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The Exalted Plains, Orlais 

“Dareth shiral, Tillahnnen.”

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spideychelle prompsoal headcanons!

ahhh, hello! sorry it took me a while to write these ones. i fell asleep and also prom is such a funny thing. bUT. here are some headcanons :)

  • peter’s a bit worried about prom. not because it’s prom or because it’s supposed to be this huge high school thing that you remember for the rest of your lives.
  • that’s actually what he’s worried about
  • last time he went to a school dance? not the best experience. homecoming sophomore year was one of the worst days of his life. not only did he have to leave behind liz allan, the girl of his dreams who turned out to have a villain as a father, but he also had to fight said father and almost died while doing it.
  • he still wakes up some nights, screaming out as the building falling on top of him disappears. his screams turn to tears as he stares at the bottom of the top bunk bed and may comes in and holds him tight to her chest. it’s been over a year, but he still gets the nightmares.
  • so he’s not excited for junior prom. sue him.
  • ned’s been trying to convince him to go. the decathlon team is all planning on renting a party bus and heading over together. which, peter admits sounds fun. a part of him really wants to go. but he can’t shake this feeling that something will inevitably go wrong and his night will be ruined and the nightmares will never end.
  • and then mj asks him to prom. well, kind of.
  • it’s a boring wednesday during lunch, ned is still getting his food because he had to speak with mr. harrington after class. so it’s just peter and mj at the lunch table. (she sits across from them these days.)
  • “so, my parents have been asking me about who my date is for prom and i want them to stop, so can i just say it’s you?”
  • “what?”
  • mj groans, lifting her eyes from her book so she can roll them at peter. “my goodness, parker, for a genius you’re really dense. can you be my date to prom so my parents get off my back?”
  • and. he’s honestly stupefied. because: “wait, you’re actually going to prom?”
  • “yes, peter. i’m allowed to want to spend time with my friends, you know.”
  • “yeah, of course, i just-” he doesn’t actually know what he thought. she did go to homecoming for the last two years, so it makes sense she’d be going to junior prom. but then: “wait, is this how you’re asking me to junior prom?”
  • michelle’s cheeks tinge slightly more pink and she looks back at her book. “i told you, my parents-”
  • “i know what your parents want, but what do you want?” he doesn’t know why he asks that. mj is his friend. has been for the better part of a year. she joins he and ned on their snack breaks and movie nights and study dates. he doesn’t want her to be his date to prom. he’s not even planning on going to prom. but then
  • “i mean,” she coughs, keeping her eyes trained on her book. “i guess it would be fun to go with you.”
  • his face lights up and he smiles all bright and wide. “you want to go to prom with me!
  • “no, i don’t!”
  • “that’s literally what you just said!”
  • “shut up, parker. that’s not what i said.” and she slinks further into her seat and scrunches her eyebrows together and she’s putting her head even further into her book and she looks so adorable. and, oh. oh. he doesn’t expect the sudden quickening of his heart or the flush that rises to his cheeks. he doesn’t like mj that way. he doesn’t, he never, they’re just friends.
  • and then ned plops down into the seat next to him and peter can’t say anything further and michelle is leaving before he can answer her and he feels badly because she looks disappointed. but he doesn’t, he didn’t even think about the possibility that he could have feelings for her in that way until like five minutes ago when she asked him to prom.
  • so, when their last period of the day rolls around, he sits next to michelle and scratches out a small note, which he hands to her when their teacher starts talking about the mitochondrial dna.
  • i’d say yes if you asked me properly.
  • when she finally looks up at him, shocked, he smiles and whispers, “you have to at least buy me dinner first, mj.”
  • she shoves him lightly and then pays attention to their teacher drone on and on for the rest of the day. she seems to have a small smile on her face but she doesn’t say anything else on the matter.
  • peter wonders for a brief moment if he’s messed this up and she’s decides to just ask someone else. and he tells himself he shouldn’t be disappointed because he didn’t want to go to prom anyway. but that was before he knew mj wanted him to be her date.
  • but then at decathlon practice the next day, michelle is grilling him on russian history around wwi when suddenly she asks: “true or false. on may 8, 2019, michelle jones asked peter parker to the prom.”
  • and
  • is she for real?
  • he looks around at all his teammates, who all have their eyes trained on him. they seem to be excited, sitting on the edges of their seats. they also must surely see the blush on his cheeks.
  • “uh,” he manages to get out. “true.”
  • he hears her whisper, “oh god.” and then ned comes in (and wait, when did he leave?) and he’s carrying this big bouquet of red roses. but as ned gets closer, peter can see that there are a few white roses in the mix. and the white roses spell out the word “prom”.
  • ned hands the bouquet to michelle and she walks over to peter. she won’t meet his eye as she hands him to bouquet and opens her jacket to reveal a shirt with a “?” across the middle.
  • and, peter is shocked. it’s been one day. did she already have a shirt with a question mark on it? how did she get flowers so quickly? she told the whole decathlon team without him knowing? how did she arrange this?
  • and then, sensing his confusion, michelle sighs. “my dad is a florist. i’ve had this shirt for years. logistics aside, will you go to prom with me, you loser?”
  • peter stares at her for a few moments, dumbstruck. and then he nods his head, smile growing when he hears the decathlon team cheer. mj smiles. she smiles in a way that’s small and as if she can’t help it. like she’s tried keeping it off her face, but the joy is too powerful.
  • so peter stands up and he hugs her tightly. her arms slowly wrap around his torso and the team cheers even louder. he thinks he hears flash yell: “get a room, you dorks!” but peter doesn’t care because he’s pressed up against michelle and her hair smells nice and it feels good against his face.
  • “thanks for asking me properly.” he whispers, moving so his face is smushed even further into her hair.
  • “thanks for saying yes.” and at this peter pulls back, and michelle looks so…vulnerable. and peter wants her to know he’s not going to hurt her. that she is giving him a gift by letting her walls down with him and he won’t ruin that.
  • “for you, anything.” and michelle punches him in the shoulder and laughs, calling him a loser. but peter just smiles. because michelle jones has a crush on him and she got him flowers and he’s going to go to prom with her.
  • wait until he tells aunt may.

Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be popular or something, might try to do more doodles about this someday and I’m not gonna lie, I was listening non stop to Orikasa Fumiko and Morita Masakazu’s official japanese cover of “Something There”

some dumb headcanons


  • As a kid he used to have short spikey hair because his life goal was becoming Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • He sings only the most girly k-pop songs in the most high-pitched voice possible whenever he is out of his room. Alexy always tells him “Even I am not THAT gay”
  • He doesn’t use internet memes, he uses his own and tries to get people to use them too: most are dumb photos of Rocket or his friends’ derp faces photoshopped into viral memes.
  • He had this super crush on his primary teacher. When she announced that she had to leave because she was pregnant he felt so betrayed he stood up and screamed so hard in the middle of class he peed his pants. Still disappointed.
  • Watches hentai for the character development.
  • Loves shitty ass films
  • After shitting he will call poor Alexy to the bathroom to “come admire his art”


  • He went through the most cringey emo phase. He feels FEAR anytime someone mentions myspace. He has worked REALLY HARD to get out of it and will absolutely KILL anyone who dares to dig up his old past. 
  • He met Lys at one of those emo meet-ups.
  • The only thing he is afraid of is blood. He gets light-headed when girls get period stains  Will never admit tho
  • Has a gigantic film collection.
  • Personally offended MCR is still not back together.
  • Was the biggest mama boy till emo phase hit. He still kinda is, but only if the two of them are alone.
  • Loves watching clouds, more so if it’s about to rain.


