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I'm newer to the fandom so maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but I haven't really thought of Harry as a big drinker? I thought that was mostly Louis and his friends.

LISTEN you are missing out, my friend. harry is the sloppiest drunk and it’s beautiful but it’s been suppressed lately because they’ve been pushing the louis! lads! clubbing! stuff for a couple months. but harry! gets! so! sloppy!!

(it’s my head canon that he’s an incredible lightweight but what do i know maybe he drinks like a fish)

here’s a roughly chronological (based on hairstyle) post of the sloppiest pop star of all time THIS IS SO LONG BYE

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answering asks!

been a while since i answered some QUESTIONS so here we go

remember to check my faq before asking! thanks!

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saturndream  asked:

Hi!! ive been on tumblr for a while (and following you for a while haha) and i just haven't been growing. im active and posting alot of my own pics but i havent gottan any new followers in 2 months! do you have any tips?

hello! first of all thank you so much for sticking around yay love yaaa! 💟 here’s a slightly elaborate (and quick) list of my tips to gain more audience:

1. ask ppl to check your blog! a little note that some people might find this annoying!! i find this okay bc i constantly feel the need to find and discover new blogs! however, that is not always the case for everyone. please do check the faq of every person before hitting up their asks!
2. make/post your own content. simple ones like cute photos, selfies, thoughts, etc. please do tag other people who can reblog it for you too! in my case, my tag is: peachisty! this really helps in gaining more notes i believe. this is because more notes = more audience!
3. get a nice lay-out, personalize it. dont just settle for the lay-out you took from the theme-garden. style it! literally the codes are everywhere in google! but if you have no idea where to start, feel free to hmu! i know lots of css stuff and im p much skilled with web designing so yeah :~)
4. choose your blog style and stick with it! in my case, it’s personal/art/positivity i guess? changing your blog style once a month doesn’t help tbh bc people want consistent content! and having literally super random stuffo is chaotic i believe?
5. get a nice, catchy url and dont just leave it around!!! dont change ur url everyday! my url is p much a gem so i dont rlly think i will ever ever change it tbh haha. i do have some saved ones that are centuries old btw!! if u dont have something in mind, feel free to hmu so i can give em to you
6. talk to your pals !!! may it be thru saying: “if u ever need somebody to talk to im here!” or thru posting updates about you or your day!! i think it just makes me feel safe and happy to read regular updates about ppl on my dash!!! i guess the same goes for other ppl!
7. make your own tag and reblog the stuff ppl tag you into!!! usually, your tag may be your url bc it’s easier to remember! i think this helpz bc u can gain pals thru exchanging of posts tooo
8. make a faves page! haha idk, but faves page made me discover tons of really cool blogs!!!!!! this assures u new mutuals too!!! mutuals that match your aesthetic! ;)
9. join networks. this did not entirely help me in gaining followers but it did help me gain friends!! this is bc networks treat each other like family!!! and idk!! that’s the very reason why i made tumblr tbh!! to meet new beautiful ppl that have the same aesthetics and passion as mine!! networks give u that! along with it, u can do group blog rates, follows, etc!
10. follow similar blogs! this is p much obvious! u follow similar blogs in order to have similar posts on your dash that u can easily reblog! also, if u have the same content, there is a huge possibility that the person will follow u back!!

last note: i want you to know that it is never about the amount of followers!! if you’re using tumblr as a platform to showcase your art: im pretty sure it feels more validating to have sum ppl recognize your talent but please do not entirely depend on it! dont stop making art just because you dont have lots of audience! the amount of ppl who sees your art =/= your skills ok !!!!! :0 at the end of the day… if you come to think of it… i can delete this blog and im back to 0?? i mean… do you get me? you’re still youuu! :)

i hope this helps !! good luck on your journey bb 🐝

i didn’t and that just goes to show how reliable the info that is being passed around is. i’m not gonna link the post so i won’t direct anyone there but it’s a sub!soo url (no surprises here)

i can’t believe somebody has put that much effort into pulling stuff out of my blog to present it to people out of context to “prove” i’m a horrible person and to have an excuse to attack me and incite people to do the same and to intimidate others so that they won’t associate with me. and all because i talked about heteronormativity in kyungsoo fic.

