idk i like this sort of kind of a lot

Me: And it’s just..idk. I feel like a lot of people see that Junhui can be witty or they see that he fits a lot of beauty standards and they just sort of forget that he’s an extremely kind and thoughtful guy, y’know? A lot of people recognize how mischievous he is but I feel like not a lot of people give him credit for also being a really soft and genuine man who cares about everybody - not just his friends.

The cashier at the Supermarket who only asked me if I wanted a bag or not: ?????? Who’s Junhui?????

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Tell us...what's the petty thing for your painting

Oh ahaha it’s so stupid but it deals with my birthday and the chinese calender.
When i was super little i was told that my chinese calender year’s animal or whatever was the golden dragon (i was born in January 2000) and that was really important to me for some reason? I tended to use it as a base for developing who i was (subconsciously of course lol i was hardly aware i was doing that at the time) so i identified really really strongly with it and it became a quiet yet LARGE part of who i was (and am still lol)
Basically though around last year or maybe two years ago i found out that i wasn’t a golden dragon! I was born too early in the year so according to the calender i’ve been a rabbit this entire time!!!
I brushed it off but internally it was a tremendous shake to who i thought i was! I felt like a lot of my life had been a lie (obviously it isnt even close to that level of severity but i tend to dramatize things a LOT especially internal things lmfao) Eventually i realized like.. it doesn’t really mean anything but i am still slightly shaken by it LMFAO.
basically the painting is a representation of like “Um this isn’t me i’m still this thing i’ve deeply identified with and ingrained into my personality for all of my life” It’s stupid but i thought it would be fun to paint lol.
Also the sun in the background is supposed to allude to an event that occurred on my birthday in 2014. There was some sort of like.. idk some kind of fire or forest fire or something (it was really rwally large but thankfully i was at a safe distance from it) and there was an enormous trail of smoke that went across the sky (not covering it but still thick.) It covered the sun and gave the illusion that the sun was red!! I don’t know the science behind it but it struck me as being so funny (not in a “haha” way but like a “Huh i wonder why this happened on my birthday of all days” sort of way). Of course i fully understand it was a coincidence but i still feel it’s special in its own weird way.
BUT YEAH that’s the meaning behind it LOL

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One time in French, we were playing the board slap game, where there's a bunch of words written on the board and you have to touch the right one first, and if I'm being honest, it gets brutal. So my French teacher had two yard sticks and told us to go nuts, and we did, except one dude went a little too nuts and shattered it. The whole class froze, and the teacher just looked blankly for a second before saying "half points. You owe me a meter stick."

Idk about you, but I kind of have some sort of minor trauma from meter sticks. In fifth grade our teacher was really fun, there was a lot of hands on things. The one thing I didn’t particularly enjoy was when we did the unit on child labor in the great depression. 

To simulate the stress of factory work, he turned on an excessively loud mechanical audio track (like whistles blowing and metal clanking and loud bangs).On top of that, we had to draw these clocks. Idfk about clocks, we just had to draw them really well very quickly and none of us could. To top it off, he and the student teacher had meter sticks in both hands, slamming on the desks and yelling “FASTER!! THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE! NO DINNER!”

One of the sticks shattered because he hit it on my desk so hard and I was like ten and I freaked out and now I just lose my shit when people start beating things with meter sticks. sorry for the long post

end of hiatus

ayyyyyyy!! hi y’all!! that hiatus turned out to be a loooot longer than expected. so much has changed in my life since then – i’m in university now! i never thought that would EVER happen after my anxiety and depression screwed up my high school years and prevented me from graduating. i’ve been in a massive slump for 4 years now, but finally i’ve lifted myself out of it through diligent therapy, meds, and support from my friends and family. i feel so alive now, when only a year ago i wanted the complete opposite of that…

this is a lot more sappy and depressing than i wanted it to be haha, especially since i don’t usually speak about my shitty personal life. but yeah! i’m kind of back now??? sort of??? i finally bought a proper gaming pc so i’ve been playing games like overwatch and civ 6 this entire time, but i’m slowly but surely getting back into ts4. i have a couple of asks in my inbox that i’ll try and get to, but i just wanted to stop by and idk… say hello?? and thank you all for the massive support while i was gone! i have 3.5k followers now which is a lil insane lmao

i’ve been playing around ingame a bit – and by ingame i mean cas and build/buy of course LMAO. i haven’t gotten a chance to try out city living yet so i made a lil sim to do so. anyway, the point is i’ll be posting again soon! love you all, as always, and i hope 2017 will be a happy one for you as well!!  (*´꒳`*)

