idk i liked it kinda

If Lance gets the Red Lion in S3 and Keith gets the Black Lion
  • Lance: HEY KEITH! KEITH!
  • Keith: *turning around already looking annoyed* What.
  • Lance: I guess this makes me your...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...Right hand man.
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: *lunges at him*

i wish i could read fanfiction like i used to but now it A: inspires me to write something myself B: reminds me how bad my own writing is in comparison or C: is ooc and i cant finish it

“that’s JUSTICE. and i’ll FIGHT LIKE HELL for it.”

                                                        “wow. you just need a flag and a horse.”

                          “i’d look GODDAMN GOOD on it.”

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Okay so I was thinking recently about season 1 episode one after they save shiro from the government. So they all go back to Keith's hut, and his dad isn't there, the whole time that they're there. But then in Keith's blade of marmora dream things his dad IS there and Keith is kinda shocked. So like, idk if I missed something in the series regarding if Keith lived alone, but where do you think his dad went?

i honestly have no idea where his dad went. i get the feeling maybe he left to protect Keith? maybe his dad was in danger from the Government or maybe the Galra and in order to keep Keith safe, he left so nobody would hurt Keith? i dunno, i get the feeling that something like that mightve happened

other than that, i really don’t know where he went. probably in hiding i guess, i dunno…


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes


I tried

i only did one of pidge cause im not quite sure how to edit her as a boy? i mean, shes already kinda done that herself so i was kinda thinking if she was a boy who had to disguise himself as a girl maybe??idk sry


I’m seriously in love with this game!