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Inktober Day 16 2017

2007 anime fan aesthetic
  • i buy sausage
  • caramelldansen of every fucking anime you can imagine
  • u_u o_O -_- ^_^
  • rping with characters in areas not usually reserved for roleplaying, such as youtube comments or author’s notes
  • trying to learn hare hare yukai
  • “i’m gonna move to japan and become a manga-ka (which means manga author)!”
  • sitting like L
  • “yagami is imagay backwards! XD”
  • the term “flames”
  • tokyopop, and reading manga without paying for it in a chair at barnes and noble (or borders)
  • anime in three parts and 240p quality on youtube 
  • “You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait 36 minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.”
  • ___plz icons on dA
  • spraying temporary hair color in your hair for cosplay
  • warrior cats/warrior cat inspired usernames
  • “omg have you seen this? (searches ‘charlie the unicorn youtube’ on google)”
  • fanart/fanfics of sakura/misa/orihime/main male dude’s love interest being shrieking and obnoxious and getting her horrible comeuppance for being… idk, a girl, i guess?
  • also this

Modern SNS AU

Where Naruto and Sasuke are connected to Tumblr almost all the time, and then one of them bumps into the other’s blog because some of his selective blogs are common between them.

Naruto thinks that avenger2307 is a total emo and Sasuke just knows that ramenslover10 is as silly as his name. Neither of them realizes exactly how things start, but suddenly they are both rebloging their posts and invading their blogs just to criticize them.

Naruto continues to say that avenger2307 is depressed and negative and an idiot about everything and a total emo and shouldn’t infect others about his emo-ish attitude and Sasuke just keeps replying that at least he is not obsessed with some damn stupid noodles and posting silly videos all over the day and photos of cats in costumes and making others lose their valuable time of day and Naruto is just like “Hey! First of all, it’s RAMEN, and it’s delicious, idiot, and second, the videos are not silly, they are FUN, third, what kind of person doesn’t like cats with costumes, you bastard? And fourth, if it bothers you so much, why do you visit my blog and read it and SEE the silly videos, huh?” And Sasuke only answers with an "Hn, dobe”, and Naruto has no idea why he’s so mad, but he only knows he is.

They continue to do that for a long time (a long, long time) until it becomes routine. One of them will write something and the other will comment an insult or criticism. Both begin to follow each other for the sole purpose of arguing.

It is silly, and probably stupid, because they fight all the time and publicly, but somehow it has become ordinary and both become the primary focus of the other. Sasuke will find himself waiting for the dumbs videos to see daily or the stupid, goofy cat picture that maybe, just maybe will not seem so silly this time. Naruto will find himself checking his cell phone during classes waiting for a depressive or negative post about a class or a person or life in general just to see how he can turn it into something positive just for the sheer pleasure of bothering his emo life. Because it feels good, somehow.

And then, a few weeks later, avenger2307 stops publishing things one day and Naruto is so focused on him in that time that he cannot help but notice and it hurts. And the absence is prolonged and prolonged. Two days, three days, a week, and Naruto doesn’t want to admit he’s worried, because he’s a stubborn idiot, but he is. Naruto doesn’t want to admit that he actually misses that, misses his emo mood and their interactions and their arguments and his posts, but he does. He misses him and his depressingly blog and he can’t help but notice the stupid gap that opens empty in his stomach and swallows every time he log in again and avenger2307 is still absent.

But then he returns, avenger2307 RETURNS, posting one of the most jerk-typing and depressing posts about his city’s internet service and the fact that he had no network for TWO weeks and Naruto can’t help but laughs because he thinks he’s a pessimistic idiot, but it’s fine, it’s fine, because avenger2307 HAVE RETURNED, and it’s still him, still as grumpy and whining, and he’s there again.

And Naruto knows it’s stupid and ridiculous how good it feels to see him again there, on his screen, because he is supposed to dislike him, he is supposed to be annoyed that he actually returned. He knows he’s being dumb and it’s embarrassing, but he doesn’t care. So he press the option to “like” the post and, without even thinking about it, goes to the private message tray and clicks on the user bubble of avenger2307 and writes “Wow, about time, busy being emo in real life? it must be hard, no one knows how to do it like you”, and then he sends it. And first he believes that he is witty and congratulates himself because he has finally sent a message in private, but then avenger2307 doesn’t answer. And it passed two minutes, three minutes, four… and Naruto’s stomach hurts because he has just sent a private message, a message in which he practically points out how desperate he was to talk to him and also flatters his emo attitude and Oh by Ramen’s God, what did you just do? That’s…

“Hn. Worried, dobe? I already know that I’m good on what I do, you don’t need to say it. But no, my internet fell. Did you like my post and didn’t even read it, dumbass? Wow, I didn’t know how much you admired me.”

And Naruto smiles because avanger2307 in fact answered his message, (as arrogant and idiotic as ever, because he was a bastard), but he answered and now they can really talk to each other. And Naruto finally can crush avenger’s ego in private without others bothering them.


The days pass and they keep talking and Naruto actually learns things, he learns that avenger2307 is more fun than it looks, even if he makes jokes that Naruto doesn’t understand always, or even if they are too dark that they shouldn’t be fun. Naruto actually learns that he is a total nerd and that he likes math and school. He learns that he is a boy and that he has a name, (Sasuke. Sasu-ke, no Sas-uke, Sasuke.) (Naruto likes to say it quietly in class because he likes how it sounds.) (It’s not like he’s admitting it anyway, and less the fact that he doesn’t care if his friends see him strangely when he does it.) which he likes to make fun of because “what kind of stupid name is that?” (and even if he only does it to annoy him because he actually likes it, and thinks it’s cool), and Sasuke only responds with a “look who says it, fishcake”, and Naruto should get angry or pissed off, he should, because it bothers him when others do it, but then somehow Naruto only answers with a “whatever you say Sasuke-bastard” and everything keeps the same.

Naruto learns that they both like martial arts and that Sasuke is actually good at it because he has gone to important events and has first places and WOW, Sasuke is indeed as cool as his name.

Sasuke also likes tomatoes and rice and the color blue. Sasuke is sarcastic and arrogant, but he’s also kind and worries about things in the world that Naruto had not even stopped to think about. It’s soft on the edges and Naruto really begins to like him. Because Sasuke insults and criticizes him and makes jokes about him, but Sasuke also cares (even if he has never admitted it aloud, Naruto knows he does) because, even if it is subtly, Sasuke always asks when he feels that something is wrong. (And for some reason, Sasuke always knows when something is wrong. Naruto even starts to think that Sasuke is a kind of a nerd and arrogant bastard voodoo.)

Sasuke also stops calling him “dobe” so many times and begins to say “usuratonkachi” instead, and Naruto has no idea what it means, but he thinks that if it is an insult, at least it’s a cool one, so he doesn’t complain. He likes it because Sasuke puts it in sentences that sound more like a nickname than an insult, and Naruto likes to think Sasuke has a nickname for him.

