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"Actually, can I ride you?"

YO sO I Wrote A FIc anD it’s SmuT Im GoINg StrAIght To HELL i HoPE to See u alL ThEre alONG wITh dan ANd PhIl excePT tHEY arE Not GOIng stRaiGHt to HelL cUz thEY Be NOt stRaighT oOps

Also I am a child what am I doing with my life and this is my first fic and i can’t write if my life depended on it so ignore the mistakes also I haven’t reread it so :c
Tags?: SMUT (yes we r all sinners oops), masturbation, high school au I guess, riding and idk I kinda forgot what happens haha
Anyway read it if u want here we go.

Dan and Phil were in school. They hated it. They were both bullied for being gay. They were both teased for their relationship. They hated everything about to school. It felt like them vs the world, like everyone was against them. It was lunch and dan and Phil were both sat outside on the bench under the tree which was their usual spot. “Do you still want to come over tonight?” Dan asked while cuddled up to Phil. “Ye.” Phil relied. “You might as well stay the night, I’ll ask my mum.” Dan said as he grabbed his phone and texted his mum. She replied within minutes. Phil had a really good relationship with dans parents. They were always polite and it felt like home, he could just walk in whenever he wanted and it wouldn’t be questioned. “She says sure.” Dan said with a smile. “I’ll go home first and then I’ll come over because I need to get my stuff.” They spent the rest of lunch enjoying being in each other company. The bell rang and they went off to their lessons.

Dan came home and slung his bag on his bed. He immediately got changed and made sure his room was presentable enough for Phil, not that Phil would care but it felt like the right thing to do. After he had finished tidying dan received a text from Phil saying “Hey, I’m just gonna do the dishes and wait for my mum to come home from work so she can drive me because i really can’t be bothered walking. I’ll be an hour max. Xx <3” Dan smiled and replied. Dan thought he would use the time he had left logically. Dan, after all is a teen, and Dan and Phil hadn’t had sex yet. Which is obviously understandable, they had made out(a lot) and on a few incidents they had come in their pants but haven’t had sex. He figured that because he didn’t want to make it awkward when he enviably got a boner while they were sleeping next to each other he would quickly sort himself before Phil got there. To try and prevent and awkward situations.

Dan rushed to his room where his laptop was, took off his super tight ripped jeans, with struggle. And he proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes and opened his laptop. He searched for some gay porn and propped his laptop at the perfect angle, throwing his head back. He was already hard, Gotta love being a teenager. He poured some lube onto his hand and slightly stroked his now extremely hard dick. Using whatever lube was left on his hand he began fingering himself with one finger. Lot long after he added another, and another.

Phil opened the door and walked in, surprised Dan wasn’t downstairs waiting for him like he usually is. He assumed dan was in his room and just hadn’t heard him so he sprinted up the stairs and turned left then stopped as he started hearing small whimpers almost moans coming from the room at the end of the hall, Dans room. He slowly walked to his door and pushed it open to reveal dan completely naked spread out on his bed, his fingers up his ass, laptop open and releasing moans. Dan somehow still hadn’t noticed the surprise visitor at the door, too busy pushing his fingers in and out of his ass quickly. Phil could feel himself harder than ever and pulsing inside his jeans. “Preparing for me, are we?” Phil said with a smirk, he didn’t really know what happened he just kind of blurted it out. Dans eyes shot open his cheeks burning red from the heat, hair sticking to his forehead. He yelped. Grabbed his quilt to cover himself and shut his laptop as quick as he could. Phil walked over to dan. It felt like it was in slow motion Phil removed his shoes and his pants, his t-shirt slowly following. Dan was still in complete shock and unable to tear his eyes away from the huge bulge in Phils boxers. Phil sat at the end of the bed and pulled of the quilt before getting on top of dan and locking their lips. At this point dan didn’t care anymore and devoted all his attention to the present. Kissing Phil felt amazing like every time they kissed sparks flew. Dan began tugging at the band of Phils boxers before pulling them off completely and tossing them to the side. “Lube?” Phil asked out of breath. “Top drawer.” Dan replied also out of breath. Phil broke apart their kiss to reach over and grab the lube. He poured onto his hand and spread all over his dick. “Are you ready?” Phil said still on top of dan. “Actually, can I ride you?” Dan asked shyly turning even brighter red which he didn’t think was possible. Phil nodded and rolled over so he was on his back laying next to dan. Dan sat up and looked at Phil who was smirking at him. Dan lifted one leg over him so his ass kinda lined up with phils dick. He put his hands either side of Phil to stabilise himself. “I’m ready, are you?” Dan asked. Phil moaned and nodded in response because even the thought of dan riding him was enough to send pulses straight to his throbbing dick. Dan lowered himself onto Phil slowly as soon as they made contact Phil whined in pleasure and couldn’t help to let a few moans escape his mouth. Dans eyes shut quickly as he pushed further and further down. Dan stopped when he reached the base of Phils cock. He lifted himself up an slowly building a rhythm. phil was completely gone, a moaning mess. Dan picked up the pace slowly but surly and making sure to keep trying to angle himself so that phil would hit his prostate. And there it was, dan moaned and screamed in absolute pleasure. Phil smiled because he knew he had just hit his prostate. Dan stayed at this angle moving even faster. Hitting his prostate every time. “Da…Dan I’m gonn….gonna come!” Phil groaned. “D…do yyyou want to stop?” Phil continued. “No phil, IIII don’t care please cum for me. In me.” Dan replied in absolute awe. “I think I’m clo…close too phil.”
Phil took this as a sign to start stroking dans dick which was throbbing and leaking, this made dan scream once again. “DANNNN!” Phil yelled as he came into dan, dan still bouncing on Phil helping him ride out his orgasm. As Phil finished than couldn’t hold it any longer and he came hard onto Phils chest and hand. Dan finished and rolled of Phil to lay down next to him. “Sorry.” Dan replied looking at Phil covered in his cum. “Don’t be it’s fine. It was more than fine actually it was hot as hell if I’m being honest.” Phil replied making them both laugh.