“it’s a shame that even though topping or bottoming doesn’t have to be tied to personality or physical appearance a lot of people can’t accept that and you can’t even talk about it because it causes a riot. “

point proven.

a year ago some kaisoo shippers attacked me because of a stupid post, started a top vs bottom war in the tags, a big ksoo blog made a post about me and somebody sent me a message that said something like “we’re coming for you” and i didn’t think it would take them this long to come back, whoever that was.

so i saw a callout post for me with screencaps and they added one of my replies where an anon asked me what are my fave ships and i said smth like:
ksoo/animals, ksoo/kids
im ????? (if the joke wasn’t clear i meant to say i like kyungsoo interacting with animals, kids and i think i’ve even said i like him/food more than i like ships lmao i don’t even have an otp cause i don’t obsess over fictional relationships like that. i think i even said ksoo/himself once. i always change the answer when ppl ask me about my otp cause i don’t have one. and then they proceeded to interpret other posts related to children in a p*dophillic way.

and btw i don’t use “shipping” as romantic exclusively because humans are more complicated than that so that’s another thing to keep in mind in the future.

and on the topic of fiction they also posted some darker headcanons and posts about movies to demonstrate how i think kyungsoo is actually like that when i literally used the word headcanon which means it’s a personal interpretation separate from reality, hence the ‘head’ part of the word aka i don’t think it’s real it’s just in your head and you shouldn’t think so either but i guess some people don’t know how to read?)
this blog clearly says in the description there will be darker stuff in here. IF NOT from fic, fanart or headcanons, from kyungsoo’s own works:

and we will talk about them because what i intend to normalize in relation to dark fiction is not that these things are ok but that violent and dark thoughts like these are normal (ask anyone who’s got their head out of their ass, esp. a psychologist and you will see) they can be intrusive or nightmares or your own experiences, they can be things you’re afraid of and it’s ok to talk about them with someone who understands this, to analyze them, and to learn from them without fear of getting harassed (yes, you can learn from this stuff, believe it or not). because guess what? even your faves have their own inner world where dark things brew and are interested in this kind of fiction too! they might even want to play the most horrible characters themselves



these are some of the warnings for the movies he mentioned:

taken from the chaser & i saw the devil parental guides.

and you know why they wanna do it? me neither but i would like to hear them talk about it without the fear of the public lashing out at them for interpreting a character. but what can you really expect from a public that freaks out over something as normal as an idol dating? who screams out “p*dophile” at the slightest chance (remember when ksoo had a kiss with a minor in pure love and they kissed through an umbrella and ppl still found a way to make him look bad he even regretted his answers?)

the post also added fics with undeage characters… did you know one of those fics is literally a response to all the fic out there that romanticizes that sort of relationship?  
(not linking the fic to protect the author but those who know the title can look it up)

kyungsoo himself, movie directors, fic authors and even simple bloggers like me trust kyungsoo to play a dislikable character precisely because we know he’s not like that and we believe in his potential to portray anything from a loving father to a serial killer.

i’ve always made it clear that the fic i post is not recs, they’re just fics i’ve read (i had the note for years on the fic list before i removed the page cause tumblr glitched and deleted my links and people still didn’t read it back then so meh)

nobody really knows how i feel about the fics if they don’t ask me. and nobody knows the intention of the authors either so i hope you can all think before you speak and have the common sense to ask before you jump to conclusions. not because you see a word that means something horrible attached to a fic or anything it means the person is a bad influence and should be avoided at all costs. be grateful that they had the decency to warn so you could avoid it if you don’t want to see it and they didn’t omit it out of fear or ignorance like a lot of r*pe-y and emotionally abusive fic w/o warnings that people share like it’s romance.

wtf this person also sexualized a post where an anon and i talked about kyungsoo having children and glaring at them so they wouldn’t hurt themselves….. jesus have these people not been around children before? they run around naked and knock things off all the damn time, i cant believe they used THIS post sdfggfdsdf idk if i should laugh or cry oh my god.

just because my blog has a url like this it doesn’t mean everything’s meant to be sexual ???? it’s like having a url that says “exosdigbick” and posting pictures of exo’s bicks and then a picture of exo smiling and then a pic of them holding their dogs. it doesn’t have to be related. i didn’t even choose the url myself, it was the other owner of the blog (it’s kinda like saying “food porn") and i kept it after she left because when those who don’t know it see it they can imagine there will be some sexual stuff in here, mostly fic links, anon fantasies and the occassional reblogged nsfw fanart. i only rarely talk about my own sexual fantasies cause it’s awkward. and i’m even afraid to joke because ppl will literally take anything to twist it against you.

