idk i like posting good songs

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Name/nickname: michelle/mishe

Gender: female

Height: im a smol bean (like 5 - 5′1)

Hogwarts house: tbh idk whoops

Favorite Color: periwinkle, coral, green, black, turquoise, many pastel colors and so on 

Last thing i googled: i searched up anime expo things lmAO

Number of blankets i sleep with: surprisingly 1

Favorite band/artist: i still listen to galileo galilei and occasionally other stuffs like the animal crossing soundtrack and old songs from like 3+ years ago

How many blogs i follow: 383 lmao rip

What are you Wearing now: a haikyuu shirt that i got from a friend + floofy pj pants along with my dads gigantic sweater

What do you post: i usually reblog the good stuff (yoi, hq, mysmes, dr, meme shit) along with me occasionally shitposting (like recently @ bastard manwha)

Aesthetic: anything dealing with A+ scenery, animals and cute things together, cute school supplies in aes colors (gOOD STUFF) and c r y p t i d s

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If I could begin to be, half of what you think of me
I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love
When I see the way you act, wonderin’ when I’m coming back
I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love…. like you
I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true
‘Cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you

a post-Weirdmageddon idea i had. Stan, Mabel and Dipper are taking a well-deserved rest in a pile of flowers, while Ford watches them (after placing his coat on them as a make-shift blanket).

the lyrics are from Ford’s perspective; the flowers and mushrooms symbolize Ford’s thoughts about Stan and the kids, and his thoughts about himself, respectfully (good vs. bad)

idk i just wanted to draw some cute Pines family stuff and a self-contemplative Ford, and i always wanted to do something with that song, so this happened

(one day i’ll draw the Pines family doing something other then sleeping lmao)

i wrote you a song,
that you sang yourself to sleep with. 
now i sing that song to the skies hoping you’ll hear, 
and sing back to me through the whistling of the wind in autumn.
it’s winter now.
i drown myself in the cold numbing myself of your existence.
but somehow through the numbness i can feel snowflakes soak into my skin like you did.
the world falls white.
i no longer can see you through the skies,
or hear you sing to me.
—  you left me in the cold 
something something idk

So i made this in an attempt to see if i still have it. Now i did this in 4 hours or so and still a raw mix, not mastered at all so the quality is ehh. It takes days to make a good song. Also its somewhat has to do with science but not really. And if you don’t like Feynman, you never saw this post… just scroll along… nothing to see here. 

The Meaninglessness of Numbers

Based off the song by the same name. I would reccomend listening to it whilst reading.

Pairing: Winwin x Reader
Length: 2.4k 
Warnings: NSFW implied.

I dedicate this to @chokemewinwin I wrote it like 5 days ago and I haven’t posted it until now I’m horrid I know. Idk how good it is I wrote it out of boredom but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

You are one year old.

By happenstance, your mother meets a friend from long ago who happened to have had a son, the same age as you. The moment you meet each other, you giggle and throw your hands around excitedly. The only way a baby knows how, of course. This baby has a name, of course. His name is Sicheng. He has almond shaped eyes and a big toothless grin, and a minuscule amount of black hair which sits messily on this small head. Sicheng. A name you would say again, and again, and again.

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Mermaid!Reader ft. Taehyung AU

↦ “ Lonely lonely lonely whale
Like this, try calling once again
Until this song that doesn’t have a response
Reaches tomorrow.” 

APPARENTLY I WAS TAGGED YEAR AGO BY @matildaswan liked the post, and then completely forgot about it 

Relationship status: sorry pals
Favourite colour: green, the darker the better, but also maroon and all kinds of greys + black and erkkkk mustard? (can ya tell I love dressing for autumn?) 
Last song I listened to: Love will save the day by boyzone LMAO DONT JUDGE ME
Favourite TV show: TOO MANY TO MENTION but I’mma say either good wife or west wing
First fandom: Meryl Streep? or idk mamma mia if thats actually a thing *remembers forum life* ahh good ol’ days 
Hobbies: staring at the ceiling and contemplating the meaning of life
Books I’m currently reading: does my biology book count? I havent read for pleasure ever since.. I can’t even remember :// 

