idk i love her hair here

Lena Luthor Appreciation week

Day 2: Favorite outfit/look 

I love everything about her in this episode, her dress, her hair, her make up. She’s always perfect but here she’s… idk, I’m too gay to function now.

I also spent an entire afternoon looking for a dress like this in every store I know. I didn’t find it.

2007 anime fan aesthetic
  • i buy sausage
  • caramelldansen of every fucking anime you can imagine
  • u_u o_O -_- ^_^
  • rping with characters in areas not usually reserved for roleplaying, such as youtube comments or author’s notes
  • trying to learn hare hare yukai
  • “i’m gonna move to japan and become a manga-ka (which means manga author)!”
  • sitting like L
  • “yagami is imagay backwards! XD”
  • the term “flames”
  • tokyopop, and reading manga without paying for it in a chair at barnes and noble (or borders)
  • anime in three parts and 240p quality on youtube 
  • “You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait 36 minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.”
  • ___plz icons on dA
  • spraying temporary hair color in your hair for cosplay
  • warrior cats/warrior cat inspired usernames
  • “omg have you seen this? (searches ‘charlie the unicorn youtube’ on google)”
  • fanart/fanfics of sakura/misa/orihime/main male dude’s love interest being shrieking and obnoxious and getting her horrible comeuppance for being… idk, a girl, i guess?
  • also this

I love how they’re all dressed for different occasions here

Gloria is going to her middle school/freshman dance Mariah is going to high school homecoming/prom Aretha is about to sing for the president Carole is at a business meeting Shania is going to star in like a spice girls music video and Celine is.. idk. The hair says schoolgirl but she actually has on this long pink cape so she’s dressed like a magician

i love justine and her kids…

it would be so much easier
to find another man who would want me because
i know such a man is out there and i know how to take a man
inside me,
but i have to know —

there was a girl with red hair once and i slept in her bed and (terrified, my heart in my throat) i reached out to take her hand and with mine i covered her eyes when i told her i loved her and i kissed her breasts
and i wonder if i could have done more i wonder what i would have done more would i have known how to do more i was so scared and i was young then —

i’ve seen the porn of course i’ve seen the porn i’ve watched the softcore porn with soft music soft noises soft kisses soft touches for fifteen minutes that got me bored and i’ve seen porn made for men’s eyes that got me sceptical and
even in my dreams i don’t know what to do.
and then: am i good enough for a woman am i beautiful enough for a woman am i fit enough for a woman to look at me and
i asked google yes you can laugh i asked google once, where do women who fuck women stand on the issue of pubic hair would they laugh at me would any woman go down on me every day i try to be at peace with my body but is it good enough for a woman and

if one day i was beautiful and i was brave
if i went somewhere and somehow met a woman there who would see me and deem me worthy if i drank a little to dare if i followed her i don’t want to have to tell her

i’ve never been with a woman

if i didn’t have to be brave and she still found me noticed me touched me how could i keep my voice steady when i tell her

i’ve never been with a woman
—  april 2017 (ml)
drawing lots with his eyes closed,
drunk on nectar and ambrosia,
laughing out may we live forever’s
in the shallow yellow dawn.

with the short straw. with the
hollow ground. with the quiet.
with the stone-cold throne and
endless echoes. the lopsided
crown, the dusty aching dark.

giving in to half-lies. to
sunken rumors, red-ripe tales.

she casts your crown aside.
curls herself like morning mist
upon your throne. you
sit on the floor between her legs
and she braids your hair. twists
and smiles and yes, maybe, yes,
the darkness, too,
can be soft. if you let it.

you are terrible and unknown.
you cannot wear those flowers
in your hair. you cannot
like you have seen the sun.

you are a god. you last. outlast.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot love
a softer thing.

you cannot be
a softer thing.

I’ve been informed that there’s not much Allura x Plaxum content and I’m very there for that ship so here ✨✨

  • Whenever Allura visits Plaxum, Plaxum has a new necklace or bracelet for her made out of pearls and sea shells
  • Plaxum loves watching Allura squish her little air bubble!!
  • She’s also fascinated by Allura’s hair and will help her comb it out and style it
    • One time she styles it so it looks like her own pig-tail-like things (fins? idk) and Allura keeps it for a week because same hair!!!!
  • Allura brings the mice to visit one day and they just float around in little bubbles of their own
    • Plaxum is endlessly amused by them, she adopts them as her children
  • Plaxum teaches Allura how to float on her back and swim and do all those things
    • Allura shivers a little bit whenever Plaxum touches the small of her back or between her shoulder blades to adjust/steady her
      • It’s adorable
        • They are in love

Justice For Cheese Hair!!!?!