im sorry but @ anyone who comes across my blog with preconceived ideas pls leave them at the door and come see for yourself if you want or stay out looking like a fool. this blog isn’t a typical shipper blog or a ficrec blog or wtvr you’re used to seeing around, this is a personal blog dedicated to some underrated concepts (and wtvr else kyungsoo stuff i feel like reblogging at the moment) by an LGBT+ person who’s tired of the world’s bullshit and just wants to do stuff in peace. people misunderstand my sexuality, my gender, my mental illnesses, my everything all the time and that’s mostly from people who’s supposed to know and care about me so some strangers on the internet misunderstanding yet another thing about me is nothing new.

callout post? u mean dedicated haters :\ it took me forever to find my own posts smh

anonymous asked:

Errr so geekycomtv called you out in a post saying some bad stuff about you (he? changed his username and its under the same name that I previously mentioned; it's under "About the Copyright Drama). Man, I'm sorry that these kind of people attack you and the other fanartists. You guys don't deserve this kind of treatment from them. You guys should be profiting from the art you create, not them. Once again, I'm sorry you guys have to go through this, but I admire how strong you guys are (Part 1)


yea someone pointed it out to me the other day xD i’m not really bothered by it since he’s proven time and time again he has no idea what he’s talking about 8D [he also managed to compliment me in the notes of the post by saying i was 21 hahaha…i’m glad i pass as that young :P] 

and thanks! i think one of the best things about this fandom is how we all stick together and support one another when the jerks descend lol. but it’s also the saddest thing, because so many people are leaving the fandom thanks to art theft and jerks like this… it’s worse when the thieves are entirely unapologetic about it. i’m not sure they understand the impact it has to be used and mistreated that way ._. the lack of remorse really troubling. i wouldn’t want to know those people in real life lol

weekend is over so gonna catch up on my other asks in one go here lol

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Happy First Time Baby

‘’okay? uhm? your birthday/ anniversary imagine was so good?? 😍😍 part two with smut?? reader and Dracos first time?‘’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 1,5k+
Requested: Yes.
Warning(s): Smut baby.
Note: This is a part two to my other imagine, Happy Birthday Babe.
And I just really need to write because I am mad as fuck.
(And let’s forget the fact that boys can’t actually enter a girl’s bedroom (it’s an imagine after all (so you just have to imagine it hehe)))

+     +     +     +     +     +

As promised, your part of the anniversary would be tonight as you got dressed more properly for the show. With your hand you caressed it along your arm, up to your hair and enjoying the softness of your hair. Then you looked at yourself the mirror, big (colour) eyes watching each other as the dark red night gown hugged your body almost perfectly. You felt such a comfortable feeling going through you, fingers tingling as the new ring you got today shined around your ring finger.

The moment it appeared on your finger, your heart almost forgot how to beat as Draco murmured the spell and all those sparks danced around your ring finger to create the ring.

You bit you lower lip and smiled, twisting and turning the ring around before the door behind you opened. Draco stepped inside and his mouth went open to say something. But as soon as he saw you, his mouth closed again and he observed you very carefully, his eyes gliding downwards and upwards again until his eyes met yours. He stood still for another couple of seconds, so you decided to take a step towards him and throw him a smile.

A seductive one.

‘Y/N,’ he spoke, almost breathless as you walked slowly past him, closing the door of the bedroom and locking it.

‘Draco,’ you whispered, him turning around to face you as you blinked your eyelashes a few times, your hands behind your back as you appeared almost vulnerable.

He only needed one step to be only centimetres away from you, his breathe hitching as his eyes lowered and watched your mouth going open a little.

‘You look…’ he was searching for the right words as he looked at your eyes again, not letting them go as his hand rested on one of your hips. The other one was pressed just beside your head against the door. ‘Breathe-taking.’

That was the moment you leaned in for a kiss and he leaned in too, lips meeting each other in the middle as one of your arms threw itself around Draco’s neck and the other one rested on his shoulder. Sloppy sounds filled the room as the kiss went slow, but so perfect in sync as both Draco and you opened your mouths. 

Draco’s hand went from your hip up to your boob, softly squeezing one as his thumb circled around the area of the nipple. You moaned in his mouth and your back arched a bit towards his body, already craving for more.