oh my god im only three songs into semper femina (two of which id already heard lmao) but it’s”??? idk i can tell already im gonna be able 2 say it’s better than the prev two albums?? god. it’s rly fuckin good uh go listen to ‘the valley’ i lvoe it she put it on soundcloud i tried 2 post but it didnt work but i’ll try again but. hhdhhdhdhdskjdhskfhh !!! sorry im. excited?! n havin a lot of Thoughts idk! idk i dont wanna read too much abt the background bc i might find some white feminist bs lmao buuut as it is? i rly? think it’s fab/?? fuck. it’s rly good ok she writes w joni’s ambiguity yknow it’s so. good?! and also ive always loves how invokes classical myth/reworks it 2 b more like. frm a woman’s perspective, yknow loads of ppl do this but i often find ppl’s ~~feminist~~ versions of greek/roman myths like.. either personally alienating or just plain bad lmao. i think that ambiguity in her lyrics is why i find it works probably, + also that she’s not. tryna make these things ~~empowering~~ she’s just. turning them round 2 make truth in them? yea. n anyway this whole album is a big one of those ofc bc the title’s frm aeneid 4 n everything n. yea. yea im rly. excited i think

This thing about IRL Jace
  • Nicknames: Naj, Jace, Kami
  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 5′8″
  • Time right now:  10:33 AM
  • Last thing you Googled: “Rari urbandictionary” lmao
  • Favorite music artist(s): Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Anderson. paak, Run the Jewels, Janelle Monae, Solange
  • Last song stuck in my head: Love Again by Run The Jewels (It’s explicit but good ok)
  • Last movie: Logan
  • My fab outfit: UHHHHH. Like. My cool skinny-slacks and stuff? idk.
  • When did I create this blog: During 2.0 launch, so sometime 3-4 years ago?
  • The trash I post: Mostly FFXIV RP stuff and other game things.
  • Do you get asks regularly: I WANNA GET MORE. But I suppose.
  • Why did you choose your URL?: Jace is my XIV character and this is his Greatest Blog in All of Tumblr.
  • Gender: Male
  • Hogwarts House: i’m probably a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff.
  • Pokemon team: Mystic, technically, but I’m an Instinct deep down
  • Favorite color: Blue!
  • Dream job: I really want to be an author and/or a journalist for a reputable news organization. Similarly, I’ve had dreams of owning my own publishing company.
  • Number of blankets: 1, but I’m at work, so none.
  • Followers: 818, last I checked! But some of those are pornbots, so maybe more like 10.
  • Tagging: @daimaou-kat @kyuusaeyuusatu @bardofsand @livvyplaysfinalfantasy @leii-lei 
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@bintazrou replied to your post: guys just a q were the songs actually good bc…

I liked the one Joe & Stein sung. Barry’s was good too but I can’t handle second hand embarrassment via musicals so it was kinda cringey for me lol. It really depends on the person imo

okay i have the same issue like no matter how good ur voice is i cringe a lot… i kinda wanna see the westallen part but i rllllllllly dont wanna see/hear the singing idk

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relationship status: taken

favorite colour: Bluuuueeeeee

lipstick or chapstick: I don’t use either but chapstick? 

last song i listened to: Vice by POP ETC

last movie i watched: The accountant which was actually p good. 

top 3 tv shows: pblblblbt stranger things is like the only tv show ive watched in 50 years. 

top 3 characters: Timothy, Lucio, Mae

top 3 ships: Crook, jack/othy, and fuckin adrien/deacon. I’d die for tam’s ss/d ship

books i’m currently reading: I just finished to kill a mockingbird again, but other than that i dont have the motivation to read anymore lmao. 

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1-4, 55,20,13,66,43♥

Thanks for sending me these <3

1. Selfie

I dont have any selfies on my laptop but ill post one soon.

2. What would you name your future kids?

I’ve always liked the name Frances idk why

3. Do you miss anyone?

No, not really.

4. What are you looking forward to?

Graduating from this terrible school :)

55. Tumblr friends

idk when its okay to call someone a friend so idk all my mutuals are my friends i think.

20. What is your favorite song at the moment? 


13. How do you feel right now?

Im feeling good

(theres no 66 or im just looking wrong but i dont think there is?)

43. Favorite song ever

Oh man i have no idea i think bohemian rhapsody is a great song and i will always love it but my favorite song changes every 5 minutes.


