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Ok, so what if...

Marichat happens, and they start dating, but they still haven’t revealed themselves. So, like, usually Adrien is really careful at school about not saying or doing anything, but one day he slips up. Like Marinette said or did something adorable, and he kissed her on the nose or something. What does Mari do? She slaps him, of course, because “hey, I’ve got a boyfriend, so that wasn’t cool!” And at first Adrien is kind of hurt, but then he starts laughing, and Mari thinks he’s not taking her seriously. So she’s like “what you think I don’t have a boyfriend?” And he’s like “no I know you have a boyfriend, I just didn’t think you’d slap him for kissing you” (or something that sounds better) while wearing a familiar grin. And then it sinks in and Mari freaks, because “why didn’t you tell me before now????!!!!!!!!!”

(Sorry, I’m half asleep right now, so if it doesn’t make sense I’m sorry)

now that I think about it… Victor had to conceal a lot…


I imagine him hiding his fanboy feels everytime Yuri did something. BeCausE HE hAd a HUGe CrUSH on HIM






Amber  - As A Roommate

A/N: idk why I’m doing this but I woke up with this idea and just… roll with me on this ok? I just think rooming with Amber would be so much fun

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  • First of all, expect this girl to definitely get on her knees and ask you to be her roommate *loads of cringing* and then jumping up and down constantly when you say “Ofcourse you dumb llama” because how how can you say no to this cutie patootie???
  • So then begins all the possible planning of how you divide the space
  • I think amber would be the kind to just let you do whatever you wanted as long as you were comfortable, but not taking up her space in the process you know
  • Can I put a huge poster of some random kpop group in the living room?”
  • “Yeah sure why not?”
  • “Can we have gigantic pompous portraits of ourselves framed for the drawing room walls?”
  • This girl is just super excited and happy that she gets a whole new person to explore and live with and she’s just happy it’s you ok trust me on this one
  • You’ll probably meet up in a cafe to decide when to go house hunting and who brings what and she gets so serious so quick it surprises you. She even insists on coming with you when you look for the house, even if she has schedules all day
  • So you guys get some snacks and ice-cream and just roam the streets of some really peaceful neighborhoods looking for a home

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  • I feel like Amber might not show it but she really wants a home not just a house. She looks forward to filling it up with good memories. A place for her dogs to feel comfortable and a place where her friends can crash whenever. A place for the two of you to chill and feel safe
  • So when you find the place, it’s going to be a small fist bump and that’s it. You just know. This is the place.
  • Oh god moving day is going to be SO MUCH LAUGHING. you can’t get even one box unpacked because everyone is here to help and all you guys go out for barbecue and just laugh and laugh
  • But that night when you get back, its just the two of you on a single mattress in a huge empty room and you fall asleep so quick because you’ll have a lot more nights to stay up and talk
  • and boy do you talk
  • everything from childhood favourite games to high school friends to first boyfriends and the craziest things you have done - you just talk talk and talk
  • and rest assured, there will be all-girls-sleepovers with SO MANY PEOPLE
  • you come home and amber calls you up. She’s in her car and one of her friends has had a bad day so she was wondering if she could stay over (so cute she actually thought you’d be pissed) so you tell her only on one condition.
  • You buy the icecream and we CANNOT watch Marvel movies anymore ok Amber I’ve had it. I’ve just had it”
  • And it’s amazing that little laugh filled with relief in her voice over the phone. You don’t understand how she could have ever thought you’d be against it. Pabo

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  • Huge nights of cooking together
  • but the next few nights, you just order takeout. You’ve done enough ok
  • Though you love each other, loads, sometimes you just can’t be around each other. It’s normal for roommates to just get into everything together. Eventually your friends all become one and you end up hanging out inside, outside, everywhere. It’s too much. So some nights you go out with your friends and some nights when she’s away on her tour, you get time to just be you on your own
  • but when she goes on tour, you miss her loads and you can’t imagine ever having to live alone. How did you even do it for so long
  • You end up calling your friends ‘Amber’ because you’re so used to yelling at her
  • please protect the expensive cutlery
  • You get be in her vlogs randomly and suddenly people ship you guys together and amber tries to make a whole video of the two of you seriously accepting your marriage to each other. Yes You are married. So what
  • and so people start asking who amber would like to go on we got married with and she always looks at them like she’s offended and says “excuse me, I’m already married. To y/n”
  • But really, the fandom loves you and they follow you religiously and you become the amber messiah always putting up awkward selfies and sleeping and eating pictures of amber with captions like “ok fam you can calm down now i fed her” “she’s sleeping ok pls let me live”
  • If you’re both tomboyish and just non-girly, there are going to be so many mornings when you refuse to wake up and spend a whole day in your no-bra glory. This is the life ok
  • Heels and Bras were made by men and should be abolished bye

