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i've been wondering a lot about hoseok and his dance background lately. do you know when he started dancing, what style he started with and which style of dance he has most experience with? also what dance style would you classify boy meets evil as? (sidenote: dance style of lie?) i'm bombarding you bc i know you have some experience in dancing haha sorry 1/ ~F

Also, I often see people saying that hoseok’s only good at street dance/popping and isn’t a versatile dancer (often when they compare him to jimin) but im just???? Yeah it’s true that hoseok hasn’t shown as wide a range of styles as jimin has but that doesn’t mean he’s not a versatile dancer??? 2/ ~F

Sometimes (esp during group dances), he doesn’t show his full potential; however, you can’t say that it’s his limit because he’s not /trying/ to outshine the others. Similar to that, if he isn’t showing you the whole range of dances he can perform, how can you say he’s bad? (I feel like this analogy is confusing. Feel free to ignore rip) Also, were these people sleeping during the spring day choreo or… ???? 3/ ~F

ANON you will not believe the noise i just made when i saw these messages in my inbox !!!!! i’d love to answer your questions fpasdlgh. just a heads up that this is gonna be long; i’m sorry, i talk a lot and don’t know when to shut up & also like listening to my own (metaphorical) voice too much sometimes

1. hoseok’s been dancing since freshman (?) year of high school and started out with street (x) while this is a considered a short time for professional dancers, i’m only exposed to classical art forms, so i’m unsure how that factors into this style (´~`ヾ) and yes, that means this is the base of his technique !

2. i would classify BME as 100% hip hop/street. although they can be seen as widely different genres, it’s a popular style that’s taken off these past few years in the dance community. it’s got street elements in it, but it’s more controlled, more polished. (also: yeah idk what “lie” is………..urban lyrical pseudo contemporary with modern influences?????????? lmao at this point hip hop has grown so much i’d just call it that)

3. fam i’m in the same boat as you! hoseok is a very versatile dancer :o he can adapt to many different styles, given that they’re not asking him to start doing fouettes or something.

  • his main style
  • a subgenre of street called “bounce” although they are both “street”, each subgenre is really different from each other & it’s not easy to pick one up. here, you can see the difference between hoseok and jimin during practice. hoseok goes deeper, lower, lighter, smoother, etc. his arms come up to near his chin when he lunges to the front & there’s no part of the combo where he’s simply arrived @ a position and then stays there; he’s always moving, always milking every step, always engaged 
  • butterfly here, his musically is really strong bc he utilizes every part of his body in order to fill up the counts. you can really see the movement going thru every single muscle: the way his chest caves in, the shoulders, the hands, his head, the fluidity of his arms. as a dancer, you want every single action to be deliberate. you need control of even your fingers in order to constantly extend energy outwards, and hoseok takes that into account
  • arirang medley
  • perfect man (aka my life) is killer bc of the required speed/stamina; there is no break in this piece. if you get off you can’t get back in lmao and you can clearly see some members struggling with to stay on time with the footwork
  • am i wrong
  • spring day i 100% agree with what you’re saying about this piece !!!! there is so much going on here, and after watching all the individual fancams i wanna say that both he and jimin are the ones who shine the most consistently thru the entire dance.

    the slide to the ground? hoseok jumps the highest, gets the most airtime. the roll up from the floor? he really pushes himself and utilizes his back flexibility & holds his core in order to make sure that his head is the last thing that comes up. i was pleasantly surprised to see him tackle this choreography, esp the move i just mentioned, just to see how he’d do. he really pushed himself with this piece, and i’m glad he got the chance to grow as a dancer; probably with help from jimin, as this is more his department.

    the only qualm i have with him is during the wedge part where their left legs are going in & out, he needs to start pulling his left side over more …… he’s no longer square by like? the second step out n his ribs are reallllly swinging open fpfahdgt it’s kinda bothering me lol CLOSE UR RIBCAGE HOSEOK !!!!! i know u can do it

despite all of these pieces being different styles, you can tell that hoseok constantly strives to take the extra step above & beyond. he’s always looking for places where he can add Something More to the piece, even when it’s not given explicitly in the choreography. he gives it his All in hype dances, and that’s what made him stand out to me from the rest.

4. yes yes yes yes yes,,,, thank you for pointing that out! some people shit on hoseok’s dance king title because he doesn’t seem to stick out during groupwork and i’m here to tell you that 1) that’s utter bullshit lmao go ahead and watch all the solo fancams i assure you that he is Up There (debatable for certain dances, but he holds top 1 for fire & bst, no question) and 2) he might not go full out bc he’s dancing in a group.

what some fans forget is that he is part of a group, and the whole point when you’re part of a group is that you “take one for the team” and don’t treat it like a solo; you’re not supposed to stick out. even dance line 2.0 (namjin) don’t draw negative attention bc they bust their asses in order to keep up with the rest of the group !!!!!! BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STICK OUT !!!!!

the whole point is that ur a cohesive unit doing one thing !!!!!!!!!!! you’re supposed to look the same !!!!!!! like…………if you’re really on balance during a performance, you’re not going to do six pirouettes. you finish the double like the rest of the corps, and you book it to your next step. groups thrive in unity, and if you can’t even give that up in order to get your limelight, then i’m sorry: you don’t deserve a solo.

this is why professionals always start out in the corps to prove that they can work well with others, handle the roles given to them, dance as a collective, and then use their work ethic/diligence to stand out during classes & rehearsals to show the artistic director that they’re ready to be promoted to a higher ranking. you demonstrate that you can handle a group environment before anything else 

hoseok doesn’t outshine the others because that’s not his job, and that is not what he is there to do. he is purposefully coexisting with the group in order to make the dance look & feel cleaner

5. kinda going off the fourth point: i agree, once again. he still showcases that he’s pushing himself, but not to the point where he purposely outshines the others. the discipline that comes with purposeful restraint is often overlooked, and i would never slander a dancer for doing so. if i know how far someone’s able to go, i can also appreciate how far they reign themselves in.

ofc, there’s the rare moment when hoseok Really lets loose like the iconic extended choreo for fire during MAMA 16 and you can see how much farther/harder/faster/stronger/full out he’s going compared to the rest of the group. there was a comment that remarked how he made the rest of bts look like his backup dancers, and i can’t agree more. lol i ain’t even biased, just watch from 4:43 onward.

when he jumps, he jumps higher than the others. when he turns his knees in, his feet are spread farther apart than the rest of the members, even though the choreo is fast and the wider your stance is, the slower you’re able to move. he makes every step clear. it’s precise, it’s sharp. his arms move quick, but they hit every position. there is no perceived rush that comes with not knowing what’s coming next or being late

the usage of his head, the ability to go move so fast but still remain fluid (rolling through his chest, loose shoulders, placed arms), jumping farther, traveling more, generally taking up more space than the others w his limbs, making things look incredibly energetic, are all key factors that put him up on another level. yes, someone can move their head, but hoseok moves it further, yes, someone can kick their leg out, but hoseok kicks his further (even so that it’s no longer within his center of balance, and i genuinely fear for him)

not to mention!!! 9 minutes into killer choreography and he is still slaying the facials. his charisma is off the charts, and it’s clear that he’s having so much fun???? he engages the audience with his expressions & isn’t afraid to use it to work the crowd, which is something i’m missing from others bc (as with all dancers) they sometimes get caught up too much with technique instead of performance. also his stage-to-audience connection is Insane. it’s so hard to do it right w/o looking like you’re staring someone down or alienating them, so basically

the ability to keep up/go beyond with fast choreo while also making it engaging thru stage presence is incredibly difficult and is another factor that puts hoseok above the rest of bts in dance

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I would love to see a fluff about Yuri shaving Victor. Idk, but I find that kind of thing so cute! Thanks again. ♡

It’s a Sunday morning ritual. It has been for almost a year now. Sometimes they have to forgo it if they’re travelling, but mostly every weekend they indulge in a lazy morning, taking their time to get up, making sure that they spend the extra hours being dedicated to each other and nothing else.

Neither are sure how it first started, really. Maybe it was on one of those morning’s they’d decided to do everything for each other: wash each other’s bodies, fix each other’s hair, feed each other breakfast. But now it’s become habit that, morning shower or not, Yuuri shaves Victor. 

It had started off innocently enough. Yuuri straddling him and using his electric razor to clear the fine dusting of stubble Victor had accumulated over the past day. It’s intimate, but something that any couple might do for each other.

Now, though, it’s changed into something more. A few months ago, Yuuri had brought out a straight razor instead of Victor’s usual electric shaver. He hadn’t asked, hadn’t explained, just offered. 

As terrifying as it might have been - a single blade so close to Victor’s neck - he’s always trusted Yuuri, and he’d agreed with almost no hesitation.

The first session had been quiet. Just Yuuri concentrated on cleanly shaving Victor. His sweeps weren’t perfect, but he hadn’t nicked Victor at all, just left him with soft skin. 

They hadn’t discussed it and had gone back to the electric razor the next week. But the week after, Yuuri had given him the choice - electric or straight razor. Victor had chosen the blade. 

It’s beyond intimate now, this ritual of theirs, but still something they only indulge in once a week.

It always starts off the same, Yuuri sitting a naked Victor down on the edge of the tub, pulling the brush, soap, and blade out from under the sink. He doesn’t need to turn the overhead lights on - the morning sun is streaming in through the window at the perfect angle.

He heats a washcloth under the hot water of the tap, pressing it to Victor’s face once he’s pleased with the temperature. It’s quiet as they wait, letting the warm wet weight of the washcloth soften the stubble Victor has. 

When he’s satisfied, Yuuri sets the blade ontop of the washcloth beside Victor as he wets the brush, swirling it over the soap to make a lather, the edges of the brush lightly tapping against the ceramic bowl the soap sits in. Victor’s eyes flutter closed as Yuuri slowly brushes the foam across his jaw in long swipes, gathering more lather as needed. The bristles of the brush are soft, but sometimes catch against his stubble. 

He only blinks his eyes open when Yuuri turns to wash out the brush in the sink. He receives a soft smile when he turns back around and their eyes meet.

Victor quietly tips his head back to bare his throat to Yuuri when he picks up the razor and washcloth. Yuuri steps in between his legs, one hand keeping Victor’s head steady, the other carefully holding the blade. The first sweep is long and easy. Yuuri wipes the excess soap from the blade on the washcloth drapped over his arm. 

“My dad taught me this,” he admits for the first time this Sunday. “Back when I was a teenager.”

It takes a few more sure swipes of the blade before he continues.

“When he did, I wasn’t sure what the point was. There were easier ways, and I certainly wasn’t growing enough of a beard at fifteen to warrant a full shave.”

Victor hums in the back of his throat to show he’s listening. He doesn’t speak though as Yuuri’s swiping along his jaw. 

“I practiced anyway,” he admits. “Because I thought maybe it would be a useful skill. My father told me that if I could master this, then any other shave would be easy.”

He has a fond look in his eyes as he tilts Victor’s face to the side to slide the blade up his neck. 

“I thought it was ridiculous. And after I’d learned how to do it, I just stuck to disposable razors because they were easier.”

“Seems a shame,” Victor murmurs as Yuuri cleans the blade on the washcloth.

“I suppose.” Yuuri agrees as he continues. He works his way slowly across Victor’s face, fingers and blade moving together in a loving motion. Every action for to Victor, and Victor alone.

Victor shows his own trust, his own love for Yuuri in the way he moves pliantly with each tilt of his head. Never flinching when Yuuri comes close with the razor.

It’s almost erotic, this reverence, this attention that Yuuri gives him on those late Sunday mornings. A moment just for the two of them. 

“Even though I always thought it was a little archaic,” Yuuri says as he swipes at any moustache hairs Victor might have, “I’m glad I learned it.”

“Mmnn,” Victor agrees.

“Because now I can share it with you,” Yuuri breathes, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. It’s heart wrenching to see how soft Yuuri is in this light, smiling, eyes intent on Victor, adoration showing completely on his face. Devotion. That’s what this ritual is. A promise of every Sunday from here until forever.

When Yuuri’s finished and has turned to wash the blade before he cleans Victor’s face, Victor stands, waiting until Yuuri’s turned around again before he catches him in a kiss. 

The leftover shaving cream smears across both their faces. Yuuri’s stubble scratches across Victor’s soft skin. He feels contentment. 

“Maybe one day you can teach me too,” He says before pulling him into another kiss.

The Anatomy of a Blowjob

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rated M
read on ao3 here

If there’s anything Bellamy has learnt in all his years of life, it’s that the more alcohol someone puts into his friends, the more ridiculous the texts they send him are.

For example, one time Miller messaged him at half one in the morning asking him if he knew where he could find breadfruit because it was ‘super important’. Another time Murphy sent him the entire Bee movie script, which resulted in his number being blocked for at least a month.

Honestly, those aren’t even the worst of it.

Tonight, he’s decided to stay home, so he’s expecting the usual barrage of texts, as well as a slurred phone call around 1am from someone asking if they can either crash on his couch, or for a drop home.

Sometime after nine, his phone buzzes, and he’s halfway through getting ready to tell Octavia that no, he can’t spare a few hours to come hang when he has a veritable mountain of grading to trudge through, but stops short when he sees that it’s Clarke.

[9:24pm] Clarke: are giving blowjobs like riding a bike???

[9:24pm] Clarke: as in, you never forget how to do it no matter how long it’s been??

His phone doesn’t quite slip out of his hand when he reads it, but comes startlingly close to, and he finds himself fumbling to keep it within his grip, accidentally opening his camera in the process. Meanwhile, the pen cap he was gnawing on while marking essays falls out of his mouth.

The text is still there by the time he rights himself and gets back to his messages, and he fucking pinches himself to make sure he’s not dreaming.