He separated from you and looked at you, his eyes darkening as his breathe fastened a bit. Then he went from the ribbon around your waist, pulling at one of the ends and letting the night gown fall from your body.

A new pair of lace lingerie appeared, red and black, just like Draco told you. Something he’d always wanted to see you in, eager to rip it off your body and fucking you senseless in it when possible.

Well, this was his opportunity.

‘Holy shit,’ he whispered and for one moment you thought he dropped to his knees to thank the lord for this gift, but instead he first admired your panties and then slowly pulled them down until they dropped to your ankles and you stepped out of them.

His mouth immediately went for your clit, sucking and licking it between his lips as his index and middle finger went across your already wet pussy. A whimper rolled over your lips as you already had closed your eyes, one hand grabbing Draco’s hair. His skilled moves with his mouth were showing again, and it felt like he had this heavy make-out session with your clit, you giving him sometimes a yank at his hair when a shock went through your body.

His fingers had already made you wet enough, so he dipped those two in you suddenly and he started to pump at a slow pace. Moans left your mouth as your other hand grabbed his hair as well, whimpering as your legs started to shake already.

The feeling he gave you so many times before started to form again, the warm feeling that rushed down your body and the sparks flowing with it.

‘Draco,’ you moaned his name, ‘Draco, I have to… I have-’

That was the moment he pulled away and got back to his feet again, his figure towering above you.

‘Oh how I fucking love it to tease you,’ he whispered before kissing your again, letting you taste something from yourself as you moaned again. A soft moan was a response as the hard on from Draco was pressed against your lower stomach.

When you looked down, you could literally see the bulge, desperate for some air as it was hidden in his jeans.

‘Baby,’ he whispered, making you look up at him again, ‘you… you want to do this?’

For a moment you hesitated, as it was your intention to give away your first time to Draco. Same thing goes to Draco, since it was his first time too, to make love to someone.

‘Yes,’ you breathed out as you pressed your mouth on his while pushing him back onto your bed. His blouse went off and soon enough also his T-shirt and jeans. The shoes were already kicked off before he even laid down and so, he now was only dressed in his boxer.

He rolled on top of you and started to leave a whole trail of sloppy kisses along your neck and in between your breasts. He also pulled off his boxers and revealed his very hard cock, the tip already leaking some pre-cum.

He groaned and looked at himself. ‘This is what you do to me, baby,’ he said, bending down to get a condom package from his back pocket of his jeans, which was thrown on the floor beside your bed.

He carefully put the condom around his erection and sighed deeply, before looking up to you. You know how hard he tried to come across as calm and caring, but you knew how much he wanted to enter you right now.

‘Come one, big boy,’ you smiled, spreading your arms as he bent over you again, the tip touching the opening of your vagina.

‘Y/N, I’m serious,’ he whispered, ‘I won’t deny this. It will probably hurt first, but I promise you it won’t last long and after that, pleasure will wash over you.’

You just nodded, trusting him as he gave you an encouraging smile before he slowly entered you. And indeed, it was painful. You groaned in frustration and pain, actually not wanting to continue but once you said you didn’t want to, you knew you’d never continue and go farther than this.

So when Draco looked at you with a questioning look, you nodded and pressed your lips into a thin line.

He continued, slowly and careful not to hurt you anymore. Of course he did, but there was nothing to do about it.

Tears were almost spilling from your eyes, when the pain slowly faded and you actually started to enjoy Draco thrusting in and out of you.

‘Oh my god, Draco,’ you whispered, a smile spreading across your face as he smiled too, noticing the pain faded.

‘Yeah baby? You okay?’ he asked you, starting to pick up the pace more as you nodded, finally feeling the pleasure Draco had described. Moans fell from your mouth as Draco his head turned redder with the minute.

‘Y/N, I’m gonna-’ he was cut off by his own deep breathe as you moaned more.

‘Just cum already, baby, you did such a great job,’ you spoke in between moans and groans. Draco glanced one at you before swearing a string of profanities and saying your name multiple names as he spilled his juices into the condom.

Then he pulled out of you as the emptiness in you felt cold, but you didn’t care at all. You were glad you two did it this way, letting Draco enjoy his day too.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish,’ he whispered in your ear, pulling the covers on top of you, ‘it is your birthday after all. Oh my god, what was I thinking?!’

‘Draco, hush hush,’ you smiled, ‘don’t worry, it was amazing. I feel so good about it and me finishing will come later.’ You winked at him and he grinned deviously.