I was tagged by the creator @wackysimmer so i thought why not!

basically the rules, which you can find here, are make a sim that looks good with cheese hair and I think i accomplished that?? she accidentally ended up looking like my sister who doesn’t have cheese hair but maybe she should

I tag anyone and everyone who hates cheese hair *cough cough @lilsimsie*

you can find her on my gallery: alwaysimming or with the #JusticeForCheeseHair

“Z Lives Up to her Name”

today i learned an important lesson: if u cant edit hair, DO NOT LET IT BE SO MAINLY IN FOCUS!!!! 

i have devoted 3 years of my life to MMD and here i am makin sso pics i love it

im thinking of taking requests for pics?? idk tho bc it’d be a lot of work to make each model seperately, so it’d be like 5 slots open at a time?? idk, but im thinkin about it - lemme kno if u guys would be interested in something like that??

EDIT: I redid the tail bc that was REALLY BUGGING ME

Our hometown

Request: Can I request a Tyler imagine where the reader is also a singer and she has been friends with the guys for a long time and she surprises them at a concert by coming out from backstage singing and her and Tyler have like history together but they still like each other ? idk if you got that lol

Warnings: Too many feels

REQUESTS HERE!! / Masterlist

“He’s gonna love the surprise. I’m sure.” 

Kelly, who had always been like a mother to you, put a lock of hair behind your ear. You smiled, happily to have her close.

You knew Tyler and Josh since the three of you were very young. When you were sixteen, your worked with Josh in that Guitar Center shop. Then, he introduced you to Tyler. And that’s how the story began. Three  young boys from Columbus and a dream to fulfill.

Fortunately, that dream came true. But not in the way that you wanted. When a producer discovered you playing the guitar and singing in the street, everything changed. Your family moved to Los Angeles so you could have more chances to be known by a good record company. A year after, you signed a contract with Warner and since then you’d become a very known singer. Maybe it was the best thing that could ever happened to you, and in part it was, but when you left Columbus a big part of you stayed there.

That night you were in your hometown again. Waiting in a backstage. You would see your best friends after more than two years. In that moment, Tyler was talking to the public. They were about to play Hometown and that’s when you would appear in the stage.

All the lights went out. Tyler sat in front of the piano and started to play it. Now he and Josh had black masks on. A guy from staff runned up to you and gave you a microphone. You felt Kelly’s hand rubbing your back, which made you feel less nervous.

“You can do it!” she encouraged you. “Go and leave them speechless.”

Before Tyler could say the first “be the one” you started to walk up to him singing at the same time as he did. His eyes wide opened when he saw you and suddenly he took his mask off. He stopped singing but you didn’t.

Tyler runned and hugged you tightly. He would never have expected that surprise.

“Let’s do this, Ty!” you talked close to his ear. 

For a moment he was shocked but when he realised that it wasn’t just the two of you, he kept singing as usual.

There were a moment in where you and Tyler where both next to Josh’s drums. You couldn’t stop smiling because that brought you back at when the three of you played instruments in your garage.

“Tyler stop laughing! This isn’t funny!” you exclaimed.

“What? (Y/N) your face looks like a tomato! Oh my god!”

“Josh tell him to shut up!”

That happened the day that your big sister experimented with her new make-up set. She experimented with you.

A lot of memories came to your mind during the perfomance. Josh playing the drums in the middle of his work shift, you throwing popcorn at the guys in the cinema, a lot of laughs and a lot of moments with Tyler. Just you two. Cause he were your first love.

Hometown ended before you even realised. The last thing that you did before leaving the stage was hugging Josh and Tyler. As a group hug. You’d be waiting them at the end of the show.

Kelly was talking to a beautiful blonde girl when you arrived next to her. “Oh, sweetheart! You’ve been fantastic!”

She hugged you. The girl who was talking to her smiled at you. “I’m Jenna. I think that we haven’t met yet. But Tyler has told me a lot about you.”