Their posts are also different in some way. Sasuke smiles sometimes at Naruto’s ridiculous childish obsession with everything rather than bothering about it and Naruto thinks that somehow Sasuke’s negative comments are no longer as cruel and tragic and are more like perspectives of the world; Naruto thinks it’s somehow interesting, even if he publishes nerd data as well. And it’s a little stupid, but Naruto has found himself smiling while reading a comment from avenger2307 with a “… yes, that also applies to dobes like you, fideossucker/fishcake” at the end of the note or in the tags at the end of the post. He doesn’t know why he cares so much, but he does.

Sasuke also has a good voice. (He knows it after hearing him speak for the first time, because somehow they end up exchanging phone numbers at some point in their conversations.) (Neither of them is very sure who offered it or asked for it first, but the point is they have it and now they can actually SPEAK and listen to the each other’s voice and oh holy ramen, Naruto would be lying if he didn’t say he was excited to hear him because he wondered about it so many times before, wondered what his voice would be like, and his curiosity was very big at that point that he literally felt tingling in the tip of his fingers when he answered the phone that time.) A voice that makes tickles in the tip of Naruto’s stomach. Naruto believes that if he sang he would do it well. His voice is grave and masculine and low and thick in the right kind of way. It is soft and intense at the same time and Naruto likes it, he likes to hear him speak about anything, and likes to hear him say “usuratonkachi”, because it sounds softer in his voice, because it sounds much softer than it should sound with his tone of voice. He likes the way he pronounces things and the way he drops the words from his mouth as if he’s sure of them. He likes the arrogant tone that wash over his voice when he is flooding himself or being an egocentric bastard and Naruto can practically hear the smirk across the line.


They start talking more often. They talk about everything and nothing and Naruto learns more things. Now he knows which book is Sasuke’s favorite and why. He knows he likes the bow and arrow. He knows that he has three friends and that they are all “complete idiots, but I like them.” One is Suigetsu and he’s on the school’s swimming team and as far as Sasuke mentions (which is not much, Sasuke doesn’t really like to talk about himself) Naruto bets that he’s as asshole as Sasuke is himself, but Sasuke says his jokes are fun most of the time. The other is Juugo, who is obsessed with animals and the environment and is incredibly patient with them all. There is also Karin (Karin, who is a girl, Karin, that for some strange reason causes Naruto to feel something vicious in his stomach whenever Sasuke mentions her) (and no, those feelings are not jealousy at all), who has glasses and is a hothead, with the hair of an intense red. Karin, who is irritable and upset about the fact that Suigetsu is an immature idiot most of the time. Karin who is strong and kind and has an intense and strong personality. Karin, who is intelligent and perceptive and “just as stubborn as you moron”. Karin, who had a crush on Sasuke for a while time ago but now likes to joke about the fact that Naruto and him look like boyfriends because they talk ALL the time and A LOT, (and no, Naruto definitely didn’t blush when Sasuke said it).

And then Naruto finds himself thinking about Sasuke. Thinking about his possible appearance. Wondering and thinking in how would his hair look like, about if his face combines with his voice, in what would be the color of his eyes, (seriously, if he doesn’t pass algebra it will be all Sasuke’s fault), because Sasuke has not mentioned anything about his physique besides that he has a weird tattoo on the shoulder (stupid, stupid Suigetsu’s dare).

And then one day they’re talking and Sasuke says, “Are you blond?”

And Naruto almost choked on his own saliva because what the hell, how does he know that. He is surprised and for a moment really thinks oh by ramen’s sake, Sasuke KNOWS him in person. And he’s so focused on his nerves and panic that he doesn’t realize that he has not answered yet until Sasuke says, “Well, because you know, blondes are supposed to be fools, so I assumed you were very blond.”

And then Naruto just… stops. He knows he is supposed to be offended, but at the moment he can only laugh, because Sasuke tried to make a joke (a biased one, but still, a joke. Naruto imagines Sasuke is clumsy for jokes and for anything to do with having actually normal fun) so he only answers with a “bastard. You’re rude. But yes, I’m the hottest blonde you ever gonna meet in your life.”

“Debatable. But hn, your ancestors must be proud of you then, unless you dye it.”

“Hey! I’m really hot, y’know? And of course not, you idiot, I don’t dye my hair, I’m a natural blonde.”

“Hn.” Sasuke likes to make that sound a bit too much.

“Do you?”


“Do you dye your hair, moron?”

“No, why would I do that?”

“Well, how do I know you’re not an emo who likes to paint his hair and wear piercings and black clothes and hair over his face…? I bet you let grow your hair long and…, OH AND THE NAILS, paint the nails is something emo, right? I bet you paint your nails…”


“… Yes, I’m sure that…”


“… Probably…”

Naruto, you’re babbling.”

“Oh, heh, sorry.”

“I don’t have piercings.”



“But you didn’t say you didn’t paint your nails, so…”

“Oh, shut up, dobe.”

Naruto laughs.

Sasuke thinks that Naruto’s laughter is the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard before.


Naruto also learns that Sasuke’s parents were killed in a fire. He finds out he has a brother. An older brother who is in jail for some reason he doesn’t know. An older brother Sasuke can’t mention without his voice quivering a little. He always seems so upset and disturb talking about his family.

So Naruto tells him his story. He tells him about his scars on his cheeks and how he has been an orphan since he was born. He says that he knows his parents only in photos. He tells him that his mother had the most beautiful red long hair, (that was intense and flaming and bright like fire), and that his father was blond and had blue pure eyes like the sky (and like himself). He tells him that he dreams of them almost every night. He tells him about his grandfather Jiraiya and tells him about how perverted he is and how obsessed he is with Tsunade (his neighbor, who likes gambling and alcohol and is scary when she is upset, but she is also kind and intelligent and gave Naruto a really cool necklace on his birthday). He tells him about the stories that Jiraiya has told him about his parents. He tells him that they were both in the police force and they were excellent and they were killed by a man who is still free out there in the streets. He tells him that he’s proud of him, even if he didn’t know them. He tells him about all the rage that grows and bubbles in his chest, about all that hate that he doesn’t like but it’s still there and doesn’t go away for once. He doesn’t know why he does it, why he says it. He only knows that he wants to make him feel better, that he wants Sasuke to know that he is not alone, that Naruto knows his pain. He wants him to know that it’s okay to talk about his problems. He wants him to know that Naruto is going to listen to him. He wants him to know he cares. He cares so much that it hurts.

And Sasuke does not say anything, but Naruto can feel it through the phone, he can hear his fragile breathing and can almost feel the beating of his heart pounding in his chest. He may feel, in some way, what Sasuke is feeling and he knows that Sasuke feels what he is feeling himself too.

Because Naruto begins to think that Sasuke knows him. He knows him better than anyone else and he understands him, Sasuke understands him as no one else has done it before.

And Naruto has never wanted to meet a person so much before.