‘Yeah, it sure will,’ he said before kissing you again and brushing some hair out of your face.

‘I love you,’ you murmured against his lips and he hummed, definitely satisfied with those words.

‘I love you too, and, happy birthday and anniversary baby,’ he responded, you smiling.

‘Thank you. Happy first time to us.’ A giggle escaped your mouth as a soft laugh could be heard from Draco.

And all night long, you were talking and chatting about so much different things, until you both feel asleep in each other’s arms, happy how everything ended today.


Hello! Yes, as you may noticed, I changed my username. :) From lightcityluke to jetlukeheart. Yeah, I like this one more, it fits me more and idk why. Haha, okay, yeah. But, since I’ve got a new username, I have to edit a lot of posts and shit, because they have urls in it with lightcityluke and the url will lead you to nowhere. So, that will all happen soon too. But for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend and see ya soon! :)

Ask or feedback

anonymous asked:

I please request that you stop putting down that page not only is is rude and uncalled for its most stupid. Rather you like it or not it's not stealing at all if that's stealing then 99.9% of people on the internet would have this problem. If you keep doing this I'll end up reporting this for not only spam but bullying none the less. I'm a shamed of all the people who are in this fandom and complain like 2 year olds not getting candy. Now please stop. Thank you have a nice day.

Oh my god, I’m so excited! This is my first bit of anon hate I’ve ever received! *excited screaming* Ehem. Anyhow.

Before I even start answering every single ignorant point created in this ask, lemme go back and cover something rather fundamental. Hell, even preschoolers can understand this.

Reposting is bad.

Reposting is the equivalent of running up you, snatching something you’ve made, and running off with it, screaming “Credits to the creator!”. This kind of action gives the creator absolutely nothing. On the other hand, the reposter gets all the credit and glory. Seriously disgusting right?

But I’ve given them credits!/More people can see their art!

Okay, no seriously, who the fuck do you think will go back and actually pull up that account when you could just reblog and like it right then and there? That’s how lazy people are now.

But they’re the ones that posted it on the internet!

And you’re the one that left your bag hanging off your chair. Oops. There goes your $500 bag. My bad. (Not.)

But everyone does it!

I’m sorry, but if someone that didn’t create the art calls you out on it, that literally doesn’t mean everyone does it. And for example, if everyone was stealing from a poor ole’ baker or shopkeeper, does that make it right?

No. Stealing is against the law. What makes reposting someone else’s art any different? They’re the ones that put work and sweat into what that piece that you literally just stole off the internet and posted it with absolutely no credits or even asking for permission.

But I found it on WeHeartIt/Pintrest/etc, idk the creator!

Okay listen up, there’s this really lovely thing called Google. :O It’s super easy to use!

You can use the URL to find the original creator, or

Actually upload the picture!

*gasps* Technology!

If if you can’t find the freaking artist, DON’T POST THE FREAKING PICTURE.

And here’s another lovely point:

If the fucking artist tells you to take that shit down, you take that shit down.

They have every right to fucking come after your ass if you don’t take it down. That’s their art. That’s something that they’ve created. If you don’t take it down, you can bet your ass that there’s going to be a hive of people coming after you. You don’t just take someone’s stuff.

If the artist says they’re okay with reposting their art, than they’re okay. But when artists specifically put into their captions and profiles not to repost it, you better not do it.

“Oh, but I didn’t see!”


(belongs to @ask-luciano )


(belongs to @iepur-e )


(belongs to @cidershark)


(belongs to @ask-la-istmena)


(belongs to @piikoarts)


(belongs to @ekayart)



Artists such as @shishitsunari, @venrin, @daughterofthestars08, @chebits, and many others have had their art reposted and some of them have actually politely asked the reposters to take their art down, only to be met with extremely rude responses.


And don’t you dare throw a hissy fit if they say no. No means no. Their art, their rules.

For those of you that want to change your ways, a huge pat on the back for you. I used to be this ignorant before and never got any repercussions from it other than my own guilt. And then I learned that this is very bad. So I stopped. No one hates me. It’s over and it’s done. I’ve learned what I’ve did wrong. And I never did it again! Easy peasy.