Finally, he manages to gather his bearings long enough to type back,

[9:28pm] Bellamy: How the fuck am I supposed to know???

He’s still staring dumbfounded at his phone, trying to wrap his around all of this, by the time she replies, sending several texts in quick succession.

[9:30pm] Clarke: because you’re the only other mga person in our friend group

[9:30pm] Clarke: well, besides raven, but she only ever dated guys before luna and idk luna that well to ask her about this

[9:30pm] Clarke: but you’ve only hooked up with girls for a while before hooking up with a guy right?

[9:30pm] Clarke: so like, was it hard??

[9:30pm] Clarke: pun intended lmao

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college boyfriend!wonwoo

Originally posted by hoshihoshy

  • my first piece for wonwoo!!! for this request
  • for some reason i was kinda struck with this idea of wonwoo while i was plotting and i can’t really get it out of my head
  • so in college, wonwoo is… elusive

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of grocery happenings and broken glass - sans x reader/self insert

HEY! Since it’s fanfic friday, can you do one with UT Sans and the “enemies to lovers” trope? it can just be a few scenes where the relationship changes. u dont have to ofc but idk i really like those kinds of stories :‘0c

Summary: You’re an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and he’ll do anything literally) to get you to solve yourself. (Or the obligatory fic wherein sans goes from wanting to dunk you to wanting to kiss you)

Notes: AAAAAAAA?????? AAAAAA. Mcfrickin. Love this trope. Bless u. blessed prompt. i had too much fun writing this help.

Writer: Mod Chrissu

The first time he meets you, it’s weird as hell to him.

Firstly, you are probably the best looking human he’s ever laid eyes on. Your hands are balled up and pushing into your hips, your head craned to look up with a sneer at somebody much taller than you.

When he sees who it is, the attraction that he felt immediately was replaced with intense anger.

His brother is holding a grocery basket, one that he knows isn’t his because it’s completely barren of any type of pasta or sauce. His grin is a little shaky, as if he’s apologetic, but also scared. There’s a few food items on the floor that are lying abandoned, so he assumes that the basket must have overturned in some way and Papyrus went to help you. So why did your expression hold so much fury?

He mosies on over, hands stuffed in his pockets. He’s gonna start out calm and cordial, and hopefully this human won’t give him a reason to dunk them into next Saturday. “hiya. what’s up?” He greets, keeping his tone relaxed and chipper, hoping that this goes well.

“SANS!” The way his brother says his name, almost in relief, makes his opinion of the human drop even further. “HELLO, BROTHER!”

You turn to face Sans, your face portraying annoyance. If it wasn’t for the fact that you looked like you had a problem with his bro, Sans might have considered using a sly pickup line. But no, you open your mouth and erase that possibility. “Oh, he’s with you?” You imply, pointing to the taller skeleton, who’s fidgeting nervously.

His grin turns a little steely. He doesn’t like to see Paps so scared. “yeah. s’there a problem with that?”

“Maybe. Anyways, listen here, dudebro.” Attention aimed at Papyrus again, mouth twisting into a scowl. “I got this. I don’t need somebody swooping in and saving me.” You rip the basket away from Papyrus and bend down to pick up the food on the floor, eyes widening when you see the damage done. “Damn it, the cans are dented!”

“listen buddy, i’m sure you’re just misunderstanding–” His patience is wearing very thin but an agitated sigh cuts him off.

“Look, buddy, I already had to walk all the way here because my piece of shit car broke down, I don’t need some random guy telling me off.” Your body language radiates don’t fuck with me today, and he doesn’t really understand why. “I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood.” Food retrieved from the ground and in the basket, you straighten up and give both he and Papyrus a pointed glare. “Now if you’ll excuse me, which I don’t really care if you do or don’t, I have to replace these cans.”

Without letting him speak, you turn on a heel and stomp out of the aisle, leaving him in dumbfounded silence. What the hell was your problem?

The next time he sees you, it’s without you knowing.

It’s been a few days since what happened in the grocery store, and frankly he’d be fine with never seeing your face again. Somebody so filled with negativity and hatred for others for no reason…He doesn’t like people like that. He’s glad he’ll never see you again.

(Except he does.)

He hears a scream before he sees the blur of a person being tossed out onto the sidewalk a few houses down from where he’s standing. He almost runs over to help until another human shows up. They step out onto the steps angrily, if their rigid posture and antagonistic stance is any factor.

“Get the fuck out, you waste of space. Don’t even know why I bothered with you. You’re nothing but shit.” They spit out.

“Nonono, no please, I’ll be better, don’t do this please–” The voice is so full of fear and regret, and it’s so familiar. He knows that voice. It stirs a forgotten anger in his chest, and finally he registers that it’s you, the human from the grocery store.

Your clothes are ripped in places, there’s bruises all over your arms, the shirt you have on is riding up and showing off even more bruises on your back and sides. Your knees are scuffed from your fall, and you’re barely keeping your torso up off the ground. Your form is shaking, soft sobs emitting from your mouth. What a moment to be observing you. To avoid being seen, he ducks behind a nearby trashcan.

“You were lucky, you had me to love you! I’m probably the only person on this Earth left that actually gives a fuck about you! None of your friends or your family actually care, they’re faking it!” The human on the steps barks, and he notices a glint from their hand. They throw it in your direction, and the bottle shatters on the ground a few feet away from you, pieces scattering all over the pavement. “Get the hell out of here, you damn slut!”

The human on the steps goes back into the house and throws out a bag of clothes before slamming the door. Sans turns away from the scene, expression a mixture of shock and confusion. He has no idea what to think. Obviously, the dude that just kicked you out is an asshat, but did you deserve it? He’s not the kind of guy to wish pain or suffering on anybody else, so no, he supposes you don’t. He goes to pick himself up off the ground.

Except you pass by. You notice him there. It’s silent for one scarily long moment.

“How much of that did you see?” You inquire roughly, voice cracked from crying. A pang of pity ripples through his SOUL.

“…all of it.”

Your face is unreadable, you just grip the bag you have a little harder. It’s plastic, so your fingers sink into the material like clay. “…Fuck off.”

He looks up at you in surprise. “what?”

“I said fuck off.” You hiss, your glare piercing. “Want to know why I got kicked out? One of the cans I brought home from the store, that your idiot brother made me drop? It was dented. So fuck you, fuck your brother, fuck everything.” You grit your teeth and march off, pulling the bag over your shoulder.

He scrambles up and after you, though a tiny inner voice questions his motives. What is he gonna do? You obviously don’t want to see him, your little proclamation proved so, so why is he chasing you? He squashes down the thought, unsure if he wants to know why.

“look, kid, i’m sorry.” He skids in front of them, chest heaving with the extra effort he put into catching up with them. “i don’t understand your attitude, or why you act the way you do, but acting that way isn’t going to change anything.”

“You know nothing about me, why the hell are you trying to do here?” You snap, dropping your bag. Despite being bloody and scratched and obviously injured, you still stand as if you’re super girl about to face off with her greatest enemy yet. 

“i have no idea. i don’t really know.” He almost whispers it, because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or why. “but i don’t want to be the reason you hate the world so much. at least let me help you find a place to stay for a bit.”

Your mouth twists, and a range of emotions flip through your face: confusion, anger, sorrow, and finally it stops on that flat mask you had on. “..Okay, fine.”

He breathes out a sigh of relief.

He finds you a hotel to stay in, and while he wouldn’t usually pay for a stranger’s stay, he does for you. Seeing the person you had to deal with, the way they treated you…Something told him that wasn’t the only time they treated you badly. That’s a scary situation to think about, so of course you would be bitter and angry. He pays for a week, hoping it’s enough time for you to figure out what you need to do or for you to get a job.

He escorts you to your room, and it’s quiet but it isn’t uncomfortable. You’ve been through a lot, he guesses, so talking about it right now would be a little much. Instead, as you both reach your room, he asks to come in for a moment.

Puzzled, you agree, and let him in. It’s a small room, with a dresser pushed against the wall adjacent to the doorway, a lamp in the corner, and a bed opposite the dresser. Another door is in the far corner, which Sans assumes is the bathroom. There’s a table beside the bed, and on it is a pad with paper and a pen.

He picks them both off and scrawls his name and number on it, ripping off the page and giving it to you. “the dude that kicked you out looks like another bad time waiting to happen, so if he shows up here, don’t be afraid to call me, ok?” 

The hand that takes the paper is a little shaky. Your eyes skim over the words written, and the corner of your mouth quirks. “’Sans’? Like the font?”

He shrugs. “i get that a lot. anyways, i need to get back, paps is worried probably.” He points to the paper in your hand, shooting you a reassuring smile. “remember, dude’s a bad time. call me if he comes back. or call if you need help in general. seeya.”

With a blip, he’s gone, and you stare at the space (now replaced with air) he was just in. The most dumbfounded look creases your brow.

“…What the fuck did he just do?!”

Funnily enough, after the incident, he cannot stop thinking about you. He passes the place you used to live every day, and when he does he wonders if you’re okay. He’d check on you, but he did say that if you had a problem to call him. So he leaves the situation be, letting it be in your ballpark. If you need him there, you’ll call.

It’s been a long day, so he decides to go to Grillby’s for some ketchup and conversation. It’s been a while, and he hasn’t visited the surface expansion of Grillby’s very much, so he should fix that.

He teleports just outside the entrance and strolls in to a chorus of greeting from the regulars. Doggo, Greater Dog, and Lesser Dog are wrapped up in a game of poker, with Dogamy and Dogaressa watching on the side and holding each other. There’s a couple humans hanging around, along with a few monsters that didn’t usually frequent the establishment underground milling about. He waddles to the bar and hops into a bar stool, leaning on the counter and sighing, eyes shut.

“heya grillbz, what’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

A snort is his answer, but it sounds nothing like his favorite fire elemental.

He opens up an eye to see you, clad in a button up dress shirt with black slacks, an apron tied around your neck and waist. You look nothing like you did that night, which relieves him so much. There’s a hit of yellow and purple on your hands from the bruises you sustained, he notices, as you clean out a glass with a towel. Your nose is scrunched up from the bad joke he made, a small smile lighting up your face and causing a soft hue of blue to blossom on his face. 

“kid? that’s you?” He asks, opening his eyes fully, now very alert. 

“’Kid’ is not my name, but yeah, it’s me.” You also throw in your name, since you’ve neglected to tell him. Wow, your demeanor has changed completely since the grocery store fiasco, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see you smile, even if it is a smug smirk.

“well damn, you clean up nice. how ya been doin’? i’m assumin’ the guy hasn’t been bothering you?” At the mention of him you tense, which leads him to backpedal, “wait, shit, sorry–”

“It’s fine! It’s fine.” You cut him off, the smirk having been wiped off your face and replaced with a small frown. “They uh, haven’t been bothering me. Haven’t heard a word from them since what happened.”

He relaxes at this. “good, good.” He breathes, slumping against the counter again. 

“…What can I get ya, Sans?” You ask, setting down the glass you were cleaning and propping your arm against the bar, quirking a brow at him. It’s sassy as hell and it isn’t helping that you’re gorgeous.

“your number.” He realizes what he said in the middle of saying it and slams his face into his palm as you laugh. “…i am so sorry. i’m used to crackin’ jokes like this with grillby.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. What do you really want, though?”

Bless you and your nerves of steel. “uh, bottle of ketchup.”

An incredulous look crosses your face, but you grab one and slide it to him anyways. He twists off the cap and tips it back, almost spitting it out with laughter when you choke.

“Sans, the fuck?!” You stammer, and he wishes he could take a picture of your face because it’s so priceless. Maybe your nerves aren’t as solid as he thought.

If somebody told him six months ago that he’d fall head over heels in love with a human, and a human that initially hated his innocent soul of a brother no less, he’d laugh and call them crazy.

Thinking about it now, it’s not as crazy as it seemed. 

Because with every laugh and smile he gets from you, his SOUL thuds a little more forcefully in his chest, his face a touch blue-r, and he finds himself trying so hard to get them out of you that he doesn’t notice how deep he’s getting into this.

He doesn’t notice until his brother does.

“goin’ to grillby’s, want me to bring you back somethin’ paps?” He asks, sticking his head into the kitchen. Papyrus isn’t as oblivious as everyone believes him to be, and he proves it now as he smiles knowingly at his older brother, which only causes said brother to raise a brow bone in silent question.

“BROTHER, YOU SEEM TO BE GOING TO GRILLBY’S A LOT IN THESE PAST FEW MONTHS.” Papyrus stops stirring the pot of noodles he’s attending to on the stove to look at his brother. He notices, but it’s not like Sans makes an effort to hide it. He can see it in the way that he smiles sometimes when he gets a text from you, or how excited he is when he knows he’s about to see you.

He know what Sans looks like when he’s obsessed about something, or worried, or determined. Papyrus thought he’d seen it all. You’ve brought out a different side of him that Papyrus loves to see, because he look so happy nowadays.

“yeah, so? i used to go everyday when we were underground.”

“SANS, DEAR BROTHER, NOTHING EVADES THE WATCHFUL EYE OF THE GREAT PAPYRUS!” He exclaims triumphantly, pulling out his best smile. “…I am happy for you, Sans. I hope you bring them by soon to introduce them to me, because I would like to thank the person who has given you so much joy.”

It’s a rarity when Papyrus speaks in a regular volume of voice, and it shocks Sans to his core. “whaddya mean, pap?”

Papyrus laughs, turning back to his pot. “OH BROTHER, DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED!”

“im-pasta-ble, i notice everything.” Sans’ smile turns wicked as Papyrus screeches out a warning to him and then he blips out of the way of the taller’s wooden ladle being thrown at him.

