idk i love her hair here

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I'm the Orchid and Lilly anon from before! (just now read their backstories, was v distracted) but, I love them??? they're really interesting! also Great Parent is the best, a v quality concept. What do the twins look like (& also their Great One Parent bc I love all of them)

I’ve never drawn the Great One Parent, I always just imagined her being kindof like Ebrietas but idk really. 

However! Here is Orchid (white hair) and Lilly (orange hair) I have made edits to them since these screenshots were taken, Orchid has very soft purple eyes and Lilly has very soft green eyes. They aren’t bright or neon, they’re pastel like. They also do not have eyebrows .

I love how they’re all dressed for different occasions here

Gloria is going to her middle school/freshman dance Mariah is going to high school homecoming/prom Aretha is about to sing for the president Carole is at a business meeting Shania is going to star in like a spice girls music video and Celine is.. idk. The hair says schoolgirl but she actually has on this long pink cape so she’s dressed like a magician

i love justine and her kids…

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i love your fem!dazai (idk i dislike all the long haired genderbents i see bc dazai probs wouldnt stand long hair at all) and i love the idea of her being a little shit bc female or male, its dazai we are talking about here

I personally like trying to keep Dazai as in character as possible in any form. [I initially drew my fem Dazai with long hair, but, I found that short hair suited the overall design better.]

Eyes, Heart, and Hands

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do an imagine where the reader is dating Daryl but is quite a bit younger than him so she has more in common with like Glenn and Carl (they talk about TV shows and bands they liked pre-apocalypse) so Daryl gets jealous but the reader convinces him they only have eyes for him? Xx Idk if you do smut but if you do, smut please?

I’m back! Sorry it took so long :/

I don’t write smut, but here is the rest of the request :) Also, I made a band up, cause I got lazy, but whatever :P

Eyes, Heart, and Hands

“No, she had blond hair, and her guy friend’s name meant ‘fat’.” Carl said.

“Lizzie Maguire!” You yelled out, finally remembering the name of the show.

“Lizzie Maguire!” Carl started laughing. “I loved that show. That, and Kids Next Door.”

“Oh, I loved Kids Next Door!” You said, picking through your oatmeal and considering whether or not you were going to finish it. You hadn’t put enough water in it, so it was drier that you liked it, but still, it was breakfast.

Carl was sitting next to you on the pavement outside, watching the quiet Georgian landscape as it woke up for the day. The rest of the group was having their breakfast inside the prison. “Do you ever worry that we’ll lose this place?” Carl suddenly asked, turning to look at you. “That you’ll lose Daryl and the rest of us?” You set your bowl down and looked away. “Sorry.” He backpedaled quickly. “It’s just that… I think about losing my dad and Judy a lot.”

You nodded. “I think about it.” You did more than think; sometimes you woke from nightmares in which you were the one to put Daryl down, and as you reach out in the darkness for your boyfriend, the whole world seems a lot larger than it really is.

“I try not to dwell on it.” You say then. “We’ll lose the ones we love eventually, Carl. We just have to enjoy the minutes we have with them and pray that when we do lose them, it’s a long, long time from now.” He nods.

“Y/N!” You can hear Daryl calling your name from the entrance of the prison.

You turned and waved at him. “Just a minute!” He frowned for a second, which you found odd, but decided to chalk it up to him not being a morning person, before he disappeared back inside the prison. “Keep your chin up.” You said with a smile, bumping the rim of his hat playfully. “I’ll talk to you later.”


Later in the morning, you were loading the motorcycle up with supplies and getting ready to go on a run with Daryl.

“Hey, Y/N, don’t forget your gun!” Glenn said, bringing your piece over to you.

You rolled your eyes. “Thanks, Glenn. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached, and my ass if it didn’t belong to Daryl.” You looked over at your boyfriend of one year and watched him blush a bright shade of red and scowl at you for embarrassing him in public. You laughed. “I’m teasing you, honey.” Then, you sang, “It’s just a little tease, it don’t mean a thang!”

Glenn laughed and sang the next lyric. “It just a flirt on the fly, but it doesn’t mean you’re my guy!”

“Holy shit, you know The Chicks Criminal?” You were impressed.