  • Is really scared of butterflies. Not bugs, just butterflies. Don’t ask why. But he will run for his LIFE if one approaches him.
  • He is not good with animals, specially small ones. He is always scared of hurting them.
  • Messiest person ever. He is just too busy thinking to bother tidying up. His books will eat him while he sleeps one day.
  • Might or might not have kissed some boys during emo phase
  • High libido.
  • HATES kids. Hate is a strong word, but that’s why he uses it. They are stupid, you can’t reason with them, some can’t read, they don’t have existential crisis… they are not even people.
  • Likes jewels and botanical pictures.

sorry they are shit I wanted to contribute to the fandom lol

July 21st is Bel.gium’s national holiday  and I wanted to try something a different for this occassion. I’ve been thinking a lot about Bel’s characterizaton lately and as much I love her when she’s sweet, friendly or even anxious, I would love to see her express other emotions too, like bitterness and anger. Himaruya even mentioned in a character note that she’s scary when she’s angry - whatever happened to that? Idk, I just want to see the women in Hetalia being given a wider range of emotions and overall more layered characterization (in both canon and fanon).

Anyway, Bel.gium in 19th century totally makes sense to me as a woman who’s had enough of being passed around by men and feels like she has something to prove. I imagine this scenario took place during the Ten Days Campain in 1831, when the Dutch army invaded Bel.gium to regain control of the country. It wasn’t until French intervention that they backed off and it wasn’t until 1839 that the Nether.lands officially recognized Bel.gium’s independence. (Ned seems to be very reluctant when it comes to admitting defeat - Indo.nesia declared independence in 1945 and they didn’t recognize it again until 1949.)

Don’t tag this as any ship!!!

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right now i have a very simplistic style and they look very...flat. what methods have you used to reach the style you have today?

oh style is not the right word to use here… hmm… bc artist’s “style” is something that should be unique so i cant help you to teach you do my style, but i guess i can tell you what helped me to step a little farther from flat to… not so flat?

well first of all for past 3 years I was studding some animation principles such as rhythm, squash&stretch, overlaps, straight vs curve, etc(tbh i saw a lot of tutorials about this here on tumblr and even from few different artists so if you want to know about this more you can search for it and i think you will find it - no big deal)

second thing that helped me a lot is life sketches lessons - where you can sit and draw naked ppl who take different poses in different amount of time(i think you can find something like that in city where you live, and if not you can draw from youtube videos that made specially for this like this one )

life sketches helps me to analyze the volume of body, how does it fit in perspective, how body works and in the end i just start to remember how some of poses look like XD

(sketches help me to train myself but to be honest 70% of what i drew there are trashy and so bad haha)

also one thing that i want to say about style and being “unique” that I always steal something from others - from ppl, from movies or illustrations. I just try to notice what exactly I like in someone’s style and then try to do it too? like:

these are just details but than more of different details you will try to hit at once than more “unique” and NOT stolen it will look like(especially if you also will add something from your own heart of course), so noone will blame you that you are thief? I GUESS??? I HOPE??????

(idk it still looks flat and lame ups)

P.S. - if you are one of these artists that i definitely stole something from, i really hope you are not mad… and im sorry! i know you are watching me and i feel so bad tbh oh no <X’’’’’D aaaa….

so good luck you anon with YOUR artstyle and conquering the volume in your drawings!!!

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I feel like one of the worst feeling as a writer is feeling underappreciated. Because sometimes you work hard on a story and you're actually proud of it, but when you show it to the world it just... gets thrown into the void. That's why I think it's so much easier to be productive and motivated when you have a consistent following. I could ask for prompts every day and get nothing in my inbox. I could write for hours to get maybe three notes on tumblr. Idk it just makes me want to stop trying...

Dude…..I’m gonna let you in on a pretty shitty fact.

That feeling doesn’t go away.

I get, on a slow day, about five asks a day. three will probably be prompts for something. I know that this is a good thing! And maybe this is what you’re working for! But unfortunately those shitty feelings just end up manifesting themselves in different ways.

No prompts/ not a big following = no one cares about my work or this would be getting notes, I’m obviously not good, what’s the point?

a lot of prompts/ big following = I post a new fic and all people do is ask for more without recognising the effort I’m putting in, they don’t appreciate it, what’s the point?