It’s become a habit, for him to watch you as you work. The way you move around the tables at the restaurant, the polite smile you give to the customers and the drastically different smirk you send him when he tosses out a pun, the lingering touch between you two when you give him a ketchup bottle. 

It kills him, in a way, because he knows what he’s feeling. He knows very well what this feeling is. His love life isn’t a very active one, but he does remember a few years back when he used to have a crush on Toriel, and this feels like that except new. It’s no longer a nice thought, but a fire that consumes his thoughts whenever he sees you. It’s not the heat of the blush on his face, it’s the ghostly imprint that your fingers leave on his. His SOUL doesn’t flutter, it beats purposefully. He knows what this is.

However, it’s not him that says or does anything about it.

As your shift comes to a close and he prepares to leave, you stop him. The place is almost empty, just a couple people wrapping up their meals or nursing their last drink. You look nervous, teeth gnawing on your bottom lip.

“what’s up?” He asks, and he almost jumps when you set a hand on ones of his, the one still on the counter top.

“Uh…There uh– There must be something wrong with my eyes, be-because uh–” You clear your throat, and he’s never seen your face go so red, wow. “Because I can’t take them off you?…”

He pauses for a moment before the statement processes through his head and his face goes full cerulean. “uuuuuuhh….”

“What…What I’m trying to say– Is it hot in here? Jeeze.” You tug at your collar, smiling sheepishly. “But uh. I was wondering if maybe you’d like to, I dunno, go see a movie? Or go somewhere for coffee? I’m sorry, I just really, really like you and I couldn’t be quiet about it anymore–”

You stop when you notice his expression. The poor skeleton’s face is completely blue, and his pupils have morphed into tiny hearts. He grabs your hand gently, and before he can chicken out he sputters out a reply.

“yes, hell yes. i’ll uh, i’ll text you later?”

It’s take a moment to sink in but when it does you smile so wide that it triggers his own. “Yeah! That’s cool! I’ll uh, be waiting? Yeah.”

Reluctantly he lets go of your hand and waves with his other, before disappearing and reappearing at the entrance of the inside of his home. 

You asked him out. You asked him out. He’s so giddy, he struts farther into the house and laughs, and it’s such a happy sound. He’s never heard such a sound come out of his body.

“YOU SOUND PLEASED.” Papyrus notes from his spot on the couch in the living room, wherein he’s doing some sort of human exercise program. Sans just beams in reply, hopping up the stairs two at a time to get to his room. “WHAT’S HAPPENED?”

Papyrus knows. He just wants to hear Sans say it.

“bringing them over later this week. you’ll see.”

I know everyone has done deh drama club aus already but,,, here is more lmao

  • Evan ends up running the spotlight because he’s too terrified to run the soundboard because if you mess up with that, the entire production can be ruined, and he doesn’t need that stress. Plus, he can’t be a stagehand because he can’t see in the dark well AT ALL and the one time he filled in for a stagehand he tripped over one of the set pieces and everyone in the audience heard him fall and it was awful, and he can’t deal with personal mics because all of the actors are horrible at not switching their mics out and not taking them to the bathroom with them (here’s looking at you, Jared) and he’s not confident enough to yell at them to get their shit together, so, yeah, Evan’s spotlight. It kind of sucks because their spotlight is ancient and it’s super heavy and always shaky and it’s super hard to change the size of the light, but most of their productions don’t even use the spotlight that much, so he figures it’s probably the best job he’s going to get.
  • Alana is stage manager and she’s super nice until like three days before the show when she’s been known to make the freshman extras who keep screwing off cry because she’s not going to let them ruin her show because of freshman drama. She wears a fanny pack and it’s full of extra batteries, bandaids, tape, and other miscellaneous stuff she might need to keep the production from going to hell in a hand basket. All of the stagehands love her because the actors are all scared of her, so they listen when Alana tells them to take off their insanely loud high heels when they’re walking around on stage because “the audience can hear you, you know, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t hear you.”
  • Jared is that one kid who always gets the antagonist roles and, even if they’re supposed to be super serious, he ends up making them funny. He improvises all the time and it makes the other leads want to kill him sometimes because he changes his jokes up at every performance so half the time they can’t even keep up with him and they end up looking like idiots, giving their costar a weird look and saying “uh…” after he spews a bunch of over-the-top nonsense that the audience finds hilarious. He gets yelled at all the time by the other actors, but the drama club adviser loves him, so he pretty much gets to do whatever he wants. Jared’s super dramatic during bows–he’s even had people carry him out on stage before–which pisses off the leads because then people hardly notice them coming out after him.
  • Zoe’s one of the few band kids the drama club adviser managed to rope into playing performances and she actually really likes helping out with the shows, so she usually shows up to the practices she doesn’t need to come to and helps out with whatever needs to be done. She usually doesn’t distract anyone and she isn’t under foot, so Alana lets her stay and uses her as free labor essentially. Zoe’s painted more than a few sets in her day and she’s stood in as a stagehand during the early practices when people are still missing because of homework and other clubs because Alana has yet to strike the fear of God into them. She’ll hang in the back of the auditorium with Evan when Alana doesn’t have a job for her and they’ll work on their homework in the back rows, chatting quietly because neither of them want to get murdered for being too loud during practices. When Evan’s busy with spotlight, Zoe will hang in the girl’s dressing room and play her guitar, which usually leads to all the girls yelling requests at her and everybody completely disregarding the playlist one of the leads put together to pump them up before practice.
  • Connor is curtain. He just sits on stage on the stool reserved for the person on curtain duty and opens and closes the curtain when he’s supposed to. Originally, he was also supposed to have some stagehand duties, but he’s been known to yell at the actors for screwing with the props or being too loud so Alana let him off the hook and only makes him help with moving props when they have to move heavy pieces like couches. Connor spends most practices–and most performances–reading his book of the week on the curtain stool. He also shows up to practice high a lot, but, then again, so do a lot of the leads, so nobody really cares. The only people brave enough to bug him are Jared and Alana and Alana is usually too busy with other people to really stand around and chat, so he’s usually stuck dealing with Jared, who won’t shut up. Literally, Jared never shuts up. Connor usually tries to ignore him and just read his book, but that can be kind of hard when Jared overturns baskets from the prop shelves and ends up covered in a surprising amount of plastic snakes and freaks out because its dark on stage and it looks like real snakes. There was also a time when Jared pulled an old telephone down on his head and Connor thought he’d given himself a concussion or something because he kept acting dizzy for the rest of practice, but Jared could have just been faking.
  • Cynthia is a stage mom. No, scratch that, Cynthia is the stage mom. Even though neither of her kids are actually actors and it’s generally actors’ parents who end up devoting the most time as stage moms, Cynthia is backstage at every performance, helping the girls with their hair and helping the boys with their makeup. She buys flowers for Zoe and Connor and acts super proud at the end of each show and Connor always says that it’s weird that she gives them flowers, they’re just stage crew pretty much, and then Cynthia goes off on how important stage crew is and how the performance would be nothing without music and the curtain opening on cue. She always compliments all the kids and she especially likes to tell Evan how well he does with the spotlight and how steady he holds the light and how smoothly he tightens the light’s focus. She thinks Jared is hilarious and never understands why Connor complains about him so much, which Jared overhears and proceeds to be a dick about for the rest of practice. Cynthia’s also the one who provides all the backstage snacks and calls ahead to TGIF to let them know that forty kids are going to be showing up there the next day and they should be prepared.

ye that’s all i got. I might post some more that are more shippy but idk

A Little Bit Longer

Write-A-Thon: AU Day (1)

pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

summary: Lin and reader both have Crohn’s Disease and receive Remicade infusions for treatment. With nothing to do for 3+ hours, they chat with each other and quickly become closely acquainted. 

warnings: IVs (like hospital ones), swearing, chronic illness? idk man

words: 2430

a/n: So, this is the first part to a fairly slow burn series I’m starting. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever written and I’m sure it’ll keep getting more so. That being said, I’m absolutely terrified to put this out for people to see; I’ve never shared something this deeply personal to me and I’m just worried what the reactions will be. I really, really hope you guys like this. I cried a lot of tears writing it, but I think it’ll be a very healing experience for me. 

Thank you to @alexanderhamllton @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza who all read over it for me and helped calm my nerves about it. I love you all. 

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where something colossal happens, something changes in their lives, and they’re suddenly never the same person. Some people will change for the better, others for the worse, but it’s an inevitable fact of life.

Maybe it’ll happen when you’re seventy, you might just be seventeen, but regardless of age, it won’t be easy.  Life doesn’t discriminate between the old and the young; pain is pain and it demands to be felt, whether emotional, physical, or other.

For some time after said life changing event, the sun seems to stay hidden behind dark clouds and as far as the eye can see, there are storms. The storms will seem to never end and odds are, you’ll find yourself wondering how other people do it, how they get through it.

The truth is, it isn’t easy. You do it because you have to, because you have no other choice. Life will push you down countless times before you can get back up, and that might take years. But when you look up at that cloudy sky, you’ll see that every cloud has a silver lining. The sun will come back out, sometimes one ray at a time, and life will be beautiful again.

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baby daddy! taehyung

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  •  okay so like i was gonna work on my prince!taehyung oneshot but i kept thinking about tae being a dad and i just got so emo and here are my ramblings
  • let me just start off saying that tae would be like the best husband in the entire world like he’d love and care for you with his entire being 
  • he’d spoon hug you at night time and hold your hand  and whisper how much he loves you in that deep voice by your ear until u fall into a deep sleep while being caressed in his arms 
  • hes like that kind of guy who would just love to wake you up in the moring tho 
  • and your like 
  • tae
  • no 
  • its like 7:30 wyd 
  • and he’s just like the sunshine himself like he shines so bright in the morning and literally he wants to get up early bc he wants to cherish every moment of you being beside him 
  • jfdklsfjlksdfjls and like!!!!! you’d complain bc like…..ur not the moring type yah know sleep is gr8 and he’d ultimately win bc he has this puppy face and would take ur hands and play with them and swing them to wake you up 
  • he’s basically a grown child 
  • okAY and so like why do i not see him being the type to romanticize the whole doing the ‘boom-boom’ 
  • i feel like he’d be the type to just like rush into it like ‘bAbE I WANT kIDS liKE ASAP’ 
  • but then again he wouldn’t rush you or pressure you or anything he’d wait for you 
  • and like one night you did it ok you did the boom-boom alright and like it was great obvs 
  • ill let u be dirty by yourselves im not going to go into that rn this is a fluff post 
  • quench ur thirst elsewhere 
  • anywhoo a few weeks pass and like you are getting that morning sickness yeah? I mean i never been preggers but im going off basic knowledge?? 
  • so okay like you wake up in the middle of the night like 3 in the morning and like tae wakes up of course and you are like in the bathroom spilling your guts out and at first ur like super confused and tae is worried as hell
  • but then his eyes just light up out of no where and ur like ??? 
  • “ARE YOU PREGNANT”??? like the question just busts out of him like a popped balloon ok he’s like half excited and half anxious and worried for you and he starts pacing the bathroom 
  • and ur like babe??? calm down idk if im pregnant ok i might just be sick?? 
  • and he looks at you and gets on his knees alright and looks you in the eyes and he just like “im going to walmart” and ur like 
  • wAIT 
  • that boy is already out the door with his pajamas still on ok like he gives zero fucks like he needs to know noW 
  • he slams that pregnancy test on the conveyor belt and he’s legit jumping up and down bc he wants to get back to his wiFE 
  • and the cashier lady is tired asf and like “whats dis mofo doing here kjdsklgjls” and then she smiles and says “good luck~” 
  • sO tae gets back home ok and he hands u the thing and ur like alright alrigHT 
  • and that boy will not leave ur side ok u better know it and ur like tae??? ummmmm can i please pee on this thing in peace thx 
  • and hes like oh shit sorry 
  • so u pee on the stick and guess whattttt 
  • ur preggers 
  • u kinda just exit the bathroom with a sly smile on your face
  • and tae has bulging eyes waiting for a response 
  • “im pregnant” 
  • you better bet your sweet little ass he’s gonna be all over you he’s gonna be swinging u around and kissing your face and crying 
  • and seeing him crying makes u cry and next thing you know the next morning your letting the fam know
  • everyone is just like congrats!!!!!
  • and now comes the nine months where tae is legit your body gaurd like he is so protective 
  • he was protective to begin with but now its like he took some super dad power pills and he is always attached to u like everywhere you look tae is there like a leech attached to your back 
  • hed be feeding you breakfast every morning and go throughout your day eating healthy meals 
  • gotta make sure that baby is nourished!!!!!!
  • im crying ok omg breAK 
  • back ok liSTEN 
  • you would get that baby bump and he’d rub your belly all the time and he’d jump out of his skin when the baby moves or kicks and he’s just “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
  • and your lauging and he wants to cry again bc he is so in awe like ?? thats his baby moving around in there 
  • and he’d want to sing to the baby all the time like 
  • youd be lying in bed and hed start singing little nursery rhymes and your heart just swells and the baby can detect that sort of thing??? and it starts to move around around and you tell tae that the baby likes his singing and that makes him do it even more often
  • also not to mention being pregnant is effing painful so he’d always be there to rub your aching back and give you butterfly kisses all the time to ease your pain
  • okay and then you go and u find out the sex of your baby and like you think its gonna be a boy but tae thinks its gonna be a girl idk why i just feel like tae would want a girl 
  • so u go and you find out that it’s a girl!!!!!!!!! and tae won’t leave u alone abt how he was right 
  • and u decide on a name and no doubt its cute ofc 
  • okay so your whole pregnancy goes like this and so then 
  • ur water breaks 
  • oh shit amiright 
  • tae freaks the fuck out but like not as much as you were 
  • like your in pain and hoLY FuCK they baby iS coMING nOW 
  • and yout screaming and tae is trying to be calm but he’s runnning around and trying to get you into the car and he’s freaking out while driving like 
  • he’s like speeding down the highway to get to the hospital ok 
  • this boy has got zero chill 
  • he half carries you into the hospital and everything happens to fast
  • hes sitting beside you holding your hand tight as your screaming your lungs out giving birth 
  • and tae is half-way feeling guilty that you’re going through this pain 
  • but fAST foRWARD and your healthy baby girl is born!!!! 
  • and like at first tae was about to bounce on the doctors like he wants his kid now but they had to go clean her up 
  • and when they finish tae holds her little body in his arms and he’s crying 
  • “look at her” 
  • “she’s so beautiful” 
  • “it’s my baby” 
  • he looks at you then with tears gleaming in his eyes 
  • and he brings her over to you and your holding her and you can’t believe you did it 
  • as ur baby girl grows up like tae is such a protective father 
  • he’d proababy want to cry if she ever got hurt 
  • and you notice that as she grew that she had tae’s sparking eyes and gleaming box smile that you always adored you 
  • she had your cute nose 
  • and face shape 
  • Tae would try so hard to make her look so cute like braid her hair and pick out cute clothes and you’d just smile and let him be 
  • him being happy with your child was enough to make your insides melt 
  • he’d be that dad who’d volunteer to change the diapers and get up in the morning and your just like babe!!! i got it its fine!!!! im ok i can do it!!!! 
  • and after seeing you go through that pain for 9 months he wants to repay you back and in turn he also gets to spend time with his kid and he is happy doing it 
  • youd both play with that baby all the time and be all over the floor with that baby ok and the squeal of joy that erupts from that childs mouth is what fuels tae and you to keep living in this beautiful world
  • when it comes time for her to go to school hed be so scared like hes letting his baby girl go off alone??? nO 
  • and ur like tae its alright babe its ok its good for her and he gets that but still??? 
  • also your daughter would have that same laugh that tae does and every time she does it your stomach gets butterflies 
  • and whenever she cried tae would be like the first one at the scene 
  • and whenever she had her temper tantrums he’d be the one to baby her 
  • and your like tae we cant do that we gotta have disipline 
  • and hes not having it
  • that baby is gonna be so spoiled rotten omg 
  • lord help us all 
  • but the thing is that baby will have the best parents in the entire universe like nothing can change that fact at all 
  • that baby is gonna grow up living a happiness filled life ok 
  • i really hope ya’ll enjoyed it!!!! 