They stood up and started to dress, Phil looked over at his incredibly hot boyfriend who was still flustered and he could already feel himself getting hard again. Dan spotted Phil looking at him and he smiled back and he looked down and saw his boyfriend was completely hard. “Round 2?” Dan asked giggling. “Fuck. I hate being a teen.” Was all phil could reply with as he locked their lips. “I’ve never been more happy about the fact that my parents work late.” Dan chuckled. “Shut up and take of your boxers.” Phil replied both of them laughing so much that it hurt.

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Cool Down- Steve x Reader(f)  Chapter 5

Authors notes: Oops. lol. I got a little carried away and wrote almost 2K words in this part. This chapter should be called Steamed Up bc there is absolutely no chill to this part haha… enjoy. ;)

Also. for anyone who is expecting it… I do not write smut. Not gonna happen. So, for any of you waiting on that to happen (although it may be implied later) I wont be writing it. Sorry not sorry.

Notes/Warnings: Fluff, steamy make out sesh with Stevo, drinking but not really. There is a part at the end the may be a trigger?? Idk how to describe it but, threats? but not really? 

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The rehearsal went off without a hitch. Your sister had chosen for the ceremony to be in the same barn where her husband to be, Franklin, had proposed. It was decorated with tiny white lights and white tulle. It was the kind of wedding decor you’d find in Southern Living Magazine. Anything for baby Tessa.

 You played your part as a bridesmaid and walked when you were supposed to and stood where the coordinator told you. All while stealing glances at Steve, who watched from the back of the barn with that half grin that makes you melt. You smiled with the other girls at your sister as the pastor gave a quick run down of the ceremony, but lets be real, you weren’t paying much attention.

 Steve was posed like the cover of a romance novel. He was leaning against the old wood of the barn wall with one foot propped up against the wall. If he’d been wearing a cowboy hat down over his eyes and an open flannel with nothing underneath you’d have thrown yourself at him.

 “(Y/N),” One of Tessa’s friends whispered. “Your turn.” She nudged and you realized it was your turn to walk back up the isle with Frank’s groomsman, Harry? You didn’t remember his name. You should probably know that, though.

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1rainbowstrike  asked:

Okay so imagine: Keith and Lance asleep on the floor together after a rough training session. Lance then wakes up (at 2am or smthn) and gets his jacket, puts in on Keith, kisses his mullet and then falls back asleep on top of him. Then Pidge and Hunk see them asleep in the morning and take pictures. The end

hey hi sorry it took me so long to respond! 


-so like what if they had a fight after training because they’re so worked up and they’re not really speaking to each other at dinner, too exhausted to start any more shit
-keith immediately goes to their lounge room to rest for a bit and decides the floor is the best place because he’s keith
-lance wants to go get his skincare routine started and fall the fuck asleep on his own bed but he’s gonna go ask pidge something first
-can’t find pidge anywhere so he makes it to the lounge as a last resort and sees keith chilling on the ground
-he finds this funny bc there’s space on the couches literally everywhere; it’s empty except for the 2 of them
-lance decides it wouldn’t kill him to be civil so he sits down next to keith
-but keith is hella snoozing and lance is too lazy to get back up and haul ass all the way back to his room (skincare be damned …just this once…)
-lance falls asleep next to keith and wakes up around 2am and notices keith is kinda shivering in his sleep
-immediately lance goes into Protective Big Brother Mode™ and puts his jacket around keith
-except oh no that’s not a brother feeling that’s a “you’re really fucking bi, lance” feeling oh no oh no

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Bisexual Adam Birkholtz head canons

this has a read more because it ended up being more than 1000 words oops (i’m not even sorry i love this so much)

