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 Things calm down after 3a, and when Stiles graduates he & Derek leave BH and make some good memories.  Stiles keeps a scrapbook of polaroids with silly captions on them, because of course he does. Derek secretly loves the idea but grumbles about it because Derek.

just wanted to make this post saying thank you! i passed 9k followers last night and i was going to post something, but i was too distracted by a certain pink haired murder bean (and his friends), so i’m taking the time to write this now!

i want to keep this short and sweet so i don’t get too emotional, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be part of this community along with you guys. you have no idea how much it means to be to be accepted by such a wide and wonderful group of people such as you all. thank you for being a place that i can turn to when college life gets a bit too rough for me.

you guys keep me motivated in wanting to make gifs and edits and i constantly get inspired all the time. plus! i fucking love geeking out over theories and headcanons and all that with you all. i’ve made some really great friends in this community and i’m thankful for that. but even if we don’t talk all the time, i still appreciate you very very much!

just, thank you for letting me be a fan along with you all and thank you for following my silly little blog. 💖

                     1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. ya’ll know me, i hate making things serious and sappy but i really did want to get around to writing something more for my one year on this babe because she means so much to me ( and so much more now that i’ve been writing her for a year ). ontari is such a wonderful and complex character, and it’s a shame given the show she was given she was only in there for one season it’s always an honor for me that ya’ll are willing to accomidate me into your lives, rp timelines, and plots ! i’ve honestly adored spending this last year with yall. with so much that’s happened irl in this past year it’s been such a blessing to have a steady place where i felt comfortable and identified to be able to hang out and write creativly, plus the bonus of enjoying my bbies ( that’s you lot ).  and i know i’ve done some pretty shitty shit in this past year. and this is deffiently also a thank you letter to everyone that’s stuck by my side despite everything i’ve done not to deserve it. so this is my personal way of saying THANK YOU for being here, for wanting to write with ontari, for wanting to write with me, thank you for those 2AM movie nights, for the 4AM rush replies because a thread was just addicting, thank you for bringing a smile to my face for introducing me to friends new and old and freinds i wouldnt have been able to make if not for this blog. thank you so much. ya’ll don’t understand how much this means to me. and i dont think you will. so here’s a small little thank you notice for those of you that care:

if you were to LIKE & REBLOG this post ( * yes both ) you’ll be entered to win the following provided to you by YOURS TRUELY examples including ( all my rp blogs legit just look at any of the rp blogs ): a THEME BG + CODE * only if u want a custom code by me ofc it’s up to you, a PROMO SET, a DASH ICON, a MOBILE HEADER and !! an AZGEDA EDIT of your character because how tf would you not want more azgeda around !! 

now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and i’ve given ya’ll a small thanks, i want to give you an even bigger thanks ! and wanted to give a big shout out to my fave babes whom have stuck by my side through a whole lot of shit that is hella undeserved ! but yet you’re still here ! despite it all and i owe you all the world so thank you. so much. 

@murhys - MOON !! love of my life. cas to my dean. actual other half. salt king husband to our salt kingdom. moon you’ve been there for me since day 1 and are probably the only person on this website i’ve never had a disagreement with. you wormed ur skaidad into my baby icekids heart which i thought would be impossible and it’s magic how much i enjoy ur presence really. you’re deff like my other half babe. ultimate husband. ily

@azgona / @braverstars - HANNAH !! b to my v. actual partner in crime when it comes to like anything ! legit we write anything and theres so much perfect chemsitry between the characters that i think we were meant to b babe. like legit anything we do its magic and you really need to have more faith in this community because we need u man. we need you. 

@kiingbuilt - LENEE ( STARS ) !! actual babe. positivity queen lenee. honestly ur so sweet and so perf and idk what you want me to say bc ur awesome in every way ? you put up with me who’s like the dark hole to ur sunshine but like i’m always so greatful i don’t think there could be a better person i’d want to play tari against than you, roan and her have such depth and it’s so wonderful to be able to talk at lengeth about our ice siblings and what could have been like ! ily so much thanks for legt taking care of us all better than what we deserve

@leyosgona / @saviorbuilt - SOCHIE !! my babe sochie waht to i say about you. well lets start with the fact i don’t think i’ve ever become trash for a ship quite as quickly as i became trash for catari like wtf man. i’m going to second that with sayig ur clarke is presh and i love her to death ? and top it all off with the fact hat you legit always put up with me spamming u wit random af things without ur permission and are a okay with it all the time which makes u way too cool. 