It’s the middle of December and it’s cold. The sky is pale and beautiful and there’s snow everywhere you turn to see. The trees have no longer leaves and they look old and without so much life like in Spring with all the color spinning in them, but Naruto likes winter too. Or at least, liked winter too until tragic happened.

Sakura is in his bed texting Ino and Naruto looks at her like he’s dying. She looks at him with the corner of her beauty green eyes and makes a face.

“Naruto, stop already, you moron. You’re doing The Face again.”

Naruto rolls over the floor (which it’s also cold as fuck, but he doesn’t care enough, he’s dying) and groans, ”But Sakura…

She puts her phone in her stomach and looks at him upside down at the side of Naruto’s bed. Naruto keeps saying her name and she just sees him like she’s waiting for him to continue.

Naruto does with “he’s visiting me, Sakura, he’s visiting me…

Sakura raises an eyebrow. “Hm? I already know that, you told me yesterday and you keep saying it every two minutes. But what’s the matter?”

Naruto sits right up and gestures at her with exaggerated swings of arms. “What’s the matter? He’s visiting me, that’s the matter!”

She sighs and sits too. She moves to the edge of the bed and pick up her legs just so her chin would be in one of her knees. She looks down at him and titles her head, the pink soft hair falling over on the middle of her face. Naruto always liked Sakura’s hair. It was really pretty when she had it long, but when she cut it out it was even more cool because it was short spiky-type and wild and messy and it was a nice thing. She also has these cute short bangs that don’t cover her forehead (Ino doesn’t allow it) but looks pretty great. “I don’t get it. You look like you are about to die, like something just crash in your favorite thing and broke it. Shit, you almost look like there’s no more ramen in the cupboard, that’s worrying. But you always talked about this guy so much, about how cool he was, and as far as I remember, you also always said how much you wanted to meet him in person and finally can see his face and can hear his voice not just through a phone call. So, then he says to you that he’s coming to the city for the weekend and he wants to see you and instead of being all happy you get all messy about it? Why?

Naruto blinks. “It doesn’t make sense when you explain it like it.”

Sakura rolls her eyes and kicks Naruto with her leg on his shoulder. He pouts at her while touching his arm. “That hurt.”

She ignores him. “It doesn’t make sense the way you look at it Naruto, you’re just being dramatic.”

“I’m not! I want to meet him! It’s just that I don’t want to ruin the things with him! He’s… He’s the best guy I know and I think he really understands me and I really like him and…”

Sakura blinks. “You like him? Like… really like him?”

Naruto stops. He looks at his side because he just can’t meet Sakura’s eyes. She always said that she can read him like a book through his because Naruto’s were so transparent. He doesn’t want her looking at him with pity or something like it. And what was he even supposed to answer? He himself doesn’t know well his feelings. He cares about Sasuke. He cares so much about him that he even spent five hours without getting sleep just thinking if he was fine. Just because he said he had a bad day. He really sounded upset, and Naruto couldn’t stop worrying. He also thinks about him a lot. It is not really his fault, everything in school or on his home remembered him about Sasuke. And he likes him, he really do, he is cool and smart and kind and cares a lot about people, about his friends. He’s an ass too, and arrogant sometimes and likes arguing, but it’s not that bad. Naruto loves that about him too. But does he like him that way? Does he want to actually date Sasuke?

Just the thought of it makes him giddy. Just the idea of it makes his heart races and a warm feeling sink in his throat and all down his stomach. Just thinking about it makes him fuzzy and all tingle in his inner self.

Sakura moves and Naruto sees her all the way getting down the bed and kneeling beside him. She looks at him with kind and tender eyes and reaches to brush his blond hair.

“Aw, Naruto. You blushed.” She mutters, and he’s way too embarrassed, but he knows Sakura is not making fun of him; she talks way too soft for being not real compassionate about him.

Naruto closes his eyes and Sakura mutters something more under her breath that he doesn’t get, but then she’s right there, and her sweet smell is burning his lungs. Sakura’s arms are warm and soft and she’s being understanding and tender and for a moment Naruto remembers why he did like her in the past. He likes her as a sister now, and he thinks about liking Sasuke as his brother… he thinks about being held by Sasuke, being in Sasuke’s arms and telling him all that has been building in his stomach since they start to talk to each other…

No, he definitely didn’t like Sasuke as Sakura. It was different. More intense, more raw and crude, but… somehow sweeter. And no, he definitely didn’t like him as a brother.

“It’s going to be fine, Naruto. Don’t worry about it.”


Naruto and Sasuke agree to meet in a place. It is a park from the outskirts of Konoha.

It’s the middle of December, just a few days later Sakura talked to Naruto. It’s cold outside and Naruto is nervous as hell that he can’t even feel his legs, but at the same time, he’s excited.

He’s standing awkwardly out of his house, on the sidewalk, while Sakura is checking on her car (well, Ino’s car, but it’s technically the same thing). Sakura lends him it (because his own old pickup van has chosen to decompose just then) and she indeed offers to take him, because Naruto is so edgy that his hands shake and she assures him that he won’t be able to drive in that mood.

“Everything will be okay, Naruto, just stop with the drama. I’m not bothering you two either. I’m leaving you there until Sasuke arrives, so you don’t have to worry.” Sakura tells him leaning against the car. Her hair is waving around because of the cold wind and her arms are firm crossed in her chest and she looks at him like she always does in situations where he’s like this: like she’s trying to calm him down, but at the same time, she’s so exasperated that she can’t hid it.

“Everything is going to be fine, Naruto.” She repeats, and then she points with her thumb behind her, “so get in the car already and let’s go to meet your prince.”

Naruto blinks wildly. “He’s not…!”

“I’m kidding, you moron.” She giggles. “Just get in the car.”


The ride is not so long, but Naruto thinks it is. His hands keep sweating and he has to wipe them in his pants several times. He keeps looking through the window outside, watching at the people and the places, but all it’s too blurry to caught, and he’s feeling fuzzy. He keeps seeing things but he doesn’t recognize them, like it’s the first time he sees it, like this is not his own city. He keeps listening to the music on the radio Sakura just put to calm him down, but it’s not helping, it’s not working.

The air is dense inside the car and his head is spinning and he can’t focus because he’s going to meet Sasuke, he’s going to meet Sasuke in person and oh Holy Ramen, this is happening and…

“Seriously Naruto, he’s going to give you a panic attack, calm down a bit.” Sakura teases. Naruto looks at her and she smiles at him. One of her hands is fixed on the steering wheel but the other moves and pats his shoulder carefully. “Everything will be fine.”

And Naruto wants to think that, he really wants, but the way his heart hits against his chest is erratic and discordant and it hurts, and he can’t concentrate in anything else besides Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke, and the way his disturbed heartbeat remembers him of his name.

Yes, the ride seems definitely too long.


When they get to the park, they are practically alone, mostly because of the cold weather, but Naruto doesn’t notice. There are people walking on the sidewalk and Naruto gets out of the car with his legs feeling like water. Gelid air hits his face and his cheeks numb.