  • Okay he’s SUPER fucking bisexual like you have no idea how bi this boy is
  • Defines bi as ‘attracted to my gender and other genders’  
  • Doesn’t come out till his senior year, he knows the team would be cool with it but he kinda was coming to terms with it and then it didn’t really seem like some thing he felt like sharing. And you can bet he remembers that time Shitty went off on one of the seniors he freshman year about how not telling some one  your sexuality, romantic orientation, or gender is not lieing and that no one has to tell anyone that sort of thing.
  • He comes out to Ransom first, of course he does. But he’s terrified, the rest of the team, they’ll be great and Ransom will too but, it might change things between them and he’s so scared of that.
  • It doesn’t change things between them. Ransom probably even “I kind figured, but it’s no big deal bro, you wanna take a guy to winter screw this year? I can hook you up”
  • after he comes out he can finally get that bi pride tattoo he’s always wanted (idk one that doesn’t assume he’s only attracted to men and women though so i haven’t found a good one yet)
  • Samwell has it’s own pride celebration because pride month is in June and the LGBT+ organization on campus wants to celebrate pride when people are at school. Holster’s never been able to go, he’s been worried or busy with hockey things but some how it works out that he gets to go to one of the events (maybe the Pink Prom?? Or a drag show Idk) and he gets to dress up and he has some one pain little bi pride flags on his cheeks (Probably Lardo) and he just is so !!!! about it. because look at him he is out and he is proud and he loves it (I am 98% sure I got this idea from a fic tell me if you recognize it so I can give credit I think it was a bittyholtz fic)

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Brallie In Every Episode

Season 1A
Season 1B
Season 2A
Season 2B
Season 3A

Season 3B

3x11: The episode begins with Brandon playing his Idyllwild piece at Disney Hall / and Callie has flashbacks to Brallie sex / so I guess you could say Season 3B is off with a bang / ha get it? / a bang / because they banged / anyways / Brallie Bathroom Scene!!! / srsly the best thing / Brandon is always so scandalized when he walks in and she’s already there / and Callie is like “dude it’s fine” / lowkey she’s like ‘we’ve seen each other naked i think u can be in the same room with me while I straighten my hair’ /  i love when Brallie talks like a married couple / B encourages Callie about her Fost and Found speech / “don’t forget to breathe” / and she’s the first one he tells about Julliard / otp af / they talk about money / and throwing up / they’re literally parents / and then proud wife Callie makes an appearance / her hand on his shoulder as she walks by / yES / his smile / they also talk about someone named AJ / but idk who that is so / moving on / can we address the fact that Callie is a mom / her groan after Jude sasses her / love it / and Brandon is her husband / “where have you been?” / happy lil family / Brallie makes a deal to keep each other updated on their love lives / clearly a perfect method to moving on / whatever brallie u do u / i’m not judgin / (yes i am) / and then the fosters turns into tfios / “okay” “okay” / you knew that joke was coming / uGh the way Brandon completely deflates when he sees Callie talking to AJ and not watching him play / literally like a popped balloon / so sad / semi shirtless Brandon / :-) / Callie’s face lol / she closes the door behind her in his room / danger zone / Callie literally went out of her way to tell Brandon about the comic thing with AJ / even though she isn’t sure if it’s not just a friend thing / I can’t tell if they’re just trying to be extra careful with each other’s feelings / or seeking approval from each other to move on / both? / idk / either way they’re gonna fail / “Callie is it true you had sex with your foster brother?” / and boom / just like that / merely an episode later / the secret is *kinda* out.