“Oh, yeah, they’re awesome!” Glenn said with a smile. “I saw them live at the Qwest center in 2007.”

“No way?! I was there, too!” You say, completely geeking out. “Remember when Charlotte kicked that amp over?”

“Oh yeah, that was awesome! And that one fan jumped the balcony and onto the big speakers to get down onto the stage?”

“And security tackled him?” You were both cackling by now.

“Hey, Y/N, we should leave.” Daryl said, staring at Glenn with a look that neither of you could read.

“Uh, yeah, sure. We can talk later, Glenn.” You say, putting your gun on your hip and waving to your friend as you climbed onto the bike behind Daryl, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso.


When you got to the large Wal*Mart that you would be raiding, it was starting to rain outside, so you darted quickly inside and began to stab walkers while Daryl propped the bike up under an overhang. The group had already cleared the Wal*Mart out a few weeks ago, so there weren’t too many walkers, just one or two that had wandered in since the last run, and within a few minutes, you had it cleared again.

“Alright, what do we need?” You asked cheerfully, bouncing up to Daryl with a smile.

“Calm down, alright?” He grumbled at you. “We ain’t here to screw around, we’re here for supplies.”

You were a little hurt, but you just said, “Um, OK. So, what do we need?”

Daryl showed you the list of supplies, and you began to follow him through the store, pulling cans from the shelves and putting them in your backpack. It was quiet, which was unusual, and it made you uncomfortable. Daryl had always jokingly called the runs you did together as ‘dates’, and would often make conversation and be at least a little playful with you. But today he was sullen, and even a little angry. You had decided to let it go for now and ask him about it later when you saw a rack of t-shirts.

“Hey, I’m running low on non-blood stained shirts.” You comment. “I’m going to flip through this rack real quick.” You say, then frown as Daryl huffs impatiently and stands off to the side to wait for you to finish shopping.

“What? No way!” You cried, pulling a shirt from the rack. “Daryl, look! They have Chicks Criminal shirts!” You hold one up in your size, beaming. He doesn’t respond. “I should grab two.” You say, putting yours in your bag. “What size do you think Glenn is? A medium?”

At this, Daryl finally explodes. “What the fuck you gettin him shit for?! Huh?”

You took a step back as Daryl quickly closed the distance between you. “What’s your problem today?” You ask, getting defensive all of a sudden. “You’ve been pissed at me all day, and I don’t know what I did!”

“Why you always hanging out with Carl and Glenn? Huh? Is something happening that I need to know about?” He got closer, grabbing the t-shirt you had picked out for Glenn out of your hands and shaking it in the air.

“What?” You were confused for a moment before you realized. “Daryl, take a deep breath.” You said sternly, but with the anger drained from your voice. “You’re scaring me a bit.”

He took a few steps back from you and tried to calm down. “Didn’t mean to scare ya.” He mumbles.

“Are you worried that I’m cheating on you?” You ask, more hurt than angry.

He sighs, staring at the floor and shaking his head. “No. I trust ya.”

“So then what’s the issue?”

He doesn’t talk for a long time, just stares at the white tile floor, Glenn’s shirt still in his fist. “I just…” He sighs again. “What if you fall in love with one of them instead?”

You frowned. “Where is this coming from?” He’d never given any indication before that he was worried you didn’t love him anymore.

He shrugs. “They’re closer to your age, I guess. You have more in common with them.”

Ah. There it was. You closed the gap again, this time more softly, and Daryl continued to stare at the floor as you enveloped him in a hug. “I’m 25, Daryl. Carl’s still a kid. He’s like my little brother, and he just lost his mom and he’s scared. He just needs family right now, and I want to be part of that for him.” Daryl nods. “And Glenn’s married. He’s madly in love with his wife, too. We just happen to like the same music.”

Daryl hugs you a little tighter. “But mostly importantly, I love you. Always have, always will.”

“Really?” He asks, placing his forehead on yours.

“Really. Hate to break it to you, Dixon, but you’re stuck with me. Forever.” You reached up and pulled his face down towards yours for a kiss. You kissed him quietly and hungrily for a while before he finally pulled back, a huge smile across his face.

