idk i learned how to do this and i was excited so here

laying here in bed and I had a funny thought about fanfics…

You know how a lot of times in fics, Dean’s boots just come right off? I’ve done it too, because I miss that detail in my head. 

But anyways, I wear really similar boots for work and do you know how long those things take? And if you are in a hurry, you are falling everywhere like an animal just learning how to walk. 

I want that! Like Dean and the Reader gettin all hot and heavy and he is struggling like a mother fucker cause he is so cute and excited. Ugh, I’d die from cuteness overload

@eyes-of-a-disney-princess….I’m tagging you because feel my pain woman

Untitled Barbershop

So it’s happening. I can’t sleep. It still hasn’t hit me. I’m finally opening my shop. Everything I’ve done and sacrificed is finally paying off. I’m scared nervous and excited. Idk how to feel haha. But I’m overjoyed. If I scrolled back far enough in my tumblr I’d find shit I rambled about getting to where I am now. Honestly, I couldn’t have gotten to where I’m at without the help and support of the people I surround myself with. I’m just doing what I love here and bringing there. 2017 is going to be a learning experience. I’m finally a business owner. What the fuck!


I remember some1 told me i don’t really talk about my track career on tumblr which is.. So true!! but track is like suuch a big part of my life so figured might ad well share a lil sumthin, i just began learning how to vault for the decathlon and its like my new fav event idk its exciting here ya go! look at me do a thing!

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