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  • You’re going to be seriously good friends with everyone she knows. It’s not because she wants to set you up or anything like it she just thinks you’re awesome and they’re awesome and if two awesome people meet - it’ll be so much more awesome
  • So you’re always on a random chat group with Mark or Jackson or Ailee or Eric or Henry or Min and it’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE OK TOO MANY PEOPLE
  • but then you realise suddenly that somewhere down the line they became your friends too. Their concerns start to bother you and sometimes when you feel down, they come over to spend time with you and just you, even if amber isn’t here
  • CYCLE COORDINATION OK (you know what i mean)

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  • and beware of work-mode amber because I don’t think you’ll hear a peep out of this girl when she’s on a working trope. She’ll spend all day in her studio, possibly over work herself and come home to crash or just text you to say she’s crashing at the studio itself
  • you demand selfies and texts so that you know she’s actually alive
  • her parents and sister texting you to get updates about amber because this idiot forgets to call them sometimes
  • and it surprises you because they always end the call by saying ”You should come home sometime” and it just warms your ice cold heart
  • random late night stupid conversations
  • What if we are the aliens and we are going to take over another peaceful civilization????”
  • “Do you think Jackson ever looks at himself and says he’ll date himself 10000%” “YES.”
  • She lowkey tries to set you up with one of her friends but you can’t even think of that because if you do decide to date any of them it’ll get all awkward and you don’t want to risk your friendship with amber or their friendship with amber or just the possible relationship
  • and she just hugs you out of nowhere “Babe. You really think anything can change us?”
  • (so you end up dating one of the legends that she is friends with and you live happily ever after kbye live yo life treat yoself)

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  • Crying amber just breaks your heart and you want to personally hurt everyone who even thinks of hurting your poor llama. I know I will. COME FIGHT ME
  • but when she sees you cry for the first time, she sort of sinks down in front of you and just hugs you until you calm down and doesn’t question you until you’re ready to speak for yourself.
  • I just think Amber is such a sweet, mature and kind hearted girl with so much love and happiness for the world. Living with her is going to be so smooth sailing because she’s quite accepting of situations and people I mean you don’t even have to pay me or anything just let me live with her and take care of her pls im always concerned about her.
  • *Sigh* protect this llama.

Wouldn’t this be awesome? I really wanna room with her once. Even if it’s for fun

flower boy 🌸 

a huge shelf thing that hangs on my wall just collapsed in the middle of the night and I woke up so fucking startled and started crying because I thought someone was in the house trying to hurt me?? Idk why my mind works like this but wow ok that was fun

‘friend or foe, him being alive is enough’
  • alright shinoas reaction when yuu turned into a monster… lets rewind mika was furious outraged, speechless and shinoa arrived at guren’s office demanding answers but when they weren’t received she didn’t press the matter further and simply gave up
  • When guren mentions her feelings she completely forgets about what she was going down there to talk about… maybe like the fact that the humans did experimentations on yuu??? idk that seems a bit more important rn… why arent you mad? why are you so cool with this? cause mika sure as hell wasn’t
  • When guren told her to leave, she just left?! wait what? no protest, ok thats cool. ‘if you love him stay by his side’ um, simple. i think anyone can do that… oh wait she wasn’t there all the time AND the other members of the moon demon company did that as well. 
  • also yoichi was by yuu’s side when he woke up not shinoa. this was a perfect chance for directors to put her there sleeping and make it all intimate and stuff but they didn’t THERE IS A REASON. 
  • Yuu suggests that he thought about mika in his dreams - in that 7 day coma, he thought about mika…
  • After seeing yoichi he asked about family but went straight back to thinking about mika and he was so filled with joy at him being alive he CRIED!!!!
  • Shinoa can be seen at the door watching yuu cry (a typical scene where a girl observes the guy expressing feelings over his other love? that’s kinda what it looked like to me).
  • Shinoa has a certain insensitivity. She talks about yuu feelings really light heartedly which bothers me, calling him a “cry baby”.
  • yuu doesn’t have a specific reaction to her after not seeing her and being told by her that he was in a coma
  • When he was worried he was asking for the other moon demon company member, asking for ‘everyone’, not just her in particular
  • He said he doesn’t remember anything but he remembers mika being alive, which means he doesn’t remember shinoa hugging him which means he didnt turn back cause of her maybe.. the drug wore off or something
  • also shinoa lied to him like i know you can say well back when they were little and at vampire captives mika lied, no he didnt he just have half-truths or omitted certain things,and he did that to help yuu and i dont see how yuu not knowing that he is a monster and the humans are experimenting on him will help him. if he knew he’d probably leave and go with mika…
  • after told from shinoa about news about mika he doesn’t even care for her presence and seems disinterested
  • she got overexcited over a meaningless touch and overread the situation
  • when she said the vampires had a sip of her blood yuu didnt really give a reaction whereas when mika was getting his blood sucked (ep 1) yuu reacted badly
  • shinoa also seems to have doubts in the flashback saying ‘mika, family, huh’
  • Yuu reacted with the same level of concern to mitsuba who also had her blood sucked by vampires. (and we made it clear he is not interested in her)
  • he said ‘sorry i worried you as well’ nothing specific to shinoa, whereas all the ways yuu reacts to mika is very very very unique.
  • when he addresses the whole moon demon company he says ‘thank you all for worrying and I’m glad everyone alive’ i think he is also alluding to mika being alive