3x12: the comment disappears / and Callie goes right to Brandon / poor munchkin / she’s such a nervous wreck / “did you ever tell anyone about what we did in Idyllwild?” / I hate that phrasing / ‘what we did’ / I hate that they have to feel ashamed / B’s like ‘no, of course not’ / and Callie’s like ‘oops’ / she done fucked up / jk Daphne is trustworthy / “love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books but love from love towards school with heavy looks” / *Brandon immediately looks at Callie* / fucK me up / “it means being apart from the one you love is hard” / *Callie looks at Brandon* / and thus B’s idea for R+J is born / this scene wants me dead so bad / Brallie are both wearing stripes in this episode / they coordinate their outfits now / advanced level friendship anyone? / haha season 1 jokes / “that’s how secrets stop being secret, Callie, when you tell people” / ouch / angry Brandon / “how is it with you and him?” / shipper Daphne asking the real questions / “I mean it’s hard, but um you know we’re friends first so at least we’re in it together” / foreshadowing much??? / the iconic beach scene with Mat and Brandon / “I mean do you have any idea what it’s like trying to get over someone when you have to see them every day?” / mmmm yup I think he knows the feel / “at least you don’t have to live with her” / ICONIC / BRANDON / almost giving it all away / hilarious tho / “it’s not like there’s some insurmountable obstacle keeping you apart” / for example being legal siblings / now THAT is an insurmountable obstacle / Mat things HE has it bad / Brallie heart to heart / :) / they both look gorgeous in this scene / i’m feelin it / “Guess I should feel relieved” “No you shouldn’t, it’s sick” / bby Brandon always stickin up for Cal /  “of course, I did have sex with a foster brother” / hell yeah u did / “we didn’t do anything wrong!!” / B is getting so heated over this / as he should be / “we never thought you were gonna get adopted” “are we just telling ourselves that?” / no callie wut where did that come from / “how am I supposed to let people think that I’m some kind of role model?” “because you are! you are.” / his FACE when he says that / rip me / he loves her so much / “you have the chance to be so much more. to be happy! and to go out and shine in the world” / this is such a good scene / their relationship keeps developing / even when it’s basically at a full stop / nice / but then / spoke too soon / “I’m sorry I thought we were in this together” “we can’t be in this together, not if we wanna move on” / my poor heart / B telling Cort about his last break up / “it wasn’t because we didn’t wanna be together” / that’s all we need to know thank u vry much / “so you’re starcrossed lovers” / hell yeah they are / the way Brandon looks Callie up and down when she’s dressed for her photoshoot / lol / “what happened to you?” / k Brandon not the best thing to say but we’ll forgive you / “I’m sorry you just- you don’t really look like you” / I have literally no explanation for it but that line makes my heart melt / maybe because he knows exactly who she is / and what she really looks like / but Callie’s heart ain’t meltin cuz she’s pissed / “you don’t get to do that. you don’t get to tell me to go out and shine in the world and then make me feel bad” / she right, she right / “you like me as the poor foster girl who needs you to save her” / the worst line in all of history / fuck that honestly / Callie could not be more wrong / she went from being so right to soooo wrong in the same line of dialogue / I could rant about that scene all day / but I’ll spare y’all for now. 

3x13: In this episode Callie is catfished and catches her toast on her plate right out of the toaster / it’s pretty impressive really / welcome to the Brallie drought of season 3B / Brallie talks about he who must not be named / (AJ) / it’s an average conversation with some above average looks from Brandon / a solid breakfast convo / Callie waits for Brandon after school / it’s the smallest detail / but I love it?? / B tells Callie about the whole AJ, Ty, car accident debacle / bc he loves her / and doesn’t want her to compromise her relationship with AJ!!!! / AJ!! / srsly like how much more selfless can Brandon Foster get?

3x14: The “Brandon Foster Broken Heart Collection” is born / “I wrote it for that girl that I told you about” / excuse me?? ? / you mean to tell me that there are unheard piano compositions that Brandon has written about Callie!? / unacceptable / give me an entire episode dedicated to Brandon serenading Callie with his beautiful piano pieces / please and thank you / and then the most pointless Brallie argument in history occurs / over car keys / whatever they’re married / the “boyfriend in juvie” comment / cringe / the Romeo and Juliet jab / double cringe / and then Brandon calls Callie his sister to Cortney sO casually / brb I’m gonna erase this episode from my memory.

3x15: Brandon watches Callie leave the room after AJ / just like the good ol season 1A days / when they were pining for each other / I guess nothing much has changed / except everYTHING / nothin else really happens except Brandon sings a terrible song about Cortney / srsly B? / stick with Outlaws pls.

3x16: Callie chews her toast and looks at Brandon very fondly / I can’t believe that’s a real sentence I just wrote / we have stooped so low / Callie conveniently spills the AJ beans right as B walks into the room / his face is so heartbroken / and Callie’s face is all ‘I done fucked up’ / she walks around the corner at school and her face is so ???? / just ~so~ / Brandon tells Cal about Cort / and my heart officially plummets to the earth’s core / her fACE / complete heartbreak / she tries to perk up but homegirl ain’t a good actress / when he walks away she’s all pining and brooding / AJ and Callie have the stupidest MATH themed moment / which B walks in on / lookin all suspicious / don’t worry Brandon u didn’t miss much / or anything at all / serenading someone with a beautiful song >>>> comparing them to a math equation / duh / Mariana asks Callie if it’s weird knowing that AJ is sleeping in the next room / this scene makes me want to bang my head against the wall / because CALLIE’S GOTTA DEAL WITH THAT EVERY SINGLE NIGHT / little does Mariana know / damn / “you think you can resist sneaking into his room later?” / Callie’s like ‘girl I’ve only ever slipped up on that once’ / she’s an expert now / and then plot twist / miracle of all miracles / Callie shows up to support R&J / I mean jk it’s not a plot twist / Callie will always be a proud wife / angel face Brandon does a double take when Callie enters the room / they shade Sally together / from across the room / with those looks / I LOVE IT / “I used to think R&J was about true love. It’s not. It’s about two rebellious, impulsive teenagers making really bad choices” / *looks at Callie* / OUCH / okaY BRANDON / whO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT / lowkey like it can be about both??? / so / there / Callie gets so sad again when she realizes what he’s implying / and still / Callie is the first one to clap / married af / can we talk about how I get chills every time I hear the line “there never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo” / because I do / it’s bad / ugh B is forced to witness a CalJ kiss / his eyes are prob burning / and so are mine. 