“Oh, I’m (Y/N). It’s a pleasure to met the girl who stole Ty’s heart.” you smiled.

Jenna was beautiful. And she seemed to be really sweet. You liked her and if Tyler was happy, so was you. They got married a year ago, a couple of months after what happened in that festival.

Nobody except Josh knew the whole story. 

What happened wasn’t right. You all knew it. But in some way, you needed it.

Before years without seeing them, the guys and you got together in a festival in where you were going to perform. That night things got weird. And you ended in Tyler’s bed. But it wasn’t ended there. He confessed his feelings for you.

“We shouldn’t have done this, Tyler! You’re about to get married. And this – We just can’t!”

“I know but I’m not gonna regret this. I’ve always loved you. In every possible way.”

“I thought that maybe you’d forget about me. After all this time –”


When the concert ended, Josh entered in the room where you’d been for the last hour. He had a towel around his neck and his body covered in sweat. “Buck up, (Y/N)! You haven’t done it that bad.”

“Very funny, Joshua.” you laughed sarcastically. He sat next to you and kissed your cheek.

“Tyler’s asking for you. Why don’t you go to his dressing room? Maybe you can talk about –”

“I know where are you trying to get. And the answer is no. Let bygones be bygones.”

“I’m not the one who is obsessed with you.”

You rised up a brow and looked at him. “Why would he be obsessed with me?”

“You left your mark in his little heart.” Josh pouted his lips. 

“Oh, shut up! He’s married.”

“I know. And that’s why I think that you should go and talk to him. Don’t let Tyler do something he will regret.”

You nodded with you head. In part, Josh had all the reason.

“Fine. I’ll go to his dressing room.”

“That’s fine. I’m glad.”

“We’ll talk about this later, Joshua Dun.”

He laughed as an answer. 

Tyler’s dressing room was at the end of the corridor just next to Josh’s one. You took a deep breath before knocking the door. The first thing you saw was Ty’s red face. A smile appeared in his lips.

“Hi, Ty!” you screamed happily when he hugged you enthusiastically. “I’m glad to see you too but… let me breath…”

“Sorry. I’m just happy to see you again.”

“I couldn’t leave Columbus without seeing my family.” he smiled. “How has been everything? I saw Josh last month but I’m sure that I’ve lost a lot of new things in your life.”

Tyler invited you to enter into the room and closed the door.

“Not really. I still being the Tyler that you know and obviously love.” you giggled. “What about you? I’ve seen that your career is going better than ever.”

“To tell the truth, I can’t complain. But I miss a lot of things that I used to have. You know that I don’t like changes.” 

He sat next to you in a little black couch and put a hand over your knee. “I know that feeling. You’re not the only one.”

“Anyways. I’ve met Jenna. She’s a sweetheart. You’re lucky, Tyler.”

“Yeah, she’s incredible.” he mumbled.

“Sorry for not going to the wedding. I couldn’t be there in time.”

He shook his head. “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter.”

The silence flooded the room. No one knew what to say. That was an awkward moment.

“Well. I think that I’ll go to say hello to the others. I didn’t have time before the performance.”

You got up but Tyler grabbed you by the wrist. He looked at your eyes and then pulled his head down. “I can’t act like nothing happened.”

“What happened?” you asked, trying to sound as confused as possible.

“Between us. I can’t look at your face without reminding that night.”

“Ty, we talked about it. It was a mistake.”

“Not for me.”

Your eyes wide opened without any reason. Your breath started to be deeper and you shook your head. “Tyler. I told you and I’m about to tell it to you again. There can’t be an “us”. And you know it.”

“I know! But what I’m trying to say is that even though I know that this is impossible, I can’t stop thinking about you in that way. (Y/N) you’re the first girl that I’ve ever loved that much.”

“You can’t live all your life thinking about that, Ty.” he nodded. “You know what? Let’s make a promise.”

“A promise?”

“Yeah. I promise you that you will never see me again, Tyler. I’ll disappear of your life so you can live it in the way that you deserve. Even if it hurts me.” 

“More than a promise it looks like a decision.”

“Maybe it is my decision.”

I Think We Need to Talk

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Word Count: 3,051

Requsted: vogue-luke and a few others for a part two to THIS blurb.

Summary: Calum tells you he wants to break up with you, and then realizes his mistake.