shinoaxyu fans probs think theres a lot of fan service for them in this episode whereas i can barely see any and more proof that mika and yuu are canon

disclaimer: there are always 2 sides to everything, this is just my side and how i viewed things. Let it be clear that I am not hating on shinoa or shinoaxyuu, and i apologise in advanced if the wording appeared like i did so (take into mind this was written straight after episode - a time when emotions are running high)

ummmm ok but am i the only one who thinks seb would be SUPER annoying (but cute !) to sleep with. like no have sex sleep but ACtuAL sleep. he’d probably hold u soOoOoOo tight u cant move and ur like ???? and if he cant feel the slight up and down of ur chest he freaks out. and like probably will wake up at stupid hours of the morning and contemplate life and how minuscule we are idk he’d be super adorable and uGh imagine his husky i-just-woke-up voice but hed probably also annoy tf out of u


Monday 29th, June, 2015, 3:00 pm // ok so today I horribly overslept. Idk why lately I’ve been feeling tired. Ugh, however I woke up at 11:30 am, drank some coffee and started reading some criticism about Twelfth Night, so now I have something to say to the class. Now I feel much better so I will start reading Macbeth. I’m just sorry I don’t have any hot chocolate because I forgot to buy cocoa 😅
Also, it is summer so I’m not going to be that hard to myself for one day of oversleep. I’m making an extra effort just by committing to read instead of being scrolling through Facebook purposelessly 📚

Meioses // Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic, Kirishima Touka/Sasaki Haise

i…idk. i woke up this morning and needed to write this.

comes directly after Voltas u//////////u this fic is part of this au that i’ve been writing.

important disclaimer: teacher/student AU is originally neimana ‘s idea! this is like…a fanfic of her AU, & veers from the timeline she wrote originally.

~2300 words. contains: teacher/student stuff, self-indulgence, and a lot of awkwardness. excerpt:

Really it’s the responsible thing to make sure that he’s alright. Yes, it’s responsible, and she nods to herself, and takes a breath, and after another minute she convinces herself to rap on Sasaki-sensei’s door.

She hears footsteps, and then the door swings open. Touka looks up, and pales, and then turns completely red.

A person has opened the door — a person who is definitely not Sasaki-sensei. What they are, though, is dripping wet, and wearing nothing except a towel that they are pinching into place around their waist.

“Hello?” They look left and right, and then down.

“Oh,” they say, with a smile. “Why, hello there, ma chérie.

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The other day I had a Skeleton Dance dream where Wander hadn’t had a birthday in a LONG time and kinda forgot what they were like? Hater was distraught about that. So Hater spent all morning before Wander woke up creating the perfect birthday party and then invited Sylvia and Peepers. While they were coming over Hater explained to Wander how birthdays work and what he was supposed to do. And then I woke up. Idk it was really cute!!! Like the Birthday boy reversed!

in my room when i was younger it was like 6am and we had a spare mattress on the floor and i thought it would be an awesome idea to do a cartwheel on it but since i was on a springy mattress it launched me towards the wall and my leg went through the wall and i was freakig out until like 7am when my parents came in to wake me up for school and they were lik eWHAT HAPPENED TO THE WALL and i was like idk it just happened it was there when i woke up?!?! and they were like tell the truth and i was like ok fine i cartwheeled and put my leg through the wall


thanks a lot to the anon who requests this and what did i say about this series gonna be posted based on their age????? LMAO IM BREAKING THE RULES FOR MY BABY BOY MINGHAO:

  • ITS HIS BIRTHDAY WHWOWHOWHOWHO ok sorry im excited
  • husband!minghao will be the best thing to ever happen in the world have u seen him
  • he’s a cute marshmallow i can already see him planning a matching costume with his kids
  • he couldnt believe that ur his wife now like wow ok
  • “hi wife” SO CHEESY
  • whenever u blush i feel like he’s just gonna laugh and kiss u OHFFKTMT
  • he’s a dog kind of guy so yes ur gonna buy a dog as soon as u step into ur new house
  • “THE WHITE ONE LOOK AT THE WHITE ONE we’re buying him”
  • “ok chill”
  • i see him as a morning person but i also see him as a not morning person so idk how to say this but
  • if he woke up first he’s just gonna lay there for a few minutes then turn to look at u and just admire u until u wake up isnt that cute but youll wake up soon bc his gaze is just ???!!!$#%#
  • if u wake up first youre going to get up and walk lazily to the kitchen to only sit on the stool and fall asleep again on the table and when u open ur eyes youre gonna see minghao next to u sleeping on the table too SO CUTE WFT
  • making breakfast together
  • laughing when he burns the egg
  • lazy mornings are like ur routine even if he has schedule he’s gonna be all lazy with u until u yelled at him to get ready real fast
  • he’s going to kiss u before he leave :~)
  • and i see him as the type to love kids bc he is one himself so when u tell him youre pregnant with his kid he’s just gonna be like “ok cool” and then pauses for a while before he looks at u wide eyes “WHAT DID U JUST SAY”
  • he’s gonna be an excited lil puppy and shower u with kisses
  • i think he would like 2 kids????? or maybe 3 or even 4 LMAO I CAN SEE IT
  • bboying lessons
  • “ok this is how u do this sick move”
  • cuddles with minghao is =w=
  • like its heavenly
  • grocery shopping with minghao and the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kissing minghao tho
  • =w=
  • why am i putting so many =w= face
  • like have u seen his lips im frustrated
  • i see as the type to kiss ur nose ur cheeks ur forehead before eventually kissing ur lips NONONONO
  • you and the kids will prepare a surprise party for him along with the other 12 members and make them help decorate the house
  • “wonwoo stop crying oh my god”
  • “but.. …my little 8 is turning older today…. ..(sniffles)” 
  • “MINGYU dont touch the cake or else”
  • its gonna be a hard time for u bc theyre all kids trapped in an adult body
  • ok so lets just say the surprise went well and he’s gonna be all smiley and happy bc u prepaRED ALL OF THIS FOR HIM CAN HE GET MORE LUCKY TO HAVE U
  • “i love u so mUCH ok SOOOOOO MUCH”
  • and he’d kiss u and the other boys are just gonna scold u BC THERE ARE LITTLE KIDS AROUND OH MY GOD HOW COULD U!!!!! and cover their eyes
  • and the moment is just… .…omg so perfect like???? u feel like crying bc u feel so lucky to have him and share these moments with him OMG NO
  • and u know…. …its his birthday… ….that means… …;;;;;;;; fun time
  • and have u ever heard that dancers are good at sex
  • ALL I WANTED TO SAY IS pls protect my lil cinnamon roll from this cruel world and kiss him hug him and tell him how much u love him and make him happy bc he deserves that!!!!!
  • and also pillow talks with minghao is like the cutest bc at first he’d just mumble something like “oh god this is actually happening”
  • and ur like what????
  • “im actually married to you and we have kids and its crazy that im gonna spend my whole life with the person i love like i used to dream of all of this and now its happening and i…. …i love u a lot what am i gonna do without you”
  • CHEesY
  • and yeah just in case u happen to marry him.. .…..u need to be prepared of the endless bboying lessons

torturing myself as per usual :~) for more husband!au click here

Okay, I did a thing. A SoMa thing. I am so sorry. Based off of this prompt: I just woke up from a 6 month coma and I don’t remember anything about the past 5 years but that’s kind of okay because as a trade-off this gorgeous stranger sitting at my bedside is saying he’s my husband

credit goes to essified for the prompt and I guess it’s SoMa week so maybe Khaleesi would like to see it?? Idk, I’m sorry to waste your time sempai


“Will you marry me?”

The words are said so casually, yet so quietly that she knows he is as close to begging as he will ever get. They are alone, on the couch, with her head in his lap and her green eyes laughing up at him have the words flying out of his mouth before he can control himself.

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i had a dream last night that i was rly upset about something so i found liam and koala bear’d myself to his back and he just. accepted it? like he definitely didn’t know me and i’m pretty sure i had interrupted his holiday but he just shrugged and was like ok 😊🤗 and went about his business but kept checking up on me asking if there was anything he could do and he was so sweet and basically what i’m getting from this is that i’m sad and i miss liam :((((

Hey guys! So idk when this thing started because I literally just woke up but here’s a selfie from last night so yay!
Ok so my name is Mckenna I’m 13 from California and you all are like beautiful masterpieces of amazingness and you all have really great genetics!!
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