idk i just wanted to make a chapter 50 edit

dusky gazes

summary: Sometimes, Mikasa doesn’t want to think.

pairing: eren/mikasa

notes: my first eremika fic!!! idk why i wrote this honestly, i literally have an exam tomorrow but putting off writing this was gonna bug me so much, so have at it folks. also, just to let u guys know, im a huge slut for feedback, just an fyi ;-) EDIT: also this doesn’t take place in any specific time period, maybe sometime after chapter 50?? idk, it’s up to u to decide

“Where do you want to go?” He asks her, whispering quietly into her ear. His fingers graze lightly on the bare skin of her shoulder, tenderly stroking with his knuckles, and there is something so intimate about the act that makes Mikasa shy away from his inquisitive gaze, a flush high upon her cheeks.

“Anywhere with you,” She says instantly.

“I know that. But where specifically?”

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