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Nickname: Smurf (because my hair is/was blue. It faded so most of its green now)

Sign: Taurus/Gemini (Im born on the cusp or something so im both ??? idk)

Height: like 5′2 I think

Last thing you googled: rooms in the clue mansion

Favourite artist: I could never choose. But let’s name a few: Panic! at the Disco, Fall out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, Falling in Reverse, All Time Low, and like 50,000 more

Song stuck in my head: Sad Song by Scotty Sire


What I’m wearing right now: Harry Potter pajama pants and a Panic! shirt

What you post: idk random shit i guess?? Mostly stupid memes and the occastional text post on human rights. Plus a bunch of little stuff in between.

What did your last relationship teach you?: Both people have to try their hardest in the relationship, not just one

Religion: Idk im not like super religious but I believe in ghosts and spirits and magic and some gods (i dont belong to a specific religion, i kinda made my own ig)

Average hours of sleep: like 4-6

Favourite colour: Black or purple

Lucky number: 3

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1

Dream job: Graphic Designer

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ok but saying Hey Everybody isn’t ‘lyrically deep’ is just… wrong??
the song is about finding your place in society. it’s about dealing with financial struggles, telling us that we’ve all been there and that’s it’s not gonna last forever. it’s about following your dreams anyway, staying strong, living it up, taking a shot just like 5sos did a couple of years ago!!
it’s about believing in yourself and not giving up, about working hard to get where you wanna be in life.
it’s also about the people surrounding you who tell you to give up already. those people had dreams themselves and failed to fulfill them, they wanna tell you that you’ll end up the same way - don’t let them!!!
because no matter how crazy your dreams are… you’ve got a shot, though!!! 
it’s literally about us, the new broken scene, who need to fight the standards society sets for us and fight them to reach the goals we have in life. to finally get the job you want and be happy!!
idk about you, but i highly relate to that.

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Idk if anyone has said this yet but... G.I.N.A.S.F.S but fall out boy. Amazing post-finale song. "Things aren't the same anymore. Some nights it gets so bad, I almost pick up the phone. Trade baby blues for wide-eyed browns. I sleep in your old shirts and walk through this house in your shoes." Heartbreaking. Honestly.

yEA fuck that song is so fitting. Ive definitely seen a photoset or something that used that baby blues for wide eyed browns line i think??? idk

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Nicknames: fi i guess i dont have many

Height: idk somewhere around 183??

Time right now: 1:39 pm

Last thing I googled: ‘rhinestone eyes lyrics’ im analysing them for a school thing

Fave music artist: gorillaz or vampire weekend!! mika is good as well

Song stuck in my head: the kids don’t stand a chance by vampire weekend

Last movie I watched: idk uh moana probably

Last TV show I watched: if anime counts then JJBA

What I’m wearing now: jeans a tshirt and a hoodie

When I created this blog: in like 2015 i think

The kind of stuff I post: fandom stuff, social justice i guess and memes

Do I have any other blogs: yeah i have HEAPS ive got @aphobic-prospit @fidontforget @hissed-suggestion @sparklechildren and @undyneundyin which ive given up on tbh

Do I get asks regularly: absolutely not lol its very rare and i get excited every time

Why did I choose my URL: i changed it to try and fix a glitch (it failed i guess but) and i headcanon yurio as nb (which wouldnt really work but idc)

Gender: nb,kinda feminine aligned

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw!!

Fave colors: fuschia 

Average hours of sleep: 10 hours a day

Lucky numbers: 3 and some multiples of 3

Dream job: some kinda neurobiologist or artist lol idk

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 now but 2 in the winter

Following: im following ~3000 people (i hope this is what it meant)

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bea @ravenclawcs tagged me a million years ago (it’s literally taken me forever i am so sorry omg) to post my lockscreen + homescreen + last song played so there we go ^^ 

and then she also tagged me in in these questions !!

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
last song i listened to: lol see above (dancing king by yu jaeseok x exo)
top 3 characters: (i’m just doing marvel otherwise i’ll never be able to pick) claire temple, clint barton, natasha romanoff
top 3 shows: hwarang, game of thrones, daredevil

okayyy and then i’m gonna tag katy @merlypops, amy @foureyedvisual & jori @yellowhalcyon but only if you want to !! (and then ofc if i didn’t tag you but you want to do either/both of these tags you’re more than welcome to ^-^)

mothmean replied to your post “i don’t really like lance all that much anymore”

its like overplaying a song on the radio

you really like it but oversaturation just kind of makes you sick of it

yeah… idk i’ve just lost a grasp on what i originally found appealing in him. his character is interpreted so many ways and i just have bones to pick with his actual canon actions at times so. yeah