idk i might redo it

HQ Kareshi (Akaashi Plus): Akaashi Keiji (Pool)

Konoha: Ha~~~ this is unreasonable working the sports department this hard 

Sarukui: When we’ve finished cleaning we can just hose it down right

Konoha: If we do that it might attract people though…

Akaashi: Come on, get to work. There’s just a little more to go

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Finally, the last character for breach in the shell!! This is Elise, and she is the younger sister of Lucas. She looks up to her big brother immensely, though she wouldn’t admit it to his face. She loves to be in nature and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, at least she makes it look that way. While she is super nice, she can be a little trickster as well, though her intent is never to harm. When she grows up, she wants to be a movie director.
She is joining the teens on their senior week because of complications with her staying at home alone, as her and Lucas’s dad will be out on a trip that same week. She is nervous but excited to hang out with the big kids.


makoto pls

forgive me for using ms paint, based on this text post

Taiwan is one of my faves i love her so much (stay tuned for more!)

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274 100x100 Icons of Margot Robbie
  • 84 icons from About Time, 190 icons from The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Credit is not necesarry (but appreciated!).
  • Do not edit or alter these in any way - if you would like customized icons for your character, just message me (off anon!) and I’ll make them as quickly as possible.
  • Please like and/or reblog if you use these!
  • You can also message me (again, off anon) for a zip of either both sets, About Time icons only or TWOWS only. Please specify which zip you’d like!
  • I tried to make these super pretty and organized in rows of four icons but apparently tumblr hates me.

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i made a colorless matryoshka!!!

good news: it was finished (after 2 days!!)

tragic news: while cropping the sai file for the profiles, i accidentally closed it and pressed yes to save it… while it was still cropped :,^)

lesson: save your sai file every .0000005 seconds