“Come with me.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you through the sections of the store until you reached the small jewelry counter. The glass had been smashed by someone else previously, and glass and jewelry was scattered everywhere.

“What are you doing?” You ask as Daryl begins to pick through the glass and scour the floor around the case.

Finally, he finds what he’s looking for. “Y/N, do you wanna get married?” He asks, holding out the shiny ring in his hand. “Y’know.” He shrugs. “Really be stuck with me?”

You begin to laugh, then kiss him again softly. “Yes.”


“Hey guys, how’d the run go?” Rick asks as you pull into the prison yard. By now the rain had stopped again, but you were both soaking wet from riding in the rain for half of the way home.

“Fine.” Daryl said, taking both bags off the bike. “We got supplies, and we got married.” Then, he turned and walked inside to put the supplies away.

“What?!” Rick looked at you in shock and delight, looking for more details.

You just shrug. “Like the man said, Rick. We got married.” Then you followed your husband inside.


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I spent a lot of time editing these pictures and I still don’t like them, but i’m in need of a nap.But!! I’m proud to present a lovely collab with @simtric, here are some recolors of the new hair. Hope you all like it, tag her and I if you take pics with it or idk what you do just show me da goods! Happy simming to all my melanated people! Download is below the cut!

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Woozi Fic 22

HI! so first off my amazing and awesome friend bae1a4-are-delicious posted a woozi fic that connected to some of my other ones so yes its fantastic and you should go check it out here because she’s so wonderful and i love her writing :D so here we go hope you guys like it XD

“NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” Woozi screams arching his back and throwing his head off the side of his top bunk. His fingers pull through his hair in frustration. “JUST NO IDEAS! NOTHING!”

You can’t help but chuckle as you look up at him. “Aww, baby, you’re just in a rut. You’ll think of something great, don’t worry.”

Dangling himself over the railing, he continues to scream, “UGGGGHHHH!”

Vernon, who’s sitting with Hoshi on the bed right next to you two, looks over. “(Y/N), can you please control your boyfriend?”

“UGGHH!” Woozi yells again, ignoring him.

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You Can Thank A$AP (ReaderxDean)

Request: Okay I was wondering if by chance if you could write some smut or fluff where the reader really loves rap and classic rock. Also I’m a new follower an I’m really enjoying your blog! 😙

Warnings: smut, fluff, bit of dirty talk, rough and sensual Dean, Dean’s POV

Words: 2611

Note: sorry this took me so long to get to anon! Here’s the song…idk rap lol–Multiply (A$AP Rocky) I actually really like this one shot, I kinda fell in love with it at the end. X

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spark -- epilogue: forever hold your peace

// zippo // dust // love’s light wings // silver heart // forever hold your peace //

lmfao this is short and terrible im so sorry but here’s the ending

oh yeah @sage-the-empress came up with the ending so go bother her if you want

“How do I look?” Baz stood in front of the mirror, examining his slicked back hair and straightening out his bow tie.

“You look fine, Brother,” Mordelia said exasperatedly. “Hurry up. You’re going to be late.”

Baz brushed off some more nonexistent dust and took a deep breath. “I – okay. Yeah. I’m ready.”

He turned to leave, but Mordelia caught his arm. “Hey,” she said quietly.


“I’m… I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

He slipped out of her grip and walked away before she could reply.

Mordelia sighed. “Oh, Baz…”

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” Simon grinned frenetically. (Always grinning.) He wore a well-fitting, black suit. (Very well fitting indeed.) (Baz had helped him pick it out.) He bounced up and down on his feet.

“Stop fidgeting,” Baz scolded gently. “You’re messing up your hair.” He reached up and pushed his curls away from his face. (So soft.)

“Right. Right,” he said. “Thanks.”

“Are you nervous?” Baz asked. Are you happy? He wanted to ask.

“Nervous? No! Of course not.” He laughed anxiously. “I’m nervous as hell, Baz. I slept for maybe half an hour last night. At best.”

“You’ll be fine,” he said softly. You’re perfect, he wanted to say.

“I… Thanks.” Simon smiled. “You’re a great friend, Baz. You’re the best best man I could ever hope for. I’m glad I met you.”

“Me too,” Baz replied. His chest ached.