“Do you want me to get out of the car with you?”

Naruto thinks for a second it is a good idea, because he can’t calm down, but he doesn’t want to bother Sakura more, so he tries to smile convinced at her (though he’s dying slowly inside) and says, “No, I’m fine.”

Sakura smiles back at him from the car and gives him a thumb up. Her eyes are sweet when she says, “’kay, good luck! I’m leaving you here, call me if you need me!” She’s about to go when she seems to remember something. “Oh! And Naruto?”

“… Yes?”

“It’s going to be alright. Believe me. And if it something that makes you feel better, I’m sure he feels the same way as you.”

Naruto blinks. “… Sa— kura?”

She smiles. “Bye! I’m greeting Ino for you!”

Naruto waves at her and sees all the way while she gets away. The car is a red point in the street when Naruto finally starts to walk to the meeting point.

It is supposed to be there, just right at the swings area. But there is no one there, just two kids, and Naruto does know Sasuke it’s just a year older than him, so he’s none of them.

Naruto looks at his cell phone for the hour. It’s 2:27 pm. Three minutes left for the agreed time.

Ok, he’s in time. Sasuke is in time too. So there’s nothing to worry about.

He stands there and waits, playing with his hands (mostly because they can’t stop sweating, dammit) and trying to breathe normally enough.

Three minutes pass. He watches at the people going from here to there, and the kids playing around. Everything seems too normal to be such an important day.

Ten more minutes go by.

Five more and Naruto is ready to get his phone from his pocket and call Sakura to pick him up in the car and flee because he is so nervous, he’s so on the edge that he feels like he is going to explode and all Sasuke is going to find is a deformed liquid spot on the ground along with all the snow. And that would definitely be more embarrassing than…

“Hn. So you’re really blond.”

… Holy fuck.




That voice.


That voice…


Sasuke is there, Sasuke is there.

God, Naruto’s heart is pounding so hard on his chest that he thinks it’s going to come out between his ribs.

Naruto turns around on his heels, his breath stirring white smoke in front of his face. He turns and Sasuke is… there. He’s right there and… wow.



Sasuke is…



His hair is jet-black, dark as the sky on a starless night. It is short and sharp from behind and has a cut that should be funny but in him has a great fit. He has bangs, they are long and frame his face by the sides till the level of his lips. Naruto has the impression that one of them would cover one of his eyes if there was no wind that shakes it weakly against his forehead. His hair is messy and looks soft and beautiful. His skin is pale and contrasts with the intense color of his hair. His eyes are just as dark as his hair, so deep and looking at him as if he were the only thing in the world that was worth focusing on. His lips are thin and composed in a half mocking smile. His posture is casual and composed, as if it isn’t the first time they have meet; as if none of this is something that makes Naruto turn from head to toe, upside down; as if it isn’t the thing having Naruto on edge with nerves, and the feelings burning on the surface of his skin.

His face is sharp, all thin angles and high cheekbones, contrasting and extreme colors, ranging from the purest to the darkest, and God, everything in him is so impressive.

“Are you going to stand there staring at me all day?” Sasuke raises an eyebrow. His lips tug a little higher and his voice tinges with a mocking tone. God, his voice

Naruto feels his cheeks burn. He smiles awkwardly and runs a hand through his hair. Sasuke’s eyes follow the movement of his fingers between the golden strands until they fall behind.

Naruto scratches his neck and laughs nervously.

“It’s just…” He starts, but then stops because, “I’m not staring! I’m definitely not staring!” He bursts out, his frown in a line. Deep inside he knows he’s lying, but he can’t let Sasuke know that. Sasuke smiles a little, condescending, but his eyebrow stays high, like saying “sure, whatever you say” and “but I don’t believe you at all, moron”.

Naruto looks at his side because if he keeps seeing him, he will start staring and his cheeks are already burning, so no, he doesn’t want to combust. “Um, you’re just a little different from how I imagined you were, it’s all.”

Sasuke’s eyes drop to meet his eyes (God, his eyes), and Naruto has to contain himself to avoid panting loudly, because Holy Ramen…

His eyebrow rises even higher. There’s a subtle shit-eating grin growing on his lips and Naruto thinks he’s going to die. “Did you imagine what I look like? Hn, and I thought you weren’t so obsessed with me.”

Naruto opens his eyes, wide, and blinks. “You… you cocky bastard! I’m not obsessed with you! I didn’t mean… I mean, yes, I asked myself several times how you would look like but… I mean, it’s not like I’m thinking about your appearance all the time or…”

Sasuke makes a little noise in the back of his throat. His eyes are glued to Naruto and he looks funny, as if Naruto’s suffering and clumsiness amused him.

Naruto closes his lips in a tight line and looks away. The blush on his cheeks has begun to spread, because he can feel the heat tingling in his neck and the tip of his ears. The fact that he can feel Sasuke’s intense stare stuck on him doesn’t help.

And suddenly everything is silent and Naruto feels silly and stupid and…

“Usuratonkachi.” Sasuke’s voice is soft, so soft, and the way he says it is as if he’s saying “idiot” with his eyes blank and a wry smile on his face.

Naruto opens his eyes, because he has to see his face, he has to, and when he turns his head again, Sasuke is looking right at him, his hands in his pockets and his hair falling gently on his face. God, Naruto needs to concentrate, every time he looks at him it’s like he gets lost in his head and mind.

“You’re not very different from how I thought. You’re really blond, you look like you don’t know what a comb is, and your face looks stupid…”

Naruto chokes. There is something inside him that rages, although it is not anger, it is almost… expectation. But there is something else. Something else than the adrenaline that runs through his blood when they fight.

“You— jerk…!”

“And you have a lousy sense of fashion, orange is a horrible color. I have no idea why it is your favorite color…”

“As if blue was better, idiot! Orange is the coolest, brightest and most cheerful color of all!”

Sasuke rolls his eyes at his childish outburst and continues, “And you have tanned skin, I imagined that. Your eyes are clearer than I thought, though…”

“Well, yours are darker than I expected. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just impress.”

Sasuke continues like if there hadn’t been interruptions. “I never thought you’d have blond eyelashes, it’s… well, not bad… I’ve never met anyone before you that had the eyelashes of that color… and it’s quite…”

Naruto is about to insult him with something (although he is not quite sure what to say, because everything in him is impossible to insult; everything in him is so wonderful, dammit), but then he is silent, because Sasuke tilts his head to one side, his hair falling like a silken curtain of dark strands, and stretches a hand toward Naruto’s face and oh my goodness, Sasuke’s hand is right in front of him and…


The scars.

Sasuke’s hand is incredibly warm against his cold skin. His fingers pass over the lines carefully, with fragile, feathery touches, and his skin is so soft

And Sasuke doesn’t say anything, but his eyes are completely focused on his cheeks and in them there’s something completely indecipherable for Naruto. They look sad and angry and hurt and careful, all at once.

