idk i like bandwagons

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“Well now, seems like you look speechless. Heheh, Like what you see sweetie~?” *seductive wink* [@the-sassy-dapper] [I LOVE YOUR ART BTW~โ™ก- The Mun]

He absolutely does.

And now it seems Bendy has been reduced to panting like a dog… and been speechless to begin with.

Y̑̑ͧͯ̃͛͡OͭU̒̆́R̅̽͊͋̊̀ ͨͪ̃̆͘M͂̑̓͒ͤOͣ͊̒T̛̒̃̿̊̋̃Hͤ͐͆͞E̅̔͗̽R͜ ̽̐͐ͦ͒̓Ẇͦ̊҉A̶ͨ͛͆̎ͥS͋̈ͪ̾͌̚ ̡ͦ̅̇̄̐ͧ̚Á̈́͐́ͥͤ ̛̽͌ͭͨ̑̍H̿͐̚͝Aͦ̂̓͆́Mͭ͗͛͑̒S̽̾͂͊T̀̅̈́͛ͮ̎̒E̛ͣͥ̎ͮͣR̸̆̿̃ͥ̑
ͣͩ͗͢AN̑͋͊͂̂́D̔ ̀̄͒ͩ͗́Y̎ͩ̇̀Oͧ̑̓̌͛͋U͋͊͋͛̍ͧͦR̅ͦ̊͛̊̋ ̢̄ͮͭFͪ͛͢A̴̍ͤ͋ͧ̑ͭ̀T̿͛̓͐̌̉͏H̷̒͛̽Ė̢̌̈ͨ́̌̚Ȓ͐̄ͮ͗̎ ̍ͨ͆̆̆͒͝S̏̊ͪ̉ͬME̡L̢̈̐͛T̂ͧͮ̂ͮ̔ ̾̑̚Ö̢ͩͣ̅̐̈́̂F̵̑͛̒ͧ̈́̚ ͛͆̄̽̅ͦE̡ͣͬͯ̽̍̌͊L̓ͫ͊D̵ͫ̆͑̓È͢R̡̅̇́̚B̨ͥ̄̏̈́ͤÈRŘ̶́̈͊̈Ȉ̓ͮ̔͗ͯE̷̒͂ͭͩ͐̆S̉̐

  • TMZ: "Colbert saying that trump is sucking putin's dick is homophobic!"
  • me, an intellectual: the insult has literally nothing to do with dick-sucking being "gay" and is obviously meant as a criticism of trump for historically associating with and giving grossly undue praise and leniency to murderous autocrats, and you are deliberately misinterpreting his rant for cheap hits and to appeal to your largely under-informed and apolitical audience

happy birthday to my precious baby mochi

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                                                   …for the love of god,
                                                                don’t touch h i m

  • Jeremy: [in a crowd and can't find Scarlett]
  • Jeremy: [uses his hands like megaphone] BRUCE AND NATASHA ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER
  • Jeremy: there she is
recursion - (707 x mc)

prompt: sob.

rating: 13+ (spoilers for all routes)

notes: ah. yeah. thanks guys for all your heart wrenching reset theory art. it inspired this monster of a drabble. itโ€™s not even a drabble any more! itโ€™s 2145 words too long! anyway, itโ€™s written in the style of entertain the pain (tho the original version is arranged differently) and references some of my other works. ahahaha. so i thought, wow, this is a perfect celebratory piece.

in other news, there is an epilogue. ask and thou shall receive! though i like this ending too. :3 i hope you guys suffer as i haveย enjoy. <(_ _)>

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  • interviewer: iggy freestyle for us
  • iggy:
  • iggy: In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

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IDK if it's just me, but I feel like the hate bandwagon for exo has gotten way bigger after the award shows, Particularly after smas (especially in places like NB). People keep shaming them by saying they don't sing live, don't cry and etc, but I'm sure half the time people say they are lip syncing, they are actually singing live. Like I just don't know anymore.. I guess I should just take a break from all this b/c normally I don't let these things get to me but right now they kinda are. :/:(

u just have to learn to ignore it and have faith in the boys ,and if u want to take a break,go ahead it’s totally fine :)

exo hate is like an every day thing now,it’s like the new trend,they hate for no reasons,jump on the bandwagon and use other group as leverage to diss exo

they say that they dont sing live, yet never bother to check if it’s true or check out their live perf.they lipsync but they do sing live too,and sometimes the company/broadcast put their recorded song over made it look like they lipsync but in reality they did sing live.there’s fancam but well they dont care and just blindly hate :)

lbr they ll get hate no matter what so we just have to ignore it and move on w life

lip sync? ur not talented, why do u lipsync when ur a singer

sing live? u cant sing live,ur voice isnt good enough,u better go lipsync

cry? that’s fake, u try too hard ,ur pretentious

dont cry? ur ungrateful, u know u gon win, ur not sincere

anti fans? blame exo. sasaeng fans? blame exo. company sucks at choosing venue and fans crowded? blame exo. next thing u know they ll hate on exo for breathing lol

and look at it, EXO themselves has a good image till now.they never involve in any scandal that can harm others or make them look bad in the public. they never say sth wrong nor mess up so the hate is ridiculous.i would accept the hate it if they mess up or get into a scandal but they dont?

and ppl will hate from the smallest and lamest things,they hate on baseless rumor,photoshopped pic,anti fan in disguise, shit fans say and do that exo dont even know about

exo doesnt take responsibility for every single immature comments on social network,the fan’s cray behavior,the anti fan’s fake shit,fan wars.yet they take the blow

and i hate how they put down the boy’s effort. sure coming from SM gave them advantage,but if they dont practice their ass hours a day after a long period of training,then can they be famous? did SM feed them right in their mouth the awards,the album sales,the fame ? is it their fault that they got accepted into SM? is it their faults that they’re good looking so u can blindly slap the label of being talentless on them w/o even checking what they got? is it their faults that fans actually buy their album and care to vote? if anything, being an SM artist gave them extra pressure and expectation.they have to be extra careful and aware w all the shit they do. SM has resources that help them,but if each of the member dont work hard,dont have charms,dont improve.will they be this big?

not working hard enough? how do u measure someone’s hard work tho lol exo is working just as hard as the other idols and their sunbaes out there and harder than those haters  so they should stfu.

and what’s even more disturbing is that the other kpop fandom can do it,but once exo fans do it, we cant  and got called out for it ? @@ so we cant praise exo,we cant feel bad and rant bout their injuries,we cant compliment them bout their effort,we cant congratulate them for their wins.u fucking kidding me.see the amount of stupidity and ignorance here?

that’ why im done and i learn to ignore those hate and bashing to focus on what the boys do and who they are,what their talents are and what they be there for them and to support them,to see the good and bad in them and in this fandom

at the end of the day,it’s us fans that stay with them and buy their album and support them while haters sit their ass in front of the computer typing away and wasting their time OuO