A/N: I added the blurb into the beginning of this imagine for those who might not have read the blurb! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is always appreciated!

Request // Masterlist

“I think we need to talk.”

Those six little words were like a bullet to your chest. You feel your throat tighten a bit,  and as you gently close the door behind you you see Calum sitting on your living room couch. He looks beaten down with his wrinkled clothes, his face scruffy, hair a disheveled mess as if he has been running his hands through it, and his eyes have deep purple bags underneath them, a large difference to the normally bubbly man child you’ve grown to fall in love with.

“W-what about?” You stutter before sitting beside him on the couch.

You can’t help but notice how he scoots away from you slightly, causing you to wince as you feel your heart break a little more.

“Us.” He mutters avoiding your gaze.

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Welcome To My Thought Processes Part II

As a few of my friends like Rus, they have all in some way influenced my view of his s/o.

She’s a A framed, bean poll darling. Following the rave theme, but dork it up. She got a cutie black monster hat where the ears are super long and act like mittens.(idk what their called but I love them) Its got a little orange “X3” face with little orange horns. She got this trashy, choppy looking pixie cut that’s supposed to make her look cool and edgy but it just makes her look adorable.

Hair is black, and she has a fringe over one eye. Her eyes are hazel, and she’s rocking the freckles. She has a pair of neon green, blocky shutter shades.

Here outfit is this black and orange stripped tank with a black biker jacket. Black bell bottoms with green and orange paint splatters on them.

This A frame baby is like. “Socializing?……Yeeeaah, I ain’t about that life.” She super salty and a bit mischievous when around people she likes, but around strangers she plugs into her fav playlist and ignores reality.

nntimagines  asked:

Oh, it's so good to see another imagine blog for this fandom! I wish you the best of luck. Could you maybe give some of your head canons for Arthur? I love him ♥ -mod Arthur

Thank you so very much!! I appreciate your kind words <3

I love this lil skittle too! even tho i can’t write for him

  • Alrighty, so Sunny here is SUPER oblivious when it comes to girls (or any sort of flirting). Like it flies over his head, and if he does notice it, he makes it super awkward. 
  • ^ don’t even get started when it comes to him trying to flirt. He’d lean on wet paint or accidentally knock a table over
  • goes through an unreasonable amount of hair gel
  • He truly sees Merlin as a parental figure. Like idk man, but he honestly considers her as a mother-father hybrid (let’s be honest she’s a bit of both)
  • idk, I feel like Arthur is kinda super organized?? Like yes he may get the occasional desk littered with paper; but Sunny Boy here has learned that in order to do big jobs (like idk becoming king?) you gotta be organized. He isn’t super clean, he doesn’t mop and dust, but more of that he keeps a basic filing system? (even though its like number two on his most dreaded things to do list) 
  • He’s also that guy who randomly sticks pencils in their ear, and it magically stays?? Even if he does a triathlon & cartwheels across the red sea
  • That guy who can eat literally non-stop but like, nothing about him changes??
  • that person who only wears sweatshirts & shorts no matter the weather
  • He really loves animals!? Horses, cows, cats, dogs, turtles?? He loves them all, and he just wants them to be happy

anonymous asked:

Well, for one, I love how she's not blonde-hair, blue-eyed caucasian. Nothing wrong with muses like that but I've always felt America shouldn't be represented that way. Also love the fact that she is representing wlw (is that the correct term here? idk i'm tired af but i wanted to say i love your muse in every way). She's just so different and natural and I flippity hecking love her and can't wait to see more from her. Also would love to see more historical perspectives through rp or otherwise!

Please tell me your favorite things about my portrayal/muse?

i totally agree with the first part! that was a driving reason i wanted to make my muse. i’m ndn myself! i’m also agender and a lesbian, so i wanted to give the comm some more nonwhite wlw representation. omg i’ve been absolutely craving historical rps because she was SO much different then than she is now! i have yet to type up her bio, but a lot of it is explained in there which i have notes on. just gotta put it into paragraphs ahh


I spent a lot of time editing these pictures and I still don’t like them, but i’m in need of a nap.But!! I’m proud to present a lovely collab with @simtric, here are some recolors of the new hair. Hope you all like it, tag her and I if you take pics with it or idk what you do just show me da goods! Happy simming to all my melanated people! Download is below the cut!

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