@humansympathies - CHARLES !! legit one of these days im sealing u away form ur wife just u wait ( * hamilton an american musical plays in the bg  )  honestly i still need to thank you for making me so goddamned comfortable with being okay to write something i had been so nervous to write before because of the context of th show. you are the reason i was able to come out of my bubble and im so fucking thankful for that sitll am going to add #actualjohnmurphy bc nothing u do can change that

@ginatcnic - LAUREN !! gg lauren ur always around to help me when i need it and i really think i dont deserve you as a friend you’re amazing and always there for me and put up with me ranting @ you about the randomest bullshit and being vauge af about it and whatnot. ilysm babe dont forget ever that you are one of the most important parts of this fandom and we’d be lost without you. 

@foxofthe100 / allofthe100 - BRITT !! things i never expected i would do: ship with britt. things i’m super thankful happened: shipping with britt. not that we needed it to be friends bc w were friends beforei. but i deff think that foxtari has brought us closer and i’m so glad that it did !! you’re such a fun and acomplished person, and your view on things are always so well balanced and lovely to hear ! being who i am i love understanding things and you always put things in prespective. just in time to drop an angst ball on me but yknow. 

@si02built / @rainkiing - CHUCK !! yo you. yes you. i love ya man. like i do love you so much i don’t think you understand how much you’re amazing. you’ve been there for me since day 1 and i know that it dosn’t matter if i havent spoken to you in a day or in a month we’ll jump back into things just as they’ve always been meant to be and i think there’s a sort of treasure in that tat can’t be sahken. i love you man. kisses. take care

@damnleader - NIKKI !! i dont know where to start with you man. i started off as ur biggest fan and now look at us. we’re trash and i love it and you legit need to get ur ass back onto this account so i can yell at you about how presh u are and how much i miss talking to you and ranting and bless. 

@youngcst​ - MOO !! moo. legit i never knew whether to call you that or lois but you know what it don’t matter much now does it. waht i will say however is how thankful i am that we were bros for such a long time, and how much it means to me what nova and tari built toether and their relationship like i sob over our babies so often you don’t even know ! please always keep bringing us babe characters. 

bonus shoutout - @ CONSQUAD because yall put up with my ass for 4 days and if anyone can do that i think they deserve like a gold medal or smth like pls yall are honestly some of the best people keep being you !! @banishhim ( black hole ) / @algaenotwar ( milky way ) / @stellarstolen

bonus bonus shoutout - @ icesquad because AZKRU BEST KRU - some of ya’ll are inactive and need to get ur asses back here just sayin’ @icymenace / @azhaihefa / @aznofi / @azkeyva / @azgedaechoes / @azgada / @aznontu / @komashdaun /  @azenblida / @dubiousloyalty / @challengedloyalty / @shudameika / @aiopgona / @zosimekomazgeda / @wintamnontu / @deathwants / @icebuilt / @icebitxh / @leyosgona / @kiingbuilt / @haihefaroun / @firraun / @rcyalscars / @acrownofice / @youngcst 

i also wanted to make a sort of like FOLLOW FOREVER ? like ? idk how you make a solid one of these but just like all the blogs ? i’m in awe of whenever they come on the dash seemed like a good idea ? like these are all so quality all the time eve if some are inactive i refuse to unfollow just because of the chance they’ll come back, they should be a shoutout bc they are my inspiration to write they make me a better writer every day ! and love the hell out of them: @wolfsouled / @rattledbybullets /  @ragnarsscn / @princeubbe / @belomi / @soldiiermade / @imqetuous / @everyturnanycost / @noximperator / @lionoffrance / @praycd / @redempticnarc / @bloodshedbound / @allvanquisher / @murdocksredemption / @damnmechanic / @leaderbuilt / @casuistic / @headstrongblake / @crimiinalchemiist / @noukru / @starxbcrn / @arroworn / @survivorbuiilt

Because with all the drama going on right now, I just needed to see this💕

so um.. i hit 1k a few days ago is this even real?!?! & I’m still processing that one thousand of you actually follow me??
Thank you all so so much! You make my day by sending me cute messages & those tags underneath posts when you reblog something 😭💖

To all my mutuals, just thank you for always being there for me. Your thoughts & kindness is just so invigorating & amazing. idk wHAT I can do to thank y'all 💘

Every single one of you here are such amazing people & I hope that you all achieve everything you want in life.
Thanks for being such an amazing & helpful community <3

i thought it would be a fun idea to do some blogrates wow how original nidhi lols to celebrate this moment? ✨

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A/N: Idk if will post tomorrow, depends how tired I am going to a birthday party and don’t know when I’ll be back. Have a good weekend. sorry for short imagine, in a rush but wanted to post today. (also might make one like this for sam and cas at some point)

~Imagine Dean comforting you after you find out your boyfriend cheated. ~

You’ve had the same boyfriend for two years, it was a rocky relationship but you always got past the fights, and lies.. but you couldn’t get past this.
You were calling your boyfriend, Jacob to just talk, see how his day is going. But when he answers something doesn’t feel right.. he’s talking like he’s rushing, “hey” “nothing much” “good” “cool” “yup”, then all of a sudden you hear a high pitch voice in the back, it sounded like another girl. “Who’s that?” you asked. after a few seconds of silence “my sister” he answered with but you knew his lies to well, and also met his family so many times you knew that wasn’t her.
“no it’s not…who is it..” you ask, shakily. You were at the bunker with Sam and Dean, you live and hunt with them. You were sitting on the couch and didn’t even realize Dean was in the back, hearing everything.

“yeah it is…” Jacob says nervously. You get the feeling that he’s cheating, it wouldn’t be the first so you weren’t really surprised but it still hurt.
“you’re…you’re lying.. we’ve been through this before Jake.” you say, tears starting to form in your eyes.
“no I’m not, but if you can’t believe me then just go..” then you heard the voice again saying “sweetheart, where we going for dinner?”.
“Screw you, Jacob. Screw you!” you yell in the phone, “it’s over!” then you hangup. tears rushing down your face as you get up to go into your room and cry in your pillow you see Dean, leaning against the wall.

“Dean?! Why.. why were you..” you couldn’t even talk you were crying so hard so he pulled you in for a tight hug. You were kinda mad that he was listening in on your phone calls, but you just didn’t care. You needed this.
“He’s an asshole y/n. You’ll find someone better.” he says, running his hand through your hair while hugging you.
“I don’t know why nobody can love me..” you whisper, head in his chest.
It got quiet for a second, noticing he got upset. “oh sweetheart…if only you knew…” he whispered.
“what?” you said, looking up to him and ask.
“if only you knew how much I love you..” he says, sighing.
You give him a tight hug, you’ve had a crush on him for awhile but been focusing on Jacob to try to get over it but you never could.
“I..I love you too, Dean.” you say, looking up at him and smirk.
He gets the biggest smile on his face, even starts to blush and kisses your cheek.
“It’s to early right now… but can..can we try one day.. I want to show you how perfect you are and treat you how you deserve to be treated.” he asks, looking into your eyes.
“of course Dean… of course..” you say, kissing his cheek.

You end the day eating pie, and watching movies with Dean and Sam. Cuddling with Dean on the couch, listening to Sammy pick on you two, in a little brother way but you knew he was happy for you two.


The real favorite is all five (insp)

hello *cough cough * its been a while since i made a follow forever i forgot how i made those speeches, but i do remember they were lame, thats not going to change…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).  Somehow i was able to reach 16k, seriously idk either soo i decided to make a follow forever(propably going to share some psds too???) to thank you for making gorgeous graphics, drawing art, and of course text posts(im 100% sure you all expected this line} i propably forgot a lot of people forgive me this was kinda in a rush sobs the thing is i wanted to write little messages for everyone… the hover thingy, unfortunately i wasnt able to do that because i dont know how. btw the graphic is with the new dimension so if u are using the stylish just click for higher quality.

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