3x17: Callie gives Brandon the wife-iest look at the breakfast table / I just watched it / and I straight up CRIED / that’s where we are with Brallie at this point / cue the awko taco convo by the door / “we’re gonna have to get used to seeing each other with other people” “do we?” / yes brandon yes / but I mean / not unless you wanna drop everything and get back together / right this second / I’d be fine with that / but instead / my hopes and dreams are crushed / because they only make a pact to not bring other people home / lol / on the bright side that’s pretty much the exact opposite of ‘moving on’ / there’s so much CalJ and CorBran making out in this episode / so many precious minutes of my life I spent watching those scenes / that I can never get back / *gags* / and let’s not even talk about how angry I am that CalJ danced in the living room together / THAT HAS BRALLIE WRITTEN ALL OVER IT / I FEEL SO BETRAYED / on the bright side callie gets super uncomfortable / a thing that has never happened with Brandon / ever / so / :) / at the party Brandon sees Callie with AJ / he’s all pouty / c’mon Callie what about the pact you made to never bring people to family events / u failed already / “sex isn’t like that with someone you love and trust” / *looks at Brandon* / srsly that little moment is what dreams are made of / “I mean, so I’m told” / nice save / both CalJ and CorBran being in the house alone at the same time  is my aesthetic / I mean not as much as Brallie being home alone / but u catch my drift / lol when they scare each other / I laugh every time / ugh Brandon introduces Callie as his ~sister~ to Cort / *vomit* / every time they do that I want to dig myself a new grave / when AJ walks down the stairs B gets SO angry / I’m literally cackling / he folds his arms across his chest and doesn’t even LOOK at them / bYE / AJ and Cort are like / ?????? / literally the epitome of question marks / B wants to leave this situation so bad he doesn’t even finish his sentence / I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed that tension / second servings please / “why were you two acting like you just got caught cheating on each other?” / honestly the best description of that scene ever / “nothing is going on between me and Brandon” “nothing doesn’t feel like that Callie” / CAN I GET A HELL YEAH / heLL YAH / meanwhile / “so that’s her?” / CORTNEY I’m SCREAMING / Cort and AJ really pull through in this episode / she just KNOWS / even tho B literally introduced her as his sister / and saw them interact for maybe 30 seconds / and yet / the moms stay oblivious / Brallie is so real / lol / “and that was the end of us. like truly. forever.” / yeaahhhh / give it a half a season or so / we’ll see / Brandon tries to apologize for the awkwardness earlier / but just creates more awkwardness / and so it goes. 

3x18: this ain’t Brallie really / but can we address that Callie is hypocritical af / “I think if a foster kid has a biological parent who loves them and can take care of them, they deserve a chance” / *didn’t get Robert Quinn a chance* / okAY / it’s kinda Brallie though bc if she did give him a chance Brallie could be a thing by now / moving on / *never moves on in my heart* / Callie overhears Brandon telling Mariana about regretting sleeping with someone / sad Callie is sad / Callie and Cort walk into the warehouse together / lmao / Brandon sees them and he’s like / *laughs nervously* ‘what the fuck?’ / CorBran shares an awkward side hug / also CorBran sounds like a cereal / lol / Callie finishes Brandon’s sentence / love love it / my ship / my parents / so in sync / such soul mates / Cort clears her throat just to break up the love fest / and then Callie finds out about Cort’s baby / whoops! / B about Cal’s photography: “these are fantastic” / my smol heart is fluttering / and then Callie just goes for it / no beating around the bush / “hey does Cort have a baby?” / lmao / “… didn’t want you to do something else you were gonna regret” / the SHADE / Callie says she heard what he said to Mariana / and she’s already crying / my poor child / and then / finally / ~FINALLY~ / Brandon tells Callie about Dani / the moment we have all been waiting for folks / has arrived / and it’s everything / the looks / the teary eyes / the honesty / how they just GET each other / fucking Brandon Foster’s first question when talking about HIS rape experience is if CALLIE is okay / i gtg / he’s too perfect / “look it wasn’t until you that I could be with someone the way you’re supposed to, without the shame and the guilt…. I don’t wanna regret that.” “I don’t. I don’t regret it. At all.” / write those words on my tombstone please / and then they HUG / it’s a miracle / the way Callie’s eyes follow his movements as he walks towards her / kill me / jk I gotta stay alive for the this beauty / her head fits perfectly into his shoulder / they sway back and forth a little / and so do I / because I have now spiraled into insanity / gtg I’ll be rocking back and forth in a ball.