Now to finally answer this bloody anon;

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Fourth follow forever: it is i, Abi. (my prev urls were baek-yu & abixmay in case anyone’s confused). (u also may know me from twitter as abixmay!) - ok so i did this a while back but deleted it because it felt rushed (also someone reblogged it, deleted the caption and decided to self promote on it lol???????) so here is a redo of my fourth follow forever because i felt like these people need to know i appreciate their presence on here more than they may realise. so like, as cheesy as this may sound, this follow forever was created with all my heart heh ^^

most of these are mutuals apart from a few & yeah…y’all are sweethearts !!! <3 (I’m so sorry if i missed anyone) 

italicised are angels (though tbh you all are so these are like…double angels)

bolded names are those with a personal message under the read more! (i wish i could do messages for most of y’all but i don’t have the time or creativity sorry - also unfortunately these messages are for ppl I followed before my 17 obsession began (apart from one person))

#: 22won 2x00 305heaux 520px 64pc 62degrees 91baechu 99minghao 

a-j: angel-junghan bdsmom boothaelicious borabaro cyqlic edens-legacy emasheep ernoji erwinapologist etherealetiquettes genghyuk hakeun hakyeons-halo hansolvemon hhansanghyuk ho5hi hoshimp3 hvvi hyunkyung-kim iceflowin jbs-mother jeonshit joshsgf joyssuls junhwejpg (/ wooziu

k-x: kaffeine-baby kaileus keumjos kingscoups kpopontop maknaejongin maybezino mngyusgf namunose nolashinao nonbinarykyungri officialminghao oh-lait orangcaramel poop-desu rapmon-dongsaeng scvcnteen seunggwansgf shupuhjuni-or shyukerjunior sportykid stopkpop2k15 uijinsgf vernchoi versacevernon vertxt whywoozi xiaomitao xlklct-sbcdks 

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Ok. SO this post is about Lisa, she’s had like 40 urls,. some of them are neuert, thomasmullert, javierpastorie, idk theres 40 sldkfjsg anyway, this post isn’t about her being racist or transphobic like most other callout posts about her detail. You can check those out here and here.

No, this post is about how manipulative and gross she is and how she continues to spoonfeed bullshit about me to all of her 15 year old friends.

When lisa and I first met, I had barely been a football blog. I used to be a popular humor blogger and I started football blogging on accident really, about halfway through last season I noticed people posted pictures and gifs of diego on here when he was at chelsea so I followed a bunch of chelsea blogs to keep the constant flow of daddie diego goin. One of them was raegan danialves (deactivated i think?) 

Anyway, thru raegs I met lisa, and we jived pretty well at first. She sent me a couple messages and we always joked about and had fun and she asked for my number so I was like sure and gave it to her.

Our relationship was fine at first, we talked all the time and we would be joking around and we both liked bayern so we would send eachother funny pictues of pep and whatever. I noticed eventually tho that we would constantly get into fights, about literally everythinG?? And usually she would start the fights and when I got mad she would change the subject or play the victim and act like I was the one who was always picking fights.

For example, she would always be saying all kinds of rude shit to me and talking about how she hoped diego died and how much better off the world would be and I wasn’t allowed to get mad at her but if I even said I didn’t really like how much arjen robben dives she would go OFF on a rant about how I’m making fun of her nt and how I’m hurting her feelings and all this shit like w/e anyway go off lisa. Everything is fine when you do it but when I do it its wrong lmao.

FAstforward, posts were being made by people like SCott and CAro and other people about the nasty shit lisa has done like making racist and trasphobic remarks (see attached posts) but I didn’t know any of that was going on bc I didn’t follow very many football blogs. Like 6 chelsea blogs and lisa and two madridistas. She would always be crying to me about how much she gets bullied on here and how she hates it and I would be trying to comfort her bc I cared about her, y’know. I’ll come back to this later.

Let me start describing the ways in which she was manipulative and emotionally abusive. She would get mad at me for talking to other poeple more than her, people I was closer friends with like dana @lucasvazquez and marta @marcelitovieira (two of my best friends who I would probaly die for tbh) and she was like guilttrip me into not talking to them 

like..what am I supposed to drop everyone I talk to and just be friends with you? ANyway. After all of this went on we would continue fighting almost daily, like we were. Everything I did was wrong to her. Even my breathing was wrong. She would tell me how much she loves me yet yell at me for lierally everything.

