idk i like it so


prince altean keith; pilot of the red lion

Tbh I think the people who work at Stellaworth know me “as that one chick trynna act all casual while she uses one arm to swipe the entire new releases aisle into her basket”… 🙃 ✨

aaaaah I’m so glad I started playing the ukulele

it’s one of those things that I’m not super good at but I just really enjoy?? it’s so nice to just play some nice songs that I like without having to worry about whether it’s perfect or not

it also helps calm me down when I’m nervous so that’s nice too c:

me: wow i really want to write a book some day :)

my brain: you haven’t had a truly original idea that worked out in years, when you do have an original idea you don’t get past four pages, you can barely hold onto projects for a long period of time, and the chances of you writing a book and it actually getting popular are probably slim

me: wow,,,, i really want,,,,,, to write a book,,,,,,, some day,,, :)

Writing is hard. 

You have times when you can write 50 fucking pages in a week, and times when you spend hours looking at your text and not finding the motivation to write. 

There are times when you’re so hyped in your story that you create entire parts of it in your brain, and times when you’re already thinking about writing something else. 

There are times when the words flow easily, and there are times when you can’t write anything at all and you force yourself to finish that damn scene.

There are times when you see yourself writing the ending, and times when you wonder if you’ll ever manage to finish your story.

But hey, that’s okay. That’s writing. You can’t be productive all the time. Motivation comes and goes, and you can’t really control that. Writing is a journey and the road can be rough, so you have the right take breaks.

 Don’t give up on writing, though. It’s worth it.