idk i kind of ship them

aren’t these the kind of matching outfits y’all wanted? 

i’ve been seeing ships with these shirts everywhere but never saw a d&p one sooooo why not?

also idk who came out with these shirts idea but if you do you could dm me their username or link so i can credit them propely.

ps: if you are seeing this in a computer and phil’s hair looks like it has radioactive poo in it i’m sorry. in my phone it looked completely normal.

Im probably the only one who does this
  • Lemony goodness fanfics: -Insert hot as hell make out scene-
  • Me: oh... my
  • Fanfic: -insert dirty talk here-
  • Me: ...why can i hear them-
  • Fanfic: -Dude fucking moans-
  • Me: Forgive me mother for i have sinned.

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What's dj swaggeypants?


that’s only kind of an exaggeration

it’s adrien/nino/marinette which is officially adrininette 

but like 6 months ago it somehow came up with @reyxa and @itsnotyou-itsmimi and we were talking abt how there’s not a lot of content and trying to come up with a more creative name I think? mimi’s still trying to push for potato croissant inc. but listen. i will go down with the name dj swaggyspots

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I'm not the same anon but I'd love to hear your thoughts on yoonseok my heart beats for them

Finally getting around to answering this sorry TT okay so, yoonseok. i like to call this ship the original gays because people somehow seem to think that they’ve surfaced recently but the truth is that they’ve been shippable since the dawn of time.

I think the keyword with this ship is Mutual Respect. They’re such a SOLID, dependable ship. In the same way you can ALWAYS count on Jungkook to be staring at Jimin, you can pretty much always count on Yoongi to be looking at and paying attention to Hoseok. Yoongi really looks at Hoseok like he’s the sun y’know?

I love this ship because they’re so genuinely wholesome. They support each other and understand each other, and they make each other feel comfortable. Whatever the other needs they’re likely to give to one another. Say Hoseok looks like he’s feeling self conscious or uncomfortable? Yoongi is about to be right there at his side, a soft palm pressed against his back or an elbow to his side saying something or smiling and trying to make Hoseok fall back to Earth again. Say Yoongi looks tired and distracted and worn out. Hoseok is gonna be there, rattling off jokes, helping Yoongi to surface back into the world and stop detatching where he can get lost in his thoughts.

The truth is, there’s so much concern and understanding with this ship. Easily one of the most healthy, pure dynamics I think I’ve ever seen.

I live for watching Yoongi pick Hoseok first in games and questionnaires and, everything tbh. You can almost count on it, 98% of the time, Yoongi will choose Hoseok first if he has to pick. Because he said he likes partnering with Hoseok (”With Hoseok maybe I’d have a bit more motivation.’) I live for seeing Yoongi draw attention to Hoseok WHEREVER he can so that Hoseok NEVER has to feel small, unimportant or forgotten. Like he KNOWS that Hoseok wants that attention and praise, even if Hoseok will always divert the attention away again or get flustered and just :’D.

And Hoseok ALWAYS has Yoongi’s back. Deadass Hoseok would probably move an ocean for Yoongi. Hoseok just seems to read Yoongi very well. Their energies are accommodating, there’s this push and pull with their energy that you can read SO easily if you just pay attention to them. For a day, for an hour, flip through some random vids and look for just Hoseok and Yoongi. Their energy is so refreshing and smooth and easy going. The way the interact and look at each other is so positive and comfortable. You can ALWAYS read the respect on Yoongi’s expression, and he laughs ALL of the time with Hoseok. and with Hoseok, he drifts casually to Yoongi side SO often. 

idk, i just love yoonseok because they’re so positive and wholesome. I like to call them the ‘we get eachother’ couple. Because…well…i think it speaks for itself. :’) I love Yoonseok. So, very, much.

Easily one of the best bangtan ships imo.