This sort of thing is something that I can’t help you with, because I have the same issue. Always have, probably always will. I’m not sure if you’re the same, but it’s more of a confidence thing than anything.

All I can say is keep trying. 

With things like tumblr and basically any other social media, popularity is very much luck of the draw. A popular blog can spot your work amongst the thousands and reblog it, which may end up getting you a ton of notes and follows. Or they can just pass over it without reading it. I have been very lucky to get where I am in such a short space of time, but it’s also to do with a lot of hard work. I’m very active (because I haven’t got a life lmao) on here and so I can post more and generally interact more. Some people just don’t have the time. 

But honestly dude- I could say that you just need to keep going because you’re doing it for you and not anyone else, but let’s be real, that’s not the case. You write and you post it because you want people to notice, to like it, to praise you. If people didn’t compliment or acknowledge my hard work, would I post it? Definitely not. 

I think a big part of this is about people in the fandom taking everything creators do for granted, though. Honestly, I don’t think consumers of the content people produce are even slightly aware of quite how much an impact their feedback has. They can adore a fic to the depth of their soul, but still not like, reblog or comment on it. I know this for a fact, because that was exactly what I used to do. I’d love a fic…and then I’d just leave. 

It’s so, so bad. And honestly, if everyone who enjoyed a fic just did so much as reblog it with something nice in the tags, they could have the potential to save that fic from being deleted. I’ve been in the situation in which I was about to just say fuck it and delete the work which, due to lack of response, I was convinced was horrible- until I got one comment. One comment, and it saved the fic.


But yeah. My friend- I really hope you keep going. All content is Good content. Sometimes it just takes time to build up momentum. Sometimes it just takes practise. Sometimes it’s out of your hands, and it’s up to the consumers to fucking show authors and artists that they enjoyed something (!!!!!). But whatever it is; I believe in you. You can make it! And even if your brain is telling you something is bad, honestly, don’t believe it. It’s bullshit- you’re awesome.

I just want 2 say I hope you don’t ever feel afraid to wear bright colours or loud prints because you are worried what people might think. It is the most fun to wear something that is a bit of a risk, that you think looks good, that makes you stand out!! 🌻✨✨✨👏👏👏

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did you listen to the whole album already? i really really like the new style they are trying! i read a lot of 'this sounds so different' again and yes but that's not bad? like bts is moving forward - evolving kinda - and that does neither mean the older stuff is bad nor that this album is surperior but simply that it is something else? idk i am just frustrated with the high expectations and the constant 'where is my old bts' bc the boys want this so let's support them right?


Svt/Seventeen reaction to you smoking weed: Hip Hop Unit Version

Request: how d o u think all of svt would react to u smoking pot tho like not cigarettes 🤔🤔

Vocal Unit Ver , Performance Unit Ver

Hi, I KNOW NOTHING ABOIT POT/WEED SO DONT JUDGE ME IF I GET SOMETHING WRONG LOL. Im also not supporting weed, there are many different views on it but I want to make you all happy! I heard Weed is illegal in South Korea so just assume it isn’t(?)  Idk lol

Would have a more chill reaction about it than cigarettes tbh. Weed is a controversial topic but if HE, an IDOL, gets caught near weed, his career is in jeopardy. So he wouldn’t do it with you, and just like cigarettes, would try to get you to quit even if the effects are good on you. But if it TRULY makes you feel less anxious and things, he wouldn’t be so pushy and naggy with it.

“Lets go for a walk instead baby~ Nature can calm you too.”

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Opposite of S.Coups, would worry more than he would with cigarettes. His reaction would still be monotone though, just slightly less chill. His main goal is for you to be happy and if weed makes you happy/eases your anxiety, so be it. another one not to do it with you. Wouldn’t press you to try to do it less often or stop unless someone says he’s starting to smell like smoke.

