idk i kinda like it because its different and all


Link/Link Show or Old hair vs.New hair.

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It's amazing how it just takesbone ask about that outrageous bee movie and then there are asks about people not sleeping because of thinking of insects and people wondering how to fuck a bee or be fucked by one

isn’t it great though? Like how peoples minds work? One thought can lead to another and people can have either close to the same thought or have completely different thoughts at the same time about the same exact thing? All depending on the person? Or the time? Or the situation? or their environment?? Just wow brains are cool my guy ~Admin 404

all it takes is a snowflake,,, to start an avalanche,,, ~ Admin 626

Also honestly no offense but I really don’t care at all that Melissa Fumeros pregnancy is kinda visible??? Like??? At most she’s just a bit more roly poly and adorable, and its not a big deal because we KNOW Amy’s not pregnant and there’s literally no reason at all to say that Amy should be stuck behind desks and given fewer scenes to hide it like tbh they cover it up well enough that it just looks like she’s gained a bit of weight and that literally matters not at all with regards to the show, so????

Yeah just like. Chill, my dudes?

idk about u guys but that last scene with reina felt so familiar to me and i just realized its because its kinda like the beginning of s1 where kumiko can’t read reina at all and i am so scared for my life rn