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Satans Wife (a Credence Barebone imagine)

(First of all, I have to apologize for my shitty art, I only drew the outlines and was too lazy to do the shading, so I just scanned it and threw something together in photoshop.)

these are three requests in one story because i thought they’d fit together well. i’m also thinking about making this a series but idk, tell me if you want a part two. 

plot: you got kicked out by your family because they discovered that you are a witch and now you seek shelter in the New Second Philanthropic Society Church, how ironic.

warnings: blood and brutality (enjoy lmao) 

‘God, stop crying! Can’t you see? Everyone is looking at you. They know what a pathetic failure you are. Maybe they even know that you are a witch. A wife Satans’. Well, they probably know because you aren’t even good enough to hide it. Look at their eyes, they know! Why do you think the little girl gave you the flyer out of all people? Right stupid, because she knows.’

The voices in your head got worse, the more steps you took. You couldn’t bear this anymore. Fortunately, there was a coffee shop right next to you and you entered it quickly. The cashier greeted you politely but you didn’t have time for small talk. You were standing on the edge of starting to cry. Desperately to find the toilet sign, you scanned the room. After spotting it, you ran towards it and hid in a small bathroom stall. With a loud sob you chuted down the wall behind you. Pulling your knees to your body, you started to cry and soon your crying turned into inaudible sobs and you blankly started at the wall. You were desperate and hopeless, where should you sleep this night?

‘You don’t have anyone to go to. Your whole family won’t speak to you after your accident. That stupid, stupid mishap. Why didn’t you try harder to oppress your feelings? Why couldn’t you wait until you were back in you room? Exactly when grandpa was saying the grace, how freaking pathetic of you. They had to bring your grandma to the doctor, because she got so scared of you. Your own grandma!’

In order to stop your thoughts, you tried to distract yourself by giving the flyer in your pocket a closer look. You got the crumbled paper and started reading: ‘New Second Philanthropic Society’ there stood in bold letters. ‘Witches live among us and we should fear them. We are a society which will not stay silent. We will fight and stop Satans work.’
There was a drawing of two hands breaking a wand. Underneath there was a small box which said: ‘We give out food and shelter for all homeless under majority. Each day of the week. At seven pm.’
You were conflicted. Should you really put yourself in danger just for food and a place to sleep? Well, if you would sleep under a bridge today, you’d put yourself in danger too. You knew that New Yorks creatures of the night, how your dad likes to call the drunkards, weren’t the nicest people and you couldn’t imagine how the people of the witch-hating church would be able to know that you are one. And even if they would discover your secret, you could just run away and try to find shelter somewhere else.
You got out of the stall and checked yourself in the mirror. You looked horrible and half frozen to death. Well, at least they’ll know that you really need the place.
In fast pace you left the shop, trying to ignore the sweet smell of hot chocolate and cookies combined. The cold air hit you harshly and it hit you: How should you know where the church is? It could be in a totally different quarter of the city. Because you didn’t know what else to do you ran back to the girl handing out the flyers. When turning around the corner you were relieved to see that the little, blonde girl was still standing there. You made your way towards her, your hands shaking.
‘I- I’m sorry but does the church have a place for me to stay? I don’t really know where else to go’, you smiled awkwardly at her, your voice quiet.
The girl jumped and she looked at you with big eyes. ‘Follow me!’, was the only thing she responded.
Before you knew, you stood in front of a heavy wooden door. You small companion knocked on it with her tiny, pale fists.
A skinny boy, not much older than yourself, opened. You glanced at him, suddenly feeling bad that you didn’t fix yourself up in the bathroom earlier. The dark haired guy in front of you was gorgeous and you looked like a perfectly human embodiment of a scarecrow.
‘Mother, we- we have another guest’, the boy with eyes of the size of the moon turned around and shouted in a rattling voice.
‘Let them in!’, she answered.
You entered a huge dining hall. It wasn’t a dining hall as in a princess castle. It was everything you expected it to be. Everything was made of dark wood. The windows were dirty and some of them didn’t even exist anymore. Just a few planks replaced them.
A middle aged woman appeared. She observed you slowly from head to toe. Then she gave the boy a nod. ‘Bring her upstairs, she’s going to sleep in your room. You will take the bed that’s in the hallway. And don’t forget to bring her some soup’, she demanded coldly.
You let out a heavy sigh. She didn’t realize that you are a witch, so you passed the hardest examination.
The boy was oddly quiet when he brought you to your new room. He didn’t say anything and what was even more odd than his behaviour was that there wasn’t even a bed in the hallway. He opened a squeaky door for you and led you into a narrow room. It wasn’t much. A bed, a small table, a chair and a cupboard, all made from the same depressing wood. Like mentioned before it wasn’t much but you didn’t need much. It wasn’t freezing cold in here and that was all that mattered to you.
But the fact that there wasn’t one picture or any sign of anyone ever living in here, puzzled you. Only a big bible was laying on his desk.
‘You aren’t much of an interior designer, I see’, you joked with a small smile. However, the boy didn’t seem to be much of a comedian either and just frankly turned around to leave the room.
‘Wait, are you sure that you get to sleep in a bed tonight? Because I didn’t see any in the hallway and I really don’t want to take yours away from you’, you questioned.
‘I- I don’t need a bed, it’s fine’, the boy muttered staring at the ground.

You asked him about his name. He told you it was Credence.
‘Okay Credence, I am not here to invade your home. I’m going to find another place to stay at tonight. Thank you for your hospitality’, you explained to him while putting your coat back on. You strutted towards the door and decided to give him a quick peck in order to show your appreciation. But something went horrible wrong. The kiss triggered something in you. It felt like the dark magic was feeding of the boys’ touch. Black reek started to surround the both of you and in this exact moment someone opened the door. It was Credences Mother. Her face went dark red and her eyes began to fill with hate.
‘I knew it! I knew it! Witches live among us!’ she stared to scream with rage. Shocked from the words of the woman and of what just happened you sank to the floor.
‘And you little bastard are her lover! I always thought you were worthless but you are even worse; having an affair with Satans wife!’, she went for the bible on the desk, took it and raised her hand. In this moment you didn’t wish for anything more than the ability to control your powers but you couldn’t, so the only solution was to get between the boy and his mother. You jumped in front of Credence, a dull pain flashing through your skull. As fast as you had jumped up, as fast you were back on the ground again. You were feeling the cold floor on your cheek and saw black liquid spreading out on it. You brought your hand to your hand only to find out that the liquid was flowing out of the wound. It definitely wasn’t blood. You know what blood looked like and it definitely shouldn’t be black and smell poisonous.
‘Look at what you’ve done to (y/n)!’, the otherwise quiet boy exclaimed. ‘You are a monster, a monster! You should be feared by everyone. Not witches and wizards. You, you, you! You are Satans wife!’ The boy was in a rage and pushed his mother out of the room. He quickly shut the door closed and pushed the desk in front of it.
Then he squatted down and stroked the hair which was sticking to your forehead out of your face.
‘I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!’, he muttered, repeating it a thousand times. He got a shirt from the cupboard and got rid of his belt. His shaking hands manufactured something similar to a pressure bandage. He got a paper bag from under his bed and put everything from his cupboard in there. He reached out for you and helped you get up. A sudden wave of dizziness hitting you. You still managed to keep your balance.
He pushed the desk back to his original place, pulled you out of his room, down the stairs and finally out of the building. His mother following the both of you. ‘Witch, witch, witch!’ she shouted hysterically. All the people were now staring at you but you didn’t bother, you just wanted to get away from the woman. Credences bag started the tear apart and all of his clothes threatened to fall out. So he turned around and aimed his bag at his mother causing her to fall to the ground. You two didn’t stop running until you spotted an old, abounded factory where you two found security. For a minute or two you stood there just staring at each other. One breathing louder than the other. You tried to organize your racing thoughts but you couldn’t. The feelings of shock and fear were stronger than you and they took over. You fell into the boys’ arms, clutching on his vest, sobbing. You felt your hot tears staining his shirt. The boy tensed under your touch but brought his hands to you shyly. He petted your head, not caring that his hands got full of that black goo. You stood there for more than half an hour, nobody saying a word. You slowly calmed down and only now realized that Credence knew your name even though you had never told him what it was, so you asked him where he has gotten it from!
‘You are going to think I’m a freak’, he whispered.
‘You? A freak? I’m sorry but I’m the person who has black poison running down her face, not you’ you exclaimed, laughing in disbelief.
‘I dreamt of you’, he answered so quietly that you almost couldn’t make it out.
‘Yes, I dreamt of you. Countless times. I also dreamt of this a- and everything that just happened. I know this sounds stupid. You don’t have to belie-‘
‘But I do. I do believe you. But please tell me you dreamt further than this because I have no idea what we should do now!’, you begged him, grabbing his face in desperation.
The boy shook his head, his eyes closed. He looked like he was in pain.
‘You didn’t dream further than this?
‘No, I did but I can’t I jus-‘
‘Credence!’, you shouted, immediately regretting raising your voice because the pale boy was flinching.
‘I’m sorry’, you voiced, ‘but please, for the love of god, please tell me what we did!’
The boy turned his face away from you. ‘We- we kissed and then there was a bright light and it- it felt so redeeming and-‘
You cut the boy off, pressing your lips to his. You didn’t care that he was a complete stranger. All that mattered was that it felt like the most important thing you ever did in your life.

lost without you / isak+even

idk what this is bc i kind of just dumped a bunch of my headcanons into one place and tried to make a coherent story out of it + there’s no actual plot to it and i couldn’t even end it properly bc i didn’t want to look at it anymore orz. word count is 1.1k bc i can’t write extended fic that doesn’t take 9 years to finish. enjoy \o/

Isak tries really hard to be cool. He does. That doesn’t stop Even from seeing right through him ninety percent of the time.

There’s the time when Even asked Isak if he could skateboard as well as Jonas, and Isak was dumb enough to try and pass off his nonexistent skills with a nonchalant “ja, I’m the master at skating!” Of course, Even calls bullshit long before Isak lands on his ass after wobbling for twenty seconds and losing balance trying to make a turn.

“I mean, I had my suspicions,” Even admits while not doing a very good job at concealing his laughter. “Like I wondered why you didn’t have your own board, for one.”

Isak inspects the wheels of the board he’d borrowed from Jonas for any damage. “Okay, so maybe I never learned how to skate. I figured it couldn’t be that hard.”

Isak has a scratch on the palm of the hand he’d used to break his fall. It doesn’t hurt, he insists, but Even presses his lips to the reddened skin anyway, if only to see Isak stutter and blush.

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The Signs as freaking Once-ler quotes
  • Aries: "You... I'd gladly pound you!!"
  • Taurus: "Knitting isn't unmanly at all, no sir!"
  • Gemini: "How bad can I possibly be?"
  • Cancer: "...It's because of me!!"
  • Leo: "break dancing"
  • Virgo: "Then make them care!"
  • Libra: "My family was right... I really am a failure!"
  • Scorpio: "Bad? No, I'm the good guy! ...Right?"
  • Sagittarius: "Do you want a tree or not"
  • Capricorn: "And nothing is going to stop me!!"
  • Aquarius: "Aww, you missed me"
  • Pisces: "How'd my bed get in the river?"

when are TV writers going to understand that killing off our favourite characters isn’t groundbreaking or good writing. sure it’s shocking if shock factor is what you’re going for, but we watch these shows because we are invested and love the characters. if your only reason to kill off somebody is “they’ll never see this coming” then just don’t???? it makes me want to stop watching because no one i like is safe. i get in life or death shows that’s a message you want to drive home which k cool but if you constantly do it, it just makes it too depressing to watch. TV isn’t real life it’s meant to escape so idk. this was about how to get away with murder but it applies to so many other shows.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that has been thinking about this.
When I saw the first episode of Yuri on ice I couldn’t stop thinking about why Victor looked so disappointed and surprised when Yuuri turned his back and walked away after he asked him if he wanted a commerative photo. I mean most people probably just thought he got surprised because “everyone loves Victor”, but I’ve always been putting a lot of thoughts into these kind of things. I just felt like there was more to it (or maybe I was just hoping, idk). After episode 10 it all made sense. Victor was disapponted because he was so sure Yuuri admired him and would love to take a photo with him after what happened at the banquet.
But how would we ever know since the episodes was all in Yuuri’s perspective, and he didn’t remember what happend that night because he was way too drunk. He was sure he hadn’t talked to Victor at all because he was too shy. So how would he know that he’d already made Victor fall for him? How would he know that when he just walked away he would actually hurt Victor’s feelings? How would he know that Victor probably felt like he’d only been played with and then thrown away, like what Yuuri said to him really didn’t matter? How would he know that Victor probably used “want a commerative photo?” as an excuse to talk to him? How would Yuuri know how insecure Victor actually can be? How would he know?
Maybe I’m just over analyzing things, but I’m just happy I got an answer to my thoughts. Because to me, all I just said makes sense, and I really believe that’s how it is.

People are getting angry bc Yurio won gold??

Like, the whole point of the anime was the skaters making history. Yuri literally made history by winning gold on the GPF in his senior debut. He deserved gold. He was the one who gave his all no matter what, just for what he wanted.

Yuuri gave up too easily, and constantly. He even wanted to retire. I think thats enough reason for Yuri to keep first place, and Yuuri second. Besides, Yuuri made history in a completely different but also amazing way.

Still, both cuties won, so. Please stop getting angry.

Both of them got what they deserved, and what they wanted.


I… may have jumped the gun when @achryathesecond mentioned an atlantis au in a post… but I had two perfectly good background studies laying around from the last time I did an atlantis au. So… I reused them.


I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do for the au… so both….


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headcanon: Ennard obviously can't eat since he's an animatronic, but will shove food in his mouth at mealtimes just to make Eggs more comfortable. It usually achieves the opposite effect, with Eggs having to be the one to get bits of spaghetti out of Ennard's wires. (Why spaghetti? idk I just imagined Ennard aggressively filling his mouth with spaghetti)

[Omg i can just imagine Eggs begging Ennard to stop after like the fifth time Ennard shoved his mouth with food since he doesn’t want to clean the mess again]

[i need to draw that lol]

       HEY MINNA, this is bia again with a new blog. ( again ) this time its a Mavis Vermilion one since I was tempted a lot to make one & I just love her and her story ad background– I will make a decent promo but for now please reblog this to spread faster! & feel free to start to interact with me here too if you want to write with a Mavis, I’d love to write with all of you!

I don’t think I can get the softness I need from dating men / or at least I haven’t yet / this is so, specific, but one day I want someone I’m dating to like, make me stop so they can look at flowers or tell me how much they feel at home when the sun is setting and everything is golden or be just as excited for the start of spring and how many more fruits they can eat in this warm weather idk

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Every time I visit your blog I just get really happy and relaxed idk. I'm envious that you're so content and comfortable with the body you've been graced with. I have trouble picking at my skin, my upper arms mostly.. and I really want to stop. I'm stuck in this vicious cycle: I pick at my skin and mainly the acne, and I need to wear longer sleeved shirts to hide it, which makes more acne (?) One day I want to be able to wear a sleeveless wedding gown. Please help, any advice would be a blessing

Well first off, nothing is as perfect as it seems on the internet. I am no where near having it all together and I certainly don’t love myself 24/7. So don’t let that make you feel worse about yourself.

And second, dermatillomania is actually very common. I know a lot of people who have it in some kind of degree, including my husband. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and you’re not dirty or gross because of it (other people’s words, not mine.) There isn’t a cure since it is a behavioral disorder, but there are steps you can take to help yourself unlearn your behavior! I suggest doing some research on the old internet machine (I learned a lot about the disorder online when Devin asked me to help him curve the habit) and looking up some ways to keep your hands and mind busy. You could also talk to your doctor or therapist and see if they have any other advice since they are medically trained and I’m, y'know, not 😂

And just remember that no matter what, you can still wear that strapless wedding dress you’re dreaming of. You can’t think of it as, ‘I’ll be beautiful when I…’ stop picking, lose 50 pounds, get my teeth straightened, or whatever it may be. Because once you 'fix’ that one thing, you’ll start to think you’d be beautiful only if you fix something else and it’s, again, a vicious cycle. You are beautiful now, period.

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Wait Linsday contacted you? Like what did she say? The fact that she contacted you literally means that she's admitting they were wrong

She still found a way to be rude and didn’t own up to anything. These were her two messages: “you need to calm down, i talked to callie’s mom via facebook and SHE deactivated her accounts. we didn’t bully her off, she’s totally okay, stop.” And: “imagine if you tweeted while knowing something for once in your life”. Notice how she told me to “calm down” and “stop”? She tried to make me feel like I was overreacting or that I shouldn’t be concerned for the poor 14 year old that they were evil to. I also looked Callie up on Facebook and found no one that could be her, so idk how Lindsay supposedly found her mom. It doesn’t really add up. I think she just wants to me to shut up cause of how bad I’m making her and Arzaylea look.

okay so far i’ve made edits for:
Krafti, Michi, Andi, Schlieri, Pero, Domen, Kamil, Maciej and Jurij

I feel like i’ve covered most of my faves but the list will probably keep growing bc let’s face it, i just can’t stop making shitty edits 😂

I do feel like i want to make one for forfang and maybe vincent and ahh idk idk there are so many i wanna make but i’m afraid i’ll run out of ideas 😂

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hey so idk exactly what hooking up entails to you but to me atm id really like to 'hook up' with diff boys but keep it not sexual, just kinda making out and maybe a lil more. But im always scared to initiate in case theyre like wdf?? When I stop it from going as far as sex. So um ya how would u deal wif dis like bein as sexual as I wanna be without feelin embarassed for not wantin more.

tbh any boy u hook up w/ should respect ur right to stop wherever u want and if they dont then theyre the ones who should b embarrassed and r!! fukn gross

if u want to play it cool then u can tho…. like if ur sitting on his lap n kissing him during a movie just smile n pull away (in like…. a flirty way tho) then sit back next to him n maybe kiz his neck a little n then just make it clear u wanna watch the movie

honestly i have no…. solid tips for u bc im really bad at telling ppl no or to stop and ive gotten taken advantage of bcuz of it but literally any boy tht doesnt respect u wanting to stop is a piece of shit

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I think the anon telling u to make a Discord group was like....wanting you to make a Peach Defense Discord group. So everyone would be able to talk at the same time. Discord is basically a chat thing and u make groups

yeah i know,, i was just wondering if they wanted me to make a discord so i stopped reblogging that one long ass post and spamming them -💐