idk i learned how to do this and i was excited so here

shits and giggles

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1) How did you choose your url?

  Well i just really fucking love the impala and when i thought of this URL it seemed cool and totally perfect

2) What is your middle name?

    Alanis, i never really tell anyone that tho cause everyone pronounces it wrong on purpose. it’s not the city of Atlantis ok? fuckheads…

3) Favorite color?

 Blue! it’s so pretty and human and it can go from crazy exciting neon to gentle and relaxing.

4) Favorite song?

  oh fuck idk anything by Fall Out Boy haha

5) Top 5 favorite fandoms?

   Supernatural (duh), Merlin, Sense8, Daredevil, and uh Doctor Who i guess

6) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

 Because even tho so many people on here can be total asshats i have learned so much about the world, society and myself on here. Tumblr, while problomatic, has opened my eyes to feminism, lgbtq issues, racism, sexism, and my own identity. I feel like Tumblr has made me a better and more accepting person.

7) Tag 9 of your Tumblr crushes. (they have to do the 7 questions too if they want)

Ok i’m gonna tag…

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I've read hideyoshico-sensei and ootsuki miu-sensei before. I will read some of oneda kou-sensei works and tell you if i like it or not. I need more yaoi to read since im always bored at home doing nothing at all. Same here, i want to learn how to drive so i can go to places without taking public transit. Yo! I know Spanish, its my native language, English is my second. I suck at speaking Spanish though. I'm just going to spend my summer in my room doing nothing at all since im have no life haha

Hehe can’t wait to drive (I’m not really excited idk why) but public transit sure sucks they are so crowded. Yaaay i found a teacher, please teach me or reccomend some sites, spanish would be my 5 language (english is 4) hehehe and then JAPANESE WOHOOO. Here is some mangaka : minami haruka, sakuraga mei, minase masara, yamane ayano, fujitani youko. AND if you haven’t read 19 days GO READ IT RIGHT THiS INSTANT !!!

You just have too many lifes more important that the real one (I at least do)