And then Sasuke takes a step forward (which means he’s closer, when he was already close enough) and Naruto can distinguish the way his long eyelashes rub against the white skin of his cheeks. And suddenly it’s like his senses are overloaded because he can feel everything. He is hyper aware of Sasuke’s fingertips, which make his skin tingle wherever they touch him, which despite the cold weather seem to carry the fire along with them, because they awaken overwhelming heat beneath his skin. He can feel the dense, charged air around him and between them, as if there were sparkling electricity flying and catapulting into volutes and dissenting spirals. He can distinguish the soft Sasuke’s smell (apples and grass). He can even hear his breath and suddenly everything revolves around him.

His heart is hammering madly in his chest and his ears are buzzing and there is something beating in his throat, something that is alive and fluttering. The sky behind them is silver and purple, and the clouds are fluffy speckles of white and gray, and Sasuke looks like a star standing there, so bright and so remarkable and outstanding

Then Sasuke’s eyes meet his own and he’s staring at him and it’s like everything around him is alive. It is like everything inside him is moving and shouting to get out. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down and thinking you’re going to fall. It’s like the sound of a storm. Everything is wild and alive and Naruto does not know what he is doing, his body moves on autopilot…

His hand reaches out and Naruto can see his own fingers tremble as he carefully removes one of Sasuke’s bangs from his face.

Sasuke’s eyes open wide, and then he opens his mouth and he’s saying something, he’s talking, but Naruto doesn’t listen, because there are waves that beat against his ears and everything sounds like the sea.

And then he pushes forward and their lips collide and… and just wow.

Sasuke’s breath stalls in his throat audibly and Naruto can hear it. His lips are warm and soft (so, so, so soft) and Naruto can’t help but think how much he wants this. How much he wanted this, how long he had been waiting for this without even knowing it.

Sasuke makes a shocked little noise in the back of his throat as Naruto pushes forward but he doesn’t back down, and Naruto can feel the way his eyelashes sweep into his own skin when his eyes close (they tickle him). He can feel him relax in an instant when Naruto’s fingers move back and pull the strands of hair behind his ear. He can hear him sigh shakily as the tips of his fingers intermingle with his hair on the back of his head. And then Sasuke’s hand is on his shirt and his fingers squeeze tightly against the cloth and he is pulling Naruto towards him.

Everything is fuzzy and hot and damp and soft and so good. Naruto has one hand firmly behind Sasuke’s head to keep him from pulling away and the other reaches to take Sasuke’s free hand. His fingers intertwine and embolden like gears as his mouths move one against another languidly, as his lips glide lazily and unhurriedly.

And then Sasuke’s hand moves, the tips of his fingers leaving electricity sticking to Naruto’s skin as they touch him, and suddenly it is in his hair, behind his head. He pull his head back, enough to make their lips separate a few millimeters. Sasuke’s breathing is altered and quick and shaky and he seems to be desperate for air. Naruto can feel his unsteady breathing pounding against his bulging cheeks and is proud of it. He doesn’t care if his own is the same or worse because Sasuke is this way, he’s like this for him.

The kiss was so good, everything was so good, and Naruto is about to ask why they stopped, but then Sasuke is pulling Naruto back forward and his lips are crashing again and he doesn’t have time to ask. This time Sasuke opens his lips and seems more desperate than before. His hands pull Naruto’s hair and his lips stick to Naruto’s as if they were his source of life.

And they continue like this. They kiss and kiss and kiss. They pause to breathe and their lips meet again after a few seconds as if they were attracted like magnets and metal.

They kiss and kiss and kiss and Sasuke’s hands are on his hair and his face and his shoulders and his neck and on the top of his shirt, touching everything as if he wanted to remember every inch. And he looks so altered, so out of place, and Naruto thinks he’s about to faint, because he put Sasuke like this, the stoic Sasuke so out of control, of composure, and that drives him crazy.

He feels drunk. Dizzy. Everything is spinning around him and there is nothing more than Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.

There is nothing more than Sasuke and his hands and his lips and his skin and his hair. Everything is him and he is soft and cold and hot and he loves it.

They kiss and kiss and kiss until Naruto’s lips are swollen. They kiss until the sky behind them is dark and both are numb from the cold. They kiss until Sasuke’s hairstyle is ruined and until his lips hurt (in the best way).

And when they separated, Naruto has the forehead against Sasuke’s.

Sasuke is looking at him with misty eyes, as if he had just woken from a dream, and he looks so beautiful and precious and Naruto wants to kiss him again. Their breaths mingle and their hearts beat in unison against their chests.

Sasuke’s cheeks are flushed and, although it could because of the cold, Naruto knows it’s for something else and that makes him smile.

There is something warm and tender and soft and alive that continues to flutter in his chest and throat and it hurts, it hurts so much but in a good kind of way, and it makes him feel good and giddy. Reminds him why he is alive.

Sasuke makes him feel that way.

Alive. Wild. In peace.


Sasuke’s eyes have a million emotions reflected in them when the mist curtain is extinguished (not at all, but enough) and Naruto wonders if his eyes are as transparent and stormy and crazy as his. By the way Sasuke is looking at him he thinks they are.

And then Sasuke smiles. It is weak and fragile and soft and small, but it is a smile, and it is there, and Naruto smiles wider.

Sasuke is beautiful. Inside an out.

And he can’t stop looking at him.

And maybe his gaze is too intense because Sasuke’s cheeks color grows as he closes his eyes and murmurs, “Usuratonkachi. Stop looking at me like that. I have a reputation to keep.”

And Naruto laughs. He laughs and Sasuke smiles even wider, because Naruto’s laugh could give world peace and could cure cancer. Because Naruto’s laugh is beautiful and Naruto makes him happy.

Because both of them are happy there.

Because they both know what love is without having even seen the other in person before.

Because both fell in love with words so intensely that the feeling couldn’t be extinguished.

Because everything is beautiful and lovely and perfect.




A/N: So… how was it? this is my first attempt for a sns fanfic, so don’t be so rude, okay? I’m sorry if it’s awful, it was just an idea I have and I write it for fun. Also, English is not my first language, so I’m so sorry for any grammatical mistake in here, i did my best.


Draco x slytherin weasley!reader

Request: draco is secretly dating a Wesley (red head, hand me downs, very obvious except shes a slytherin) and her sister and Hermione are the only ones who know and it accidently gets spilled to her brothers and how they react and all that junk if you wouldn’t mind?! Id love if you did!

note: you gave me a prompt and i wrote waaaay more surrounding the story than anyone ever asked of me so idk here you go lol


Draco bit his lip. Clearly you were a Weasley, with the bright ginger hair and moth eaten hand me down cloak, yet he couldn’t deny you were certainly attractive. More than attractive, if he were being honest. It was rather unfortunate, he felt, that such a wonder could be lost to such a dumb family.
He’d watched you from afar for years, but today felt different. Today he wanted to talk to you.