so @exybee​ asked me to write kneil (that’s what we call Kevin and Neil heh) and it was supposed to be ?? well it was supposed to be much different than what I actually wrote? anyway if i continue this i will eventually get to what i originally intended and then i imagine this ending with kandriel but like i said idk if i’ll continue, i’m not even sure what it is

  • Okay so Andrew asked Neil to take care of Kevin, and Neil is still skittish around Kevin because of his childhood, obviously, but he’s not going to fuck around. Andrew asked, of course he’ll do it.
  • Andrew is gone and Neil is doing everything he can to keep Kevin together
  • Kevin is freaking out and Neil talks about how much Andrew steadies him, but he never really realized how much Andrew steadied Kevin
  • Kevin is big and imposing, but he went his whole life relying on another person. Even if Riko wasn’t the best person to be reliant on, Kevin was pushed to have that need for Riko to figure out his life for him. And towards the end, he got frustrated with that relationship. Just because you need someone so much, doesn’t mean that you will be okay with being second string in your own life
  • Andrew isn’t big, but he has such a presence. And Kevin naturally gravitated towards it. And everyone knows what Kevin and Andrew promised each other, but they don’t know the silent promise Andrew made him. That he wouldn’t just protect him, but he would be his tether. Kevin needs to be firmly attached to reality and the world or else he will quickly be consumed by everything in his head.

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Finally - Daryl Dixon


A/N: This took me five hours to write. I am tired. Please enjoy.



Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Type: Small Amount of Angst/Fluff

Setting: Alexandria Era/Pre-Negan

Warning: Cursing, idk what else (Please message me if you spot any)

*not my gif*

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It’s a hot, bright day in Alexandria. The sun was beating down in the small community as the people worked in the baking heat, drenched in sweat. As you trotted down the steps of your shared home with Abraham and Rosita, you see Daryl Dixon, helping load up for a run. His toned arms were glistening in the sun with sweat, his angel wing vest hanging loosely on his torso. You bite your lip as you take in his appearance. 

You had been with the group before Rick joined. Since the very beginning you had an attraction to Daryl. Something in the way he moved just made your body ache for him. But, life being its unfair self, you two ended up as friends and nothing more. You had hoped and prayed every time you saw him for him to grab your face and kiss your lips and hold you, but obviously that wasn’t happening any time soon.

“You know,” Maggie said, joining your side, “staring ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Exactly! you’re right. I’m gonna go up to him right now and profess my love to him and we can run off into the sunset together,” you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Maggie laughed next to you.

“Don’t think thats the best idea. You wouldn’t make it a mile without being fronted by walkers,” she giggled.

“Well there goes my plan, guess I can’t do anything about it now,” You said shortly, walking up the steps to your house. Maggie followed you and grabbed your arm, stopping you.

“Well, talking to him might be a start,” Maggie said, serious now.

“Now you see my problem. I can’t just talk to him without making a fool of myself,” you sigh, running your fingers through your hair.

“I can solve that,” Maggie smirked. You opened your mouth to protest, but Maggie was quick. 

“Daryl!” Maggie said, hopping down the steps. The man turned and started walking over to you as you crossed your arms tightly over your chest and walked down the steps. Your eyes focused on a pebble on the ground as he got nearer. 

“Hey, I’m not feeling that great, so I don’t think I can go on that run. But my good friend Y/N here has offered to go in my place,” Maggie said, a smile playing on her lips. Her hand patted your shoulder as you took in a breath and looked up, meeting eyes with the beautiful man. 

“Yeah, I can go in Maggie’s place. Only if its okay with you. I don’t want to-” You rambled on as Maggie’s grip tightened on your shoulder. You got the message and finished, “overstep.”

“Yeah, sure. We leave in a few minutes.” He said simply and nodded, walking away.

As soon as he was far enough away, you turned to Maggie, throwing her hand off your shoulder. 

“What the fuck was that!” You said, nearly yelling.

“Hey you should be thanking me!”

Thanking you? I’m going to embarrass myself!”

“I can’t help that I’m not feeling well,” She said, forcing herself to do the fakest cough you have ever seen. You playfully push her shoulder.

“You should go get ready. I don’t want to keep you from him,” Maggie smiles. You shout a profanity at her as she walks down the steps and walks away.

You walk into the house and into your bathroom. You look in the mirror and splash some water onto your face and run a hand through your tangled hair. You walk down the steps and grab a gun from the armory, then head to the car. 

Spencer is standing outside the car with Carol at his side. Daryl approaches from a building and asks what the plan is.

“Well we just need basic supplies and I was told there was a place a few miles South that will have what we need,” Rick explains. You all nod, then open the door to the backseat, and crawl in. You sit next to Carol behind the driver seat and Rick drives with Daryl in the passenger seat. You can’t help yourself when you see Daryl sitting there, messing with something on his crossbow. Carol coughs and you look at her. She’s smirking at you, but you just bashfully smile and look down, your hair hiding your flushed cheeks. 

When all of you reach the spot, you see it is a run down supermarket. You get out from the car and Rick loads his gun and speaks.

“I say we split up,” Rick says, giving Daryl a second list. “I’ll go with Y/N, Daryk go with Carol.”

You groan on the inside, but nod on the outside. Fate just wasn’t on your side. Your gun is at the ready as you enter the store. You and Rick go to one side of the rather large store as Carol and Daryl go to the other side. 

The first thing on Rick’s list was blankets, so you head to that part of the store, which just happens to be next to the clothes. You look around, making sure there are no walkers, and grab a bag.

“Since we’re already here, I’m going to grab some new clothes. Im running low because most of my clothes have been ripped. Can’t seem to remember why,” You say, and Rick laughs along with you.

You start throwing random shirts that look your size into a bag and you see a necklace on a jewelry stand. You grab your gun and walk over to it. It’s a small, thin chain with a small arrow on it. You reach to take it off the stand, but out of no where a walker had tackled you from behind. You screamed, falling onto the ground with the walker on top of you. The walker goes limp on top of you as Rick stabs it. He bends down to push it off of you as you breathe hard. Rick offers you his hand and you take it, standing up. You lock eyes with the tall man. He lets go of your hand after while and you cast your eyes back towards the necklace that is now still clutched in your hand. As Rick tries to walk away you stop him.

“Hey,” you say and he turns around. “Can you put this necklace on me real quick?” You ask, holding the necklace out. He puts his gun in the waistband of his pants and smiles.

“Sure thing,” he says, sauntering over to you. He grabs the necklace from your hand and wraps it around your neck, clasping it in the back. You turn to face him and say a ‘thanks’, before Rick chuckles.

“You’ve got a big of walker goo on your face,” he laughs, reaching for your face. He puts his hands on either side of your face as you laugh with him.

“Gross! Get it off me!” You smile, glad there is some time in this dark world where you can actually laugh.

He wipes the walker goo off your face as you hear footsteps running. You turn and turn to see Daryl and Carol appear out of an aisle and Daryl’s eyes fall onto you and Ricks compromising position. 

“Sorry, we heard a scream and didn’t know what it was…” Carol says as you jump apart from Rick.

“No it’s okay, we were just about done anyways, what about you?” Rick asks Carol. You block out their voices as you see Daryl’s eyes boring into you.

“Good, then lets head out,” Rick says. You tear your eyes from Daryl and grab your bag of clothes, slinging it over your shoulder. 

You head out of the store, trailing a bit behind, walking with Rick. A few feet in front of you, you see Daryl and Carol in a deep conversation. You see Carol smile at him and it makes your insides burn. You hated seeing him with some other girl. You wanted to be the one laughing with him. You wanted to be the one walking with him. You wanted to be the one with him, quite simply.

When you got home, you were sitting on the bed, holding the charm on your necklace between your thumb and forefinger. You sighed and stood up, walking out of the house. You decided that if fate wasn’t on your side, you were going to put it on your side. 

You walk to Carols house and walk up the steps to her front door, and before you could knock, the door opens and there stands Daryl. You two stare at each other for a moments before he takes in a breath as if to say something, but just brushes past you and down the steps. You exhale and shake your head, walking in her house and calling her name.

“Hey, Y/N what’s up?” she asks and you close the door. 

“Carol, I have a problem. And I thought I would come to you because you probably know what to say but I understand if-” You’re cut off by Carol smiling.

“You’re in love with Daryl,” She states, chuckling.

“What- Where- How did you-” You trip over words.

“Oh Y/N,” She says, placing her hands on your shoulders, “Sweet, wonderful Y/N, you do realize Daryl just came in here all in a hissy because he was worried you were in love with Rick?”

“Wait what?” You ask.

“Honey, he is hopelessly in love with you. If you haven’t noticed by now, you must be blind, deaf, and stupid,” she laughs, “And funny thing is, he obviously hasn’t picked up on how much you practically drool over him, which makes him also blind, deaf, and stupid.”

“He likes me?” You ask, your heart racing.

“More like in love. He has been since I can remember. Now if you are still not going to make the move, I will gladly,” she says.

“No way in hell I’m making the first move! What if he doesn’t like me anymore because he thinks I like Rick? What if he just isn’t into me anymore?” You ramble on.

“Fine then, stay here,” Carol says, walking out the door. She opens the door and lo and behold, Daryl is standing at the bottom of the steps, staring up at Carol. She walks down the steps, grabs him by his vest, and shoves him into the house. I stare at him as he stares at me. Both of our eyes are locked on each other. Unmoving. 

“Now, I’m going to leave. And when I do, will you two please just kiss or something? Or profess your undying love? This game you two play is so damn tiring,” she states, closing the door and leaving. It’s silent for a few moments before Daryl walks over to right in front of you. You look up at him, eyes moving slowly to his lips. You cup his face and throw your lips onto his. His lips move beautifully with yours as his hands cup your face.

“Thought you were with Rick.” He said, breaking the kiss.

“I’ve always liked you. Ever since the beginning. I thought you weren’t into me,” you breathed.

“I never thought I would get to kiss you,” he whispers.

“Well shut up and do it again,” You smile as he leans in again to meet his lips yo yours.

From in the house, you can hear Maggie shouting ‘finally’ outside as she looked inside through the open window and saw you and Daryl.

The same word was running through your mind. Finally.

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99 w barry?

Title : Come Sit

Summary : After a long day at your work, your boyfriend Barry decides to help relieve some of your stress- but not in the usual way.

Word Count : idk, probably over 1k

Warnings : smutt, cursing

Prompt : “Come sit in my lap.”

Pairing : Barry Allen x reader

A/N : here you go lovely anon! Hope you enjoy this!

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It was just a little under 11:00 p.m., and you had just gotten home from your very long day of work. You sighed in relief as you slid off your heels and shrugged off your coat, putting it on the chair. Shuffling to your bedroom, you don’ t even notice Barry sitting on your shared bed, his eyes watching your every move as he looks up from his book. You waste no time in taking a hot shower, letting the warmth wrap around you like a blanket. When you got out you walked back into your bedroom and slid on some underwear and one of Barry’s shirts. It hung low on you, the end stopping at about the top of your knees.

