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Part one of my The Good Sides Of The Internet poster project I’m doing for my art school application portfolio. 

Skam changed me as a person and helped me meet some of the most incredible people and I’ll be grateful for this forever. 💛

happy selfie night! this has been the longest week of my life and it’s only wednesday :)))) but i still found time to look cute so i guess that makes it worth it

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anyway why is “black, no sugar” considered a snobby coffee preference thesedays. like i’ve been in a few conversations about tastes and have gotten actual eye rolls just from telling the truth!!! it tastes best that way! to me! the one drinking it!! i dont give a shit that you put anything in it i have more pressing things to worry about!!!!! like literally anything else!!!

hey! since i’m not really good at writing up starters without plotting beforehand, suck at messaging people out of the blue, and many other reasons i won’t go into, i’ve decided to make this permanent plotting call! so, basically, give this a like if you’re up for some good ol’ plotting with my boy jun over here. liking this post will give me the green light to jump into your ims (maybe also skype? line?) to discuss and create some sick ass plots. 

jun has multiple verses, the ones i have up for him now being: main verse, past verse, human verse, demigod verse, sensate verse, and hogwarts verse. i can always create more so don’t hesitate to approach with au plots! 

just to reiterate, by plots i really mean any plots! i want jun to have a variety of interactions/connections with other muses so anything goes — close friends, enemies, frenemies, complicated relationships, mentors, proteges, pure angst, pre-established, horror, etc. the only thing i ask is to please only like if you’re going to be invested in the plotting and subsequent interaction. i don’t mean you have to reply to me quickly or anything, i just don’t want to get excited over plotting and never get a response. 

but if you’re up for it, please click that like ♡ 

im no dear evan hansen expert but even i can point out that telling a girl all the things you love about her (in a blatant romantic connotation unbeknownst to her) while lying under the guise of her dead abusive brother is pretty damn disgusting

kissing-cacti  asked:

Polytinue with 1?

send numbers & ships blease

okay so they go to the aquarium and josh fuckin… he wants to see the sharks just take him to see the fuckin sharks, paul but PAUL wants to see the tropical fish and nick wants to stroke the stingrays so they’re all bickering but then they get into this tunnel where the ceiling is also water and the fish are swimming over their heads and they all go quiet and hold hands in a big line (and block the pathway but it’s fine)

and then when they’re in the gift shop nick picks up a bunch of plushies and gives them voices and ‘talks’ to josh like ‘buy me !!! buy me’ and josh gives in and buys him a turtle plushie that doubles as a key ring and paul picks up all the generic toys like the yo-yos and the bouncy balls and stuff and plays w them all and the cashiers suffer so much

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this