idk i just wanted to try a poster

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Is it weird that I have this feeling BTS gonna be the first group to do something hella gay in one of their mvs in the future? Like it does even have to be between the members but like a lesbian couple in the 21st Century Girl mv. Idk, I feel like they have the mindset and motivation to just start making a change in Korea's views on LGBT. And tbh, I want them to try testing the waters a little bit.

there’s actually been quite a lot of lgbt+ themed music videos. (list)

but i’d thoroughly enjoy if bts did a concept that was like that because it would spread awareness due to their large impact and also it’d be nice to have some representation for their lgbt+ fans! butt,,,if i do remember correctly, bts does have something with gay rights in the danger mv? like there was a poster that jungkook was beside that had something to do with a gay rights movement!