idk i like doing things like this

I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten


“I know there’s a light, the only shining in our hearts. Standing here, in this place where freedom lives. I know there’s a light, don’t let it fade out, it’s our heart. Let it go. We are not defeated, we’re not losing, in these flames of war. We’re rising up!”  

i got tagged!

so some people tagged me xD ill do this

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 people :)

Name/Nickname: my name is evelyn you can call me eve :)

Where you’re
from?: Spain

Favourite colour
: Green and purple

Do you like spicy food
: yeah

Biggest fear(s)
: i guess getting hate? dunno.

Top 3 hobbies
: play games and watch YT

How many siblings you have
: a younger brother

iPhone or Android
: Android

Somewhere you’d love to visit
: Ireland and canada :)

If you could meet one person, who would it be
: all of my friends online

Artist/band you’d love to see in concert
: probably NSP or nate
Favourite YouTubers
: oh boy here we go: jacksepticeye markiplier pewdiepie natewantstobattle mandopony crankgameplays game grumps lordminion777 muyskerm (idk how to write his username) seagull

Favourite thing about yourself
: i dont really like myself.

Something you’re looking forward to
: RYC 100 from Sean <3
tag 10: mkay.
@painttoolsighs @mimiloverfox @kurokeiko @atomiktaco and evrybody else that wants to do it!

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So I'm a hetero/demiromantic ace, and I think it's funny how I never really understood what people meant when they thought someone was hot. Like... I found a few guys in high school aesthetically pleasing, and that's simply what I thought "hot" meant. So whenever I would say "so-and-so is hot," my friends would just be like, "Oooohhh! Are you gonna ask him out??" And I would always think, "Frik no. Why would I do that???" Idk. It's just funny to look back on :)


I remember having to lie & say someone I thought looked nice was my crush in middle school

idk why i just thought of this but i saw something about gordon ramsey and like what if andrew is an amazing cook and so he gets convinced to join like, a sport celebrity edition of hell’s kitchen or some kind of show. and every time they do those short interview things, andrew just stares blankly at the camera. a judge thinks his food is way too sweet so next round or whatever, andrew just walks back to the kitchen, digs out some maple syrup or some pure sugar and just stares down the judge as he drowns all of his next dish in some super sweet concoction from hell. the judge faints, nicky and matt can be heard yelling from a mile away.

so today i was practicing driving because i get my lisence in 8 days and somehow i drove into pennsylvania and needed gas so i stop at this gas station in the middle of nowhere and sit in my car for 5 minutes waiting for a gas attendant and that’s when i remember that jersey is the only place where you don’t pump your own gas so then i realized i had to pump my own gas and let me tell you it took me 3 online tutorials and 15 minutes to finally figure out how to pump gas it was a roller coaster ride



It might not seem like much but I really appreciate it ^^ And to repay you guys, I thought I’d do a shoutout/tag my followers type thing 😁 So without further a do ! THANK YOU!!!! @ohsnapitsmayy31 @maknae-dumb @awkwardawesomenessoflife @ultimatekurofan @dragonskateroffabulousness @papivtae @gzjj1069 @sassycolectionartisansworld @phemdom @evverything-in-enochian @alwayshorny789 @ollyollyoxen3 @born-sinner-bangtan-lover @ulikemynicetits @min-wifeu @dainealjpg @charcolate @iuhhimrandom @asutu98 @sugawarvara @natalieistoawesome @taeguboi @kjhkpop @partly-insane @better-by-your-side @neesty @aloisskelington @multi6fandoms @cloutsavage1 @anime-nerd04 @imaginacontusidols @hit-the-bangtan @neko-sas @stillintojimin @k-popcumsfirst @baekhyunsyeollie @flxffycxshtxn @x-sugadaddy-x @i-tselementary @aeriaan @dismemberx @ghostlylover5-blog @jung-hoseok-1802 @nsfw-vmin @bts-is-liffee @fxckjiminie @my-little-dirty-world @csmozar @dosmilseventeen @f-unsub @locaporgames @btskoreantcwn @chicdeedee3 @lena-love0711 @whinychim @miraclesgg @spoilmemoredaddy @xi-na @canunotv @xxbtsxcouplesxx @chimxhim @minyoongi-genius @fvxkboiitae @heey–stay-with-me @jaynie-got-a-gun @huthy @jemenrose @im-so-bittersweet @its-alysonflanglais @parkjimet @cuteyoonseok @floatxbotery @dellykitty @xoxo2910 @trashbby-guk @adidashoseoks @alyssa-perkins @cacey247 @salad158 @honetseok @kimrapmoonie @adllaps @betataeil @brattybts @taehyung-aah @psychopharmakologie @trashy-matsuno @mydirectionergir3posts @daddy-sf9 @chipa-el-oompaloompa @kinkyseoks @rivertoforever @ropebunnykook @s-threestars @parknicolegd @extrajungkookie @arcticcrybabyy @manataes @bottomhoseokie AGAIN HANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH !!! AND I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL CONTINUE TO ENJOY MY CONTENT !!! ❤❤❤

