idk i just wanted to make something pretty

Gffdgkjgjklgjjjklgj my job has been giving me way less hours at work since it’s a slow time of year, and it’s taking longer than I expected to hear back from the library job I applied to, so I’m thinking about adding a paypal button or posting my paypal link? I didn’t want to because there are plenty of people who are more in need of donations than me, but idk what else to do (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

I’m pretty confident about getting the job at the library, but I just don’t know when they’re gonna contact me?? Also me and a few of my friends were thinking about opening an etsy shop eventually, I’ll be selling slime! I only know how to make one kind of slime right now and slime doesn’t sell for very much, but it’s something! I don’t think we’re ready to open it just yet though, so if I do post my paypal, I’ll take the link down and stop taking donations as soon as I either start the library job, or as soon as we open the etsy shop!

I’d also start making more gifs and stuff again too so I don’t feel as much like I’m taking donations for nothing;;; I wish I could do art or something (。ŏ﹏ŏ) But hopefully y’all understand


the tyrell brothers

*peter mooney as willas, ben lamb as garlan, luke treadaway as loras


Yeah so I made a thing. Idk I was just bored and wanted to add some variety to the people I draw so I tried to make these with characteristics I dont see as much in what I draw.

Ok so  was thinking about girls for most of the time I made these but they’re pretty versatile so I guess you could do  whatever I don’t really care.

And if you use this to draw something you post tag me in it with #queenofawkward27 cuz I’m curious to see the results

Is extreme anger, or just anger in general common in sensory overloads? Like, one moment I’d be fine at work for example, and in a pretty good mood, then suddenly I’ll become so irratiable at everything and at everyone even though nothing bad as happened except for it getting busy. The sound of presence of people suddenly makes me want to scream, i’ll get a bit snappy and even at times I wanna break something, or even go as far as to wanting to hit myself, or else ill explode. Idk if thats a common, or if its an actual trait of sensory overloads…? Idk it makes me feel silly for sure.


Ok, so this is a thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and only just got to doing it. Because, you know, life happens :/

Anyway, “Love like you” is probably my favorite song from Steven universe and I thought these lines fit pretty well with my favorite pair of brothers :)

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hello! i really love your AU and i wanted to ask you (or request idk?) can you make like.... reverse fight falls??? i mean like the most badass twins mixed with some evil twin or something??? idk hope you enjoy the idea!

This is pretty hard, but I manage to do it

They probably are some badass 17 ↑ teenagers who made some deal with Kill Cipher to obtain their magical power. Under the influence of Kill’s power for years, they became mentally crazy and their hair became gray.  

OK I admit it I just want to draw some evil-sexy costumes LOL
so don’t take it too serious xD

i honestly do feel like idk….something about nintendo i just feel like at their core they just want to make games and learn what makes a game fun and use that knowledge. like i feel like every game they make they study what was fun about it and just evolve and make continuously dope games while also like challenging their beloved IPs. other devs are just too afraid idk. all these devs try to make the prettiest grittiest action packed thing but nintendo just makes pretty little games that anyone can enjoy

Anyway I bought a pride flag which is why I’m in such a gay mood rn
Honestly working out my sexuality has been so hard for me but getting this flag was just… It cemented it ya know?
When I was 10 I had a dream where I had a girl and a boy in front of me and I had to choose. It was so hard for me. Eventually I chose the guy because I thought I had to.
Two years ago I came out as pan to one person. Last year I was out to most people. This past year I realised a lot more about myself. Like the attraction I held towards men was more of an idealisation and something I wanted to be like rather than wanted to date (like why didn’t I realise that sooner? I always wrote straight song lyrics from the male perspective like clearly I was into chicks). Basically I’m hella gay.
Idk. I’m emotional today tho. Sometimes I worry I’m making it up or pretending to be gay for attention (then again I also worry the same for pretty much everything I do. Man I am just super paranoid don’t mind me)
But yeah. No turning back now the flag is here and has locked me into The Gay™

