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↳ Will Graham & Clarice Starling – requested by a-knack-for-monsters for their RP partner, lionessamiele

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Will Graham and Clarice Starling         Frederick Chilton and Alana Bloom
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Will Graham and Frederick Chilton
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Alana Bloom and Abigail Hobbs


MAKE ME CHOOSE: Remus Lupin or Sirius Black? /requested by normaanreedus

“I remember a blink of James’s eye in my mirror.” Sirius said. “Two-way mirror. James and I used to use it when we were in separate detentions. I had one and your father had another.’ he explained.

"But…"Harry started still confused, but he was cut off by his godfather.

"I had seen his eye in my mirror that night. I knew something was wrong because when I looked back the reflection was deformed. As if the glass shattered. I could partly see the living room, but I could also see a hand. Everything was shown in such a stange angle… And your dad didn’t respond at all…” he took a sip of firewhiskey and continued.

“When I arrived at Godric’s Hallow there was something odd in the air. And when I came closer to your parents’ house…. I…."Sirius hesitated. Harry could easily tell his godfather was trying to find appropriate words to express himself. Harry wanted to say something comforting, but yet again he was interrupted.

"It was surreal. When I saw your parents lying on the floor. Both James and Lily looked as if they had fallen asleep. But I knew it happened. I knew he had killed them. It felt like my soul departed from my body and stood right next to it. I thought my heart stopped beating, I wanted my heart to stop beating.” he almost whispered the last sentence. 

“Do you know what was the first place I visited, when I finally got out of Azkaban? James and Lily’s mansion.” Harry looked up from his plate in surprise. 

“You did…? But I thought it was…”

“Whatever you thought, you were wrong. Their home was the first place I wanted to, no, I needed to visit. Every single thing looked the same, as if the time had stopped that night… Bookshelves, photos, even your crib, everything stayed in the same place. When I was about to leave, I found this.” he stood up and handed Harry a little package.

“I stepped on it, but it had been all broken anyway, before I did so.” he smiled weakly. Harry opened the gift. It was the two-way mirror that once belonged to his father. Before he could thank his godfather spoke up.

“I hope you’ll never have to stare at it blankly as I did the night your parents died.” Sirius ended with tears in his eyes and left the kitchen. 


(AU) WWE couple Dean Ambrose and Paige are featured in WWE Countdown: Top 10 Best WWE Champions

Paige: Hmm. My all time favorite champion would have to be… Me!

Dean: Seriously? You picked yourself…

Paige: Well yeah, I’m the first ever NXT womens champion. I’ve made history. I’m kind of a big deal.

Dean: Sure, I guess… But there was this one champion that was pretty awesome. He was the United States champion for a while, he was pretty untouchable…

Paige: Oh really? Who was he?

Dean: Seriously? It was me! Come on, I was a pretty awesome US champ.

Paige: You’re a close second, I guess. I’m still the better champ.

Dean: Whatever makes you feel better about yourself…