3x19: IT’S SHOWTIME / Callie interrupts a weird CorBran scene / where she gives him animal crackers / hm which is better? / animal crackers or a cheesy piano tie and beautiful metronome? / that’s a tough one / as Brandon sings the prologue to R&J, Cort looks at Callie / girl knows what’s up / Callie is a proud wife in the audience so much during this episode / can’t even keep count / and then Mariana says the most iconic line of this show / “if Romeo and Juliet just told somebody they were in love… maybe they could’ve worked it out and it wouldn’t be so tragic. I mean, sure, it would’ve been hard on the families and everyone. But they would’ve had to figure it out, right? Secrets are like the worst.” / just replace ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with ‘Brandon and Callie’ / her face is like ‘damn u right .. shit’ / Mariana I hope you remember this lesson when Brallie eventually rises / “you gotta decide if you’re really ready to get over Callie” / he ain’t / and never gonna be / end of story / Callie comes to visit her bf in the garage / “do you think you could maybe sing with me?” “uh. no.” “cmon, please” *gives in immediately* / hahahahah my ship / she’ll do anything for him / one look at his puppy face and she was a goner / cue BRALLIE DUET / LITERALLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE 1x02 / MY LIFE IS COMPLETE NOW / the stuff that fanfictions are made of / they keep looking at each other / and smiling / and the lyrics have Brallie written all over them / bc they were quite literally written about Brallie / also about R&J / but mostly Brallie / they both giggle when they finish the song / they are actual cupcakes / ugh but during Matiana’s version they’re both so sad / Callie is clearly feeling destructive / bc she brings up what Mariana said / and straight up asks Brandon “do you ever think what might’ve happened if we just told?” / damn girl / damn / not gonna lie I’ve watched that scene so many times I wrote that all from memory / oopS? / ‘Forever’ is the Brallie anthem / hands down / “every song I sing it’s you” “every laugh I laugh it’s you” “every hope I have is you” “I will be yooooours forever, forever, I will be yooooours forever, forever” / those lines fuck me up so good every single time / every / single / time / their love is so pure???? / it doesn’t deserve to be trampled and shoved aside / it deserves to bloom / and grow / wow I didn’t mean to get so emotional / but it’s TRUE / anyways Brandon imagining him and Callie singing makes me wanna headbang /  back to the garage scene!!! / where the otp could be about to rise / “what woulda happened if we told?” / something clearly snaps in Brandon / he loses it / he grabs her arm and is like “kk let’s do it” / but Callie is all “uh we can’t do that dude” / proving that Callie is all talk but no game / *sigh* / and then the line that broke us all / “it’s too late” / the fandom: “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!!!!!!!!” / that fucking Bad Luck Brallie Bench / get it out of my sight / burn it / ugh that moment of them sitting next to each other / just completely silent / I am dead inside / for never was a story of more abandon than this of Callie and her Brandon.

3x20: CorBran has sex / it’s disgusting / and filled with train innuendos / and tacky purple sheets / Idyllwild will always be better / nothing can ever live up that tbh / so everything is FINE / “I would go with you, but I have this thing to get to for… Callie” / Brandon Foster: leaving his girlfriends for Callie Jacob since 2013 / Brandon shows up at Callie’s door / just like old times / “you okay?” / they sit down on her bed together / that’s a first / I like it / “sorry I ruined your birthday” “you didn’t” / she gives him a framed R&J picture / married as FUCK / show me a couple more married than them / parallel to 2x11 / “I love it” / christmas vibes af / ha remember those animal crackers B? / do they measure up to Callie’s expert gift giving? / clearly not / a single tear falls from Callie’s eye / it’s a little bit beautiful / “hey, what’s wrong? why’re you crying?” “so many lies” / that about sums up this half of the season / their hug is so beautiful ugh / he just pulls her in / without hesitation / I dream of a world where this can be a regular occurrence / he strokes her shoulder with his thumb / :) / :) / when Lena walks in and B keeps looking at Callie / ughH help my broken heart / “is it true you made these allegations because she found out you were having sex with your foster brother, Brandon Foster?” / WHOOP THERE IT IS / “we’re not gonna allow this woman to destroy our family with these lies, because thats what they are.” / bitch u thought / “we can’t, because it’s true” / AHHHHHHH / AHHH!!!! / AHHHHHHHHH. that is all.

*******PSA: I’ll be doing these weekly throughout 4A. And compiling them all into a masterpost after 4x10. Hope y’all enjoy!

marxismtaketwo  asked:

WAIT YOU TOOK SHOTS WITH BRENDON?!?! How? Where? Why? Take me with you!

