idk i like it when they do things like this

Lady In Red

Jason x female!reader

This is kind of like a masquerade type thing…I’m literally typing this in English class right now. I’m supposed to be taking notes. 😭

As I was writing this, i never realized how much i wrote until the end.

Idk what to feel about this one shot though. I’m  just writing anything that pops in my head.

Also, tbvh it was hard to write Jason’s pov like, how do you other writers do it? 

Anyway, on with the story 😬.  


You were binge watching your favorite tv show in the middle of the day when you heard a knock on the door.

You’re not friends with that many people so it’s very strange that someone was visiting you at this hour on a Saturday afternoon.

Hitting pause on the remote, you stood up off the couch and made your way towards your door.

“Who is it?” You called out before checking the peep hole.

Hesitantly, you opened the door, “Uh, why’d you come all the way up here?” You asked, looking at the mailman up and down.

The mailman smiled politely, “I was advised to give this to you personally,” He turned to reach inside his bag full of packages and mail and took out a black slick envelope, “For you, miss.”

You took the envelope letting out a small thank you.

After the mailman left, you closed the door, looking down at the envelope. In beautiful white calligraphy, your name was written on the back.

You opened it without hesitation.

You never felt so shocked in your entire life,

Dear (Y/N),
This invitation is to inform you that you are invited to the Annual Masquerade Ball at the Wayne Manor this coming up Friday night at 9:30pm. This invitation was sent to all the citizens of Gotham, we do hope you can attend this beautiful night. Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing. The theme will be black and white.

Yours truly,
The Wayne Family

It took a few seconds for you to comprehend what you just read. You re-read the invitation over and over again just to make sure it’s real. Before you knew it, you were screaming with joy. 


The invitation said that the theme is black and white, but you wanted to break that rule. The gown you bought was the most beautiful blood red dress you have ever seen. Not only did it compliment your curves, it was also elegant with a bit of sexy. You also bought black heels, because of course black goes with everything, and a black mask with elegant twirls.

It was now the night of the ball and you were walking up the stairs towards the entrance of the Wayne Manor. The door was open, and a butler was standing near one of the double doors. He was checking invites with a strange flashlight.

He checked all of the invites of those who were in front of you, now it was your turn.

You put on your mask, and walked up towards the butler.

The butler has a British accent, “Good evening, miss. Hope you have a wonderful night,” He says with a warm smile as he waved the light on the invitation. You saw a familiar symbol when he did that but couldn’t really make out what it really was. Your best guess was that there was something written there, but in invisible ink, “If you need anything, just call for Alfred, that would be me.” He finished and smiled again before handing your invitation back.

You smiled at the adorable old man, letting out a thank you. He didn’t notice the fact that you were breaking the dress code because of the long black trench coat you wore above your dress.

Without anyone looking, you took off the trench coat as you walked in.

As you walked in the manor, you had to open another set of double doors. 

The ballroom was beyond spectacular. Music was playing, people were either gossiping or just chatting, but as you walked through the doors everyone literally stopped what they were doing and turned to you. 

The attention was nerve wracking, you were the only one wearing a different color. Women were wearing either white or black and so were the men.

You mentally shook off your nervous thoughts and walked around looking for a certain table that has a card with your name on it. 

“Who is she?”

“Why is she wearing red?”

“Attention seeker probably.” Someone snickered. You turned your head as you reached your table, glowering at the girl who said that about you. You felt a sense of victory after she pathetically cowered away.

You turned back and sat down at your table, letting out a short sigh. 


“Oh come on, I can beat you in an arm wrestling match any day, bet.” I said to the little demon a little over dramatically.

Damian never stopped talking about this new “game” he learned in school yesterday and wanted to start an arm wrestling match with literally everyone in the house.

Except Alfred, he knows he shouldn’t mess with Alfred.

“Is that so, Todd. Well, if you would like to lose this bet then-” His gaze was drawn to somewhere else. His jaw dropped, which was really shocking, he never did this before since he’s always scowling.

Except when he’s asleep, I hate to admit it but he looks fucking adorable when he sleeps, “What are you looking at?” I asked as I turned my head towards the entrance.

It was like something from a book. She caught everyones attention by just opening the double doors. My mind turned blank when I saw her. After the Lazerous Pit, my mind was fucking messed up. That pounding you hear after listening to very loud music, imagine just hearing that every second. She just made everything quiet. All this anxiety just…disappeared. 