Chuckling, Barry set his book on the nightstand next to him. “Rough day?” He asked, sitting himself up slightly. You nodded, sitting in the middle of the bed with your legs crossed.

“Very, all I did was get coffee, take orders from my stupid boss, run up and down the stairs; in heels-” Letting out a frustrated sigh you rub your face with your palms.

Come sit in my lap, angel.” Barry says, grabbing your hands. You smile a little and move your way up the bed and over Barry’s body until your sitting in his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck. He smiled, which made you smile back at him.  he hesitated for a moment before he placed a soft kiss to your lips, making your body relax and melt against him.

“You know I think there’s something I can do to help you relax and release some stress.” Barry mumbled against your skin. He slowly trailed his lips down your neck, making you shiver.

“And what might that be, Mr. Allen?” You tugged your lip in between your teeth, looking down at Barry as he gazed up at you. He didn’t say anything, he just slid one hand up your- well his shirt- and massaged your left breast in his palm, his other hand slipping into your panties and applying a bit of pressure to your sensitive clit. Gasping you roll your head back, soft moans escaping you partly opened mouth. Barry’s lips nipped and sucked at your skin, just enough to leave a light purple mark and a few love bites that would show in the morning. The hand that was massaging your left breast moved to your right, giving it just the same amount of attention as the left had gotten. His fingers pinched your nipple and your clit at the same time, making your hips buck up and hitched breathes stay in your throat.

“Please, Barr.” You whimpered. Barry smirked to himself before pulling your shirt up and over your head and then tugging your panties to the side. You let out a relieved breathe as Barry’s fingers pushed into your wet heat, and you clenched around him at the feeling of his long fingers curling inside of you. The moans coming from you no doubt made Barry’s dick rise in his sweats, and you were pretty sure you could feel his erection poking at the inside of your thigh. With his fingers curling inside, his hand pinching and massaging your breasts, and his lips sucking on any exposed skin, it didn’t take you long to reach your first orgasm of the night. Your body trembled slightly as you came down from Cloud 9, eyes closed shut and mouth formed in the ‘o’ shape.

Barry pulled his fingers from your core, sucking on his digits and releasing them with a satisfied hum. “Always taste so sweet.” You blushed at his words. Your hands reached down, tugging Barry’s sweats down just enough to where his hard cock sprung free. Moving at the sight of him you raised yourself up, your right hand giving him soft pumps as you slicked up his member with your wetness. You looked down at Barry who nodded at you, hands holding tightly onto your waist and pulling you down onto him. The two of moaned out loud together, your heads falling back and the feeling of being so connected. You breathed in deep before kissing Barry with so much passion and so much love, that he sat frozen for a second before his own hips started to move upwards into your center.

You clawed at his back, dragging your nails down his back with every thrust. Your eyes were fighting to stay open, legs tensing slightly when the tip of Barry’s dick brushed against your g-spot. When Barry finally realized what he was doing to your insides, he repositioned you on his lap, each and every one of his thrust hitting that sweet spot inside of you. You mewled,  cursing under your breathe and digging your nails into Barry’s back.

“Fuck, babe that feels so good.” You muttered. Breathing heavily, Barry replied.

“You feel so good wrapped around my cock like this princess, your walls clenching around me every time I hit your sweet spot…taking it so good for me.”

Barry’s dirty talk sent you to your edge even faster, and this orgasm was for sure stronger than your first. Screaming out Barry’s name as you came, you shuttered, rolling your hips to ride out your high. Barry came shortly after you, spurting his liquid inside of you.

Waiting a minute before pulling out, he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead then lifted you up gently, laying you down beside him. You smiled softly, your hands brushing against his cheek.

“Feel better, baby?” Barry asked as he caressed your side. You nodded.

“So much better, thank you Barr.” You moved up to his side, snuggling into his chest. Barry was very good at relieving your stress.

Here Kitty Kitty

Requested by: @jkseagull97 idk why I can’t tag you :( 

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Pairing: Yoonkookmon

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Smut, light BDSM, light dom/sub

Words: 3,273

“Baby, c’mon let’s go.” Namjoon pleads with his boyfriend who has been holed up in his studio for close to 28 hours. “If you haven’t finished by now it’s not going to happen tonight.” When he doesn’t get a response he rips the headphones off the other’s head and chucks them across the room.

   “What the hell Namjoon?” Yoongi rasps and rubs at the bags that look more like bruises under his eyes. Namjoon’s heart clenches a bit at how exhausted he really looks.

   “Come home with me Yoongi,” Namjoon says reaching for the older, but Yoongi shakes his head fervently.

   “I have to finish it Joonie, I have to. There are deadlines and people counting on me to have it done. I can’t let them down.” His voice shakes and tears start to roll down his porcelain cheeks. Yoongi doesn’t cry, not unless he’s really distressed and Namjoon knows this.

   “Oh Yoongi,” Namjoon coos and reaches for the other who gladly jumps up to hug him. “Everything’s fine and you have plenty of time. Hell, you make the rest of us look like slackers. Why are you so upset?” Namjoon rubs Yoongi’s back and presses a kiss to his temple.

   “I don’t know why but I just can’t stop feeling anxious lately. I don’t know what to do.” Namjoon tightens his hold on the other and takes a deep breath.

   “We’ll figure it out, okay? I promise but we have to get you home and in bed.” Yoongi only sniffs weakly before nodding and letting his boyfriend carry him to their car.

   Namjoon tucks him in after kissing him goodnight and the older falls asleep almost instantly. The younger can’t seem to join him, not with the thought of how stressed his baby has been lately. He had to do something about it.

   “You want to what?” Yoongi deadpanned, pausing in between bites of eggs Namjoon had made earlier.

“Adopt a hybrid,” Namjoon answers with obvious excitement in his voice. Yoongi squints at him before setting his chopsticks down and sighing.

“Why would you want to do that?” Yoongi asks genuinely confused.

“Well it’s not necessarily for my benefit,” He trails off and Yoongi squints again. “Okay, you said that you’ve been stressed lately and I read that this might help. I think it’s a really good idea.” Yoongi stops squinting and is quiet for awhile. “Yoongi?”

“You really think this might work?” He asks the younger in a small voice.

“I think it’s worth a try. Anything that could help you feel better.” Namjoon smiles and Yoongi blushes before leaning over to kiss him softly.

“Thank you, Joonie.”

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Yoonmin fic idea:
(This may be long idk I’ve had the idea for a very long time)

Alright, so, it start off with a 6 (?) Year old Jimin and his mother. It’s in very old times and magic is a thing and Jimin live in a small village and his family is very poor bc his father left. His mother is telling him a story of a man who was very arrogant and stuff. The man and his friends were walking one day when they come across an old woman who claims she is a witch and will grant them a wish each if they do her a favor. The man doesn’t believe her and makes it know that he doesn’t. He mocks her and calls her crazy. She tells him to ask for something and he, thinking this is all a hoax, wished for youth and immortality. The woman said he would regret it and left. He thought it was hilarious but his friends did not think likewise. As the years passed he realized that the woman was actually a witch because while his friends grew old he stayed the same. He watched the people he loved die before his eyes while he stayed the same. He tried countless times to kill himself but it never worked. Finally he decided he needed to find the witch. He searched everywhere and though he was never able to find her he did find her little cottage. There was a letter on a dust covered table. He went to it and read that it was addressed to “the one that doubted.” He figured it was for him and after he read it he found out it was for him. The letter basically said that she was going to be burned to death bc they found out she was a witch and that she heard he was looking for her. She said the only way to break the curse was for him to find the boy of the same blood as her, fall in love, watch him die, then find him again. He didn’t understand. He never left the cottage. He had no where else to go. His hair turned white and so did his skin. He never went out and the small village that was near his cottage lived in fear of him, thinking he was a witch too. Basically, the story is to tell Jimin to never travel on the road that goes through the woods bc that’s where he lives.

Skip a few years to where Jimin is like 21. His mother tells him to take something to his grandmother who live in the village over. He decides to take the road through the woods bc it would cut his trip down by a day. So he does and he ends up seeing a shadow and then tripping and hurting his knee really bad or something like that and a person wearing a very dark purple (or whatever color you want) cloak comes out from behind the trees and goes to help him. Jimin is scared out of his mind but the person helps him. He asks if he can take him back to his cottage so he can properly wrap his knee up and Jimin is vaguely reminded of the old fable his mother would tell him before bed and the thought that this might be the man crossed his mind but he quickly dismisses it and tells himself that its just a stupid story parents tell their children to keep them away from the woods and decides to go with the man. When they get to his cottage Jimin sits down and the man takes his cloak off. Jimin sees the palest man and the whitest hair he’s ever seen. He quickly realizes that the stories were real. He panicks and the man turns around and smiles he says something along the lines of, “I never get any visitors. It’s actually kinda nice to see you. Sometimes i feel like I’m going crazy. It’s probably not healthy to live 200 years I’m solitude.” Jimin has internal conflict on whether or not he should stay or run as fast as He can. It ends with him staying out of curiosity. He stays the night and heads to his grandmothers when the morning comes. When he leaves the man, Yoongi, asks if Jimin could possibly visit again sometime and Jimin agrees that he will try to visit about once a week.

A few months later and Jimin is visiting Yoongi once a day, sometimes staying the night. They fall in love. Jimin knows it’s wrong. His village had a law against being with your own gender, a law that is punishable by death. But as he slips into their love one night he can’t seem to care because something wrong wouldn’t feel like this. It wouldn’t feel like his skin was on fire every time Yoongi touched his lips to it. It wouldn’t feel like his heart was beating too fast for him to keep up every time his and Yoongi’s skin met. The next morning he wakes up in Yoongi’s arms and looks up at the older man. He was ok with dying for this man.

One day Yoongi decides to go to the village. He needed to see Jimin but he had no way to get to him. So he grabbed his cloak and went. He found Jimin in the market place. He was holding a few of Yoongi’s favorite fruits. He smiled to himself and walked up to the boy and placed a hand in the small of his back. Jimin turned and saw Yoongi. He smiled and something happens to where Yoongi’s hood ends up calling off. People around them see the man and they automatically know who he is. There’s no one else he could be. They see his hand placed on Jimin back and the look on his eyes. They knew what was happening just by that, but they knew Jimin mother. They knew that their family had it ruff so let letting alone and went to talk to his mother.

His mother was furious. She knew he hadn’t been home many days out of the week but he always told her he was going to grandmothers or he was with his friends. When he came back home the next day she confronted him. She asked where he had been and she knew he was lying. She asked again and again until he finally told her. She forbade him from going out to the cottage again. Told him that no son of her’s was going to lie with another man especially one like him. Jimin cried and pleaded for just one more night. Just to say goodbye and then he would never see him again. She did not let him.

The next night Jimin snuck out. He had his friend, Taehyung, send word to Yoongi to meet him close to the entrance of the woods and the older man did so. Jimin ran as fast as He could to the woods but what he didn’t know was that there were a few men of the village the decided that if they saw Jimin leave his house to go to the woods they would kill him bc of the law. Jimin was so close to the woods that he could see Yoongi standing there. He saw Yoongi’s beautiful smile and stopped running. He was walking to him when Jimin felt a sharp pain in his lower back. He saw Yoongi’s smile leave and the older man started running to him. Jimin was still trying to get to him but as another arrow was shot his legs failed him. Yoongi was there just in time to catch him. Jimin raised a hand up to his face and his last words words were, “please Yoongi, don’t stay in that old cottage and lock yourself away for hundreds of years again. You have an extraordinary curse. Please. See the world I wasn’t able too. I love you Yoongi.”

He held Jimin in his arms and as the sun rose Jimin died.

He was seated just outside of the woods. Holding his dead lover in his arms. Unable to control his emotions Yoongi screamed out in agony. The pain hurt him so much he couldn’t bare it. For the first time since he had met Jimin he wished that he could just die. The villagers gathered around the two boys and watched as Yoongi prayed to whatever God there was that this was some sick twisted dream.

After what felt like an eternity to yoongi the man got up. He held Jimin in his arms and walked to the villagers. He asked, “Do you know where his mother lives?” They nodded and pointed to one of the smaller houses. He walked Jimin to the house and knocked on the door. An old middle aged woman opened the door. Upon seeing the boy in Yoongi’s arms and crumpled to the ground and Yoongi quickly later Jimin on a bed before his knees gave out too. He apologized. He told her that her son had caused him the most happiness in his life in just a little under a year. He asked her if he could please have something of Jimin’s. She nodded her head and went to Jimin. She took off a necklace the boy was wearing and have it to Yoongi. She said that it had been his father’s and he wore it everyday. He thanked her and left.

He went back to his cottage and looked at the necklace. It has a charm that looked very familiar. He was digging through a wardrobe of old things that belonged to the witch that lived here before him. He found the same charm. Suddenly it all made sense. The boy of the same blood. Fall in love. Watch him die. Find him again.

Jimin was the boy that had to break the curse.

Remembering Jimin last words, Yoongi started packing his things. He would be off the next day. He wasn’t going to stay here and disappoint Jimin. He had to see the world his lover never got to see.

Skip forward hundreds of years to modern times. Yoongi is in New York or something like that and he hasn’t given up hope. He still has dreams of his love. He never goes a day without thinking of him. Then one day, Yoongi goes to a cafe, one that one of his friends, Hoseok, recommended. He walks in and heads a small gasp come from the man at the cash register. He looks up and he’s met with the eyes of Jimin. He looks the same, well, except he now has pink hair, but besides that he looks exactly the same, maybe even more beautiful. They lock eyes and Yoongi knew that Jimin knew who he was. Yoongi makes his way up to the counter and smiles at Jimin. The younger boy asks quietly, “a-are you real? I-I’m not dreaming right? We-we’re not in a village. We are in my work right? You’re name is Yoongi and-and I’m not insane. Right?” Yoongi could see tears in the boys eyes and he just nodded his head and said, “Jimin, I’ve waited so, so long to see you again.” Jimin watched as Yoongi suddenly changed before him. The pale man regained color again and his white hair changed to black. “Wh-what just happened?” Yoongi smiled at his confusion, “You broke the curse jiminnie.” Jimin ran around the counter and wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and brought him down into a beautiful kiss.