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Lena Luthor Appreciation week

Day 2: Favorite outfit/look 

I love everything about her in this episode, her dress, her hair, her make up. She’s always perfect but here she’s… idk, I’m too gay to function now.

I also spent an entire afternoon looking for a dress like this in every store I know. I didn’t find it.

Mistake or not

Hi! This is the second part of Mistake. Hope you enjoy! There probably will be more parts than What I had originally thought so yeh. In this one there is:

Suicidal thoughts
Panic attack
Self harm

There might be more but these are what I could think of XD

Lance will admit he was not doing alright. He couldn’t find the energy to actually move or walk out of his room, to that adding that he didn’t want to face the other paladins. He did try to, its not like he didn’t, he would stand infront of his door where he knew the others were at the other side and contemplate if he should or shouldn’t go out and face them. He had decided that he wouldn’t, at least not until he felt better. There still was that fucking painful clench in his heart and he had already clawed at his chest so much that it had scratching wounds that had covered his hands, chest and abdomen with blood, which forced him to have to spend quite some time in the bathroom taking care if that.

He had lost track of time and hadn’t stopped crying. Whenever he though his body couldn’t create more tears he was proven wrong. Hunk’s words were in a loop in his mind. He just couldn’t believe that Hunk would think of him that way. The thought that now he didn’t have Hunk to rely on was too overwhelming.

He did ponder on using the pills to end his torture, but just when he was about to pop all of the pills into his mouth he had hesitated.

He started to think how would the others react to this. Allura, Coran and Hunk worried him the most.

Allura has already expressed her deep care for Lance. She had claimed that he was her little brother, and would drag him to her room so they had what she had called sibling time. That surely had helped him with his conflicts but didn’t exactly do the trick since she was usually busy with planning strategies and dealing with where to go next and all.

Coran was the uncle he didn’t really have. His Papa was an only child and his mother had two sisters. Just like how his mother treated him differently, they did as well. In all honesty he was under his mother’s care so she didn’t have problems with the law. Coran would actually guide him when he was stuck, no wonder he was a royal advisor. Whenever Lance needed to talk about his feelings and Hunk couldn’t help him Coran would always be willing to help him. Sometimes he even reminded Lance of his Papa because of how willing he was to leave everything he was doing to listen to Lance.

And Hunk. Honestly he worried Lance more than the others.

He remembers when he tried to kill himself after his father died. He had just started at the garrison and had fallen into what Hunk called a death pit, it was just like this one right now. Obviously it’s all foggy and blurry with missing pieces because he was dying, but one thing stood in his mind and has never left. It was Hunk. Hunk had been so scared and the way he begged and wailed for Lance to not die replayed fresh in his mind. That made him feel angry at himself. He had gotten so angry that he had thrown the pills across the room causing them to scatter everywhere.

Hunk hurt him yet he still cared. He wanted to hate Hunk, wanted to be angry at him, but he just couldn’t. Hunk was such an important person to him that Lance couldn’t help it. Who knows maybe he has a platonic crush on Hunk or something but he didn’t really care. Hunk has been a constant in his life, he was used to having him there to hold him and comfort him and now that Hunk was the one that hurt him he didn’t know how to deal with his emotions.

So he decided to atleast find comfort in Blue. He had decided to let Blue back into his mind after the commotion. She had turned into her organic form and had been begging and pleading at Lance to let her in for almost three days in a row, he knew she was scratching at his door to let him know she was there and wanted to go in so he let her in. When he opened the door just a little for her to slip in he was greeted by a glimpse of the others making him close the door again immediately after she slipped in.

He would snuggle in her warmth and love. He would take as much as he could even if that malicious thought that Blue was too good for him still bugged his mind. He decided to chase it off, for her.

He knew the others were outside his door, he also knew Pidge had hacked into his helmet giving he heard her cheering and wooping when she succeeded. He guessed it was to see what he was up to.

Lance had moved to sit against the door now, Blue bringing him his pillows and blankets and together they made their own den against the door. He would listen to all the others outside the door murmured to him through the door, he would listen to every single apology and attempt to get him to atleast speak. He didn’t answer though, he just leaned back against the door and listen while caressing Blue’s fur. He had decided to keep the helmet against his chest along with his jacket giving the slightest bit of comfort he could to the team through the hacked helmet. He knew already why Pidge Hacked it, they were using it as a stethoscope and were listening to his pulse. He didn’t mind as long as it brought them comfort.

Lance knew he shouldn’t be thinking for ways to comfort the rest of the team right outside the door when he couldn’t even breath without feeling like his ribs were going to crush his lungs and heart, when his head felt like it was being split open because of the raging head ache he had, when he had to breath through his mouth because his nose was clogged up, when his eyes were puffy and swollen, and his once smooth and healthy lips are now chapped from so much crying, but he couldn’t help feeling worst at the thought that they were hurting because of him, he hurt them. He hurt the people he has come to care the most in this fucking war.

He was leaning against the door once again staring at the wall infront of him while caressing Blue’s fur. He frowned when he felt something big and warm press against the door.

“Lance?” Came Hunk’s voice making him freeze in his spot and his breath get caught in his throat. Lance gulped trying to get rid of the lump forming in his throat and his eyes started to tear up instantly. He hugged the helmet and jacket tightly against his chest biting his chapped bottom lip harshly, starting to taste an irony flavor in his tongue, probably having just sunk his teeth into his lip.

“Lance… look… I know that I fucked it up I mean… I almost grew up with you and I know how much people have judged you and have compared you to others. I also know how much you’ve always been compared to Keith and always having been told mean things a-and I-I…” Lance gasped lightly as tears ran down his face. At this Blue snarled lowly before curling unto Lance’s lap.

“Shit, Hunk stop, I don’t think now is the time. Blue just snarled at us” came Pidge’s voice muffled by the door. “His heart rate is picking up a lot man”

“Hunk, wait for him to approach us, he might not be ready for this talk, and I doubt that you’re in any state to talk to him.You need to be patient Hunk.” Shiro added, his soothing voice helping Lance start to calm a little before Hunk started to talk again.

“No! I have waited But I need to try and fix this! I-I… Lance, I’m so fucking sorry. I have no excuse for what I did. You have no obligation of forgiving me. You don’t even have to! Just… Don’t fall back into that death pit please. W-When your father died I found you almost dead. I-I would never be able to live with your death in my conscience. Please Just… lets talk it out please Lance” At this point Hunk was sobbing against the door. Lance himself was sobbing uncontrollably using his hand to cover his mouth. He tried desperately to calm down because his breathing was too agitated. Lance knew he was not okay, and Hunk speaking so desperately was like the first day all over again.

“Hunk get away from there right now! Christ Listen to his heart beat! Get the fuck away!” Came Keith’s voice before there was struggling against the door. Lance couldn’t register anything else that was happening after that. He was too busy gasping for air as tears cascaded down his cheeks, his vision was tunneled, pulsing in and out with the rhythm of his heart beat which was blaring on his ears preventing him to listen anything else. His hands trembled where they gripped on the jacket and the helmet in his lap.

