idk i love it okay

au where misako never abandoned lloyd when he was a kid and he went with her on her travels

he becomes an archeologist just like his mom and grows up with a super loving family with misako and all of her archeologist pals and becomes super well educated and knowledgeable about e v e r y t h i n g
• lloyd- hey did y'all know it would’ve taken about 347 years for even two feet of ouruboros to be uncovered through natural causes
•everyone else- what the fuck

misako tells him everything she knows so like a bunch of good and bad stories abt garmadon so he doesn’t grow up idolizing such a bad dude but then he also knows from a super young age that he’s the green ninja and isn’t forced into this huge role right before he’s supposed to kill his dad

anyway misako would’ve been a great teacher and a great mom and lloyd wouldn’t have abandonment issues and actually grown up a happy kid and basically I’m just super emotional abt lloyd’s up bringing

late night [jeremy h. x reader]

( aaa idk if you take requests but could you write a jeremy heere x reader where the readers having a rly hard time & she calls jeremy at like 2 am n he’s like “why are you up” but like. she just cries,,,, ahdjshkfs idk i hope this is okay!! )

channels thoughts from when i was studying for the SAT for this

warnings: uh… a lot of negative shit? like, it’s negative thoughts from reader and just really fucking sad

      High school was shit. The day started too early and a lot of the teachers didn’t care and the workload was always too much, even when the teachers claimed this was “the least they could do” and that everyone ought to be grateful for not getting hours upon hours of homework. But, like almost everyone else you knew, you nodded and smiled and spent hours upon hours doing work and, unfortunately, half-assing a few assignments just to get others done and praying that said assignments would at least get a passing grade - or if the workload was too much for one day, you’d make the sacrifices necessary and leave some of the work for lunch and other classes (which always risked a little trouble).

      Then there was everything else. The stress of trying to remember what did what and what that formula was for a test, only to know that it’d be gone within the next few weeks when something else was shoved down your throat for you to memorize - because, what was school other than memorizing facts rather than anything else

      And then there were finals.

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I return with a now coloured picture of my child. Idk how well it comes across but her hair and he gauntlets are actually iridescent? Idk I just love her so much

(from the previous, uncolored submission: Okay so I’ll probably submit again when I colour her in but here’s my baby. Tamamushiiro Honda, Tama for short. She may look cute but she can (and will) punt Mineta into the stratosphere. The cuffs on her arms turn into gauntlets made of iridescent crystal. The drawbacks to this is that they tend to knick her skin, and she has to make sure she’s polishing and sharpening them to keep them in the best condition, and if a piece breaks off it won’t grow back. She also had mild crystallokinesis, and can manipulate the gems in her earrings and meld any pieces that fall off her cuffs/gauntlets back on. She’s also been boxing since she was little so she’s ripped.)

I love her!!! The colors are really cute I’m so glad she’s technicolor she’s so cute! So was she born with the cuffs on her arms or can she take them off? Does she have to work with preexisting crystals or can she make them herself? So many questions but I love her

vibrant words

immemorial (adj): originating in the distant past; very old.

visceral (adj): relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.

albatross (n): a very large oceanic bird related to the shearwaters, with long narrow wings. 

encroach (v): advance gradually beyond usual or acceptable limits.

drift (n): a continuous slow movement from one place to another.

presence (n): the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

vast (adj): of very great extent or quantity; immense.

soliloquy (n): an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play.

lagoon (n): a stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef.

mirrored (adj): having a surface like a mirror; reflective.

phoenix (n): a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

inspiration (n): the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

saturation (n): the state or process that occurs when no more of something can be absorbed, combined with, or added.

luminous (adj): full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark.

phosphorescence (n): light emitted after exposure to radiation, or produced by something that doesn’t produce flame or heat. 

negligible (adj): so small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant.

arboreal (adj): relating to trees.

incandescent (adj): emitting light as a result of being heated.

can we start practicing self love that doesn’t focus so much on looks? like sure feeling beautiful is nice but you know what? you got a kickass personality too! you know that little quirk that you’re sure is annoying? it’s endearing as hell and when you laugh you literally embody sunshine like you don’t have to constantly tell yourself you’re pretty if you can’t believe it because in the end that’s not the most special thing about you. learning to love your insides is just as hard as the outside. vanity isn’t the be all and end all of self love you can be a lil ugly and still love yourself

  • Nico: I don't have to control my anger
  • Nico: everyone around me needs to control their habit of pissing me off
  • Will: I think it's time to talk about your people skill

My Secret Romance - Episode 7 Spoilers

hanahaki aesthetic board

“Hanahaki Disease is an illness borne of one-sided love, causing flowers form and grow in the lungs of the unrequited, the petals coughed up with increasing frequency. If the love is not returned, the flowers filling the patient’s chest will eventually prove fatal.”

Things Draco has definitely said at some point
  • “Harry, if you don’t stop molesting me with your eyes I’m going to throw you out of a second story window”
  • “If one more person mentions my hair I swear to god I’m going to commit first degree murder in front of like a hundred witnesses”
  • “That shirt is atrocious and I am ashamed to even know of its existence”
  • “What the fuck made you think that was okay on any level?”
  • “I hate you all”
  • “No, you plebeian, I do not want one of your germ-infested free samples they’ve probably been on that tray for years anyway”
  • “Oh god it touched me I’m going to have to cut off that foot now”
  • “I’m not a cat and the next person to compare me to one will find out what it feels like to have my entire foot up their ass”
  • “Coffee is god’s second most important gift to mankind, with the first being me, of course. Harry, stop laughing”
  • “I can’t tell if that’s a picture of a barf stain or your dog”
  • “Why would you ever”
  • “This conversation has officially bored me to tears, so I’m going to go do something more entertaining, like watch grass grow. Draco out.”

The Song of Achilles + character posters:

A C H I L L E S 

“Prince Achilles, son of King Peleus and the goddess Thetis. Aristos Achaion!”

Anti slowly taking over Jack’s body then killing him off.

i watched this so many times i dont even know if its good at all or makes any sense or what 

@anti-support-group i hope it’s okay that i’m tagging you guys in it!