Cayden Martinez, the Hawaiian/Hispanic son of Apollo and Brendon Gonzalez, the Puerto Rican son of Poseidon.

they’re hella gay and I love them (so does Jc)

***also I’ll prob draw stuff if you request stuff bc hey why not! I’ll take oc’s, ships, & characters of any kind (voltron, pjo, hoo, magnus chase, trials of apollo, kane chronicles, danny phantom) bc I just like drawing!!! for free !!!***


I figured I’d draw some, and it ended up being a really self indulgent kakpol pose practicing session. I also ended up making into one of my rare line art pics lmao

I want to tell just how great it is to draw tango poses, btw. I definitely recommend it.

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5 and Aaron/Laurens


Idk what to call them so maybe??? Burrens?? IDK?????? Hel p ??

Burrens - fingertip kisses

10 Reasons why Aaron Burr is the best Boyfriend ever

  1. He sings me to sleep
  2. His voice is really nice
  3. He holds my hand when I feel scared and tells me he’s here (I’m usually never scared btw)
  4. He tries to cook
  5. He’s kind of bad at cooking actually which makes me seem better by comparison
  6. He’s kind when I’m reckless
  7. He has held my hand even when I don’t feel scared
  8. He says he loves me everyday
  9. Sometimes I think he lies about that but inside, I know he does
  10. I think I love him too

John placed the pen shakily on top of Aaron’s writing desk and tries to re-read what he just wrote. It was short and simple, like Aaron. It was straight to the point but also a little ramble-y, just like John.

He was supposed to write a letter, but he was not as prolific with words as Alexander.

He was supposed to make a playlist of songs, but he couldn’t sing at all.

He was supposed to do a myriad of things for Aaron Burr but his insecurities stopped at the door. He held his arm a little bit tighter against his chest as he tried not to cry. This was stupid. Fuck, why does he always get so emotional when it comes to Aaron? It just wasn’t fair how much Aaron makes him feel but he could never truly repay him.

“John?” He turned around at the sound of his name and saw that Aaron was standing there with a large stuffed turtle toy.

11. He buys me gifts about things that I like. 

“I’m sorry I’m late, sweetheart, it was traffic on 5th avenue.” John held out his other arm for the toy almost like a child and Aaron gave it to him with a chuckle. “I saw this in a shop window on my way back. I thought of you.” He knelt down in front of his boyfriend and smiled at the way John’s eyes lit up at the sweet gesture.

12. He thinks of me all the time.

“Our 3 year anniversary is coming up, babe! I was thinking we could spend it with some of our friends. A lot of them agreed to come visit over the summer.” John was a little surprised when Aaron carried him bridal style over to the edge of the bed but he smiled happily when he was settled on top of his boyfriend’s lap.

He hugged his stuffed turtle closer to his chest while grinning brightly up at Aaron. He smiled back just as brightly, just like the time they went on their first date.

13. He hates PDA but when we’re alone, he holds me tenderly

“What were you writing there a while ago, love? A letter or something?” John blocked Aaron’s view when he tried to sneak a peek at what was on the desk with his shoulders shaking with silent laughter. “Oh? Is it for me? Why won’t you let me see it?” 

14. His smile is beautiful, especially when directed towards me.

John bit his lip and shook his head as his answer and Aaron got it immediately. “Is it a surprise?” 

John shook his head and he placed the turtle on his own lap before raising his hands up to sign: It’s not finished yet. I have so much more to say.

Aaron nodded in understanding with that same soft smile he reserves only for John.

15. He learned sign language so we could still talk even if I’m mute.

“Take your time then, love.” With that statement, he took John’s hands in his own and kissed his fingertips with all the tenderness in his heart. John absolutely melts every time he does that and the action only proved item number 10 further. I think I love him too. 

So with a watery smile he took his hands away from Aaron’s and signed as clearly as he could: I love you. Aaron returned his smile with as much adoration as he could muster. This was the first time John told him that. 

He kissed his fingertips that were frozen in mid-air before he held up his hands as close to John’s and signed: 

I love you too.

John then placed his hands on either side of Aaron’s face and kissed him with all the love in his heart.