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I think mitch might be smart in a way? Don't know how to put it into words. But he seemed to be able to recognize emotional/psychological abuse? Which a lot of people don't always pick up on. From a teen to had suffered mostly physical abuse I think it's kind of a cool thing that he can recognize something subtle like that? Unless that's normal idk

Mitch is definitely stupid and an asshole but he does have like,,, Some sort of street smarts (Trailer smart as Mars called it) and I do agree that he suffered from abuse and can now Understand the signs which I think is pretty neat (Sad of course but still)

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How would you describe your ocs personalities?

hmmmm bear with me i aint a writer lmao :Y

Carrie Davis

- chill and sort of lazy unless she’s talking about something she’s really into, like theories n shit. A paranormal conspiracy buff, the kind of person who’d say stuff like “mothman is real i saw him crying in the parking lot yesterday”. She is very interested in finding the truth, especially when its a mystery that affects her family. Paranoia can invade her thinking as well as sometimes having biases makes her overlook certain evidence and clues, she gets frustrated when the things she doesnt know affect her and her friends/family negatively.

David Kein

-arrogant n a showboat, he needs to be the center of attention. As the heir to the massive empire of kein industries he isnt afraid to let everyone know that their phones to their shoes were made by his dads company, yearns to be popular but not with the easy way, yknow buying people to be his friends, he also has a need to get his neglectful fathers approval so he tries his best to be the perfect heir and properly follow his dads footsteps, doesnt always go so well. Very blunt, sassy and most times doesnt know when to keep his mouth shut, his big mouth gets him and his friends in trouble a lot.

Ben Winter

-He’s had his abilities his whole life making him unable to relate to the other kids, an outcast with very little knowledge of social cues he ends up a awkward mess in social situations. Often the the more grounded and rationale thinking of the group, he finds himself looking at the camera a lot. Resting face looks angsty and edgy sort of driving other kids away if only they knew he was thinking about how If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what? normal teenager stuff. a hypocrite in a way because he hates his dads shitty puns then he’ll make his own shitty pun thats really similar. Despite being rationale he’s often quick to fists the second someone shows confrontation with him, not smart but not dumb he’s always slower on putting mysteries together unlike his two other friends.

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I just read your oc post. They honestly sound so precious. I'm genuinely interested in them. Are you planning to write a story or draw a comic for them?

first of all let me just say how happy it makes me that you like my ocs ;v; as for what I plan on doing with them, I would absolutely love to have some sort of story or comic for them but tbh I still haven’t figured out a lot of aspects of their world and the overall..plot….which is kind of important ><

still, if I ever do get everything in order I would really like to turn them into a finished story!! idk if I have it in me to write a novel or comic or anything but hey we’ll see~~

and like I said, pls do not be shy to ask about them I could honestly talk for ages and as of right now my poor friend has to be on the receiving end of all my oc rants :’)) 

Seeing a lot of stuff on my dash lately about penises and vaginas bc of the cissexist bullshit at the womens march and i guess this is kind of unrelated but

If we’re going to be talking genitals can we at least Acknowledge there are other genital set ups besides just Penis Or Vagina?? Like if youre gonna be having any sort of conversation about genitals you should be obligated to at least mention intersex people idk it just feels very alienating and weird to see all this dyadist stuff?

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I always assumed millennial meant born 1990-1999 ... anyway I was thinking like, assume if Bianca survived yeah? How would Solangelo dynamic change?? Also Bianca and Annabeth? your thoughts?

bianca’s death is kind’ve like an irreparable fixed point in my mind, honestly, but i don’t think all that much would be different? she’d check in with the hunters a lot, and since nico sort of HAS to go through his angsty phase, he could just be super bitter at his sister and use that to galvanize him. idk. i’m apparently the only person i know who isn’t that torn up about bianca’s death (i mean, it was very very sad, but i don’t think it was a mistake)

These flier quests in FE:H are kind of killing my enthusiasm for the game, because none of them are really good characters to level up (at least not as far as I can tell) so it’s just a lot of grinding for characters that I will then never use, like I’m sure if I really played super strategically, some of my 4* characters would be useful, but idk.  I have Setsuna in her 30s and she’s practically useless in the arena and it just sort of reinforces that 5* characters are the only ones worth playing, that I might as well just stuck to Lucina + m!Robin + Camilla + Ninian.  orz