Ever since the Lazerous Pit, I couldn’t stop thinking about that damn clown, I’ve always felt empty and cold inside. But this girls just made me feel like fireworks have erupted in me.

I finally felt peace.

“She’s mine.” 

“She’s mine.”

I looked down, glaring at Damian, “Excuse me, sit the fuck down you’re like 4.” 

He closed is eyes, folding his arms across his chest stubbornly, “For your information Todd, when I was 4 I climbed-”

“Yeah yeah I know whatever.” I interrupted him by pushing him towards our table. 

Damian started yelling at me in Arabic but before he could even stab me, I made my way towards the girl. She was sitting at the table on the other side of the room.

I strode over, making sure my cologne was still making me smell like a million bucks.

I was only a few feet away when I finally got a real good look of her, her (h/c) hair wasn’t up in any style, it was loose.


And that dress really, really suits her. 

She seems like she was in her own little world when I arrived at her table, not noticing I was even there.

When I spoke up, “Hey, I’m Jason.” Her attention was finally on me.

Her smile took my breath away. Right at this moment, I knew that this would be the start of something amazing.

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Ever heard of the monster falls AU where Bill is the hunter trying to capture/kill all the creatures in the forest? Id LOVE to see a hunter!Bill in your style! (Of course you dont have to draw it ajdhisehf)

yes I know of it! I’m not the biggest fan but I might do my own spin of it like i’m doing with reverse falls one day

i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh

i don’t know if this is something everybody does or if it’s like a stim thing for me, but i like to play around with coins. 

i like to drop them onto hard surfaces and on top of each other, put my finger on top of them and slide them around in circles, i like to drop them into my hand and shake them around in my fist, i like to slide them around on my palm and between my fingers, and sometimes i bite on them too. 

i don’t really know why i do it. i think if it’s a stim thing then it might be like an auditory and texture stim because i like playing around with coins so i can hear all the pretty jangly noise you make when you toss them around, and also the smooth metallic surface of coins feel so satisfying for me to touch. i also like how shiny they get when you hold them in a certain light

….idk where i was going with this post. i just like playing with coins

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I hate that people aren't allowed to just like shit on tumblr anymore. You have to prove you're /allowed/ or /worthy/ enough to like something and even then you have to publicly state every single problematic point just so everyone knows. I don't see why fans can't just like things without them being 100% perfect, you shouldn't have to justify liking things, especially movies??

Yeah, like idk, I get kind of exhausted by tumblr’s standards sometimes because it’s like. If you enjoy something that the vast majority thinks is “”problematic”” then you’re automatically a bad person and that’s not the case?

Like, I do think it’s good for people to recognize that the things they like have flaws, and I think it’s always good when people can criticize the things they like because it’s never good to just blindly support things but like. Liking something that has flaws doesn’t make someone a bad person. and I feel like that’s the mindset a lot of people on tumblr have, and it can be a bit exhausting at times

lesbians of the cosmos, in love……..

Naruto opening 20 (SNS)

So I was just casually listening to the Naruto Shippuden opening 20 (again) and I noticed a few things that I just had to share.

Let’s start from the beginning

Sasuke looks like he is thinking about something and as soon as he opens his eyes, Naruto’s face pops up. (I see what you did there SP) And that’s not all~! The frickinnn lyrics at that moment. I don’t speak Japanese but it’s something along the lines of: ‘I keep screaming until I reach the light’. 

This fits so well because Naruto was Sasuke’s light in his darkest times.

Then, the lyrics go: 

‘I’ll never let go of your hand’…..

‘I’ll never give up on you’ - This is what Naruto has always said throughout the manga to Sasuke and how he will never give up on him until he brings him back ♥

And if that still isn’t enough to make your heart scream then rest assured, because the next part of the lyrics will get you.

‘Our hearts are connected, even if we’re far apart!’

Do I really need to elaborate? It speaks for itself.

‘So let’s keep living on, together’. 


Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics


Bee & Puppycat AU! I havnt decided whose gonna be puppycat but im thinking the blue lion?

so lance likes to make things with keith, whether it be cooking or making actually working small airplanes to play with, but soon shiros like “hey keith when are you gonna go to the garrison?” and hes like “um i kinda wanna stay here with lance. the garrison is so far away…” and lance finds the blue lion and starts doing small jobs throughout the universe to get money cause he poor. he likes to watch cooking with hunk (pretty patrick) and lives on pidges property (idk how she owns it tho) and pidge is trying to wake her brother and father who have been alseep for a while (from the new episode if u dont get it) ill probs add more stories and comics later but yeah this is what ive got so far!

I’ll be tagging all my Bee and Puppycat Voltron AU stuff as #bapvoltronau


     😈 🎶 🎶 🎶

                         Shit Crowley has on his iPod probably


hashtag throwback to edgy spoonboy 

one of my friends is a brazilian exchange student and whenever she finds something weird about america i’ll do that thing where i shrug and say “welcome to america” like

her: why do you eat fries with your fingers?
me: idk
her: we eat everything with a fork in brazil
me: *shrugs* welcome to america

so like basically do you think cecil has ever done that to carlos when he found something about night vale weird like

carlos: why does the radio station door need a blood sacrifice for it to open??
cecil: idk it just does
carlos: where i come from, doors typically don’t need sacrifices of any kind
cecil: *shrugs* welcome to night vale

The apartment smells like burnt cookies and cinnamon when Bitty walks in.

It’s dark except for the light above the oven and the Christmas tree lit up in the corner of the living room.

He drops his bag just inside the door and kicks off his shoes being careful to line them up next to Jack’s sneakers and Olivia’s tiny purple play shoes.

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One gallon per day

Okay so I know that drinking water is the most reiterated thing ever and also one whole gallon per day sounds like a ton, but here is how/why I do it and why you might also benefit.

One gallon seems like a shit ton of water to drink, but it’s really not hard. I use the big mason jars that hold 4 cups and all I do is drink 4 in a day (4x4: 16 cups). I always drink with a straw because you actually drink more naturally when you have a straw, idk why. It’s just easier and I can honestly finish a whole quart really quickly because of it.

Anyway, once you start with a gallon a day, there are two main benefits that I have been loving (and I’m sure there are more).

1) bloating/weight loss: often, people think they are hungry but are just dehydrated. If you’re trying to lose weight or just be healthy in general, drinking water will help curb appetite and stop cravings. I’m no expert, but in my personal experience, it had helped me lose a couple pounds without doing anything differently.

2) skin: particularly, those annoying red bumps on your face that aren’t full-on whiteheads so you can’t pop them, but no matter how hard you try, they are always there. You know what I’m talking about. As soon as I started a gallon per day, they DISAPPEARED. I’ve always had decent skin, but this made it even better.

So there ya go. Go forth and glow

because 也 is not "and"

So it’s pretty basic that 也 is only “also” or “and” when you are connecting right next to a verb. re: it always precedes a verb! ok so what do you use the rest of the time or when you want to mix it up. These are v basic example sentences but obviously you can put the structure into whatever more complex things your heart desires. Also google translate wont load and I do not want to pinyin right now :/ srry

noun 和 noun

ok you probably knew this one too, but still remember that it’s only for nouns. only!!

I ate buns and dumplings. (living that life)

adj 而 adj

uh yep, link up some adjectives. 

My friend is smart and hardworking.

verb 并 verb

This can be whole verbal clause, it doesn’t have to literally just be verb + verb.

Because I have three classes with her, we quickly became friends and understood each other.

big fancy list structure: 不但 …, 而且 …, 还

this is good when you need to list a couple clause-y things and want to upgrade from one activity per sentence. 

Teacher Liu has a wide variety of hobbies, for example not only going to the gym to work out, but also studying linguistics, and drinking local beer. 

bonus: “or” 或者 vs. 还是

还是 is typically for yes/no questions, or when there is only one possible answer. 或者 is for more complex questions or situations where the choices might not be exclusive. You can have your cake and eat it too. 

  • someone talking to me, a person w a personality disorder: open up!! talk abt ur feelings!! i can't love u if I don't understand!! dw your feelings are valid I promise to love you even w ur disorder!!
  • me: *pushes past my crippling trust issues & opens up about my symptoms, tries to explain how my brain works and how Person can help me minimize my symptoms*
  • them, slowly backing away: okay!! :)) ur feelings are valid!! :) i have to go but dw!! some1 will love u one day dw ! :)))