“My cub, you need to calm down, I am here for you. Please take deep breaths” came Blue’s soothing voice before her warm comforting presence flooded his mind, instantly starting to work on calming him down. He gasped for air, a ragged cry ripping through his throat before he felt himself be pulled into Blue’s soft fur by huge lion paws on his shoulders. He obeyed trying to take deep breaths, breathing in Blue’s comforting scent. He sobbed and burried his face into her fur as she kept reassuring him in his mind.

After what felt like an eternity he was slumped against Blue too exhausted to move. He felt completely drained in every single way, emotionally, mentally and physically. Blue had taken into her mission to lap at his cheeks trying to get rid of the tears that had slowed considerably, her purr rumbling through their bodies making his eyes get droppy.

“That’s it my cub. Rest. I will stay here by your side, I will shower you with my love. I will protect you and care for you” Blue said, sloftly and carefully pushing him back against the pillows and blankets.

“Blue?” He mumbled looking at the lioness who hummed looking at him with caring yellow eyes" why would you do so much for me? I do not deserve you. A mistake is never something worth caring for"

Blue sighed and laid down against him starting to softly lick his hair in an attempt to groom him even though she had already forced him to shower. She honestly made him feel like her cub sometimes"my cub, I will always love you. You are no mistake. Mistakes do not exist. Everything happens for a purpose.“ She purred carefully pulling a blanket to cover Lance.

“But… what purpose would I have? I mean, I have nothing to offer, I-” Lance started before Blue cut him off.

“Lance, my lovely cub, you have so much to offer yet you speak so lowly of yourself. You’re such an amazing being, so selfless and dedicated. Don’t believe what others say about you. I know my cub, it’s easier said than done, but now you have me by your side. I will help you forever, even if you ever stop being my paladin, you will always be my lovely cub” she purred laying her head on his chest with a lionish warm smile.

“But… Blue I-hmph!”

“None of that, don’t ruin this moment with words sweet cheeks” she said taking her paw from Lance’s face as she had silenced him with it. The genuine laugh that rumbled through Lance’s body made her swell with pride and happiness as she had successfully made her cub feel better.

“And that Blue?” He chuckled as she gave him a shrug

“Learned from the best, now rest my cub, I will be here with you” she purred happily curling against Lance and licking his cheek, softly humming on his mind a soothing lullaby to coax him to sleep. Maybe he could trust blue on this one. He smiled letting exhaustion take over his body and mind.

Mistake or not, he now knew that for Blue, he was more than just her paladin.

i love justine and her kids…

skymurdock  asked:

"I kneel into a dream where I am good and loved. I am good. I am loved." idk something with the OT trio, if that's okay?

This is how it starts: the Princess rests her white, cool hand on his wrist, and Han goes still under her touch. You’re invaluable, she says, not just to the Rebellion, but—

But? Han says quietly, because this is his fantasy and he’s allowed to imagine himself sincere, strong enough to extend that terrifying first touch, here in this shadow-world where nothing is real.

To me, Leia whispers, and she’s ‘Leia’ like this, her hair unbound around her shoulders. He’s only seen her like that once, late at night during an unexpected assault. They’d been called from their beds, and the Yavinese heat had made her flushed, her hair slicked to her neck and throat in tangles, and Han had watched her dumbly, enthralled by how she kept sweeping it from her face.

He’d wanted to cup his hands around her small face and push her hair from her eyes and kiss where the sweat shone on her brow.

The problem is he’s greedy. It’s—she’s enough, of course she is, but so is—

(He’d fucked Luke, okay? Not much, but enough. Enough to count. He wasn’t aware of the Jedi stuff, couldn’t predict the Death Star business, but there was a beautiful boy, hair the color of sand and defensive and hungry, and Han Solo had understood Lando at last. Because you can’t resist all that young hunger, the unvarnished honesty of first wanting.

Luke Skywalker had tried to drape himself against Han’s door frame, very casually, and the effect was so painfully sincere that Han had almost choked on it. Anyway, they’d had a fumbling few hours and then there was the whole business with—



This is what Han Solo imagines: after the Princess’ white hand, there’s the Jedi’s furtive kissing, sloppy, inexperienced, but it’s good. As good as you’re invaluable to me. And like magic, it’s all of them, because Han figures that if he loves Luke, and loves Leia, and Luke loves Leia and Leia loves Luke then—

He’s never doubted Luke and Leia love each other. It’s just that maybe, he’s there. and they’re touching him, and the Princess is murmuring we need you, don’t go, I need you, and the Jedi is laughing, low in his throat, and chuckling, don’t you know how important you are, solo? how much we need you—

Han wakes up in his own bed, alone, every time.

drawing lots with his eyes closed,
drunk on nectar and ambrosia,
laughing out may we live forever’s
in the shallow yellow dawn.

with the short straw. with the
hollow ground. with the quiet.
with the stone-cold throne and
endless echoes. the lopsided
crown, the dusty aching dark.

giving in to half-lies. to
sunken rumors, red-ripe tales.

she casts your crown aside.
curls herself like morning mist
upon your throne. you
sit on the floor between her legs
and she braids your hair. twists
and smiles and yes, maybe, yes,
the darkness, too,
can be soft. if you let it.

you are terrible and unknown.
you cannot wear those flowers
in your hair. you cannot
like you have seen the sun.

you are a god. you last. outlast.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot love
a softer thing.

you cannot be
a softer thing.

I love how they’re all dressed for different occasions here

Gloria is going to her middle school/freshman dance Mariah is going to high school homecoming/prom Aretha is about to sing for the president Carole is at a business meeting Shania is going to star in like a spice girls music video and Celine is.. idk. The hair says schoolgirl but she actually has on this long pink cape so she’s dressed like a magician

twist tie

pairing: ginny weasley x scabior

setting: modern, non-magical, chaos theory au

word count:

link: ao3

“Oh, my god, get up, get up, get up!” Ginny’s hissing, hitting him in the face with last night’s boxer briefs and a suspiciously stained black t-shirt. She’s already pulled on her own underwear, white cotton boy shorts covered in miniature pink strawberries, and is now struggling to untwist the straps of a dark purple bra. “Scabior!”

Scabior scrubs the heels of his palms into his eyes. “Why,” he whines, lifting his hips to tug his boxers up and over his morning wood. He flops backwards when he’s done. “It’s so early.”

“It’s nine-thirty,” Ginny snaps, kind of judgmentally, even though Scabior knows for a fact that she’s a perpetual fucking trainwreck before noon. “And George called, my mom’s literally—”

There’s the telltale squeak of the front door unlocking, followed by the faint rustle of a plastic grocery bag being put down, and then a Southern-accented female voice is chirping, “Ginny! Ginny?”  