What if Rick Riordan didn’t have to censor his writing for the kiddos? Just imagine Jason going “What the shit, Jackson” when Percy does something dumb, or dirty jokes by Percy & Piper, or everyone gasping the first time Frank muttered “fuck” under his breath when he couldn’t transform into the animal he wanted. Imagine Alex Fierro making up ridiculous insults for Magnus (dick-wad, ass-face, idk). Same with Sadie Kane calling Carter ridiculous things (but in a British accent), but also completely cursing out anyone else who dares to try to hurt him - I feel like she’d be a frequent user of “motherfucker”. A very angry poem by Apollo, god of poetry, that’s pretty much just a stream of curses at Zeus for making him human. Make it happen, Riordan


My name is Goose and I’m a pretty cool person.
I write and draw but like….once in a blue moon because my motivation is a cryptid but you can see all that I’ve already written and drawn and stuff and enjoy those?
Also I’m really chill and love talking to people?
And if you reblog this I’ll write you something when my motivation for short short fics comes back, just leave a ship in the tag? And I’ll make a list. (You just have to be okay with waiting for months lol).

i really need a plot with two actors who are on a brand new tv show and it’s kinda awkward at first so all they do is try to make each other laugh during takes and goof off together and pretty soon it’s becoming obvious that they’re falling for each other but there isn’t any pressure from the media yet because the show hasn’t aired yet, but then the premier date hits and the show is a huge success and they have to deal with both of them suddenly being thrust into the spotlight

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I feel like one of the worst feeling as a writer is feeling underappreciated. Because sometimes you work hard on a story and you're actually proud of it, but when you show it to the world it just... gets thrown into the void. That's why I think it's so much easier to be productive and motivated when you have a consistent following. I could ask for prompts every day and get nothing in my inbox. I could write for hours to get maybe three notes on tumblr. Idk it just makes me want to stop trying...

Dude…..I’m gonna let you in on a pretty shitty fact.

That feeling doesn’t go away.

I get, on a slow day, about five asks a day. three will probably be prompts for something. I know that this is a good thing! And maybe this is what you’re working for! But unfortunately those shitty feelings just end up manifesting themselves in different ways.

No prompts/ not a big following = no one cares about my work or this would be getting notes, I’m obviously not good, what’s the point?

a lot of prompts/ big following = I post a new fic and all people do is ask for more without recognising the effort I’m putting in, they don’t appreciate it, what’s the point?

This sort of thing is something that I can’t help you with, because I have the same issue. Always have, probably always will. I’m not sure if you’re the same, but it’s more of a confidence thing than anything.

All I can say is keep trying. 

With things like tumblr and basically any other social media, popularity is very much luck of the draw. A popular blog can spot your work amongst the thousands and reblog it, which may end up getting you a ton of notes and follows. Or they can just pass over it without reading it. I have been very lucky to get where I am in such a short space of time, but it’s also to do with a lot of hard work. I’m very active (because I haven’t got a life lmao) on here and so I can post more and generally interact more. Some people just don’t have the time. 

But honestly dude- I could say that you just need to keep going because you’re doing it for you and not anyone else, but let’s be real, that’s not the case. You write and you post it because you want people to notice, to like it, to praise you. If people didn’t compliment or acknowledge my hard work, would I post it? Definitely not. 

I think a big part of this is about people in the fandom taking everything creators do for granted, though. Honestly, I don’t think consumers of the content people produce are even slightly aware of quite how much an impact their feedback has. They can adore a fic to the depth of their soul, but still not like, reblog or comment on it. I know this for a fact, because that was exactly what I used to do. I’d love a fic…and then I’d just leave. 

It’s so, so bad. And honestly, if everyone who enjoyed a fic just did so much as reblog it with something nice in the tags, they could have the potential to save that fic from being deleted. I’ve been in the situation in which I was about to just say fuck it and delete the work which, due to lack of response, I was convinced was horrible- until I got one comment. One comment, and it saved the fic.


But yeah. My friend- I really hope you keep going. All content is Good content. Sometimes it just takes time to build up momentum. Sometimes it just takes practise. Sometimes it’s out of your hands, and it’s up to the consumers to fucking show authors and artists that they enjoyed something (!!!!!). But whatever it is; I believe in you. You can make it! And even if your brain is telling you something is bad, honestly, don’t believe it. It’s bullshit- you’re awesome.