sorry guys another personal post bleh

i know this is a bird blog but i really need to get this out and idk hopefully some of you are somewhat interested in me as a person HAHAHAHHA


i posted last night about how the girl im seeing is bad at texting back and how i need to chill out and relax about it

but turns out she wasn’t texting because she was contemplating suicide and was perched on a fucking bridge until she decided to go to the ER which was obviously a good choice

and now i am so scared, and we do deal with our illnesses very differently - i cry for help and she remains quiet and now everytime she doesn’t text me back or if i call and she doesn’t answer i get SO scared and like, i know shes safe and okay because she told me shes doing better today but god, idk what to do. i just wish she’d talk to me.

ive only seen her twice since two months ago where i botched the whole thing being a needy whiny bitch but like - i care so much so fast all the time i just wanna cry

im listening to sad love songs at work too


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So I'm not trying to get your hopes up and like maybe this is far fetched but I kind of feel like twilight isn't over, especially with the wolf pack. I wouldn't be surprised if, one day, we got an entire film dedicated to the wolf pack. Overall there is a growing "interest" (for lack of better word) in Native American culture. Appreciation for what Native Americans have done for us is growing, and even simple thing like powwow attendance is doubling. Not trying to get your hope up but I feel...

like young people have started to appreciate Native culture more. I think it would be good for someone to make a film about the wolf pack because I feel there is a lot of misconception about living on reservations! Idk where I’m going with this but I just thought u might like to hear :)))

no I get you!! i definitely don’t think it’s /over/, and I really do think that Twilight will be revisited sometime in the future– probably just not in the forseeable future, you feel? i definitely do think that Twilight is a really good film/series to expand on, especially because it was so focussed on a specific arc, and I think lots of people probably recognize that. 

and yeah I’ve always felt like the secondary characters especially would do quite well with something like a short film or a tv series (a good tv series that’s well thought out and executed) just because there are so many blanks in the characters and opportunities for them that are essentially endless! i wouldn’t be surprised if we did see something for the pack, but just not any time soon. 

the stigma around twilight is really prevalent on the internet and even in everyone’s mind– which is sad. the marketing for the films and the way the movies were executed really did whittle the series down to the “love-triangle”/competition for the female arc, and it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, not that I can really blame anyone. (it wasnt even the films tbh it was all the fans taking it WAY too far with the team edwin/drakob thing) so I don’t think anything new in terms of films/tv shows will pop up because of the stigma– content creators like film-makers and directors probably don’t wanna associate themselves with the name of Twilight :/

but yeah I totally agree with you that interest for indigenous culture has been on the rise!! it’s been a slow process, but we’re slowly getting more content on modernizing first nations communities and characters– and I think a show on the pack would help (u know as long as its respectable and works with the actual Quileute tribe and is a /real/ portrayal of all the lives that Natives experience). 

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oi scorpy i just wanted to say you're a bloody legend on the behalf of all of australia and as albus is so big on muggle things, what are your thoughts on vegemite, like, do the house elves serve it on toast in the morning or what?

I don’t personally like it, but that’s probably just because I have terrible taste. In toast spreads, that is.

I thought, you know, it would be like nutella, and you could just scoop it up with your fingers or a spoon and pop it in your mouth. I was wrong. I was so so wrong.

Also, I’m glad you think I’m a legend. It seems almost all the other boys are called ‘legends’ except me. What exactly constitutes as a ‘certified ledge’? How does one acquire such certification?

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Dark looks at you with a half lidded gaze and walks over to you. He grins at you and brushes your hair off your ear. He leans in close to the point you can feel him breath on your neck. "And what are you doing in a place like this?" and brushes his hand on your jawline. (This is for the blush thing but its making me blush a bit but idk if this is what you had in mind)

JESUS ALRIGHT. I wasn’t expecting something like this but YOU SUCCEEDED. GOOD JOB! :D

I’m blushing like an idiot oh my god. THIS. Just…. this. Wow. Thank you.

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(1/2) I think what got me really sad (or kind of mad Idk), is the fact that they claim to be "best friends" but dont post anything on SM like they do with their best friends, which makes you think they are hiding something (Like if they are more than best friends) but then there are photos that they are with other people, and that had me concluding that they do not post things in SM as best friends cuz they arent even friends?