I love you.

Her name was Nina. Or Nomi. Or Natalie. He couldn’t remember. (That was a lie.) (Of course he could remember.) (He would remember her name for the rest of his life.)

She had melted chocolate hair, knife cheekbones and apple red lips.

And she looked stunning draped in white. Of course she did.

She walked up the aisle, arm and arm with her father, her long wedding train slipping smoothly over the rose petals scattered on the ground by the flower girl. (She was a tiny thing, only six years old.) (A cousin on the bride’s side.)

Simon smiled nervously.

This is it, Baz thought.

This is really happening.

He barely remembered the ceremony.

Everything flowed together. It felt like a dream.

It had to be a dream.

The pastor took a deep breath.

“Now, should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

A sudden silence cut through the air.

The world around Baz blurred and spun.

Except for one thing.

Blue eyes.

Bronze hair.

“Simon,” he whispered.

A surprised murmur flew through the crowd.

And slowly, so agonizingly slowly, he turned around.

Request: Can't Say It

Request: hiii :-)) can i request an imagine where the reader always tells sam that she loves him, but he’s afraid to say it to her cus everything he loves dies? idk if that makes sense, but something like that with fluff please? thanks louisa!!

Word Count: 844

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Okay, see you in a bit,” You smile, reaching up to kiss Sam on the cheek, “Love you.”

Sam nods, “See you later, beautiful.” He smiles, ruffling your hair as you pass him. You roll your eyes with a grumble, waving goodbye to the brothers before grabbing your car keys and leaving, going on a supply run. Dean turns a sceptical eye to his brother.

“No I love you too?” He asks, folding his arms.

“No. Is it an issue?” Sam defends himself quickly – too quickly.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious that you do love her.”

“Then does it matter that I haven’t said it?” Sam asks, sitting down on the bed. Dean shrugs.

“Chicks like when you do that. It’s a commitment thing.”

“Oh, because you know so much about commitment.” The younger Winchester rolls his eyes, sitting back against the headboard, “She doesn’t mind.”

“She doesn’t tell you she minds.” Dean corrects, “Of course she doesn’t say that she minds. She’s.. not like that. Doesn’t want to give you trouble.”

“It’s not even your problem, Dean. Just shut up about it.”

“I’m just saying that you should probably get on with it before she figures you don’t love her back and leaves.”

Sam looks at his brother, eyes slightly widened with alarm, “She’s not gonna do that.”

“Not if you tell her.”

“I can’t, okay? I just can’t.” Sam snaps with more heat than he’d intended, “I can’t tell her because as soon as I do, she’ll die. That’s the way it works.”

“Sam, she-”

“No, Dean. You know it’s true. I’ll tell her how I feel and we’ll have a lovely moment and I’ll be happier than I’ve been in years and then something’ll rip her away from me. I can’t.”

Dean doesn’t have an answer that can appease his brother – something that is happening too often as the years pass. So, instead, he shakes his head almost imperceptibly and goes back to his research.


“Hey, Y/N?” Sam asks. You’re lying on the bed, your head in his lap as he combs his fingers through your hair, watching you.


“Are you… okay? With us.” He’s almost hesitant to ask, but he keeps his eyes on yours.

“Uh… yeah. I think so. Do you?”

“No, yeah, of course we’re okay. We’re good. Really good.” Sam nods quickly, “I’m not… making you mad, am I?”

“Sam, has someone said something?” You ask, concerned. You reach over, taking his hand in yours, “Did something happen?”

“No. Well… not really.”

“Talk to me.” You raise an eyebrow, rubbing your thumb over the back on his hand, “Please?”

“I… just…” Reluctantly, he sighs, “You’re always doing the ‘I love you’ thing and I never do, and I just keep thinking that you’re gonna think I don’t love you and get upset and leave.” He blurts, before he can stop himself. You frown.

“I don’t think you don’t love me.” You say softly, “Why would you think – did Dean say something?”

Sam pauses, before nodding slowly. You roll your eyes.

“Yes, because Dean is the leading expert on all relationships. Sam, it’s not about the words you say but the things you do. I know you love me because of your actions – how you grab my hand when I’m scared like you just know and how you hug me so hard I can’t breathe when I get back from anything – the library or an abandoned warehouse.”