Still Took Your Breath Away

Requested: “idk if youve done something like this but can you do a first date with Shawn? like going to his place and making dinner then like walking out on the streets or something? :)”

You watched a small waisted girl with a high ponytail, walk into a small dance studio that was hidden behind other small shops on this obscure little road Shawn drove down. You were awfully awkward and you window shopped, people watched, and counted road signs, hoping it would inspire you to say something cute, something to start a conversation with the boy driving. First dates were exciting in your opinion, but obviously also totally nerve wracking. Not only had you spent hours trying to decide what to wear, but you remembered acting out conversations with your mom, your best friend, your roommate, everyone you could think of basically. They were all pitching in to help you have a good first date.

“And so that way if asks you about the stuff you like, he’ll kinda already have an idea, making it easier for you to explain! I know, I’m a genius!” You distinctly remember your best friend saying this to you the night before your date, when you couldn’t decide what outfit you were going to wear. She suggested you wear your favorite band t-shirt so that way, he knew what kind of music you liked. You considered it for a small second but you just ended up shaking your head and showing her another cute blouse you liked. She had shrugged her shoulders saying, “I guess that’s cute too.”

Fast forward past the multiples times you had to do and redo your eyeliner, and here you were sitting in the passenger seat of his Jeep, feeling like a princess simply because of the fact that he was driving you anywhere. There was a quiet singing voice echoing throughout the car, and you listened carefully trying to figure out exactly which Chance The Rapper song he was playing.

“Can I turn up the music?” You asked politely hoping he wouldn’t take it the wrong way, you didn’t want him thinking you weren’t interested in taking.

“Yeah of course, you like this song?” He turned his head away from the road for a split second to look at you, and his eyes met yours, capturing your attention the way fireworks would.

“Yeah. It’s catchy.” You say, looking away shyly, hiding your blushing cheeks.

The rest of the ride was filled with laughter and singing, and you went from feeling nervous, to excited. You tried to hold yourself together whenever he complimented you about something, and you’ll never forget the way he said the words “You’re beautiful!” Or, “I think you’re hilarious, seriously! Like one of the funniest girls I’ve met!”

You felt like you could be yourself, and the way he spoke made you feel as though you weren’t being judged. He talked and talked, and laughed, only to finish by saying, “Okay, your turn!” And then you’d go off, talking about whatever the topic was at the moment, and your mouth went dry, and your jaw hurt from smiling. This was the only kind of pain that you believed was good. Almost as good as that feeling of your heart jumping up and down, whenever you heard him say your name.

You finally reached your destination, his apartment, and he asked you to stay seated in the car. You were a bit confused, but you listened to him as you watched him get out. 30 seconds later, he was opening your car door for you. He literally asked you to stay in the car just so he could open your door. Who does that?

“I’ve always wanted to do that, but any other girl I’ve had in my car, whether we’re on a date or not, they all get out way before I can even reach their door!” His cheeks were as red as yours, and you weren’t sure what to say.

“Well.. Thank you.” Was all you could think to get out, before he was leading you into the apartment building. You sort of adored the location his apartment complex was in, because it was a little hidden, giving you less a chance to be mobbed by fans, or seen by paparazzi. Shawn’s fame scared you a bit, but of course that didn’t stop you from liking him. He was more than the lights, and the screaming girls. He was a gentleman who opened your car door.

“I’m pretty sure that somewhere in our text conversations, you said you liked pizza, so I hope you don’t mind making some pizza for dinner.” Shawn threw his keys across the room on the couch and then headed towards the kitchen area, opening the refrigerator.

“I love pizza! Especially when I can make it myself.” You said with excitement in your voice, you stood on your tip toes not knowing what to do with yourself. Should you start opening cabinets and starting looking for the ingredients and help get everything ready? Or was that an invasion of privacy somehow? You figured you would just be honest and so you asked him, “Where are the ingredients and everything else we need?” And then he was showing you around the small cooking area, and where everything was. Soon enough your fingers were covered in herbs, and dough, and there were ten different types of cheeses laid out across the table.

