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The Phantom

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vampire!au taehyung x reader


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anon nymph wished – hello :) can i request a vampire taehyung scenario? he doesn’t know you personally, but he is attracted to you yet in order to keep you safe he tries to stay away, you don’t know he is a vampire but you’re attracted to him as well, his mysterious look draws you in, idk how they’ll end up together (probablt tae resisting until the end) but you can include some steamy hot feeding scene /\ thanks :)

hello love! You are my first request on this blog and I thank you! So- I have a question for you?! I got carried away with this ask >.> as you can see, this drabble is quite long.. do you mind the fact that I will have to make this into a series type? I hope not >.> Because lets be honest, vampire!au’s, ohhhh boy lol! Please let me know if you like the idea, and if not, I’ll make the second part as short as possible okay love?


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The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 

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Can we please get otabek, his sister, and yuri at a park and ota is pushing the two on swings ! Also idk if you have her name but can we call her Angelica !

today i learned that i can’t draw a proper swingset after half an hour of trying

i know you said beka pushing both of them but i don’t know how to draw that i’m so sorry ;o; (also i kinda did gave her a name BUT IDK ANYMORE bc everybody keeps suggesting great names omg)

otabek’s sister (x) (x)


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.

super massive richjake headcanon post

ok so basically this is gonna be a huge headcanon post about richjake that @richardgoranski and i made over the past like month (anything in bold is a direct quote from connor)

  • so back when chloe and jake are dating chloe is like ‘i think we should break up’ and jakes like um why and chloe is like well clearly youre in love with rich and also i like brooke
  • and jake is like um what i have no idea what youre talking about and chloe turns jake around to look at rich whos on the other side of the hallway/room and his breath hitches and chloe is like smh u Gayass
  • and so chloe is like jake just ask him out!! but jake keeps denying it like haha what im not in love with rich idk where youre getting this from until chloe just stands there and gives him A Look and jake is just like…..ok fine but what if he says no and chloe is like wtf youll be fine
  • so jake goes up to rich and is uncharacteristically nervous and red and he confesses to rich and asks him out and rich is like omg….and accepts and BOOM theyre dating 

under the cut are just some (lmao i mean A LOT) random headcanons that dont go in any particular order

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Aaaand here’s a preview for comic that was originally supposed to go up tomorrow night, but right now idk what’s gonna happen because I don’t think I’m gonna finish, realistically speaking. I may chop it into two and leave another cliff hanger LOL OR just power through it ^ ^;

This chapter has actually a lot of Victor, more than Yuuri. I think I’m getting better at drawing his stupid af hair. Is uh, also mildly angsty?? Poor Yurio has a lot of misunderstandings, not at all helped by hormones and emotions that are even more volatile than usual >.<;

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll keep working on it! _(:3 」∠)_ Hope you enjoyed the HCs in the meantime ^ ^;

This comic will be part 2; Link to part 1 from a few weeks ago HERE

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does daehyun and himchan really hate each other? a lot of fans seems to say so.

I truly believe that they don’t. Daehyun and Himchan have one of the strongest bonds in B.A.P. There’s so many instances where they’ve proven that they love and care for each other so so much. I’ve seen the same type of rhetoric floating around and I don’t know how they’ve drawn that kind of conclusion. 

  • During his birthday stream Daehyun called Himchan because he wanted to hear his voice and they uploaded bad photos of each other x x
  • Himchan was also the only one to make it down to Busan to watch Daehyun perform during Hiatus, you can see how happy they both were to see each other and hang out x x
  • Himchan is happy Daehyun talks to him like a friend and they have rooftop talks x 
  • These cuties switched name tags x 
  • To Himchan, Daehyun is the existence of love and To Daehyun, Himchan is real x
  • Himchan bought Daehyun a birthday present x
  • This whole Grazia Interview
  • Constant cuddling x x x and a kiss x
  • Constant dinner dates, even on Christmas x x x 
  • Himdae practicing together x 
  • “I can be with this person for my whole life keke” x 

There’s so many more instances where Himchan and Daehyun just like to have fun and enjoy being around each other. No friendship is perfect but they definitely don’t hate each other. I don’t know how people can think that these two sweet beans hate each other. 

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106 for stony!!!!

106- You believe me, don’t you? 

 (ok, so I tried to write fluff for this, because I do so much angst. I apologize for the result, and the length of time i took to answer this, thanks for the request!)

It was Bruce who carried Tony in, just scooped up in his arms. Steve looked up from where he was sitting and sketching on the couch, in a fear which turned to confusion as he noticed that he was apparently fully conscious and unharmed, which turned to concern as he realized that he was giggling, and- trying to pet Bruce’s hair?