When he doesn’t say anything, still looking unsure, you sit up, bringing yourself closer to him.

“Look, I was raised with my mom and dad. 'I love you’s were thrown about like nothing else, all day, every day. My being liberal with confessions of love don’t make what I feel any less valid, and you not saying it don’t make what you feel any less valid.”

He’s still quiet, but a wide smile spreads over his face. He suddenly grabs your face in both hands and presses his lips to yours firmly, successfully smooshing your face up. You can’t help but laugh, and his eyes light up.

“I love you.” He says suddenly, releasing your face. You grin widely.

“I love you, too.” You say without hesitation, and he smiles like an idiot, grabbing you and pulling you close to him. You embrace him tightly, and he laughs into your ear.

“I was so scared,” He whispers, “That as soon as I said it a demon would swoop into the room and tear you from my grasp. I know it’s stupid, but… everyone I love dies.”

“Not me.” You wink, “You’ll have to try harder than a confession of love, Sammy.”

He laughs, leaning in and pressing his lips to your forehead.

“I’m so lucky that you put up with me.” He smiles, looking into your eyes.

“I’m so lucky to have you.”

I live for Diana teaching little Jason Todd how to destroy someone eleven different ways with just his pinky finger

Diana telling Jason he’s loved, kissing his forehead and ruffling his hair and he likes to make it look like he hates it but it makes him so happy 

Jason wanting to be like Diana and looking up to her so much



lord help me,
i’ve fallen in love with
a wild girl.

i can see her ex-lovers
stuck in her teeth when
she smiles at me, deep and dark -
her hair smells like kerosene and ashes.

oh, god, help me - i’m
in her clutches, all too willing
to fall, again and again,
for those wide eyes flickering
with cruelty -

for her gentle hands
that clutch hard enough to bruise,
promising no, no, you’re staying
right here

—  i’ll go down and my last breath will be her name // s.t.
Request: Eternity

Request: It’s saturday where i live and i dyed my hair today so i want to make a request out of it. Okay, here it goes: Can you write one, where the reader dyes her/his hair blue (or any other unnatural color) and she likes it, but when Sam and Dean get home, they’re freaking out (idk why) and she is sad because she thought they would like it? And then Sam comforts the reader and it’s all fluffy and they kiss? Sorry if it’s too long, but i just love your writing so much. You’re awesome!

Word Count: 738

Thank you so much! I really hope you like it! I honestly wish I could dye my hair some awesome colour – I want to do the tips blue, at least, in the holiday. But my school are really tight on that kind of thing, which sucks. Lots of love, have an awesom day!<333

You run a hand through your hairdryer-warmed hair, grinning to yourself. The mirror doesn’t even do it justice, you decide, letting it fall around your shoulders in a warm curtain.

Nod bad for a self-done job.

You’d known little bits about dying hair anyway, from past experience working in a salon for all of three weeks while on a case. Nonetheless, the blue looks amazing on you, if you do say so yourself.

Leaving it loose, you toss the towel – slightly stained with ocean-blue – on the bed and head for the kitchen. You’re dying for a drink.

Halfway through pouring out a glass of coke, you hear a noise behind you and grin to yourself, leaving the glass and heading out towards the library. Sam and Dean are making their way down the stairs, arms laden with supplies. They went out on a supply run before you were even awake; heading to the closest city to properly stock up. This gave you a few hours to yourself.

“Hey, Y/N, feel like helping with-” Dean begins, and then looks at you. His eyes widen and he almost drops the bags he’s holding. He reaches the bottom of the stairs, and his eyes meet yours.

“Hi.” You grin, playing with a lock of hair.

“It’s blue.”

“Well done.”

“Why did you do that?” He asks, and Sam frowns, looking at the drastic change too.

“Because I wanted to; because I could.” You offer, suddenly feeling small in comparison to the brothers’ judging eyes.

“Yeah, but…” Dean goes to protest, “Sammy, back me up here.”

“Back you up?”

“It’s a bit… crazy?” He offers, shrugging. He puts the bags down, “I thought we were trying to be as normal as possible.”