“Are you a mozzarella, or cheddar type of person?” Shawn asked reaching for one of the cheeses.

“That’s a good question. I like both, but I really love mozzarella.”

“You love it, eh?” Shawn raised his eyebrows, stuck his hand in the shredded mozzarella cheese bag and took some out, flicking it at you.

“Hey!” You waved your hand around, trying to dodge the cheese but you ended up laughing instead, and then picking up the pieces and eating them.

“And what about you? What kind of cheese do you like?” You asked with a grin across your face.

“I’m pretty fond of mozzarella myself.” He was smiling at you, right at you, his eyes mesmerizing you once again and you felt silly for getting so animated about cheese, and making pizza.

“Then you won’t mind if I do this?!” You said before flicking some cheese at his face the way he did to you. He just laughed and shook his head, picking pieces out of his hair. The rest of the evening went pretty smoothly. Shawn teased you for having a smaller pizza than him, but you teased him about his burnt edges. You had a slice of his and he had a slice of yours, and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be sharing pizza with Shawn Mendes. It was dumb, but it meant something to you. Later on, you watched a movie that you don’t even remember the name of, because you were too busy laughing at your phone with Shawn. The whole movie basically ended up being you and Shawn showing each other memes the whole time. After the movie ended you helped Shawn clean the kitchen a bit and he walked you outside to the car to bring you home.

“I want to show you something!” Shawn said as he walked in the opposite direction of where his car was. You just smiled and followed him.

“Check this out!” After three minutes of walking you reached the end of the sidewalk, at the back of the apartment complex, there was a cute little river with a small waterfall. It wasn’t anything too beautiful but for some reason it still took your breath away. It was probably Shawn, or so you thought. He made it so that everything took your breath away, even pizza and dumb memes.

“This is really nice.” You said quietly staring out at the water. The moonlight reflected off it giving it a radiant glow. You felt like you were in some romantic movie where everything goes perfectly on the first date. The thing is, everything did go perfectly, making it seem so unrealistic. You and Shawn ended up talking by the waterfall for another ten minutes, about life, school, music, family and everything in between. There a came a point where there was a lull in the conversation, and Shawn looked at you with his puppy eyes, and he licked his lips, moving his feet towards yours. You felt pretty confident that he wanted to kiss you, and as much as you wanted to kiss him too, you just weren’t ready yet. You knew the setting was perfect, and the whole date itself went well, but you barely knew Shawn. You learned so much about him tonight, yet you still barely knew him. So you backed away, and changed the subject of the conversation, walking towards the car away from the romantic scene at the waterfall. Shawn said nothing about kissing at all, and he followed you, walking right by your side.

“We should do this again some time.. If you want, of course.” Shawn said looking at the ground a small smile forming on his face.

“Yeah, I’d love to.” You replied back, moving a little closer to him. You really did like him, you just wanted to make sure it was real. You hated that kissing was always so easily done nowadays, with no meaning whatsoever. You wanted it to be more special than that. And so instead you tried something a little more innocent, and you reached for his hand intertwining his fingers with yours. Palm to palm, his hand felt warm and soft, and it fit yours perfectly. He must’ve felt the same because soon enough, his cheeks were a pretty pink and he was then squeezing your hand, smiling at the ground.

Sugar, Yes Please

Your boyfriend Jaehwan decides he wants to bake cookies. He’s not too good at baking.

  • fluff fluff fluff

i just really love jaehwan he’s my second fav of the group like idk something about him is just really captivating. usually i don’t go for the pretty vocals but man… he’s perfect?

Originally posted by parkkwoojin

“Okay, now put in the sifted flour,” you directed, reading from the recipe on your phone. “And mix well.”

“I don’t think I sifted properly,” your boyfriend Jaehwan said sheepishly, making you look up. Jaehwan was standing in the middle of the kitchen, the mixing bowl in one hand. There was flour all over his t-shirt and the floor.

“Oh my god, what did you do?” You asked frantically, rushing over to take the bowl out of his hands.

