idk i loved their friendship


get to know me: [1/10] celebrity friendships ♣ will smith and margot robbie

‘i’ve said it to you before but you don’t listen to me because i probably joke too much, but it was the individual greatest film experience of my career. i had the best time that i’ve ever had on a movie working with you on focus.’

‘thank you, will.’

not to be rude™ but adding to the pining keith hc, do u think that once he finally had lance and was loved by someone he pined after for so long, he’d be terrified to lose him?
bc okay, he was orphaned at a young age, and he lost shiro, who was probably his closest thing to family, for a year, and he was kicked out of the garrison which may have been one of the first times he felt like he belonged somewhere and we saw how he reacted when team voltron almost disbanded
so can you imagine how scared he would be of losing something he wanted for so long? like he will just be laying next to lance and despite being in his arms, he still can’t fall asleep bc he can’t get rid of this awful feeling that he’s going to lose him, so he feels overly protective during missions and he’ll question himself and his relationship and whether or not lance actually cares for him
OR you can look at the other side of it where maybe he just accepts that lance will leave him and so he cherishes every single moment he has with him and is adamant about recording what they do together by writing it down and taking pictures and he feels like he can’t ever get too attached, but then realizes how much he loves lance and starts to panic bc he cares too much and he loves him too much for this to go away and the second that lance seems a bit distant from him, keith will start acting a but more reckless and physically exhausting himself through training to keep his mind off of the imminent breakup that never actually happens
and in either scenario, when lance finds keith back in his own bed and asks why he doesn’t want to sleep with him (lance just assumes he doesn’t feel well or maybe he just needs some alone time), he’s a bit surprised by the look of shock and relief that washes over keith’s face and if those were really just tears that keith was wiping off of his cheeks, well then lance will bring it up in the morning

everybody always referring to combeferre as being the smartest member of the abc, but combeferre swearing to every god there is that grantaire is the smartest person that he knows


“I remember one particular day Zakk and Darrell were on the phone for seven or eight hours. I kept havin’ to bring Darrell a different phone because they kept going dead. These two were doing shots all day… long-distance drinking. The two of them just spent the whole day drinking together, doing shots, all by phone. I think to myself now, if only Darrell was here today, he would so appreciate Skype and Iphones, and the boys would enjoy things like that.” 
- Rita Haney on Zakk & Dime.

I know that I’m difficult to love. I don’t want to be alone, and more than that, I don’t want to be without you. And I promise you that someday I’ll be better for you.
—  I’m too tired to say this to you so I’ll tell the Internet instead.

k I’m sorry, I’m just watching Ouran and I just love this part so much

it’s from the twin’s episode. 

I just love Tamaki and Kyoya having a casual little conversation where they’re both friends now and neither of them are acting at all and theY’RE JUST TALKING.

Tamaki is complaining about Kyoya not helping him out on forming the club and they just- I DON’T KNOW THIS IS A REALLY DIFFERENT MOMENT. It’s not like the other times they talk, because usually you see how they act with everyone else around.

But when it’s just them hanging out… it’s atmospherically different. It’s cool.

Tamaki: (sigh) Are you even listening to me?

Kyoya: Well. I hear you talking.

Tamaki: Hmph. -_-


Frasier 1x12: Roz buys Frasier the briefcase he uses for the rest of the series.

Three buds out drinking, although one of them is probably underage but if two hot princesses encourage you then why the fuck not. 

I’m pretty sure it was @xdianasaurx that requested a piece with Midna, Link, and Zelda, but my inbox ate up the message after I let it sit there for too long, but I hope you like it! 

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Ok so this is the full conversation clem and gabe have while javi and eleanor are talking and like, its so pure?? idk I love their friendship

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I don’t think we talk about this enough
like we’re always on about how phil saved dan and helped him through his tough years during university and his many existential crises and how phil helped dan gain the confidence to start YouTube however, we don’t ever look at how dan helped phil when he was on YouTube. Back then, and even now, Phil and many other youtubers get hate comments and negative comments, and it’s probably better now, with so many fans (the whole phandom you go ) being able to support and encourage the youtubers, however back then, it was difficult because if you look through the comments of this video, you will see the amount of hate directed at phil and the little support he had when compared to the tsunami of hate comments. Dan, a fan of phil for a while then, encouraged phil despite the many hate comments. He helped phil through his difficult times as well. That’s what I love about their relationship, their ability to make each other’s lives that much better and being able to help them through difficult times when no one else can. They were there for each other when no one else was and even now, that’s what they are and that’s who they are to each other; best friends.

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Annabeth is a lowkey Hamilton nerd and eventually gets Percy into it and they just sing all the parts together randomly

This is literally my family you’re describing lol we just randomly start singing the songs and it’s obnoxious but great. And like I feel like Leo would be into Hamilton? Like I can totally see Annabeth being into it and dragging Percy in but I also can really see it as a pipercy or liper friendship thing idk but I love it lol

day 2 (au/friends)

por qué no los dos (again)

this is just animan in a bff swap!au because I feel like holyyy crap that would be so much different??

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