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I identify as agender and most of my friends believe in the "only two genders" thing. Some use the correct pronouns, others are,, not so supportive. The only way I got one to use they/them was by saying that if you use the incorrect pronouns, I was going to straight up block them. That didn't last long. A lot of people refer to me as female still and it's kind of upsetting, especially since one likes to make pretty anti-LGBTQIA+ comments a lot. Besides that, they're pretty great. Idk what to do

Well if you want to keep your friendships with them and they only believe in two genders, you could send them some scientific articles that prove them wrong. Explain to them how you feel, have a heart to heart.

I hate to overstep some sort of boundary but it does sound like this has been going on for a while, follow through on a threat and if they were every truly friends they’ll be willing to apologize once they found out you were serious and then the others would follow behind. 

Cutting some of these people off is something to seriously consider right now. Your friends aren’t willing to use pronouns and they aren’t willing to change so maybe you have to start considering the possibility that they never will.

I’ve had to cut off people I care about, you can care for your friends but sometimes you have to say hey, what’s best for my mental health? You have to be your own advocate in a situation like this. 

I’d also be great to find a friend that does respect your gender and allow them to help advocate for you too.

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Gosh, your Hanzo headcanons hurt my heart, but feel very real. Your Hanzo in general is so much more human and fleshed out than a lot of fandom makes him. If you feel like it, could you tell us if/how others help him?

godddd iv been sittin on this ask forever sorry i just,, rly needed to organise my thoughts abt this in my head!! ok keep in mind that this is not anyone’s canon or written in stone it’s just,, how i see him ok… ok also .. readmore because i accidentally wrote like one and a half a4 about this see this is why no one likes me. 

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Hey I'm super new to the fandom and I was wondering if you could explain some of the most important relationships in the group? I've seen a lot of posts about Jinyoung "hating" (obviously not really) BamBam and Yugyeom as well as a lot of stuff about Jaebum and Jinyoung being the "parents" and etc. I was just wondering if you could explain popular relationships? Thank you very much! :33

sure thing, but forgive me if this is a bit vague/incorrect or otherwise :’)

jinyoung doesn’t hate yugbam at all, even though many times it seems like he does. it’s just his personality type to be…what some would call a ‘savage’ i guess?? he just roasts them a lot & it’s ok bc they need to be roasted sometimes lmao

jinyoung and jaebum have been together a lot longer than the rest of the group when they debuted as jj project back in 2012 and in a way, since they were more experienced than the rest when it came to idol life they became the sort of unofficial parents of the group? not to mention jinyoung even called himself the mom…but tbh sometimes jaebum seems more like a kid than the others :’’)) idk 

another relationship i guess is amerithaikong??? basically the foreign members of the group, mark, jackson, and bambam. theyre kind of notoriously extra and whatnot, i suppose

im not exactly sure what other relationships there are besides ships, but describing ships requires a whole different post, so i hope this sufficed!!

OK I’d like to take a sec to talk about Junkrat’s eye business rn??? I know the fandom doesn’t like to talk abt it much since it’s “unattractive” or w/e

but it’s possible that Junkrat suffered some severe head trauma or is severely farsighted ( and considering how he both doesn’t really take much to “aim” and jokes abt it, this might be likely )

I mean like, from what I’ve seen, Blizzard puts a lot of attention into little details

So this kind of business?

Doesn’t seem like some sort of “WACKY” comic relief thing

Also it seems his right eye is his “better eye” in that case

I think?? ( aside from obviously suffering from mental illness and short term memory loss ) Junkrat might possibly be severely farsighted or just got bonked on the noggin hard enough that his eye muscles aren’t that good anymore ( or radiation possibly??? but idk )

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Hey Sunny! Sorry for asking this ('cause I feel like you might have been asked this before??? Idk???) but I've seen a lot of stuff on Voltron and how much people like it and it looks interesting but I was wondering if it's worth it? Do you think it might appeal to me, as someone who likes cartoons like WoY, Star vs. , SU and Phineas and Ferb? Thanks and you're awesome. ^u^

hi! hm i wouldn’t really say it’s the same genre as those (although all those are pretty different from one another too) you can mostly expect a “mission” every episode and a sort of build up -> fighting -> some flashback + general info kind of scheme usually (not necessarily in that order)

I wrote a little comment about this a while back but I wish there was more focus on the characters individually and I was a bit turned off by the pacing but I’m warming up to the characters mostly via other people’s fanarts, posts etc

and there’s hoping for season 2 to cover that up more 8′)

that aside you can just give it a try and see for yourself, it doesn’t have a lot of episodes

I’m a wreck so i decided to waste 10 mins of my life putting a cowlick on that EZIC hoodie dude. 