“I dumped the flour into the bowl,” Jaehwan replied, sending you one of his signature smiles. “Literally, dumped.”

“I can see that,” you laughed, brushing his shirt off carefully, “did you at least measure it?”

Yes,” Jaehwan retorted, pretending to be angry, “I may be clumsy but I didn’t mess it up. We can still fix it.”

You sighed, shaking your head with a chuckle. For some reason, Jaehwan was really insistent on the idea of baking cookies, but he’d never baked before and you were starting to see why.

Oh well, at least he was enjoying himself.

“Is it time for chocolate chip cookies yet?” Jaehwan asked eagerly, holding out the bag of chocolate. You giggled at his enthusiasm, taking the bag out of his hands and setting it down on the counter.

“No, sweetie, we have to finish the rest of the dough first,” you replied, handing him the baking soda. “Okay, now add one teaspoon.”

“This?” Jaehwan help up a large silver spoon, making you laugh.

“No, this one,” you grabbed the teaspoon measure, passing it over to him. Once he’d finished that, you allowed him to add the chocolate chips—he was only supposed to put in half the bag, but he ended up putting the whole thing in.

“That’s a ton of chocolate chips,” you commented with a laugh, watching him maniacally stir the bowl with a huge grin.

“Gotta make it sweet enough for my sweetie,” Jaehwan teased, leaning over to kiss you multiple times.

“You’re so cheesy,” you complained with a laugh, but still kissing him back, unable to resist.

“Sugar, yes please,” Jaehwan sang loudly, sending you a smirk before leaning in for yet another kiss.

“Ew, stop, you have raw dough on your lips,” you groaned, reaching up to wipe the traces of dough away. “How did you survive all these years without me?”

“My parents took good care of me,” Jaehwan replied cheekily, reaching over to smear a chunk of dough on your cheek. Given its stiff consistency, it just fell off your cheek and plopped on the floor, making you burst out laughing.

“Yah, were you going for one of those cheesy kdrama scenes where we have a food fight?” You asked between wheezes. Jaehwan pouted at you, making you coo.

“Maybe,” he replied, pulling the baking tins out, “clearly it didn’t work.”

“Aw,” you tried to stifle your giggles, “it’s okay, you’re still charming. Maybe you have second-lead syndrome?”

“Stop making fun of me, (y/n)!” Jaehwan groaned, pouting even more aggressively. You laughed at his expression, pulling him into a deeper kiss. He parted happily, lips a bit swollen.




here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

Benefits of being a Sag rising

Idk if you still want to see these but I saw them and they’re pretty rad so! Here ya go @aesthetics-astro

  1. I’m a party to be with. I love to joke around, exaggerate things in a (mostly) appropriate manner, and almost always manage to lighten up the mood. I don’t fear to just do stuff because it might make me look weird or whatever and my bubbly, confident, and ready-to-go attitude makes me pretty refreshing to be with.
  2. My curiosity tops the roof. I’d see something while going about my day and would go oh what’s that, what’s this, how does this work, what does this mean, etc. matter of fact, it really made me know my stuff about a bunch of topics
  3. I’m p extra. You know like I’m out and about with friends and I’m just??? super extra lmao. The best thing is that I often manage to have other people join me which is pretty rad 💯
  4. My attitude is great. That might be subjective and biased but I’m incredibly optimistic and positive and always striving for something better but in a non-obsessive way and I’m free-spirited and carefree and I like to believe all that makes life more fun
  5. I’m ambitious. I have pretty big dreams and goals but because of the above point I actually go at it with the attitude that I’ll get it. I tend to look at the bright side and I get so animated and passionate about things I usually just can’t help but do smth ‘bout it
easy miraculous ladybug earrings tutorial for people that don’t have holes in their ears, but holes are okay too

hello, children of the void. 

so. anirevo’s coming up in 2 days, and i realized i forgot to make ladybug earrings. i looked around the house and here we are. yet another crappy cosplay tutorial.

(apologies for the bad photo, but i sincerely do not give a crap right now.)

(once again, i ramble a lot. bear with me.)

you will need:

  • those stud push pins with weird emojis on them (you’ll know what i’m talking about once you see the pictures). i have no idea where they were from but we have them. you could probably find them at walmart or something?
  • exacto knife. i know it’s X-acto but that looks stupid so we’re going with exacto.
  • acetone (nail polish remover) and a thing to remove with, like a cotton pad. my acetone is strawberry flavoured (I’M KIDDING IT’S SCENTED DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH) but any flavour will work.
  • black micron pen
  • red nail polish
  • eyelash glue or other skin adhesive
    • alternatively, you could glue those earring things onto the back of it if you have holes in your earlobes. i think hot glue or superglue/that e6000 stuff works well. i would suggest not using hot glue unless you don’t have an alternative, because it’s messy and doesn’t stick as well. 

rest of it is under the cut because i’ve rambled enough already

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hello!! im new to the gorillaz fandom--like, DAYS new--and ive been all over the place trying to absorb fandom memes and info and all that. i just wanted to say that your blog makes me super happy and i wish you the best of days <33

Hi hello! i’m glad you like my blog that is so sweet welcome to the fandom (?? it sounds kind of strange to say) I don’t have a ton of fandom experience myself since Gorillaz is the only fandom I’ve ever really been ‘active’ in but I really like it everyone I’ve talked to has been really kind I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Idk if you care for this but I’m going to use this as an opportunity to share some of my fav Gorillaz blogs that you can take a look at if you want more content: 

@gorillaz-gal darling, sweet-heart, angel, I would die for her. Her enthusiasm is infectious I always am put in a good mood when I see her on my dash, irl noodle

@stylc where I usually go to get “Gorillaz New’s” She’s so good at keeping on top of all Gorillaz content idk how she does it, also puts links to everything which is really nice (and convenient) 

@stopgorillazreposts a very good blog, the owner is very dedicated to making sure artist are given the proper credit I admire it a lot pls give them some love

@noodlelove15 I admittedly don’t know much about her but she was one of the first Gorillaz blogs I followed so I want to give her a shout-out, good content

@gorxllaz idk what it is about their blog I just Like Their Content and find myself looking it pretty often they just got something good going on

@beatnosound really good stuff, they seem very cool, very good

@qorillas  so funny, good art, good content I adore her and her blog

@greywindys very interesting content I like seeing what she has to say about stuff, good writing, very quality, also very knowledgable

@plasticbeachcasio I don’t know them or anything but I really enjoy their blog the have funny posts also their writing is good !!

@the-shy-lonely-weirdo not exclusively a Gorillaz blog but she’s so nice and has been a lovely person to talk to about head canons and just in general : ^ )

@bigdiccum this is a really personal preference I think they’re the funniest fucking Groillaz blog i would die for her too, bigdiccum come to brasil

I’m leaving out a lot of really cool people I feel bad about it but I don’t want this to get too long : ((( 

frozenhealswrites  asked:

what happened with the new heathers reboot?? i know the jd actor got kicked out (i think?) but idk if anything else happened

I’m pretty sure that was a joke- and if it was it was a sick one.
It was a picture of JD in a straight jacket and the caption was something like “Oh this mofo was 2 mins late so we had to have him removed! Who wants to play JD?”
U g h
Just HAVING him in a straight jacket is shitty w t f Plus making a joke about it too?? Idk man but that just didn’t sit well with me.

Also the fact that all three Heathers are minorities… Who in the right mind made it that way??? That’s like??? Against the whole point of Heathers??
Okay here’s the time for when I’m real af okai- Making the Heathers minorities is,,?? It literally makes no sense since the original heathers were white bitches. BUT IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT THEY WERE. Ik the movie was made in the late 80’s, I get that. But if they wanna make a fucking MODERN Heathers- to get your point across they should have just sticked mostly to the original.
Normally I would be like “oooh cool changing things up!” But in this case?? There roles will be all messed up and whole thing is just forced diversity, it feels so wrong.
I suck at explaining things like this my dude but my friend @power-of-innocence does it really well and she has a few posts about the heathers reboot you may wanna check out if you haven’t already!!