16. Number 10 was a lie. I don’t think I love him. I do.

Wow I managed to make this non-angsty @elysiangrace are you happy??

Send me a Hamilton ship and a number!

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Just a friendly reminder about the essay on: Reasons why I ship jikook. Thank you, very much appreciated ^^

Ooooh boy ok–

So to start off, as a gay fan, I find Jungkook and Jimin’s relationship (and how it evolved) to be really interesting and relatable to my own experiences as a gay person. I would honestly bet both of my hands and my future income that Jungkook and Jimin are More Than Friends (however they choose to personally define that for themselves.)

The big reason I think jikook is Real has more so to do with how their relationship has changed over time rather than any particular moment between them (although there are some defining moments for me.) That’s mainly what I wanted to explore when I wrote Riptide because so much of their relationship is dependent on their own growth, self-acceptance, and finding comfort both with themselves and each other.

Ok, so I’m going to start at the beginning now and go from there:


  • During this era, Jungkook and Jimin were both pretty shy. Honestly the shyness/awkwardness comes off as the type of shy you get when you have a crush on someone.
  • I don’t think this is something they realized at the time, being that they were only about 15 and 17 (I mean, I didn’t accept I was gay until I was almost 18), but there’s so many moments in old logs where they catch each others eyes and then turn away, or are just generally hesitant/awkward with each other even though they’re friends.
  • It just very much reads that there’s a romantic tension between them even at this point. I feel like when I was around this age, I only acted like that around people I had some sort of interest in.

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Why do v/kookers take everything I've seen jikookers analyze for their ship? Like the song covers and the song jimin said represents him and how kook covered it and many more (i forgot) and they say they are v/kook "anthems" or when kook tweeted the lyrics of ilysb right after jimin's selfie vid and i see them apply "im hella obsessed with your face" to their ship, the tongue thing etc etc and so many stuff, like I get it's kinda of a reach for both ships but they really are jikook's things..1/2

anon said: I even saw them say how v/k spend nights singing together drawing dancing or shopping when jk literally said him & jm are the night buddies who do all kinds of stuff together.. I mean v/k are probably just as close too so i don’t see why they feel the need to take all these jikook stuff for their ship, every ship dynamic is different & to me they seem to like the concept of jikook & their moments but they are too blind to see it & some of them just don’t like jm. Idk i blabbered a lot sorry 2/2

lmaoooo funny I got this ask right after the last one *laughing crying emoji*. I mean, it’s not tae/kook shippers fault that jikook has 10x as many moments (as of lately, don’t attack me *eyeroll emoji*), I mean *chews gum and flicks hair behind shoulder* jikook is just that real. No but for real, it seems like every single thing that jikook shippers like to say and or use as a jikook moment, other shippers gotta just swipe it away, and of course their gifsets and posts  get more recognition than jikook shippers, so then people think of it as another ships thing. *sigh*. But omg did shippers really say that v/k were all night buddies lmaoooooooo. Like, yeah, I’m sure they hang out at nights, but like…. jungkook legit officially called jimin his all night buddy……. like…… gtfo. I agree so much with your last part of the ask, it resonates with me on a personal level. And it’s okay that you blabbered!

Originally posted by caughtinjimin

Like many–I was there during the Zutara vs Kataang wars. Years down the road I finally decided to get back into the series and attempt to rekindle my love for it. Due to being shamed for my shipping preference by the creators themselves and fans, I sort of let my love for Zutara die. Thanks to my significant other and her found love for it, I found myself loving it just as I had when I was younger. Soooo being on the Zutara side of the shipping spectrum, I of course paid a visit to that tag first, before anything else. I read posts by the wonderful people of tumblr and found out all these years later that seeing something there wasn’t just part of my imagination. That it WAS going to be canon and…idk seeing that makes me feel validated again??

Like from the beginning I was always accepting that Katara would end up with Aang, in fact–I saw it coming and was never hopeful or even thought that Zutara would be end-game in a million years. I wasn’t spiteful towards Kataangers bc I thought the shipping wars were dumb in the first place….