“Tony?” he spoke cautiously, “are you alright?”

He was expecting a sarcastic reply, a ‘no, I died when I realized I had to work with you’ perhaps or  if he was hurt a ‘of course, Steve, I always go around with [insert injury here]’ What he was not expecting was for Tony to turn his head to look at him, as though noticing for the first time that he was in the room and to open his eyes wide, as if seeing him for the first time.

“Captain America!” He poked Bruce several times in the arm. “Look, it’s Captain America. I love that guy.”

The biologist rolled his eyes before looking at Steve who was now convinced that Tony had gone insane. “We got hit by some sort of gas” explained Bruce. “Didn’t affect the big guy, but Tony- he got hit by it badly. Combination some kind of laughing gas thing and a truth serum concoction.” Steve could almost see the pain from using such inaccurate terms radiating from the doctor. I’m going to take him down to the lab and analyze exactly what it was.”

However it looked like Tony disagreed with that statement, as he pushed himself out of Bruce’s arms before half tumbling half falling onto the couch next to Steve, staring up at him with big brown eyes.

“Hi, Steve. You look pretty today.”

In spite of himself, Steve felt his heart miss a beat for a moment before he answered. “Hey, Tony. I think you may be a little, uh, high right now. You should probably go with Bruce so you can figure it out.”

“I don’t want to go with Bruce.” Tony pouted and Steve had to hide a smile as he continued. “I want to stay here with you. I like you, Steve.” He smiled before adding quickly, “I mean, I do like you, Bruce, huge fan of everything you do. But you’re not blond.” He laughed. “And Steve, is very very blond. He’s also big. And has blue eyes, did you know he had blue eyes? I really like his blue eyes.” He turned back to Steve who’s mouth was quickly snapping shut.

“Tony, maybe you should come with me, and then talk to Steve afterwards allright? You’re a little, well, drugged right now, and perhaps we-”

“You don’t believe that I’m telling the truth?” Tony gave him a hurt look. He turned back to Steve. “You believe me, don’t you? You know that you have beautiful blue eyes. You know that I like you.” Completely ignoring Steve’s astonished expression and the way his heart had started racing he reached over and grabbed Steve’s sketchbook, looking at the picture he had been drawing.

“This is Iron Man!” He looked back up at Steve, full of adoration, “You drew a me!”

Blood rushed to his face and Steve had uncomfortable feeling that he might actually be blushing.

“Well, I draw a lot of the avengers, I mean, the suit is very aesthetic, and-”

But now Tony was flipping through the rest of it.

“You drew more mes!” He looked up from the sketchbook. “They’re good mes, you make me look good!”

“Well you do look good.” He said it without thinking, Tony’s instant rambling honesty bringing out his own. “I like drawing you.”

Tony’s eyes grew even wider and he set down the sketchpad. “You-you like drawing me?”

Bruce cleared his throat. “As much as I enjoy seeing you two finally talk about the feelings the rest of us know you have, I think I should probably take Tony down so he can perhaps talk about this when he has a bit more control.”

He came over, and picked Tony up who seemed to have trouble walking, and brought him down, with some light protesting, to the lab.

Tony found Steve three hours later after the gas had worn off.
“So, you like drawing me?”

“Like I said, I do draw all the avengers-”

“That’s not what I asked.” A trademark smirk creeped up across his face. “I said I liked you, and you said you liked drawing me. I don’t go back on what I say even if I do say it under some form of weird gas that makes you feel light and bubbly.”

“Well, I mean….” Steve tried to articulate his feelings and failed miserably.

“Steve? I’ve already done the awkward part of stating my feelings, and I’m not about to spend another half hour of awkwardness now.”  The captain opened his mouth to point out that he was the only one who actually had to feel the awkwardness at the time but shut it quickly as Tony continued. “So will you go out with me? I promise, this is me asking. No weird laughing gas involved.”

Steve smiled. “Yes, Tony. I like drawing you. And I would love to go out with you.

And if a small “fucking finally” was heard from where Bruce was standing, where they thought was out of earshot, the two ignored it.


Happy owls for your dash~!! Hope today is a good day for you~! ♡

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do the Ducktales folks know about your alt design (because I love it and maybe they'd love it and I'm just saying season 2 might allow for some changes) also that lil comic made my week

aaa uuhhhh I’m not sure? like one or two folk off the team follow my twitter but idk if they really look at what I post or like it, but again if you’re thinking of showing them my work please refer to this guide and just. be cool? to them? they’re doing a huge thing and doing it real good and trying real hard so please


Redraw one, two, three!