“Is that safe? I mean if it makes you calm, go ‘head”

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As said in the cigarette Reaction, he DOES NOT want to smell like it. He is up to no risk and WILL NOT get accused by Pledis Staff. If he was on break/ wouldn’t have to see Pledis staff for a long time, would try it out of plain curiosity. He probably wouldn’t like being high so he wouldn’t smoke much with you much, also, his biggest fear is being accused/getting caught. Only if you do it 24/7 would he pressure you to back off the weed.

“yea, nope. You do you but I can’t smell like your weed baby”

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He’s young and wants to have fun ;) So yea what I mean is that he’ll try it. Consequences/risks don’t click with him right away. You’ll probably laugh when he ends up coughing. Once he realizes he’s putting his career on line, he’ll stop or at least limit it. Would have no intention of stopping you though unless its a huge health risk. 

“I need to do it less often, sorry babe. My career could be over like that”

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What about a Sheith groundhog’s day story where the condition to end the loop is to finally confess feelings. IDK who should be repeating the day though.

This is way, way super late but omg I love time loop stuff! I kind of want Shiro to keep reliving the day? Just because :3 What if they’re on a planet that has strange properties that manipulate time. What if something is bothering Keith and Shiro spends every looped day trying to figure out what it is? He tries leaving Keith alone, that doesn’t work, tries asking him what’s wrong, gets an excuse. Then he spends the whole day with Keith, trying to figure him out, maybe takes him to different places each day and sees different sides to Keith and falls in love with him a bit more with every loop. 

And then at the end of one of the days, they’re looking up at the planet’s two moons, stargazing, it’s a minute before midnight, before the loop resets, and Shiro just takes Keith’s hand and says “I want tomorrow with you, and every day after that.” And Shiro has his eyes closed, waiting for the day to reset, but the minute goes by and when he opens his eyes Keith is there, so close, whispering “me too” and that’s it there’s no more loop it’s just the two of them, kissing a minute after midnight. 

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(just curious, bot hating) have you ever considered changing drastically your art style?

i’ve been going through somewhat of a style crisis this week so i guess but im constantly trying out different small things to change about my style(s). 

whenever i see, for example, a super colorful style i’m like,,, i want mine to be colorful too, but then a minute later i’ll see something edgy and i’ll be like ffuck this is cool and i want my style to give off a similar vibe. so at this point im literally just floating around trying stuff out one step at a time

anyways back to your question, idk how drastic you would consider drastic to be but i wouldn’t mind switching things up drastically, as long as i’m happy with it

I can’t believe I’m seeing people dismiss New Mutants based off one trailer as a ‘generic horror movie.‘

For one thing, the trailer was deliberately cryptic as to what the ‘horror‘ will be. Supernatural? Psychological? A mix of the two? Something else? We don’t know yet what kind of horror movie it will be. We know it’s about mutants and it’s set in a hospital and/or mental institution. That’s it.

But more importantly, these are probably the same people who hailed Deadpool as some sort of classic despite Deadpool being a pretty generic superhero movie with some R rated sex/gore and meta humor thrown in. There wasn’t much ‘different‘ about that movie. In fact, the whole thing was essentially fan service. It’s very well done fan service, but still fan service. Nothing risky.

New Mutants is something substantially different. Just by being a horror film, it’s nothing like any recent superhero film. And we’ve never seen a, for lack of a better word, proper horror film where the main characters have superpowers, so that’s new for the horror genre. That’s a lot more different here than in Deadpool, or even Logan. It’s just not different in a way fans wanted, or even expected. Hell, I didn’t want it until i saw the trailer.

For how much comic book movie fans constantly demand something ‘different’, they are quick to dismiss anything that’s actually, you know, trying something different.

Now that I have watched the clip couple of more times I am convinced that Noora doesn’t like Yousef. How she acts and talks about him is like she wants Sana to admit something (that she likes him) and also how she is acting, looking Sana for reaction. It’s completely different kind of posture and body language than when she was falling for William and talking about him
Maybe Yousef asked her about Sana or she noticed how Sana was looking at him idk but I see it as her trying to find out about Sana’s and Yousef’s relationship as she specifically only asks how well Sana knows him and not the other new guys