“Yeah, well, that always works out so well. I happen to really like it.” You defend yourself. Sam is staying suspiciously quiet, and you shoot a glare at both of them. The anger is just a mask, though. You really thought they’d like it; you really thought they’d like it as much as you do.

Apparently you were wrong.

You scoop up the bags that Dean left on the floor and stalk back through to the kitchen, wishing you’d never bothered at all.


You’ve barely been in the kitchen for a minute when the door opens slightly and Sam slips through the gap, offering an apologetic smile.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Leave it, Sam.” You snap, tossing a can of soup into the cupboard. You’d figured you might as well just unpack now.

“I was just bringing the other bags.” He says softly, “I’m sorry.”

You close your eyes. You hadn’t meant to snap at him. You’d just been so disappointed and miserable, you hadn’t thought about it. Sighing, you turn to him as he places the bags on the table,

I’m sorry.” You reply, shaking your head, “I shouldn’t have bothered. Or snapped. Or even tried.”

“What are you on about? Dean was just being an idiot!” He insists, “I think it looks incredible. It’s so… you!” He insists, grinning like a loon. You stare at him in surprise.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was… surprised. I’m not going to lie, Y/N, it’s a big change, but…” He pauses, then smiles widely, “I love it. You look amazing.”

“Thanks.” You say softly, your cheeks quickly moving to contrast the blue of your hair with a deep red. Although you might not want to admit it to yourself – and certainly not anyone else – that there’s something more to your relationship than pure friendship.

“In fact…” He pauses, wondering whether he should continue or not. “In fact, you look beautiful.” He whispers, moving closer to you. He reaches out, taking a lock of you hair in between his fingers, “You always do.”

“Sam?” You question, unsure of what to say. He only smiles in response, leaning in closer.

It’s you who closes the gap between you, leaning up and pressing your lips to his. He’s not even surprised, melting into it almost instantly. His arms encircle your waist as your own press to each side of his face. The two of you stay like that, lips locked, for what might have been an eternity but could only have been a few seconds – but it’s your eternity.

girls are so much easier to get along with like u can talk to a boy for 90 years and you ask to hang and hes like “yeah maybe we’ll see idk what were you thinking about doing yeah idk maybe we’ll do that i guess idk i might be busy but idk yeah maybe we’ll see haha idk” meanwhile u talk to a girl for like 5 minutes at a party and shes like “hey are you free this weekend i just got a bowl and named her Stevie Nicks let’s hang out and smoke together or something omg i love your hair can you teach me how to contour btw here’s my number”

Daddy! 5sos (5sos 4/4)

Request: Okay so the boys doing their daughters hair is too cute!!! Daddy 5sos is just assffghjkl! So I’m requesting more daddy 5sos is, and I don’t care what about, but here’s a few ideas. -going out for ice cream -making their kid pancakes -finding out your pregnant again -toilet training? Idk could be cute I guess. Love your blog and thanks!!!

Omg more daddy 5sos! :D Here goes! Oh, also note that these are in the boys’ P.O.V.



“DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” Laura shouts as she runs downstairs

“Yes sweetheart?” I ask her, taking her in my arms.

“Mummy says that if you say I’ve been a good girl then you’ll take me out for an ice-cream” She says

“Oh is that what she said?” I question

Laura nods, “Yeah! So have I been a good girl?!”

“Well I don’t know, let me think…” I say, pretending to think “Well you didn’t finish your lunch today so I don’t know…”

“No daddy, I was making room for the ice cream!” She shouts

“Oh were you now?” I ask, as she nods in reply “Well okay then, go get your shoes on!”

I put her down as she parades to find her shoes. I help her put them on and shout up to (Y/N) that we’re going out.

“So, what flavour are you gonna get?” I ask Laura as we drive to the park

“Erm….” She thinks “Chocolate!”

“Good one.” I smile

“What you gonna get daddy?” She asks

“Vanilla, I think”

When we arrive, there isn’t a queue. We order our ice-creams, then sit on the bench outside the shop.

Laura sits on my knee as we eat our ice-cream. It doesn’t take long before we’re both finished. When it comes to ice-cream, it’s gone in a flash with us two.

“You enjoy that?” I question

She nods, “Thanks daddy!”

