idk i just wanted to try a poster


okay so basically i was thinking about things & i realised that i don’t know any of y'alls birthdays and that really sucks because i’d love to have the time to make you all little birthday edits and such bc idk it just seems like a sweet idea ??

so i’ve whipped up a quick birthday page (i’ll probably change the theme at some point but i literally just wanted to get something up today) & it would be great to be able to add as many of you as possible onto it!!

how to join under the cut –

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So I went to see The Great Wall

And let me tell you, I am disappointed.
Not at the film, the movie was pretty good, really interesting.
Disappointed at tumblr.
Just by the posters they were bashing on the film because it had the name of a Chinese landmark and there was a white guy on the front poster.
And you know what, I believed it.

“Who are they trying to keep out?”
Tumblr: “oh idk the Huns?? More white washing ugh.”

I thought it would be a disrespecting film to the Chinese culture, so I was hesitant to watch it, but my dad wanted to for weeks so I did.

And you know what? I really enjoyed it.
I liked seeing the culture, the language, the way it was coordinated, the pacing, the tactics, heck, even the legend it was based on. But you know what I enjoyed the most?


At the end when they were just staring at each other I was whispering “if you kiss without any build up, I’m so done with this film.”
Surprise, no kiss.

anonymous asked:

my courier is wanted by the legion, but they have no idea what she looks like because no legionnaire has seen her face and lived.

NICE i shouldn’t laugh but i can imagine legionaries TRYING to draw up wanted posters and are just like “idk what this person looks like but if someones starts killing you? thats… that’s probably her- reward 5000 denarii happy hunting.”

most of the legion avoid lynx and her fiends lair, as they’ve lost way too many recruits in that general area. she often collects their gold coins, melting it down and using it to make jewlery for her and Da Crew