Jimin and Yoongi loved out the reast of their lives. Yoongi finally aged past 23 and was ecstatic. They were happy and everything was ok.

OH WOW. This is very very long and I apologize but I’ve literally had this idea for months and I can’t make it sound right when I try to write it as a book. I hope you like this. I almost cried while writing it but, you know, I love this. If you want to use the idea you can just please like tell me so I can read it.

Yesterday, someone asked @theprincessleia for a Pre-ESB fic in which Han kisses Leia during an argument to throw her off. The kisses start off small, but get increasingly more passionate.

Well, anonymous follower of Ju, I hope that this fits the bill. If anyone else wants to try, I’d love to read your interpretations of this prompt! It was a super fun one to write!

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It is time for the next series, which I’m really excited for bc this is so different from what I believe BTS is like, it’s gonna be a player/fuckboy type of series bc that series won the poll so without further ado, to start us off as he always does is one member of the hyung line, a total sweetheart with such a goofy personality, I love that Jin has come out of his shell so much recently, I love the flying kiss bit he does all the time, I love seeing him be loud and not be afraid to make weird faces I just love him, Kim Seokjin aka Jin (also happy Transgender Day of Visibility!!)

  • This is gonna include a bit of college!Jin (here) just to set the scene a bit more
  • Okay so I gotta do some visuals first bc I’m so ready for this shit
  • Choppy fringe!Jin is cute as fuck but I’m gonna throw the war of hormone look into this bc it is such a good look, it was fluffy haired!Jin, it was puppy!Jin, it looked so cute on him
  • He has a stage where he dyes his hair blonde and everyone is super heart eyes and then he dyes his hair gray and everyone !!!! bc have you ever seen gray haired!Jin that’s some good shit
  • Jin is such boyfriend material, from the way he acts to the way he dresses
  • He’s got a super cute style, he’s always in these really comfy looking clothes but when Jin wear black jeans mmhmm that’s some top quality shit but then again, anything Jin is top quality
  • He can make any outfit look niCE that should be considered a talent at this point bc he could probably wear neon pink and still look adorable and boyfriend as fuck
  • There’s this one airport outfit that he wore that i s fuckboy!Jin, it looks like it may be from the Danger era?? idk but he’s in these black jeans and a white t-shirt with what I assume is the brand name on it and he has a black snapback and some black sneakers and he even had a lil backpack and it’s just wow 10000/10
  • Typically he does for the sweater and jeans look but occasionally, the snapbacks come out and
  • I don’t think Jin would ever purposely play with people’s emotions just for the hell of it so he’s not the type of fuckboy that just wants to hit it and quit it or drag people along
  • He likes to date, that’s his thing
  • He has a different date almost every time and things never get serious bc he’s got his major to focus on
  • He mainly goes on dates to help de-stress bc he gets to go sit down and talk and get to know people but things never go past the third date bc that’s when his dates tend to start asking the “are we together” question and he hates having to say no
  • Typically, what happens is he spends a week with his dates, he’ll take them out on one or two dates within the week and then try to dial it back to friendship again or sometimes have to cut it off if they don’t wanna be friends
  • He’s never been in a serious relationship, all of his relationships have been just casual, we’re kinda together but we’re kinda not type of relationships
  • He’s the type of player that you don’t realize is a player at first
  • Like he’s so friendly and sweet and he really is genuine about his interest in his dates but it’s just he doesn’t want anything serious and he’s not afraid to make that clear in the nicest way he possibly can
  • He doesn’t enjoy the “breaking up” part, sometimes he’ll even do his best to keep things friendly so his dates can’t even fully tell if it’s a date or if it’s just two friends hanging out 
  • No one seems to hate him despite knowing very well he’s got another date already planned and he builds a reputation of casual dating so typically, people going on dates with him know that it’s not gonna go far
  • Of course, he’s had a couple of people who are less than happy with him for disappearing after the second or third date
  • He is a sweetheart, he’s always such a gentleman about everything, he opens every door, pulls out every chair, always brings a flower for his date, he just doesn’t take things very seriously
  • He’s a really friendly kid so it doesn’t take long for people to grow interested in him and start flirting and he joins in and things just go from there
  • A bit of a flirt tbh
  • Loves winking when he notices someone looking at him, blows kisses at his dates, super affectionate all the time
  • Jin is such an affectionate person, he loves having his arm around someone, he loves hand holding, he loves giving their cheeks lil kisses, he’s a really charming person naturally so when he actually tries to be flirty it’s game over, they’re head over heels at that point
  • He’s a cooking major so he uses that to his advantage and will prepare picnics for his dates or make dinner/lunch bc there’s something really romantic about a home cooked meal on a date
  • You two are friends, he’s not your best friend in the entire world but he’s always fun to sit next to in classes, you’ve had more than a few together and he always seems to end up in the seat next to or behind you
  • You’ve heard about his reputation, that he doesn’t really call back after a couple dates and that he’s always got something planned with someone
  • So when he starts acting a bit more flirty in one of your classes, you don’t think much of it and ignore it for the most part bc you already know if you do go out with him, you’re gonna really really like him and it’s gonna sting when he cuts it off
  • But it’s also really hard to not develop a crush on him when he’s so goofy and sweet and gentle with everything he does, he grabbed your hand to help you out of your seat once and his hands were so warm and soft and he squeezed your fingers before letting go and all you could think about was holding his hand bc that’s a really nice thought
  • It’s the day of finals and Jin offers to make you some dinner to celebrate making it through finals season and you figure since summer’s coming up and there’s not a hu ge chance that you’ll get another class with him next term, you might as well go for it
  • He’d been flirting with you all term, which he’s not fully used to, normally people are pretty quick to say yes to the date so he does get a bit flustered when you say yes and that’s actually really cute to see Mr. I have a different date every week blush and get this huge smile on his face when you say yes
  • He sets up this cute lil date area on the rooftop of his apartment complex, he has some fairy lights lighting the area up, he has a big warm blanket with tons of pillows, he has dinner all ready to go and he’s actually kinda nervous??? since when does he get nervous he does this shit all the time this is nothing new to him
  • He’s s o sweet the entire date and it’s really personal bc it’s just you two and the view with the blanket and pillows to cuddle with and you find him really funny and you say yes without hesitation when he offers a second date and then that turns into a third date
  • After that third date, he finds himself still texting you, which is also v e ry new, he doesn’t try to be platonic, he doesn’t try to cut things off, he just keeps flirting and planning more and more dates and it turns into a summer romance and now it’s his turn to ask the infamous “what are we” question
  • “If you promise I’ll be your only date, I’d say you’re my boyfriend”
  • “I can definitely do that”
you’re now rockin with the champion

Read on AO3 here || Part 1 of 4 || Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: It’s just a job. It’s just sex.

So why is Oikawa feeling more than he has in years for Iwaizumi, a MMA fighter who only cares about the ring?

Oikawa sighs, dropping his head down against his arms.

It’s been another long day.

He can only sit in the same desk, spend eight hours working on the same, boring work for so long before he wants to bash his head against the wall.  

Today is unfortunately one of those days.

He’s sitting at his desk, shoes already kicked off in front of him. He’s loosened his tie, and is breaking the rules by having a coffee cup on his desk, but he really couldn’t care less. He didn’t even take the time to style his hair properly today. He’s a hot mess, and no amount of cat videos, swiping snacks from the staff room or trading jokes via e-mail with his only colleague that he actually likes seem to be able to save him from today.

He’s very busy contemplating life as it is and what poor choices he must have made in the past when he finally gets some reprieve - his phone rings. Not his office phone, the old, ridiculous black corded phone that the office has saddled him with, no, but his personal cell phone. The one he’s shoved in a bright orange case because it makes him smile that his boss glares at it during every meeting. He picks up the phone after letting it ring a few times, to maybe annoy someone in the office with his obnoxious ring tone, seeing that it’s from his college buddy, Kuroo. He doesn’t hesitate to pick up the phone at lightning speed, grateful for a distraction, pressing it to his ear and sighing out a greeting. “Tetsu! Hey!”

“Tooru,” It’s loud, and Oikawa wonders if Kuroo’s at work. “Hey, I have a job for you. Are you interested in getting out of town for a couple of days?”

A job? Oikawa has one, and Kuroo knows that - but he can’t help but be intrigued.

“Out of town?” Oikawa sits up a little straighter. That’s caught his attention. He’s dying for something, anything to change. “I’m listening.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you do a headcanon of clays parents not approving of him with jeff and tony? And how they still see each other maybe he even leaves his house idk but i loved your taffy headcanon and i need more!!! Please and thank you!

Requests are open for headcanons if you’d like one.

I got sooo carried away this one so warning because this is fucking long…

• It started one day when Clay was dumping off his school bag at home on his way through to Tony’s. Clay hadn’t exactly been secretive about his relationship with the boys but it wasn’t as if he had outright told his parents that Tony and Jeff were his boyfriends. I mean, they hadn’t asked.

• So the day he came home to near silence in the house and see his mother and father sitting stiffly at the kitchen table he had no idea of what was to come.

• “Clay, your father and I have been talking,” his mother began. Mr Jensen rolled his eyes slightly. “It’s come to our attention that you’re spending a lot of time with both Tony and Jeff recently. But I also happened to notice the other night that you kissed Jeff when he dropped you off outside. I never thought that I would have to have this discussion with you because I thought we raised you well enough to understand that it is wrong to cheat on people, Clay. How would you feel if you were Tony in this situation?”

• For a few seconds Clay stood in silence taking in everything he had just heard.

• “Mom,” he started. “Jeff is my boyfriend. So is Tony. They both are my boyfriends.”

• At the stunned look on Mrs Jensen’s face he continued, “The same as I am Tony’s boyfriend and Jeff is also Tony’s boyfriend. Like, we’re all together. In a relationship. All three of us.”

• “Honey,” his mum whispered, “I was fine with you coming out as bisexual because that is just a normal thing in this day and age but this, this is just a little too out of my comfort zone and I don’t think I want this going on in my house. So, from now on I don’t want Jeff and Tony coming over, okay?”

• “Lainie,” Mr Jensen interrupted.

• Clay butted in over the top of his father, too angry to keep his words in. “Your comfort zone? Fuck, you gotta be kidding me. What kind of shit is this!? Why should it matter to you what I choose to do in my life? Jeff, Tony and I’s relationship is perfectly ‘normal’ in this day and age, thank you very much. And if you don’t want either of them in this house then I won’t be here either.”

• “Clay,” his father tried again.

• “I’m just going to pack some things and be outta here.”

• Clay knew Jeff was studying at Tony’s house but the cycle there was almost painful. How could he expect them to just drop everything and take him in? He’d pretty much just moved himself out of his house within the space of five minutes.

• When he arrived and knocked on the Padilla’s door he was trying as hard as he could not to scream at the top of his lungs. Tony’s bedroom was open and he could hear quiet voices from the inside. “Oh, that might be Clay,” Tony’s voice spoke up. “I got it,” Jeff mumbled and no more than a few seconds later he saw the blurred shape of one of his boyfriends coming down the stairs through the mottled glass.

• Jeff opened the door in jogging bottoms and one of Tony’s old T-shirts. He liked to be comfortable when he was studying. As soon as he cracked Clay a beautiful smile, showing his perfectly straight teeth Clay was done. Tears began to fall against his cheeks and he allowed himself to be pulled into the Padilla’s house and lead up the stairs to where they boys were set up on Tony’s floor.

• They both were shocked when Clay told them what his mother had said, she had always seemed so calm and collected.

• Tony offered Clay a place to stay until things smoothed over and the three boys stayed the night.

• Clay felt cosy, warm and loved tucked in between the two most important people in his life. Jeff would place kisses on his cheeks and Tony would hold his hand and occasionally run gentle, tickling fingers up his forearms.

• The next day his father came to see him during his shift at the Crestmont. “I don’t know where your mother got any of this from, Clay. I am so sorry and appalled that she acted that way towards you. I just wanted you to know that no matter what you choose to do in life, who you date, how many cats you adopt, that I will always be there for you and that I love you unconditionally. I know that you probably don’t want to come home right now but the door will always be open for you if you feel like it. Even if you want to just pop in and have a chat whilst your mother isn’t there you know that I am always home for lunch.”

• “Thanks, Dad.” Clay replied, “That actually made me feel a lot better and I love you too.” He leaned over the counter to give his dad a huge hug.

• The next couple of weeks were hard. Clay would usually pop home during lunch break at school to pick up fresh clothes or textbooks he needed. His dad would always be there and would always make an effort to talk to Jeff and Tony, get to know them better and make them feel welcomed into the family.

• The only good thing Clay could pinpoint about the whole situation was the sheer amount of time they were always spending around one another. With the time they spent together Clay could notice the more subtle things about his boyfriends.

• Tony would always smile huge after he kissed one of them and put his hands in their back pockets before finishing off a hug.

• Jeff would always gently bump his nose against Tony or Clay’s and wait for them to nod or bump his nose back as a way of consent before kissing them.

• Tony liked it best when Jeff wore his khaki green shirt when he was working out because it was tighter and he could see his muscles better.

• The list of things Clay noticed and loved was almost endless.

