'instagram brows'

I have kind of a mixed opinion! I think it can look very pretty and that people should be able to do their makeup / wear as much makeup as they want as long as they’re doing it for themselves :) But I also know many girls feel the need to cake on a shit ton of makeup now since this trend is considered ‘everyday’ makeup and the type of look all women are supposed to have, which is fucked up. A lot of young girls are seeing this and think they have to look that way, and if they do their makeup different or it doesn’t ‘look good’ to other people, I notice a lot of people attack them for it. Instagram is vicious. So I like it, but I hate it? I’m not sure :(

hi can a dysphoric trans boy have some help? won’t cost a thing

i’d just like to see some cis guys (or post-op trans guys) taking a picture of what their chest looks like when they look down (with some clothes on please!) to have a comparison bc even wearing a binder when I look down I get huge dysphoria. Idk if it would help but maybe seeing some cis guys with different body proportions/shapes from the same perspective might help?

signal boosts appreciated

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I know you said that you weren’t doing anymore “mature” headcannons and I respect that if that’s what you want. However, I want to say that I really love those hc n if you ever still wanted to write anything like that just have a copy+paste note that says that they’re aged up. That’s what I used all the time when I wrote hc about anyone who’s underage. I hope all of this doesn’t upset you too much and you need to know that you didn’t do anything wrong n it’s all based on a misunderstanding <3

I enjoy writing them, it’s just seeing comments saying that I’ve sexualised kids makes me feel sick and I’ve seen posts where people are still berated for ageing them up so idk. I appreciate the kind words though, thank you x

Eyyyyy I had to go to the hospital last night. Apparently I have a pretty awful infection I’ve had for the past 2-3 weeks and it got so bad last night my brain basically fried…
But hopefully getting medication today. If insurance doesn’t cover idk… I’ll need to see about commissions lol. Cause RN I have literally no food money or anything…. So this is a fun time lol.
Been a rough couple of weeks.

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you have more daenerys in your "queen of my life" tag than sansa.... just saying

If I do it’s because I see more Dany posts on my dash… And that might be because I follow more Dany/Jonerys blogs idk. I definitely unfollowed a lot of Sansa blogs because they’re usually pretty horrible towards Dany and I don’t need that shiz on my dash.

All the Dany blogs I follow like Sansa, or don’t talk about her. They don’t spend all their time trash talking Jonsa either. I love both ships and both characters, so I’m gonna unfollow anyone who posts an inordinate amount of anti content. Obviously not every Dany blog or Sansa blog is like this, but it’s what I’ve seen and experienced in the past. 

Anyways, I gave them a joint tag as a big F U to all the people that constantly pit them against each other. 


hey everyone so my glasses broke and i have some other expenses i need to pay for. so im going to be adding a few slots for chibis as apart of my commissions. i’m only going to do a few then idk when i’ll be opening again!

🌹Rosy🌹 Full Colored Chibi Single- $ 20 and $ 35 for a Pair

Simple Colored Chibi -$16

Chibi Portrait - $12

if you’d like to order a chibi you can contact me at

thank you so much! i hope to be more active soon once i finish the next update of my comic. see you all soon ⭐️

rating keith’s smile out of 10

every time i see keith smile i gain 10 years of life so im here today to rate some pics of keef to calm by beating heart 

the shit eating grin 12/10, the type of smile that says “ur daughter calls me daddy too” and i love it

the “i got back ur lion notice me senpai” smirk: 15/10   the teasing remark?? the teasing smirk?? this whole scene clears my skin

the “im completely and utterly in love” smile: 100/10   do i need to explain???? look at the softness……the fondness…… and who is it directed at??? uuuhh yeah ur boy lance dont tell me klance is dead u coward

hooo boy another soft smile like look at that!!!!!! hes so in love and im in love and my crops are flourishing, a solid 200/10 

the famous “we make a good team” smile, very gay scene but personally not my favorite smile but yall would have attacked me if i didnt include it , 11/10

just fuck me in the ass smile, 80/10 very Nice

the “heh like that” smile UUUUHHMMMM 500/10 LOOK AT THIS…….. aesthetic backgroun? yes. great quote? yes. smile directed at lance once again? y e s. 

angsty season 3 keith smiling at l a n c e , 350/10 let him be happy dreamworks let!!!! him!!!!!! be!!!!!1 happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

look at that smile!!!!! the “we’re still just kids even tho were in space on a very important mission” smile 600/10 very pure and im about to cry with love


the soft “my boyfriend is so talented” smile 5000/10 wonderful smile, filled with pride and adoring, another reminder that klance will never die asswipe 

the otome game smile, 800/10 ill leave my heart to this smile if u know what i mean hahahah excellent smile, could cure diseases

GOD TIER/10 ARGUABLY THE BEST SMILE like look at that big grin!!!!!! i bust a nut every time i see that laugh!!!!!!!!! baby boy i love u 


when in chicago


Wait guys are you really seeing “i love all of you” as castiel trying to cover up the first i love you? That wasn’t a cover up, that was a confession. Let me explain.

Cas says “i love you” and looks down(that is the only time he looks down, except when he’s thinking of what to say), camera cuts to dean and dean is.. a bit annoyed by it?? Because he knows where this is going. Cas loves them and he’s dying and dean is tired of all this saying goodbye crap. He’ glad he hears these words, but why are they always said in situations like these?

bUT THEN MY FRIENDS, cas says “i love all of you.” Camera once again cuts to dean, but this time dean doesn’t move a muscle. There is no need to say it twice, unless you’re one of these two idiots can’t confess their love without getting family in it. But they do say it one way or the other. He realises this is how he said that to cas and now he knows the first “i love you” was only for him. (May i add, i don’t think anybody ever said to cas they loved him except dean and dean said it this way. I might be wrong but..) It honestly looks like he’s caught off guard, he thought the L train has passed(tf am i even saying, but you get the point). And guess what, sam notices too. He’s heartbroken because his best friend is dying,obviously, but he knows cas loves them, he knows cas is family. He also knows what dean means to cas, and cas to dean. He’s spent too much time with them not to know.

Idk, to me it seemed deeper and more honest than cas just hiding love for dean in his last moments. They all already know so what’s the point. I also think this was a response (a very ironic one), to “we need you. I need you.”

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him


All Forbidden Art goes into the Box™ to be hidden forever

I’ve been trying to look up a woman I’ve seen on here, she played some kind of sport, probably a ring sport like boxing or wrestling or something, she was a bit chubby but muscular, black I think, long straight hair I think, and I’ve been thinking about her for weeks and I need to know who she is because she was body goals and just seeing her pictures made me feel better (and gay) and idk i hate that i can’t find that post again