Sorry it took my so long to answer this but my mom was in town this weekend and we were quite busy. Here’s the whole story:

Pandora was sponsoring a free concert on Thursday, December 10th in NYC. Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy were headlining the show and several other artists were playing as well. I reserved tickets, though they didn’t guarantee admission, and I was debating wether or not to go. The venue was really far, doors were at 6 + PATD wasn’t even on until 9:30 & the venue might be at capacity by then, I had homework, et cetera. Ultimately I ended up not going, and while I was disappointed I’ve seen both groups in the past so it wasn’t the end of the world.

My roommates and I go to the same craft beer bar every Thursday. I almost didn’t go out because my mom was coming into the city early Friday morning and my roommate Olivia was sick, but we ended up going anyway. Best! Decision! Ever! We’d been sitting there for about half an hour, talking about idk what, when Olivia looks over at the door and says “Holy fuck that’s Brendon Urie,” and I was like “No way, you’re fucking with me.” But that’s when I saw him- Brendon frickin’ Urie. We immediately start freaking out. He was with a big group of people but I didn’t recognize any of them. His group is seated at the table right behind ours.

I get super nervous when presented with people I admire, especially famous people. God bless Olivia because she doesn’t get starstruck. Before Brendon even sat down, she tapped him on the shoulder and said “You’re Brendon Urie!” He was incredibly nice. He smiled and said “Yes I am!” We introduced ourselves and I told him how I had been a fan for ten years. (Keep in mind the other three people in our group were also impressed, but Olivia and I have been huge Panic! fans forever.) He asked if we were at the show, Olivia said no but I lied and said I had been. I also complimented him on the concert lol sorry Brendon!! But in my defense I have seen him multiple times and it’s always amazing. He asked if we wanted a picture, and of course I said YES, and he put his arms around both of us while my suitemate Rebecca snapped the picture. I know it’s hard to believe but he’s even better-looking in person. He was also shorter than I expected haha. He wished us a good night and went back to his table, which was set up in such a way that his back and my back were right next to each other. I could hear his conversations. It was insane.

We couldn’t believe our luck. The venue was no where near this bar, and how many bars are there in Manhattan? Olivia and I decided we needed to buy him a shot. There was a moment of panic(!) where we were debating what kind of liquor to get, if he would reject it, et cetera. We ended up ordering 3 shots of whiskey. Probably 20 or so minutes after our last conversation, Olivia taps Brendon on the shoulder again. She says “It’s been my dream for forever to take a shot with you. Do you mind?” And of course this sweet, beautiful angel agreed. He came over to our table again and he says “I’m way too old for this, I never do shots anymore.” I handed him the glass and Olivia asked him what his favorite Panic song is. He said it’s a new track off the new album, I think he said the titular song. We say cheers to Panic and he’s like “No no no, cheers to you guys!” I seriously hate taking shots but this was the easiest shot I’ve ever had. My friends were taking videos thank God. He thanked us for the shot and went back to his table.

At this point all of my life’s dreams have been realized. Olivia and I ascended to a higher plane of being not accessible to mere mortals. Olivia immediately pockets Brendon’s shot glass. Then Joe from Fall Out Boy walks in! I’m so embarrassed, because one of us (we can’t remember who) called him Andy a few times before he was like “I’m actually Joe.” Oops. I felt bad and he didn’t really seem like he wanted to chat which is totally fine, but we did get a picture with him as well which was nice. 

It was getting late at this point but there was no way we would leave this bar as long as Brendon was there. We sat at our table sneaking glances at him every once in a while but doing our best not to gawk. Our friends were talking about something else, I have no idea what. We were completely distracted. Around 2am we decided it was time to head out, but before that we wanted to get an autograph. Olivia ripped one of the paper menus in half and found a pen. Just as we were gathering our stuff to leave, Brendon also happens to be gearing up to go. As he stands up Olivia asks if we can bother him one last time. This time when he comes over Rebecca asks what they were doing at this bar. Brendon explained their hotel was 3 blocks away and this was the closest bar. I told him it’s our favorite bar, and he smiles SO big and goes “Yeah I’m glad we came here, because I got to meet you guys!” I cannot stress how nice he was. He signed Olivia’s menu, then mine. I told him he was my first concert back in 2007 and he goes “Oh, for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out! Great tour.” When he signed my menu, he asked if I spelled Sarah with an h. I said yes and he said “That’s the only way to spell it, the right way to spell it.” Awwwww. Then we each got a hug, he thanked us for the shot, wished us goodnight one last time, and he was out the door. 