(April 2015, December 2015, August 2017)

Taiwan is one of my faves i love her so much (stay tuned for more!)

Vietnam | Ukraine & Belarus | Seychelles | Nyo!China | Nyo!Hong Kong | Hungary, Liechtenstein, Belgium, & Monaco |

Things I want to see in Skam soon
  • The Isak and Sana study session
  • Yousef walking in and getting lowkey (but highkey) jealous
  • Sana sensing Yousef’s jealousy bc she’s observant af and she just kinda smirks
  • Isak would notice the tension but he’s lowkey distracted by how hot Yousef is (bonus points if Sana catches him checking him out and smacks him on the arm or something)
  • Cute giggles and smiles between these two cuties being the bestest of friends
  • Sana getting advice from Isak on how to be straight up with her friends
  • Isak changing his fucking facebook/icon to something else (if he refuses to make it a pic of himself it should at least be one of Even’s drawings of him if he wants to keep the cartoon look)
  • idk just more of everyone i love them all 

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do u have advices for beginnerbeginners :-(

I’ve drawn all my life, spent all my energy honing it into my only talent and tangible sense of self worth, spent 5 years and more money than I care to think about in art school and only in the past couple years have I learned/come to terms with the fact that drawing aint worth a crap sack of shit unless it’s fun, so don’t do it in hopes of making people love you, don’t do it in hopes of being famous, just do it as long as it is fun and don’t make yourself miserable for it unless you can REALLY look at it and know it’s worth it.

in general it’s also good advice, that aNYONE will tell you, is to always draw. if you find ways to have genuine fun with it then you’ll naturally want to draw all the time, so these two advices are connected. when you’re starting out you’ll have lots of bad drawings that you hate, but you gotta draw them, you gotta push out the bad drawings like diarrhea to get rid of them. and even drawing bad drawings can be fun in a way, like, life is like a lucid dream that way. (When I’m drawing crappy drawings, at least the physical movement of my hand on paper is nice. or I just go play a video game and draw again in a few days, idk) Anyway just keep pursuing things that make you happy and try to draw things you want to see, and keep drawing them. You’ll get better over time.

also I know you’re a beginnner and don’t have much of a basis yet, but you don’t always have to listen to every advice, and not every tutorial someone reposts from deviantart is actually good or helpful. Not everyone has good ideas or knows how to actually teach you something, no matter how good their drawings look. you don’t have to get caught up in details like what kind of pencil you should use or what sketchbook to get (unless you have fun trying out new art supplies!! then do it cause it’s fun to experiment). if some advice doesn’t work for you then idk, throw it out. if MY advice doesn’t work, throw it out. forget I even exist. IDC. I’m not real. nothing is real

be good to people and draw fun stuff and don’t hurt anyone. and don’t steal. don’t post traced or copied drawings on the internet. all that’ll get you is yelled at. use good judgement and show your good taste.
also please this is really important, you don’t NEED to share all your drawings. you don’t NEED attention. art won’t make people love you T_T art can only make YOU love you

if your goal is to have an art career then I don’t really have specific advice for that, because I mostly gave up on that for the sake of my mental health lol


I lie, this was not for my pride.
I know this was my time.

I was listening to Handshake by Two Door Cinema Club and I can only think of Taco talking to Mic tbh
also!! my marker ran out halfway through colouring Soap, so I’m sorry if it’s uneven!

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Any advice on color pallete challenges? Your at is breathtaking!

uhhh i can probably think of a few !!

1. going in bear in mind that it is a challenge and u may… not exactly like the colors ure given (god knows how it pained me to use that puke yellow in the ‘overboard’ palette) but dont let it overpower u!! theres always a way to make it look at least Pretty Okay, so dw itll be fine

2. color ur drawing two or even three different ways before fully going in! sometimes the variation you go with first isnt the best one and its not always clear to see, so try a few different combos and see what works best!!

3. this is just a personal preference but i usually go with the darkest color for the outlines in case i run myself into a corner without a way to seperate two colors so the drawing reads well but… idk if u go lineless this ones pretty useless fhjdjh

4. try to !! put some variation in neighbouring colors. like lets say u have a palette of 5 colors and u put two next to each other– throw that third or fourth one in!! switch it up keep it interesting and hope for the best

5. if ure worried ur drawing looks too bland put some scribblies in different places– lines, dots, random splotches of color, idk!! have fun with it!!! tell that challenge its got nothing on u and make it a fun experience for urself

honestly i dont know what im doing half the time but heres…..those