(2/2) So they just act cozy in front of camaras to make people think they are friends (or more than friends) to gain popularity and thats it? Thats pretty fucked up.


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Quick ask about s2. Annie's VA has been doing stuff with other members of the cast (like that escape room thing) and she's credited in the trailer too, so how involved do you think she'll be in the upcoming season? I mean, mangawise she isn't involved at all aside from the training flashback in chp. 44 and maybe a brief mention here and there. Do you think the filler stuff might include her (maybe the scene from chp. 17? IDK)

If the scene from chapter 17 where she offers to teach Eren was animated I will cry tears of joy. lol

I feel that if we do see her, though, it will most likely be the chapter 44 flashback since it’s a relevant scene and wasn’t included in the first season. But if the anime team opted to draw more flashback scenes with her, I definitely wouldn’t complain. 

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I say seung tops but i think of him as having a dominant personality. Like implusive almost?? Like he has a very one track mind so he'll think "phichit looks cute today, i wanna kiss him. Im gonna do it" and things progress from there but idk

((True he’d just go for it lmao

also in regards to the “that’s so reagan” post
why do inclusionists (specifically the two gross ones perigisigiigiesifehvoid/glbogobatgender and coruteiuosuminglelr) keep assuming i actually made that image

it’s some random joke image i found online years ago.

instead of saying “oh wow look at those acephobes okay with making glittery pictures of a genocidal person us inclusionists would never!!” maybe idk, stop assuming things??? god i only made the post cause i saw some exclusionist reply to a really gross serophobic inclusionist post being like “calm down reagan” or something which reminded me of that pic in the first place

like what do they even think, gay people for some reason like reagan now? and good and pure aces don’t??? i hate reagan with a burning passion and i hate inclusionists and their serophobic bullshit. i’m tired.

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are we sure that that new elounor pic is new and not from like 2014?

Hello dear! 

The new elounor pic happened on Feb 13th, when Louis took these fan pics 

(Idk why they decided to do some weird editing things and changed the backgrounds back OKAY!) 

This was the picture of Eleanor w/ Louis arm in front :)

And I know there’s a picture out there of Louis signing the autograph for these fans and he’s wearing the snake shirt, which L*rries are like, “HE WORE IT CUZ HE KNOWS ELEANOR’S A SNAKE!” When they were all crying for Elounor to come back when the whole becoming a dad thing happened lol 

PLUS! Louis and Steve filmed for the Late Late show that day and shortly after, James Corden followed Eleanor on Twitter, which many believe means she was at the recording for the show! 

So I’m gonna say these are recent pics :)))

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hey so i need some advice. I stim really violently (AKA i break stress balls, i destroy objects with my teeth, and i slam things really loudly). Do you have ideas of durable, quite stimming objects for me?

I got a donuts chew necklace from Amazon that’s super durable, so maybe something like that would help. Idk if you like putty but I find it really nice when I need to rip/tare something. Anyone else have any recommendations?

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do you have any thoughts on the mad gear and missile kid? who are they? where did they come from?

ksfsgddsh if there’s ONE thing I like and accept about the comics, it’s the idea that missile kid doesn’t exist

as for mad gear, I’m working on figuring him out?
I mean he’s this weird fucking rockstar, total space cadet, very extra
kinda got a pretty punk vibe? like… I mean we already know what his music sounds like so I don’t need to describe that
legendary in the zones
very energetic…. probably tried to fight the sun at one point
he likes fireworks

party poison totally has a crush on him lmao

idk his hair is blue and red that’s all I got so far

Tw body image and sort of a hypothetical but like where can I go to talk openly/vulnerably about my body/ ED stuff as like a black girl and like having been overweight in the first place people thinking it’s sort of a good thing/ignoring it entirely because black girls aren’t allowed to be mentally ill like…. I’m so worried tbh that I’ll never have self worth/esteem I still want to hide my body I still can’t process the idea of anyone finding me attractive or like even baseline someone worth interacting with like…. idk I’ve lost like 50~ pounds since the summer time and no one will say anything about it like everyone’s just pretending not to notice? I mean like my roommates do and very kindly/sensitively suggest I eat more also without delineating the fact that I seem happier and it’s the best way anyone’s gone about it and I mean realistically I don’t know what I want of people like I don’t want anyone to tell me to eat more anyways but I’m like… idek to have it ignored is just so? Traumatizing or whatever like a reaffirmation that one notices and therefor I should keep it up till someone does one really cares but me so I should just do the thing that I feel compelled to…. i hope this isn’t triggering for y'all and if it is please let me know to tag or anything I just have been swimming in these thoughts for so long my body is dissolving