She was really depressed for like a week or so and didn’t talk to me very much so I took it upon me to take action and I contact Scott to ask him to apologize to her. (THIS is actually the reason she hates me.) I messaged scott @serdartasci on here and asked him if I could speak to him on kik, he accepted and we talked for a few hours about nothing in particular before I dived into the heart of what I wanted. I asked him if he would apologize to lisa for “bullying” her. I thought it would make her feel better. Lisa didn’t like that evidently lmao because she went off on me as usual 

to spare you a bunch more screenshots, basically she kept telling me I betrayed her and stabbed her in the back and that it was the most disrespectful thing she’d ever seen in her life.

Keep in mind, again, I did it because I thought it would make her feel better. Scott during all of this did not say a single bad thing to me about her or anything she had done. At this point I still don’t know about all the racist stuff, and scott didn’t tell me. Scott was very respectful and kind, he wasn’t anythign like she described him i.e. two faced, cold, picks on people on the internet, has no respect for anyone loves to bully people.

Scott is one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve ever met tbh. Keep that in mind, that’ll be important later.

Back to what I was saying, this chain of events triggered lisa to unfollow me and refollow me 3 or 4 times, telling me that she loved me and didn’t wanna lose me and then turning around and telling me to go to scott since I like him so much.

theres a lot more of thse, this went on for like two or three days and lisa would keep guiltripping me into blocking him and stuff and at this point I really didn’t want to? Scott was kind. He was patient, he never yelled at me and AGAIN, he didn’t sway a single bad thing about lisa this entire time we were talking. If anything he kept telling me that I shouldn’t keep talking to him if it’s gonna upset her and I was like ok. I didn’t listen to him but anyway lmao lisa ended up being like

and i was like ok glad thats over. but ti wasn’t over bc she messaged me again like two hours later and was like “ok fine be friends with him bc i dont wanan lose u its not worth it i love u so much mins” and i was like ok…….

then AGAIN the very next day, after she just told me she was fine if i was friends with him and. hh im tired of adding screenshots but i have them all if y’all need proof, anyway i asked her why she keeps trying to guilttrip me into dropping him when she has other friends are are friends with him and she was like um who and when i named off like three people she changed the subject and was like “anyway blah blah bye” and stopped talking to me again and I was like ok.

She messaged me again the next day and asked if I was still talking to scott and I was like yes I like him he is my friend lisa and then she got even more pissed off and started cussing me out and I was like

I literally explained to her I didn’t wanna be her friend anyumore bc I was tired of her constalty yelling at me and that me and scott got along well.

Her last words to me were this

lmfao rude ass bitch.

So anyway. This is why lisa hates me. 

So @ all y’all little girls in the group chats with her who listen to her stories about how I bullied her for hours until she deleted and how I told her to die and sent her anons can get your fucking heads out of my ass.

She tries to befriend all of my close friends on here and talks shit about me to them and tells them lies about me and my friends. Scott has apologized to her multiple times and never says anything bad about her yet she constnatly talks about him STILL, like almost a year after everything happened and when he literally never makes posts about her.

when she was catfishing as emma she sent marta this

I never said but now that you mention, I do hope you die Lisa :)

and incase y’all donm’t believe that lisa was catfishing as emma

ok anyway im tired of typing so if u wanna know anything else or have questions feel free to message me :)

someone @ that rafaelangelo thing that’s 20 feet up lisas ass so she can fuck off and stop talkin shit about me too thanks

Prompt: Post-war, Sakura releases her bottled frustrated emotions and feelings of relief onto Sasuke.

unedited. idk. started out promising, and idk how i feel about this? but enjoy!

For invader0kim! (found you!) 

She’d caught him just on his way to the market, her strides long and vigorous as she made her way in his direction. She seemed angry—at what exactly, Sasuke didn’t know, but he didn’t think he wanted to find out. However, just when he thought Sakura would pass him without a word, their eyes met, holding eye contact long enough for him to know that she wasn’t going to let him leave that easily. Shit.

Sasuke barely had time to process what was happening before he felt himself being dragged by the fabric of his shirt.

“Sakura? Hey! Wait,” he said as he attempted pry her fist open, “where the hell are we going?”

Her grip tightened. “We’re sparring. Now.”

She refused to explain any further, and he refused to ask. However, once they arrived at the training grounds things became a little easier. It was simple. All she wanted was to work on some hand-to-hand combat, she told him, and, either by some cruel twist of fate or an act of providence, depending on his perspective, Sasuke happened to be the closest person she could find at the time—though how true that statement was, was debatable.

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