Ginny goes almost comically still, eyes wide and mouth open and expression frozen in a weirdly endearing amalgam of dread, annoyance, and resignation—but then she’s scrambling for a pair of yoga pants and a wrinkled white undershirt that he’s pretty sure is his, quickly tying her hair up in a lumpy, slightly lopsided ponytail, and there are footsteps echoing from the hallway, brisk and efficient, and barely ten seconds have gone by, probably, but—

The bedroom door swings open.

A short, middle-aged woman with very familiar red hair and a Maryland sweatshirt appears.

She screams.

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anonymous asked:

I'd like to request G-Dragon + "yeah my heart does that when I'm around you" please ❤️

➸ word count: 621

➸ fluff/mild nsfw-ish

➸ teens & up

It feels like it’s much too early to be awake, even though it’s nearing ten in the morning. 

With warm sunlight trickling through the window, Jiyong finds himself wide awake, a content smile adorning his face as he lays on his side staring lovingly at his sleeping wife. 

Sighing happily, he enjoys the way the sunlight makes her skin glow. It’s an absolutely stunning view–her face peacefully content, hair slightly mussed from tossing around in her sleep and her chest rising up and down lightly with every breath she takes. 

He extends a hand out and brushes a few strands of hair away from her face, then slowly brings it back down to cradle the side of her face that isn’t pressed to her pillow. She stirs slightly and he rubs small soothing circles on her cheek, unable to help himself, he scoots closer and places a soft kiss to her forehead. 

Then her nose. 

And finally, her lips. 

________ lets out a soft moan like noise before Jiyong pulls away and her eyes flutter open. 

“Good morning, Mrs. Kwon” Jiyong greets breaking into a radiant smile that puts the sun to shame. 

“No, don’t look at me. I probably look ugly!” ________ exclaims hiding under the covers, her voice slightly muffled by them. 

“Baby” Jiyong laughs trying to pry the covers off of her. “Come on, I want to kiss you" 

The lump her body creates under the sheets moves and he assumes she’s shaking her head as she gives out a petulant “uh uh”

He resorts to extremes assures and soon he’s trying to find her sides in order to tickle them. 

“Come out from under there!” Jiyong grunts chuckling at her squeals and giggles. 

“Okay, o-okay! Stop!”

Jiyong stops his crazed assault on her ribs and waits for her to come out from under the covers. 

“Well?” he says getting impatient. ________ pulls the covers off her face until they reach just a bit below her chin. “Look at her, there she is, the most beautiful woman in the world” Jiyong sighs leaning down to kiss her softly on the lips. 

“Shut up, I probably look like a mess right now. I didn’t take off my makeup, and my hair–” she reaches up to touch her head and nods. “Yeap, it’s a birds nest” she groans. 

Jiyong just stares at her fondly shaking his head lightly. 

“You’ve never looked more beautiful” he whispers making her smile, and before she knows it, the sheets are being torn off of her. Jiyong takes a moment to revel in the beauty of her naked body before him before he straddles her hips, grabbing her hands and pinning them above her head. 

“So, so beautiful” he mumbles latching his lips to her neck. ________ moans softly, tilting her head back to give Jiyong better access to her neck. Slowly he slides down her body pressing small butterfly kisses to any exposed skin he can get to. 

He stops momentarily and chuckles. 

“What” _______ asks with squinted eyes. 

“Your heart is beating really loud” Jiyong tells her before pressing his ear to her chest and wrapping his arms around and under her. 

“Well yeah, my heart does that when I’m around you–so basically all the time” ________ says. 

“Even after being with me for so long?” Jiyong asks, voice laced with awe. 

“I think you’ll always be able to make my heart beat faster than normal, even when we get old and wrinkly and we’ve been together for over sixty plus years” ________ tells him bringing her hands down to card through his hair. 

“I love you”

“I love you too, Ji”

And for the rest of the morning, they stay just like that, warm in each others arms. 

a/n: here you go lovely, i hope you liked this! took me a while to come up with something, this is supposed to be some post honeymoon night kind of plot lol idk if it shows i didn’t mention much on it. anyways okay thank you for reading! and sorry for any mistakes/typos! xoxo.

Always You

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

Summary: Sam and the reader have been best friends for years, not going any further in their relationship. They are both in love with each other, but none of them want to say anything. One night, they both go out with Dean to a local bar when they’re on a case and things get heated up when jealousy overcomes Sam…

Request: Hello! Can I please have a story where me and Sam are “best friends” but he’s too shy to say anything and he gets a little jealous when we go out, I’m 5'1 with brown curly hair, idk if that matters but just in case lol

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean Winchester, Random sleazy guy

Word Count: 1328

Warnings: Angst, fluff, language, violence

A/N: Hey guys! Posted a mobile masterlist! Click here and….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED PADALECKI!!!!! LOVE YOU 

“Sam!” (Y/N) whined as Sam picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She laughed, her face becoming red from being upside down. Dean sat from afar with a beer in his hand, shaking his head.

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anonymous asked:

(this isnt meant to start any ship arguments lolol but) do u prefer billverly or benverly? or do u like/dislike both?

Hmmm I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I’m going to go with Benverly. Especially since I’m reading the book, and Ben is so fucking gone for Beverly. He’s so cute !

Ben looks at Beverly like she hung the moon and it’s adorable. He wrote her a poem, and Beverly looked so in love with it. She practically had hearts in her eyes as she read it.

Plus, Ben woke her up with the good ole fashion true love kiss trope. That is so cute ?? PLUS WHEN SHE WOKE UP SHE SAID THE POEM TO BEN OH MY GOSH

She looks at Ben with such adoration oh my gosh. This ship is so pure and fluffy.

I really don’t know why she chose Bill to kiss. I mean he didn’t really do much for her except compliment her hair. Which I guess made her believe he wrote the poem, but then later she finds out he didn’t. No hate here I swear! Bill and Beverly are cute. It’s a more mature relationship to be honest. Idk I guess Bill might understand her more than Ben? Idk, both ships are cute!

Cerys/Ciri + 2 ( kiss on the forehead hair)

and here is a kiss meme thing that NOBODY ASKED FOR ʘ‿ʘ
(gotta show some love for these charming scarred warrior ladies anyway)

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Can I have a request where Dany is acting jealous cause you are best friends with Yara and despite you trying to calm her (Dany is the readers wife) She just Gets so jealous that Its frightening almost everyone?

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“You need to fuck your wife.”

The blunt statement caught you by surprise and you eyed the ginger-haired man.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Fuck your wife so she stops scaring everybody.  The boat woman makes her jealous,” the Wildling elaborated.  You could see from his expression that he was completely serious and as if to accentuate his point, he nodded encouragingly.

Yara makes her jealous?  How would you know any of this?”

“Women have fought over me since I was old enough to use my cock,” he grinned beneath the wild, scraggly beard that protected his face from the northern winds.  “Take my word.”

Idk why i wanted tormund in it but i love him so here ya go