idk i like messing around with makeup

I miss the 2000s because there were so many fashion trends and moments when it was encouraged to look like a hot-ass mess. The Instagram age is this weird era of control and perfection and “eyebrows on fleek” blah blah like I miss when everyone walked around with last night’s eyeliner still on while wearing 25 stupid accessories at once dressed like you slept in trash or whatever.


i know most of tumblr completely grasps that guys who complain about excessive makeup as opposed to a “natural look” are just pricks who can’t mind their own business but I feel like this is also an important thing to point out

on the right is how i do my makeup when im either skiing or just don’t feel like messing around with eyeshadow and gel liner. it’s actually a pretty significant amount—foundation, concealer, brow gel, light brown pencil liner, mascara, gloss, and my face is fully contoured and highlighted… the works. it’s subtle but, i mean, it’s still there. and when i used to wear makeup like this to college my friends used to shoot me comments like “idk why you usually wear so much makeup, you look fine without it”

the picture on the left is what I ACTUALLY look like when I don’t wear anything. usually if i go anywhere looking like that, I’ll get told i look sick or exhausted

so when guys rant about how makeup apparently makes you ugly, I laugh because they can’t recognize what makeup actually looks like unless it’s dramatic

i’ve been thinking about the ways makeup restricts movement a lot recently, similar to how traditionally feminine clothing restricts movement (hard to run/just walk normally in high heels and a tight skirt, etc). like, if you’re wearing lipstick, you’ll eat more carefully so you don’t smudge it, then there’s obviously you shouldn’t cry/touch your eyes if you have a bunch of eye makeup on. if you have concealer and foundation on, you can’t even scratch your nose without messing it up. i think there’s many little things that make you hyper-conscious about the way you move around, and i don’t think that’s a good thing.