Alfred is checkpost guard//secretly EZIC guy, Ivan is Inspector who has decided to help EZIC. Alfred also has huge crush on cutie inspector Ivan but he doesn’t wanna admit it cause 1. there is a soon to be a rebellion, 2. they’re sort of friends but Ivan can expose them to MOA/MOJ at any time, 3. Ivan doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’d actually do anything other than stamp documents and shoot intruders. Idk tho

it’s hilarious 

(also i really love how the game kind of tests your morality and where you stand. my initial reaction to certain situations in the game really made me a question a lot about myself, and my action in-game in response to what i felt made me realise that there’s a price to pay for everything)

up next: Arstotzkan checkpoint inspector Ivan Braginski, and Arstotzkan (?) checkpoint security guard Alfred Jones

I really think Jay’d remember Leliana, and remember her well. ^u^ I mean they ran into each other at least twice before, in strange circumstances, of course he does (and he does his best to try and pry the story about how she knows Tallis out of her. xD

I just want them to be weird kind of sort of friends. I want him to hear about her part in what happened at the White Spire. I want her to know a lot but never say anything about it to anyone who might use that knowledge to ill ends. ;u; Idk how likely that is but that’s what I want.

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what if when gavin preened and fixed his feathers if some came out he gave them to others like gifts. the others would probs see it as creepy at first because like "hello this tiny piece of my body came off while i was grooming i would like you to have it" but they just chalk it up to him being gavin eventually and it starts to feel special

awwww yeaaa I can see something like that happening >v< 

Like he’s pretty proud of his feathers and likes their patterns, so when he molts the nice ones kind of seem like a waste. So at first as a joke or just not really thinking much about it he gave the nice ones to others. But shortly he kind of made a habit of it and the others didn’t even know what to do with the gesture because they didn’t know if it was just Gav being weird or a bird thing. 

But they end up finding out it’s kind of similar to how crows and ravens collect small objects and tend to even give them as gifts to people. Raven!Arryn does this a lot with miles and close friends. And I can imagine in the AU she’d like to collect small nick knacks, and have a pretty extensive jewelry collection of nice colourful stones and shiny metals <3

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: What time period does the movie Up take place in? I mean I know it doesn't matter and it's probably best that we don't know but I was just wondering because all the characters sort of dress in older clothes and the movie has an older aesthetic. But what's REALLY interesting is that after the credits roll, they show a picture of Russell and Mr. Fredricksen going to the opening showing of the movie Star Wars: A New Hope which came out in 1977. But if the movie took place in the 70s then that wouldn't make sense because If that photograph was canon to the story AND if Mr. Fredricksen was about 70 years old in that photograph, then he'd be born in 1907, and if he was about 7 years old when he met Ellie, then it would have been 1914. But that doesn't seem right because there were semi-modern cars when he was young and it just didn't look like the 1910s at all. And even when he found out that Ellie couldn't have kids, there was obviously some sort of modern technology that could examine Ellie's reproductive system and idk a lot about history but I don't think that kind of stuff existed in the 30s. And also the technology to make dogs understandable to humans????? WHEN DID THIS FREAKING MOVIE TAKE PLACE???????

hexephra replied to your post: see, now I’m getting invested in the i…

idk if dadbert is much better tbh all he ever feeds his kid are cakes and he left peanuts out for him one time as a joke BUT HES DEATHLY ALLERGIC?

We don’t know that he only feeds his kids cakes, just that he bakes lots of them and wants to share them.  I mean, it may be somewhat misguided, but it seems like Jane, who’s a couple years older than John, has sorted out a lot of those issues with Dad.

Not sure about the peanut thing…kind of weird.  I mean, in the flash at the beginning of A5A2, we see him immediately rush to John when he falls off the bouncy ride, so it doesn’t seem like he would do something so potentially dangerous.  idk?