• Clay’s living situation stayed the same for a few months more until he gradually could spend a few nights at home. He would be civil with his mother but not talk to her if he didn’t have to.

• His relationship with his dad couldn’t have been any stronger, however. Mr Jensen would invite the boys over to watch a match if he knew Lainie would be working late and he would never dream of missing one of Jeff’s baseball games or miss out on a chance to help Tony with his car.

• It was during these times that they got to spend the happiest times together. Tony and Clay’s dad were by the stove and Jeff stood in the corner of the work surfaces looking out into the quickly darkening streets of the night. Clay slouched over to Jeff and wrapped his arms around the older boy’s waist, resting his head on his chest as he did so.

• They stood like that for a while or so until Tony turned up the music of the radio. He stopped what he was doing and let Mr Jensen carry on with the pancakes to grab both Clay and Jeff and dance them clumsily around the kitchen.

• Tony grabbed Jeff’s hand and made him twirl ungracefully around. Clay grinned at his silly boyfriends and pounced on them both for a kiss. They were ridiculous and definitely not the most talented dancers but they were his.

Imagine Rafael texting you whenever he has a bad day

(A/N: For Anon, I changed your request to meet my requirements but I hope you still enjoy this. I only did this because you clarified afterward which I appreciate but I won’t lie and say that your original request didn’t make me uncomfortable because it did. I’m only mentioning it because I want to reiterate the fact that I do have guidelines for requests, which I kindly request that everyone reviews before sending in a request. I’m not trying to be negative or mean but it’s just that I continuously get requests that don’t meet my requirements and it makes me uncomfortable and then I have to delete the request which I don’t like because it makes me feel like that I’m ignoring you guys. Thanks for understanding and I hope you enjoy. Sorry, it’ short. I’m trying to get everyone's requests done as quickly as possible) 

Imagine Rafael texting you whenever he has a bad day

The silent vibration from your phone rang through the left side of your body. You shifted slightly and took a breath, you couldn’t just take a look in the middle of this meeting, mostly because you were the one pitching. You continued to present your ideas and pitch knowing that they were liking it but you knew that your mind was somewhere else. You glanced at the clock, mentally checking through all the people who would be texting you at 10:00 am in the morning. No coworkers would, no family would, no friends would.

There was only one person, your boyfriend Rafael.

It was still strange regardless. He rarely texted you during business hours. He was too busy too usually and he knew you were too. The only time he ever would was when he was having a bad day and there was nothing he could do about it. You shifted uncomfortably in your chair for the second time, knowing something was wrong and you couldn’t do anything about it for at least another half an hour.

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And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who is so fucking sweet like he’s so caring and kind and warm and all he wants to do is make people happy how is he real I wanna hug him and tell him thank you bc he’s so amazing, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • This post is written in the college AU, it’s just to help set the scene a bit so college!Hoseok is right here
  • Visuals are first bc I gotta
  • Hobi always looks so good but I gotta go with the black hair, it’s always such a l o o k, especially when it’s up and the forehead is showing bc then you can see all of his face
  • Black is one of my favorite hair colors for him but the look he had for Spring Day/Not Today was so fucking cute too and so was the red hair and the blonde, moral of the story, hobi is just always cute
  • Okay but hobi’s airport style is 10/10 I always love seeing the boys’ airport outfits bc they always look so good but I love hobi’s airport looks, they’re always so coordinated and he wears a lot of black and I’m a sucker for black clothing
  • But he can also pull off different patterns, he can do the camouflage look, he can do stripes, he can do sweaters, t-shirts, anything you throw at hobi, he’s got it covered, I mean the man pulled off a bright green sweater and made it look boyfriend how the hell does someone do that plz explain
  • The looks that fits player!hobi is the all black look he did, with the black jeans, black sneakers, black t-shirt, black bag, even his hair was black and that is my s h i t all black instantly
  • But there’s another all black outfit where he had a black t-shirt but then  a red beanie and the strap of his bag was red and that is just wow idk why I love it so much but I kinda keep looking at it bc I would like a round of applause for Mr. Jung bc that look officially has me heart eyes
  • He can pull off so many different hats it’s so hard to choose just one, he can pull off bucket hats, he can do the snapback look !!! beanies, goofy hats, all the hats so I’m just gonna choose them all for player!hobi 
  • Hobi is another dater, he is a really sensitive person when it comes to emotions so just like Yoongi, one night stands aren’t really a thing
  • It’s rare for him to go that far but when he does, it’s someone he knows really well, he’s just more a lover, he prefers feeling that connection of love and it being something really meaningful to both parties involved
  • But he does love a good date, he actually lasts pretty long with his dates, he doesn’t ever confirm or deny the relationship, that’s his thing
  • He’s a carefree kid who’s just focusing on having fun and he’s not looking to get into any relationships yet, especially when he’s so busy being a TA and a dance major
  • He never stops them from calling him their boyfriend but he also calls them his friend or his date so they get a bit confused bc wait it’s been like a month how are we not together yet
  • He always dances (pun intended) around the subject and changes it super quickly bc he doesn’t wanna let them down and tell them that he’s not interested in a relationship but it’s really nothing personal, it’s not their fault, he’s just having fun and chilling out with fun people
  • He has a very approachable vibe to him like he’s not a scary person, he’s so friendly and open and he’s always smiling so people aren’t afraid to come up to him and talk to him and maybe throw in a few flirty lines
  • He would be such a cute date oh my lord, he loves going to a festival or a cute lil diner or maybe feeding ducks at the park and eating some ice cream
  • Always always always holding his date’s hand, sometimes he’ll have his arm around them but even then, he wants them to be holding his hand bc he just loves that shit
  • He’s another player that you don’t expect to be a player based on his personality
  • He’s just so bubbly and caring and he’s really doting towards his dates, he’s always asking if they’re having fun, if they’re comfortable, if they wanna go somewhere else and he makes sure they get home safe so when they find out about it, they’re just oH
  • He h a t e s the “breaking up” part bc hobi loves making people happy and he does so much to get them to smile and he’s always so energetic and cheerful so the thought of ruining someone’s entire week bc of this is heartbreaking to him
  • But he’s also not a cheater and even if he’s not in a relationship with them, he doesn’t wanna be taking them on dates and spending so much time with them and then turning around and doing the same thing with someone else so he’s gotta break it off eventually
  • But he does it very gently, he makes sure they aren’t too down about it and he always promises to stay friends
  • You always see hobi around campus
  • Here’s the thing about hobi, pretty much everyone on campus either knows hobi, knows of him or knows someone that knows him, he’s a social butterfly
  • You know all about his reputation of having someone new every month and never committing but you also know about his dance reputation and that he’s supposedly am az in g
  • So when your friend tells you he’s performing in an underground freestyle competition thing and that they’re going, you figure you’ll go and see what all the talk is about bc when people talk about his dance skills they make him out to be this incredible, breathtaking dancer that’ll make you wanna dance too
  • You had never spoken to him so it was a bit ?? when he walked up to you and greeted you like you were his best friend but then you realize he’s being flirty and while it’s flattering, you also know what the end result typically is so you politely decline his offer to get a late night snack afterwards
  • He is a bit confused bc normally people don’t reject him but it’s his turn so he doesn’t have time to keep talking to you
  • You’re blown away by how talented he is bc have you ever seen hobi dance that shit is magical, it’s so captivating and just I could go on for hours about how talented hobi is
  • You leave shortly after his turn is up bc you have a class early the next morning and you gotta sleep so hobi doesn’t get another chance to talk to until he sees you on campus two days later
  • He keeps talking to you, every time he sees you and you realize that it’s been a while since you’ve heard about him dating someone and pretty soon, he’s spent the entire term single with no dating or even flirting with other people
  • “I wanna get to know you”
  • You’re trying really hard not to fall for his charming lil smile or the way his entire face lights up whenever he sees you or the way his voice sounds when he’s tired and his words are a bit slurred together bc he’s too exhausted to put in the effort to be coherent
  • You agree to go out on a date with him during the summer bc you figure you might as well get it over with, you’re already crushing on him so it’s better to see him from the player point of view so you can move on with your lives
  • It’s so much fun, he takes you down to the beach and you walk all around the pier together and play in the sand and run from the waves and it’s just a really stress free date where you two genuinely enjoy every moment and there aren’t any awkward moments
  • You get a bit nervous around the one month mark bc you know that’s when his relationships stop but then everything stays normal, he actually takes you out to dinner for your first month anniversary and then the next thing you know, you’ve spent the entire summer and the following term with him openly calling himself your boyfriend
  • “I like being in a relationship with you, it’s funner than having to stress over breakups”
  • “I like you as a boyfriend a lot more”
  • “Maybe one day, I’ll be upgraded to husband”
  • “Ch iLL”

anonymous asked:

can you do one where the reader and josh bump into each other in the elevator and it becomes like a daily routine kinda thing? idk like fluff and cuteness

i’m so sorry that i’m so slow at updating lately, but i worked really hard on this one, so hopefully it’ll make up for my absence a bit!! enjoy xx.


You stretch out your stiff limbs, cringing when you hear a few, loud pops and roll over in bed, hitching the covers up to your chin. You slowly peel your eyes open, rubbing away at the crusted sleep. It’s too bright. So, so bright and your alarm hasn’t even gone off yet. Wait. Your alarm hasn’t gone off yet.  Why hasn’t your alarm gone off yet? You flings your arm out to the bedside table, smacking down on the wood blindly until you grab your phone. Preparing for the worst, you light up the screen to realize that it’s 6:17 in the morning. 6:17 as in, you haven’t overslept your alarm; no, in fact, you’re nearly an hour early.  

With a loud sigh, you flop back down on your pillow, your hair fanning out and falling over your eyes.  You turn, facing the window to your right that’s currently the source of the god-for-saken bright light illuminating your entire room.  Of course you forgot to close the curtains last night and of course it would wake you up at 6 o'clock in the morning. You lay still for a moment before accepting the fact that you’ll never be able to fall back asleep and instead, shove the blankets off.

With another glance at the time, - now 6:20 - you decide that you might as well get out of bed and take a hot shower.  But you’d be damned if you didn’t do exactly that with an abundance of mumbles of discontent because really, you just aren’t a morning person.

You normally leave your apartment at 8:00, walk the twenty minutes to work, and pull your coffee-serving-apron on by 8:25. Your routine has been perfected and now you’ve gone and messed it all up by leaving the curtains open.  You have an extra thirty-seven minutes to spare.

You’re quite literally bouncing around on the balls of your feet, freshly showered, completely dressed, hair styled, bag all packed up, and you even made yourself a bagged lunch for the first time since middle school and now… you have absolutely nothing to do.

You sigh before pulling on a pair of gloves, tossing your purse over your shoulder and huff as you decide to just leave early.  Maybe you’d just stop at a different coffee shop along the way to work.


"Oops! Sorry, here!”

You race down the rest of the hall to the elevator and run in just in time. You look up with a soft smile, slightly out of breath to see the most beautiful human being… ever.  The air gets sucked right out of your lungs in a gasp of sorts and the man – the beautiful, oddly, yellow-haired, brown eyed, muscular man laughs out an actual giggle. A giggle. Oh Jesus.

“Hey, breathe! It’s alright, you made it. You good?” Another giggle.

And wow. His voice is just as beautiful as he is. All smooth but deep, slow, almost like melted honey and wow.  You are not even sure if he’s real… or human for that matter because, well, wow.

“Uh… you okay?”

Right. Yeah, You’ve been starring and that’s not normal. Of course. Right. Darn it.

“Oh.. uhh.. I.. um… hi. Yeah, I’m good sorry. Guess I’m a bit more out of shape than I thought. Thanks.”

The man smiled and pointed at the lobby button with a quirk to his eyebrow. With a nod from you, he pressed the button and shuffled to the left so you could settle to the right of the lift and you could both go down together.

Okay, so maybe waking up just a bit earlier wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Your day gets worse after being yelled at by numerous customers, acquiring less than four dollars in tips, and spilling jelly from a croissant on your blouse.

But, you have the closing shift, so you work and work and work. You collect dishes and take orders, you wipe tables, serve food, make coffee.

Hours later, and the shop is closed and you’re free to head home, it’s fifteen minutes later than when you normally leave. You fasten your mittens back on and, start the walk back to your apartment complex.

You shuffle to the elevator and bounce on your heels trying to keep warm. You shove your gloved hands into your pocket, tucking your chin under the zipped collar of your jacket and can only think about getting to your apartment and into your bed as soon as possible.

A pair of feet scuttle up next to you suddenly and stand waiting for the elevator too. You notice a pair of bright sneakers and nods in approval. They’re quirky and you could never wear anything so flashy yourself, but you like them.

So, you say so.

“I like your shoes,” you start off as you looks up to face none other than elevator boy from earlier this morning.

The man smiles gently and nods before scuffing his feet on the floor.

“Thanks! Uh.. weird running into you again huh? Twice in one day!”

You nod and let the man step into the elevator first when the doors slide open.

“Well, nice to see you, have a nice night!“

You nod and watch for a moment before turning around and heading to your own room.

And although you would never admit it, you realize that maybe working late wasn’t so bad if it meant running into the boy for the second time that day.

The next morning your alarm goes off at 6:20 and you’re up and out of bed as fast as you can, actually excited to get ready for the day for once.

This time you don’t bounce around, waiting around aimlessly. Instead, you peek out of your door through the peephole in search of a certain head of yellow hair. When you spot him, he checks the time - 7:20 and steps out of his door just as the man presses the down button.

You walk over slowly as the door slides open and throw the man a smile as you steps into the elevator behind him. The man presses the lobby button this time with only a small quirk of his eyebrow towards you.

