idk i just. really love that outfit. a lot

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Gotta send my girl Hiyori

omg ily. let’s go.

  • Why I like them: She’s so strong and open minded and smart and brave and loving and funny like WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?
  • Why I don’t: GIRL NEEDS TO STUDY FOR HER EXAMS AND NOT WORRY HER PARENTS SO MUCH. Other than that she’s perfect.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): youmeanthehospitalarc  
  • Favorite season/movie: I love Hiyori later in the series because I think she looks at everything with such a fresh and level perspective. She’s really embraced the far shore as her own world and it really shows how much she’s grown.
  • Favorite line: I know this is basic, but I love “I will never forget you,” because it’s a lot more than a promise between her and Yato, but between her and this new world that she’s just been enraptured in. And that’s super cool. Idk sDGHsjdhg
  • Favorite outfit: I love Hiyoris outfits I can’t pick a favorite. All of them??
  • OTP: Yatori, obviously.
  • Favorite Friendship: Her and Yukine and Yato’s relationship. My beautiful trio. Melt my heart ;A; 
  • Headcanon: I’m so bad at this. Pass.
  • Unpopular opinion: Yatori isn’t my favorite ship in Noragami and that seems to be wildly rare in and of itself. 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Basically everything that happens in Now and Forever. *insert fuck_you_ina.png* 
  • 5 words to best describe them: loving, stubborn, patient, optimistic, strong
  • My nickname for them: daughter. just daughter.

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I, W, X 💕💕

I - unconventional/secret opinion about yixing

idk if this is necessarily unconventional, but I know A Lot of people think that yixing is super spacey and that no one is home upstairs but honestly i think hes super smart and hes very well spoken and intelligent :’( he wrote a book !! hes a smart cookie !! i lov my smart man  !!

W - favourite yixing outfit/look

ok i really cant pick just One so im gonna Go Off for a min im sry in advance i put a lotto pics so im gonna stick it under a read more bc it got Long

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self-positivity meme

I got tagged by the amazing @kallielef ❤ and I have to show my favourite pieces i’ve made. So, here you go!

BLOOD LOTUS - You know I was going to put this up! So yeah. I think this is one of my greatest achievements so far. I had this image for months in my head, making lots of thumbnails and searching for references for it… It only took me 2 days to finish, only working at night. I’m really proud of this one, and I’m thinking on making a series of Merrill’s illustrations. I can say she’s the character I can relate the most :_)

FINELL - I just… idk. I love this one. Trying to draw a proper reference for her. I didn’t succeed as you can see, but someday I’ll draw her full body. I’m proud because of that outfit. I’ve looked endlessly through pinterest and looking for inspo for all my characters… I think I look after them more than myself.

SERA - I sometimes wonder if I really drew this myself :) I LOVE drawing silly faces and different expresions. Somehow, I want to transmit something through their eyes to people. What I feel.

Maybe this Sera’s pic isn’t the best to make you feel something, but I still want you to smile because she smiles at you, idk idk idk, i’m rambling again

WAR AT THE SUSHI BAR - This one makes me happy :_), a collab with @dyinglikeicarus two Summers ago, I think? I was stressed by Garrus’ armor. I think I collected a great amount of Garrus images just for this one. And Icaro did an awesome job with Thane and her Shepard, Danny ❤. I just love all this, and that Icaro wanted to do a collab with me too. She’s amazing and one of my favourites artists, and I’m glad to call her ‘my friend’ ; - ;

GOOD MORNING - Aah, it’s a coincidence that all my favourite pics are the ones with more notes here? Even if this has… idk, 2 years at least, it’s one of my faves so far. I know, my pics are always so calmly and romantic and that stuff. But I can’t help it. It helps me to not do vent art or being more depressed. I find myself in a state where everything that is not real life, is welcome. And this characters, playing games, drawing and making such cheesy pictures… Somehow keeps me positive and with a warm sensation.

Andd that’s all. U can do this if you want! But I’ll tag specially @dyinglikeicarus and @marscarat . JUST DO IT.

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Other than design continuity, why do you think Jotato still wear styles that resemble his old school uniform. Its like.... Let it go bro.... Ur like 30 something

it really is just for design continuity

araki said something about characters sticking to a uniform no matter what for clarity or something, i wish i could remember the quote (or i could just be making it up idk im really tired actually)

i love araki and his art a lot but he has a pretty bad sameface syndrome at times (especially after part 5)

if jotaro didnt have the school uniform outfit he’d look like someone who isn’t jotaro

a good example:

poor jonathan, he lost all that muscle and got an incredibly tacky outfit in return