idk i kinda like how the colors came out


HOLY FUCK i actually zoned out and drew
Im pretty sick right now and kinda stuck on my bed for a while so i havint really been able to do art other than that annabelle picture but i was watching a youtuber hyanna natsu draw and before i knew what i was doing i was already half way done with spell

I drew the girl first who i think is a human ver of annabelle but im not to sure at all i feel like i know her but like idk???

I drew sai second then spell

i really love how these came out and i kinda want to color them when i get the chance!


well, two are done

and i just added more to the ‘list’….. whoops lmao

its @teensiest‘s peeny & @pennywise-chan‘s calamighty!! i think they came out pretty okay? i think peeny’s highlighting is better & calamighty’s shading is better, but c’est la vie, yknow?

neeways, i hope ya both like these! ya clowns is cute tbh


here’s sam! (portrait styled)

i wasn’t going to color it but i went with it and idk it’s not the best but i still kinda like how it came out. of course i already see all the shit areas i could change but i guess its a good start at least!

surprisingly, his hair wasn’t as bad as his stupid jacket. i mean obviously his hair isnt perfect but im trash at clothes??? lol oh well!

thanks for the request!