As the doors slide closed the man shuffles his feet, almost like a nervous habit that you notice, and mutters out, "Second day in a row, funny huh? Don’t think I’ve seen you around before yesterday.”

“Yeah, funny that. I actually just made a bit of a change in my schedule, so I leave the apartment just a bit earlier than I used to. And last night I was working late. Quite the coincidence though.”

It’s not a complete lie. You did in fact work late last night, so bumping into him was accidental and you did actually change your schedule around so you do plan on leaving a bit earlier each morning. But the man beside you being the reason for this slight schedule change is totally false and even if it were true, (which it’s so not)  it’s nobody’s business but your own.

“Oh that’s cool! Maybe I’ll see you around again soon then? I usually head out around this time.”

“Yeah, that’s definitely a possibility!” The doors slide open and there’s an awkward pause before you smile and say, “oh, uh, have a great day!”

And with yet another tiny smirk, the man walks off.


You have no need to stay late at work.  Everything is washed and ready for tomorrow and yet, you stare at the clock, wondering what could extend your night another fifteen minutes.  You end up lingering around, rewashing tables and triple checking to make sure all the napkins are full, until you finally head out at quarter past five. So what if you happened to bump into the elevator boy (god you need his name) again?  Not that you were hoping for that… no way.

“Hey! It’s you again. Should I be worried that you’re stalking me?” The man laughs, obviously kidding… if only he knew. But you’re not stalking. You really aren’t.

“Oh shit, you’ve caught me.. and to think I thought I was being sly about it. Figuring out your schedule and all that, working my schedule around it. You’re a clever one.”

So maybe there was more truth to that than elevator boy realized, but that’s definitely not his concern.

The man chuckles softly and steps into the elevator and pushes the first floor button so that it glows a pale orangey-yellow.

“Working hard and late again?”

“I work for the coffee shop down the road and it’s been so busy lately — One of the workers just left so it’s just me for a little while, until they hire someone new.”

“Ouch,” he says, “That sounds rough.”

“It’s not so bad, the extra cash is a gimme. What about you? Where do you work?”

The door slides open and the two of you step out, but wait and finish up your conversation.

"The gym down the road actually. Hence the sneakers and sweatpants every day.”

“Oh, that sounds nice!”

“Yeah, it’s not bad. Well anyways, good luck with your extra hours!”

“Yeah, thanks!”

And with that, you both walk off.

“Morning! Just in time, the elevators on its way up.”

You smirk a knowing smile (of course you’d watched through the peephole again).

“Great thanks! By the way, considering we’ve been at this for a while, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Josh. Live down on that end of the hall. Apartment 312 to be exact.”


Josh extends his hand out to you - finally a name for the pretty face - .  You’re totally shocked when a giant hand encompasses your own in a firm, but soft and friendly shake, accompanied by a smile. A beautiful smile with a cute little dimple that you nearly missed because you were too busy staring at Josh’s massive hands.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.”

And you thank whatever Gods there were for making you leave your curtains open one crummy Monday night and wake up just a bit too early on a stupid Tuesday morning.

It’s been a week (not that you’re counting or anything like that) and you have figured out this much about Josh from your shared elevator rides in the early mornings and late evenings:

1) He’s beautiful.

2) He has a wide variety of sneakers.

3) He dyed his hair yellow in the dead of winter because he missed the sunshine.

4) He’s definitely a morning person.  Cheery even on Mondays.

5) He works in the opposite direction as the cafe.

6) You really missed him over the weekend; how pathetic is that?

7) He has tattoos - a big one all down his arm. It’s possibly a scenery of some sorts? maybe art? You think it’s art.

8) Josh loves to work out, but hates to eat healthy.

9) Josh is two years older than you and had gone to school in Columbus.

10) Josh just moved to the apartment building about a month ago after graduating with a degree in personal training and getting a full time job at the gym.

11) You’re very much screwed.

"Whoa, Y/N! Do you need a hand?”

Josh rushes forward as you haphazardly hold three giant bags filled to the brims each with groceries. You were trying to reach for the elevator button, but if you leaned over ever so minutely more, you probably would have lost the majority of your meal for the night.. or maybe week.

You peaked your head up over the bag a bit and smiled immediately when spotting Josh. You hesitate before handing over a bag.

“Throwing a party or something? Lots of food.”

“No, uh, I’m just cooking tonight for um, myself and a friend. Haven’t had time to in a while so I took my normal time off work to my advantage and decided to go shopping.”

“You cook?”

The elevator starts to move up and you nod.

“That’s awesome.”

With a blush spreading over your cheeks, you mumble out, ”I mean I’m not a chef or anything, I just like cooking is all.“

"No, shut it, I bet you’re a great cook. Well, I mean anyone is compared to me I guess. I’m twenty-eight years old and I can barely make Ramen noodles correctly.”

You laugh at his comment as the door open.  Josh walks you to your apartment door.  

"I spent a lot of time cooking with my mom back home… got used to always helping out with dinner and baking. Anyways, thank you!”

Josh hands over the bag again and their fingers brush against each other.

And no, that definitely doesn’t send a spark down your spine and it definitely doesn’t leave you with the traces of a smile the rest of the evening either. You’re not some hormonal high school student anymore.

That night you tiptoe down to apartment 312 with a small Tupperware contained filled with food in your hand.  You pin the sticky-note with a messy scrawl on it saying “in case you get sick of Ramen” and leave it outside Josh’s door.

A week of “hi!” “hey there!” “how was your day?” “great how about yours?” “not bad!” “how’s the gym?” “great!” “Shop has been good lately.” “Any new employees?” “no, not yet!“ “that’s too bad!” “I know!“ in the mornings, and exchanges of "out for a run again?” “yeah, trying to stay active!” “wish I had that motivation. Also those neon sneakers. They’re bold.” “thank you!” “I was teasing Josh” “shut up Y/N“ or "let me help you with those groceries” “thanks!” “Jesus what did you buy Y/N?” "just stuff to make dinner tonight.” "for who? Yourself or the entire state of Ohio?” “shut up Josh”

It’s becoming a thing now for you both, but you don’t even realize it. A constant routine of meeting up at the elevator in the mornings, talking about whatever comes to mind so god forsaken early, and then repeating the routine again at night with the bonus of groceries.

It’s a thing and even if neither realize it, you appreciate every morning and evening that you get to see each other.

And this morning is no different than the others when you rush into the open elevator doors, shocking Josh, who was already standing and waiting inside, arm against the doors, into a small jump and loud gasp. Yeah, he holds the door open for a while now if you’re running a bit late. It’s nice. And really cute. It’s a thing.

“Thanks, Josh.”

You’re worried.  You’ve pressed the elevator button three times to keep it open for Josh and well, still no Josh. See, it’s not like him to just not show up without telling you beforehand because he always tells you when he won’t be there in the mornings - like one time Josh had a doctors appointment and was going to sleep in, and another time the gym was closed for some simple renovations and he wasn’t going to be on the elevator in the morning or evening. You don’t really remember when it started, but you both started telling each other when you wouldn’t be on the elevator the day before so that the other isn’t left waiting like you are now. Waiting. You have never had to wait like this.

It’s 7:54, and that’s around 34 minutes later than the normal time Josh would come out, and nearly 20 minutes later than Josh would ever be if he were running late (which had happened one particularly rainy day that Josh had admitted to wanting to spend in bed). You know that you can still make it to the cafe in time if you just leave now, because your old routine was leaving around 8, but you have this weird twisting feeling in your gut and you’re honestly worried, worried, worried and you don’t want to leave without at least checking on Josh.

So that’s what you decide to do - you’ll check on Josh. Just to make sure he isn’t late for work. That’s a reasonable excuse… Right?

You’re really worried.

You walks down the hall and stands outside room 312 and just stare at the small numbers on the door. Just checking. Just making sure. Reasonable.

You knocks on the door with a mostly steady hand and wait.

And wait.

You panic - mostly about Josh’s well being, but also about looking like a total stalker.  Except, just before you try to take a step back, the door opens and there stands Josh.

Josh’s hair is sticking up in all directions except for the front bits which are sticking to his sweat damp forehead.  He looks paler than a ghost with the exception of his very, rosy cheeks. His eyes are blinking rapidly and trying to stay open and his nose is irritated and red as he continues to sniff pathetically. But stupid, stupid, stupid sick Josh just notices you standing at his door like a knob and breaks into a huge smile, before breaking into a coughing fit. Stupid sick Josh.

“Y/N! Sorry, hi, what’re you doing here?”

His voice is scratchy and he sounds slightly nasally and stuffed up and you immediately feel the urge to wrap your arms around his waist and pull him into a hug and baby him.

“Oh my gosh, are you alright? I, uh, I mean… I was waiting at the elevator - thought you might have um, slept in? So, I wanted to check on you. You know, make sure you didn’t, uh, sleep in? Are you okay?”

Josh had started coughing again as you spoke, but as soon as he stops, he just smiles and mumbles out a, “shut up.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up, I was worried about you!”

And fuck, you really didn’t mean to tell Josh that you were worried.

But stupid sick Josh just smiles even brighter and looks ready to burst from the light shining in his eyes and it’s so incredibly endearing. Stupid sick Josh.

"Just sick,” he pauses and sniffs before adding, “it’s cute that you came to check on me. But I’m fine. Really.”

Except, as Josh tells you that ‘he’s fine. really,’ he starts to sway a bit on his feet and he sniffs more and more before beginning yet another coughing fit.

“Yeah, right. 'I’m fine’ my ass, you’re practically dying for all I know - I mean, that’s what it seems like anyways. Get inside. I’m taking care of you today.”

And the thought hadn’t really processed in his mind until you babbled them out, but you can’t very well just take them back now, so you stand with the decision, but add on a feeble, “That is… if you’re okay with that?”

Josh nods - not reluctantly, but nonetheless, he’s also obviously trying to bite back a grin, and well, that’s all the confirmation you really need, so you follow him inside.  

You walk behind Josh into the living room and notice the heap of blankets where Josh had probably been lying only minutes before.  He plops down on the couch again and curls up, looking like he’s about to fall asleep at

And only after one last sigh, a soft smile sent in your general direction, and a murmured “thank you,” Josh dozes off.  

You make sure to call work, putting on your best sick voice before settling in.

“arg, Y/N?”

You spin around in surprise and spot Josh leaning against the door frame with sleepy eyes, mussed up hair, and a slightly less, but still very red, nose.

"Shit, did I wake you? I didn’t mean to, damn it. I was trying so hard to not make any noise to wake you up and then the damn door slammed shut. God, I’m sorry, go back to sleep Josh, really, I’m sorry. So sor-”

“Shut up Y/N,” he cuts off with a smile, but then he steps a bit further into the kitchen and you watch the way he tugs at the blanket wrapped around his shoulders into a cocoon of sorts. "What’re you doing, Y/N?”

You smile softly.

"Remember how you said you can’t cook to save your life? Like so bad that I can’t even make Ramen noodles?”

“Of course, why do you think I accept your leftovers?”

You smile and nod, "right, yeah, of course. Well anyways, I’m making homemade soup…you’ve been asleep for like three hours and I was feeling rather creepy just sitting in your living room watching you sleep, so I went to the store and picked up some stuff…”

Suddenly, a pair of gangly arms are wrapped around you, trapping you in the blanket cocoon, and oh my god… oh my god oh my god oh my god… Josh is hugging you what the hell… oh my god Josh… hugging… me… hugging… oh my god. But you wrap your arms around Josh’s waist and pray he doesn’t actually have to let go.

He does.

"You’re amazing. Thank you.”

“You haven’t even tried the soup yet Josh.

"Shut up.”

For once, you totally agree.

“Yeah, okay.”

It’s nearly 8 at night, and you’re still with Josh in his flat.

After making soup, and then having Josh eat the soup (which he admitted to being amazing), Josh napped for a little while longer.

After waking up, you made him tea and gave him some crackers, but Josh ended up just falling asleep again.

After waking up again, you put in a movie, but Josh ended up falling asleep again less than halfway through.

After waking up again, Josh made you put in his favorite movie, and that’s where you left off. With Josh in the corner of the couch, very content and feeling much better and you, tucked into his side, resting your head against his chest and your hands against his thigh. The blankets are covering the two of you and you can’t really begin to fathom what has happened today, but you can’t quite complain since it lead you to this moment.

As the movie ends and the movie fades into the credits, Josh pulls you closer into his chest and mumbles something about how excellent that movie is no matter how many times he’s seen it.

“You’re such a sap Josh, that movie is so sappy. Are you always this sappy, or is it just your being sick?”

Josh laughs softly before snuggling in more.

“I’m always a sap, but I think you’re a sap too you know.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Josh just laughs and places his head on top of your, his nose pressing into the top of your head.  You aren’t a sap.

“I’m not complaining you know, I hope you know that I appreciated today. I quite like getting to spend this much time with you and seeing you somewhere that’s not… the elevator. I mean like, when else will I ever get to see your fuzzy socks? I don’t get to see enough of you, or spend as much time as I would like in a two minute elevator ride. I, um, actually, well, I was thinking that, uh, maybe we could do something like this again… or maybe, like, more often? If you want. I mean, I would, um, I would like to.”

Your face breaks out into an enormous grin, ”I quite enjoyed today too,“ you mumble and lean into Josh with a smile so radiant you could probably see it from space, "and I would love to do something like this more often. I would like it too. Maybe with you less sick though? I can’t very well kiss you without risking getting the plague. I can’t even believe I risked an entire day camped out in your apartment while you’re like this.”

Josh sits up and turns to you with a smile just as radiant as your own, and murmurs, “Kiss?”

You smirks and press a soft kiss to Josh’s cheek before nodding and, in a voice mocking Josh’s, you sigh, “Shut up, Josh.”