Still, there was a chance and somehow, even though it DIDN’T happen in the end? I still feel like that sort of DOES make it canon in its own way?

So in the end both sides of the shipping war kind of won? IDK. I was never one of the bat-shit insane Zutarian’s who threatened to take their lives over the ship… Nor did I cry and rage at Bryke. The only time Bryke made me feel a bit upset at them was when they immediately started disrespecting a huge portion of their own fanbase, MOCKING them and poking fun at how terrible the Zutara ship was and how it was impossible.

Thinking back on it–Now that I’m not just a teenaged fangirl and I dabble in writing myself? Calling anything in your own story impossible? It’s a sign of your incompetence when it comes to writing. Seeing the bad writing in the LoK ( which I still did like but feel it could never surpass its predecessor series ) proved that to me.

I’m sorry but as a lesbian myself? The way the K/o//rra///s/a//mi pairing was played out and claimed to be a thing from the beginning was total BS to me. I felt like it was a sad attempt to cover up inconsistencies and bad story telling, shoving a pairing in our face and claiming it was planned from the start so that we’ll be happy because OMG THEY TOTALLY WENT THERE!!!!

So I guess I wrote this all just to say? I’m happy. Happy that in some alternative version of the story that the amazing Aaron Ehasz allowed our babies to end up together. That in SOMEONES eyes, Katara wasn’t just a prize to be won. She wasn’t just “the avatars girl”. She didn’t SUDDENLY figure everything out in such a short amount of time and decide that Aang was the ONE for her even though she’d previously JUST claimed she was confused and unsure.

That in some alternative world, there was going to be some build up and not just ‘omg zuko ilu lmao’. A real love story–Something Bryke seems incapable of writing. SIGHS.

Sometimes I wish that Bryke would give him the rights to add that season he’d been planning.. They could even claim it to be non-canonical if that’d make them more comfortable. It could be a netflix exclusive and everything but it would definitely breathe new life into the beloved series and let everyone be happy. I know they won’t and it’s impossible given what they set in stone—but it’s a nice dream. LOL.

Still even if it never happens. Zutara WAS canon in several of the writers and artists true vision and that’s good enough for this fan.

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as a kookmin shipper to a fellow kookmin shipper; why is it that you specifically chose (or got dragged into more like) for them? for me it's kind of the way kookie developed into his relationship with jimin (how he went from shying away to overtly showing his affection in a dominant but semi-tsun way) + how kookie is a big buff baby and jimin is a small soft (and buff) hyung but they are still equal (idk.. I just.. love them so much. have a nice day <3)

Ahhh  Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows about ‘The Moment™’ right? I can’t believe that post is almost a year old…

When I pick ships, I tend to go for those who at first seem like they’re in opposition to each other. And Jikook was no exception. They were the perfect example of a push/pull, love/hate relationship and I thrived off their teasing moments (still do). 

I couldn’t imagine how they would grow but they did, and wonderfully. Jungkook, shy, lone little fetus Jungkook grew (physically hELLO puberty) but also mentally and emotionally. He broke out of his shell, became more comfortable with himself and his band mates. He’s still growing of course, but the transformation he’s already gone through is amazing. Jimin also grew. Grew more into himself, more confident in himself, and became more mature. He’s calmed down quite a bit but still shows more affection to Kookie then almost anyone else (all of the hair ruffles ^.^). 

They also grew, not just individually, but together. They learned their places in the group, and become much more comfortable with each other. Kookie still likes to test those hyung/dongsaeng boundaries every once in a while, but now they are close enough so that it seems like it doesn’t undermine Jimin’s authority as the hyung as much as before. And Jimin seems fine with it now, perhaps even encouraged it (off camera).

Watching their growth has been an absolutely lovely experience! They help each other, admire each other, respect each other, love each other, and it seems really genuine. That’s why I ship Jikook, why I love their relationship.