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do you think yousef is turkish since the actor is also of turkish origins? idk why but i just want to know more about him as a character like where he is from etc (you dont have to answe this i was just wondering since you're also turkish maybe you could tell or smth)

hmmmmm well for now i think that he might not be turkish and i am saying this because the name ‘yousef’ is written as ‘yusuf’ in turkish, so idk maybe he still might be turkish and they just gave him a name without thinking about this factor but yeah idk either fam

edit:i just noticed his last name is ‘acar’ and thats actually a turkish name sooooo yeah 


The Darkest Minds week day 6: Rubiam

We’re just different colours
This is why we’re biting the bullet
We know the kids are right
We keep cranking the music up, driving through the town
But they don’t wanna hear, they want us to turn it down

simmons!ballerina au inspired by my own tags

Ballet is a dance executed by the human soul.