I’m still in awe, I can’t believe this happened.

okay but what about an omgcp au of one of those ghost hunting shows or whatever

  • ransom doesn’t believe in ghosts obv but he had an Experience with an old apartment that always seemed to be playing 90s music despite the fact that he didn’t have any neighbors
    • his ass was touched one too many times and now he is determined to prove that ghosts aren’t real and there’s a totally rational explanation for it all
  • holster loves watching ransom scramble for explanations when they stumble across an actually legitimate case
    • ransom and holster: *literally sees a full figure ghost, like facial features and everything* holster: *gives ransom A Look* ransom: “…it was just a shadow"
  • it’s a running joke that maybe someone was living in ransom’s attic and harassing him
  • or possibly 1000 roaches who knows definitely not ransom
    • “i personally think that the person hiding in his attic is more likely, because there could’ve been secret passageways that they escaped through whenever ransom turned around. how would 1000 roaches get away that quickly? it doesn’t make any sense, unless they were mutant roaches who had camouflage powers. what do you think ransom?” “i hate you. i hate you all.”
    • ransom has developed an eye twitch
  • nursey and dex are always partnered up partly because they piss each other off and the rest of the team thinks it’s funny and partly because they surprisingly work really well together
    • *hears noise* “what the fuck was that” “dex, man, chill dude” “i swear to god if you tell me to chill one more fucking time i’m leaving you here alone” “…chill” “bye” “no wait”
  • chowder would probably hold a full conversation with a spirit before realizing that he could see right through them
    • he wouldn’t even run away if it happened he’d just slowly back up, stuttering, “uh– well, it’s been nice talking to you! haha, i have to go now but really! it was so cool! like, i’ve never talked directly to a spirit before!” because he doesn’t want to be rude
  • lardo is in charge of their equipment and she is somehow immune to all the supernatural shit. like nothing has ever messed with her once and no one gets it.
    • she says that she’s got connections in the afterlife and no one can tell if she’s actually joking or not
    • even ransom isn’t sure
  • when something messes with shitty he doesn’t get scared, he breaks out into giggles
    • “holy shit, lardo did you get that on camera, oh fuck brah that was ‘swawesome
    • meanwhile bitty is having a heart attack because this man wants to die doesn’t he lord have mercy
  • jack’s dad was a famous paranormal investigator and his name is well-known because of it
    • he was following his dad’s footsteps when he had a Bad Experience during one of his dad’s investigations and had to take some time off
    • he gets a lot of shit for joining one of those dumb paranormal shows when he finally gets back on his feet
    • he doesn’t actually give a shit because his crew and their shitty little show are better than any other team he could’ve joined
  • jack and bitty are super in love and somehow no one notices? like they’re dating for months before someone (shitty) finally walks in on them making out or something
    • in retrospect shitty thinks that he should’ve realized when he heard jack tell bitty that he loved him and then saw him kiss bitty’s cheek before bitty went on a solo investigation but he just didn’t think about it? like he thought that it was just bro love. not once did he think that jack kissing bitty’s cheek could be a romantic thing.
    • it does make sense now that jack looked so confused when shitty kissed his cheek before his own solo investigation.
  • bitty sings beyoncé songs when he gets scared
    • *doing a solo investigation* “if there’s anyone here with me would you please–” *loud bang* “loVE ME LIKE XO YOU KILL ME BOY XO”
  • holster is that one guy who gets scared of his own shadow
    • literally one time he saw his shadow and he just. started running.
    • ransom looked over the footage after he caught up with him and laughed his ass off when he realized what happened
    • holster tried to convince everyone not to use the footage but they totally did
  • the lax team is a rival paranormal investigation crew
  • one time they both show up to the same investigation site and shitty has to be held back when the lax team assumes that they’re the ones that get to stay even though the smh crew had this place booked for MONTHS
    • they don’t realize that they should’ve held lardo back too and one of the people on the lax team gets knocked tf out
    • there’s almost an all-out brawl until bitty intervenes with his Disapponted Mom Voice and everyone stops
    • (at least the smh show is that kind of horrible that makes it funny the lax show is just bad period there are no redeeming qualities to it)
  • they have all (minus jack) pretended to be possessed at least once to scare everyone else
    • once jack tells them that he doesn’t feel good and they call bullshit until he throws up and then punches a wall. the high pitched shrieking that the entire group collectively lets out is deafening
    • (the only footage they have of the incident is of them running at full speed away from jack. all you can see is feet. they send bitty in to get jack after careful consideration.)
    • (“why do i have to be the one?” “because you’re his boyfriend!” “so? you’re his best friend!” “why doesn’t ransom go get him? he doesn’t even believe in ghosts.” “yeah, that’s true. ransom, why don’t you– where’s ransom?”)
    • (ransom was hiding because ghosts might not be real but psychotic breaks followed by murderous rampages sure are)
    • (bitty goes in and gets him and jack is totally fine other than being shaken up? to this day nobody has an explanation but jack may or may not still be possessed who knows)
  • nursey trips over a glass bottle and is convinced that a ghost tripped him no matter what everyone else tells him
    • this happens twice (it’s the same bottle)
feel free to add more if you can think of any bc this au has breathed oxygen into my dying lungs