idk i love these photos

fullview probably! thenks

always wanted to do that thing where u draw anime ppl in a rl pic so i chose this picture i took at didneyworl like last october?? the only one where there’s like, no rl ppl lmaoooo


Okay because this is my first ever photo set on here and I’m hella proud of my ugly ass for stepping out of my comfort zone and uploading these 😭 Not really feeling these at allllll (idk wtf I was doing with my hands half the time 😭) but the sun was doing me right today and I feel like I’m actually in an okay mood so why not? 😊 The color yellow ain’t really a norm for me but it’s got my confidence peaking just a little 😬 Happy Friday Y'all 💛☀️🌈 btw… yes, yes that is a pimple on my lip 😂


And you, my Sassenach? What were you born for?


Morning After featuring Amelia in Wednesday’s Shirt

SO! I’ve never done anything like this before? And this is really sketchy and simple but I LOVE how it turned out! I saw a pic of some cartoon characters drawn over a park bench, and I decided to try it for myself!

Sans fell asleep in my recliner :D The lazy bum. And Frisk is back there writing a Mother’s Day card for Toriel, because they’re a sweetheart.

Definitely gonna be drawing more of these!!! Really fun :DDD


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics