idk i just wanted to make a thing

Hey staff, here’s a WILD idea

Cycle coatl scrolls out for… idk, 4 years and cycle WC scrolls IN

You know. Like a cycle. Where things are regularly brought in and out of availability at a reliable rate.

Because CYCLE does NOT mean TWICE in four years without any warning and only for about a week an a half. A cycle is REGULAR. And PREDICTABLE.

WC scrolls aren’t cycled, they are dropped into the market place when you want more money and god damnit I’m gonna give you some but know I’m fucking PISSED about it but you just make it so hard to GET dragons I like without fucking bankrupting myself

Cause WILD and crazy thought here: not everyone likes your fluffy feather snakes. I want my velicoiraptor dragons back thanks


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Your grandma may have meant well (Idk I don't know her) BUT fuck that. Be as open about being with a girl as you are comfortable with. Love girls as openly as you want. It's beautiful. LOVE is beautiful. If you find a girl who makes you happy, you shouldn't have to hide it (unless you must for safety reasons). Girls loving girls is such a pure, beautiful thing. Fuck anyone who says differently.

This just made me tear up a little omg 💕💕

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hi again! idk if you remember me but i am the anon that you helped with my abusive ex problems a lil while ago! (i’ll call myself anya to make things easier) and i saw the awful things being said about you by jakemckenzic. i just wanted to reach out and say that you are valid for leaving school, for whatever reason. it’s not important why. you are kicking ass at life, you’re happy, and that is what matters most. kudos to you! & i hope you never look down on yourself bc of them! 💜

you are so kind ofc i remember u. i love you and thank you for reaching out you have no idea how much i appreciate this. thank u. honestly having left school is still something i think about and doubt myself about but it has done so much for my mental health in a positive way–it was right for me to do. i love u and i hope ur doing well! thank u for coming by you have no idea how much it means to me

idk… plastic surgery….. i dont think its a bad thing in and of itself but like ppl especially girls feeling the need to do things to make themselves prettier or younger looking is just so… sad… i dont think putting so much value on beauty is good especially when thats the only thing girls are valued for…. and when girls get their nose jobs really young…… idk it just gives me bad vibes i know ppl will say theyre doing it for themselves but so often it plays into beauty standards that are inherently biased…. i kinda want a nose job cjskfjwkdj i hate my nose but i would never do it cause im really conflicted abt this whole topic

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friendship: sweetvee or sweetbetts

asdfghjkl; sweetvee honestly; betty and pea would be interesting to see interact, but idk I personally feel like Ronnie’s gonna just get on board with the whole ‘bad boy’ thing and realize he just wants equality for he and his friends and I think that’d be 100% better chemistry than sweetbetts. 

make me choose !!

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quick thing: while i agree that it's shitty that all the nice familial relationships were cut (esp. Mike's), I feel like maybe the intention of the movie was that all the adults were at least somewhat shitty so that the kids would seem more isolated and wouldn't have anyone to help them? idk if that makes sense

But they didn’t address Ben’s mom at all. I feel like instead of just killing them off, if they wanted us to think they all had bad relationships with their parents it would have been better off if they hadn’t mentioned it at all. It just becomes the sort of thing thats like… oh ofc the black kid is the one without parents (and ofc the black kid is gonna be the drug addict but dont even get me started on that). Its just annoying because Mike and his dad had the best relationship and it was such a sweet and comforting part to read. I just really wish they hadn’t taken it out :/


Alright, look… How about I get off early tonight and I buy us a bunch of candy and we can sit around and get fat and we can watch a scary movie together? How’s that for a compromise?
C-O-M-promise. Compromise. How about that’s your word for the day, yeah? It’s something that’s kinda in-between. It’s like halfway happy.
By 5-1-5?
5:15. Yeah, sure.

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams



Take this sinking boat and point it home. We’ve still got time.
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice. You’ll make it now.


Sanvers + favorite quotes

ok so i guess i’ll post this too bc now i’m getting too invested in other things and i have no idea when (or if) i’ll be able to finish the rest 

but!! these are the designs i was thinking of for the other kids y’know

Star Wars aesthetics:
  • Ace!Rey
  • Bi!Poe
  • Gay!Finn