“You’re welcome beautiful”

“I love you daddy!”

“I love you too, princess”


“After I’ve put Jacob to bed, I need to tell you something” (Y/N) says as she’s half way up the stairs with our eighteen month old son, Jacob.

It panics me whenever she says we need to talk or she needs to tell me something. I know it shouldn’t. But I think it always would anyone.

It only takes (Y/N) fifteen minutes to get Jacob changed into his pyjamas, his teeth brushed and him tucked into bed, and then back in the living room sitting next to me.

“Hi” I say, anxiously “What is it you need to tell me?”

(Y/N) places her hand on my knee, “So, I found out some news the other day. I didn’t know when or how to tell you this. I know we’re not ones for spontaneously surprising each other, so I didn’t want this to seem too formal and weird. But at the same time…I don’t know, I’m rambling. I always do that when I’m nervous.”

“Why are you nervous?” I ask

“It’s just I don’t know how you’re going to react to it because we never spoke about it that much…” She continues “Well, maybes just after we had Jacob but, you know, we were in a honeymoon faze and how did we know that’s what we wanted. Oh god, Michael, I’m sorry, I’m just so up-a-height about this. I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I am happy about it and I know you probably will be too but how can I be sure? I mean I don’t know bu-”

“(Y/N)!!” I shout over the top of her, causing her to stop talking and look at me, “What is it?”

She looks me in the eyes, “Michael, we’re pregnant…”

My eyes nearly fall out of my eyes, “ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?!”

She nods, “Yeah”


I look at her as she smiles a smile of relief and happiness.

“Why were you so nervous about telling me?” I question

“We’d just never really spoke about it so I guess I just didn’t know how you were going to react” She explains

I kneel down in front of her, “Listen, this is the best thing that you could have told me. I was fretting that you were going to end it or something. But I’m glad you didn’t. Because you and Jacob are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I didn’t think our family could get any better than it has been…but…but this is just the best thing ever. I love you. I love Jacob. And I already love this one. Honestly, how you could ever think I’d react badly to being told I’m going to be a dad again is beyond me. I love being a dad. I love everything about it. This is the best thing ever”

I kiss her stomach as if to prove it, and she strokes my hair with her hands.

“Welcome to the family, little one. We can’t wait to meet you” I mumble against her stomach


“Are you ready for this?” (Y/N) questions

“Yeah…” I begin “I just don’t understand why we have to put a ping pong ball in the toilet”

(Y/N) laughs, “I told you. You put it in the toilet, then tell your son to aim for the ball. It makes sure he gets good aim so that when he’s older he won’t, you know, spray the wall”

“Oh…I still don’t get it” I admit

(Y/N) rolls her eyes, and gets me to hold Cameron. She chucks the ping pong ball into the toilet and makes sure the step is in place for Cameron to stand on.

“Right little buddy, now listen to daddy, and he’ll tell you what to do” (Y/N) smiles at Cameron

I tut, “Why do I have to tell him what to do?”

(Y/N) sighs, “Because you’re a dude, you know how to do it if you’re a dude”

I roll my eyes, “Right, okay”

I stand Cameron on the step, then move round so I could face him.

“Right little man, can you see that ping pong ball floating in the water?” I ask him

“Yeah” Cameron says

“Okay, you’re going to pee in the toilet but when you do, I want you to try and get your pee to land on the ping pong ball” I say, shrugging at (Y/N).

She giggles slightly before adding, “Don’t worry if you don’t this time round, we’ve got plenty of time to practise. Just try your best”

“Yeah, daddy can help with your aim” I add

“Pfft! With aim like yours I don’t think we’ll have clean walls” (Y/N) giggles to herself

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?” I question

“I don’t think it…I know it!” She grins

“Remind me again why I love you?” I ask

“Because I make you breakfast in bed every Sunday morning? Because I give you back massages? Because I’m hella fine? And, most importantly, I birthed your son.” She replies

I smirk, “Yeah, there’s something else as well but I’ll let you show me what that is later”

Her eyes widen, “CALUM!”

“Sorry, I ran away with myself” I laughed

“Too right you did!”

“Erm…mummy and daddy, can we get back to the toilety thing because I wanna go back to playing my game?” We hear Cameron say

“Of course little man!” I respond, “Come on, let’s give it a go”


“Not bad for your first time little man!” I smile, high-fiving Cameron

“You did really well” (Y/N) praises, “You’re better than daddy already!”

I tut.

“Can I go back to my game now?” Cameron asks

“Of course you can sweetie” (Y/N) smiles

“I’ll get you back for that snide comment of yours, (Y/L/N)” I smirk

“Can’t wait” She winks


“Daddy’s making pancakes!” (Y/N) shouts

“YAY!” I hear both Dylan and Ryan cheer

God, twins are so loud!

“Daddy can I have the first pancake?” Dylan asks

“No way, daddy can I have the first pancake?” Ryan argues

I laugh, “Come on boys, toss a coin and we’ll find out”

I pull out a coin and pass it to them.

“I’m heads!” Ryan shouts

“I’ll be tails!” Dylan shouts back

With the sound of a coin hit the table - obviously they need to work on their coin tossing skills - they both rush to see who has won.

“YES!” Dylan cheers “Daddy, I get the first pancake, tails won!”

“Okay, okay” I laugh

“Daddy, are you gonna flip the pancake?” Ryan questions

“Sure am, you gonna watch?” I reply


“Are you ready?” I begin “3…2…1…”

“DADDY YOU DID IT!” Dylan and Ryan shout in unison.

Once the pancake is done, I put it straight on the plate.

“And what would you like on your pancake?” I ask Dylan

“Erm…Nutella!” He replies, excitedly.

I take the Nutella jar and spread some of the Nutella on the pancake, making sure it spreads right to the edges.

“There you go little man!” I smile, handing Dylan his pancake.

“Now my pancake daddy!” Ryan reminds me

“I haven’t forgotten. What would you like on your pancake?” I laugh

“Erm…Strawberry and chocolate sauce please daddy” Ryan answers

“Coming right up!” I giggle

I love how excited they get when I make pancakes. I make them the night I get back home from tour and the night before I leave for tour, as a special treat. I love going on tour. But I love my family just as much, and I hate being away from them for so long. They’re the best thing to happen to me. Sure, the twins can be a handful, but they’re cute and fun and hilarious and my two favourite boys. As for (Y/N), I can’t thank her enough. She’s incredible. She gave birth to these two. She’s pretty much raised them. She understands my hectic lifestyle and doesn’t complain half as much as I expected her to. She misses me when I’m not here, I know that because she tells me when I call her every night, and sometimes she’ll send me a random text. But she never expects me to drop anything to get on a flight back home or whatever. She puts up with a lot and I love her for it.

With another excellent flip of the pancake, I finish off Ryan’s pancake and hand it to him, “There you go, buddy”

“Would you like one (Y/N)?” I ask

She shakes her head, “No, get yourself one”

“I had one before I made the boys’ pancakes” I tell her

She giggles, “Always eating!”

“Daddy, I don’t want you to go away tomorrow” Dylan says, sounding sad.

I walk over to him and crouch down to his level.

“Hey, hey. It’s not tomorrow yet. We’ve still got hours to go. It’ll go quicker than you think, I promise. And it’s the same as every other time. I’ll talk to you on the phone to say good-night every night. You can talk to Uncle Michael, Uncle Calum and Uncle Ashton too, if you want. I know they’d love to talk to you too. Don’t miss me too much, though…I don’t want you being sad and upset. Just remember that I love you - the two of you - and your mum very much. I’ll be thinking of you every second of every day.” I say

“I love you daddy!” Dylan smiles, hugging me.

“Love you too, Dylan” I reply “You as well Ryan”

“Love you” Ryan says, eating a bit of his pancake.

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We Are Loud and Quiet

summary;; idk just some sappy b/s i wrote last night enjoy

ship;; hangrid

genre;; fluff: sfw, sff

word count;; 1.1k

warnings;; none

a/n;; i dont even know if it makes sense tbh but here you go. its 6 am and im supposed to be making marzipan for a german exchange student but here i am, not doing that

– syd

She was beautiful when she didn’t try to be, I noted. It was easy to love her when she looked like that.

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