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Inspired by @linddzz’s adorably chaotic fic: in which Newt, our blessed protagonist who does not, and never will truly understand self-preservation, tries to fly on something that is not a fantastic beast. Credence must, as always, protect this man from himself.

I’m Tired

I’m going to be retiring this blog as an archive. My other main blog is on a mutual-only basis but consists of absolutely no fandom content. If we are mutuals and you are interested, IM me by EOD. 

Please be kind to that post about my mom that’s still going around (yes, the Naruto one). Makes me uncomfortable as hell that it exploded like it did and I don’t like info about my family being spread so far and wide and outside my control. Don’t screencap it or post it to other sites, thanks.

hey so

long time no see

i was just looking through my old messages to find writing insp, and i got reminded of how many lovely comments i used to get, so i just wanted to say thank you to all of you for that

i intend to go back onto password protected again soon, i don’t really feel comfy w this blog anymore and ive moved on to a v different place in my life, and i think it’s best to leave this part of it behind. however, i will leave my blog unprotected for a few days, for anyone to save any fics that they didnt have the opportunity to do so before

please don’t repost them anywhere, but if you’d like to save them for your personal reading thats fine. also, if you want you can reblog this for any of your friends who enjoyed my fics and might want to save them too

thanks for understanding, and thanks for all the loveliness i received from you guys back when i was regularly using this blog <3


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Hi you have hurt me very deeply with that baby one could you pretty please do one where it's Cassian who is the father and Jyn sent like twelve messages but idk Draven was a jerk or told her it could risk his cover and his life? Or something? Please I have gone from just lurking on your blog to actually sending you a message because you punched me right in the feels.

haha, since you asked so nicely, sure!

  • jyn finds out she’s pregnant three weeks after cassian leaves. she winds up in the med bay after passing out during a routine sparring lesson and cries when the droid tells her. 
  • it isn’t that she doesn’t want this…the timing’s just all wrong. jyn swore to herself her children would always have their parents around. she and cassian even spoke about the subject of children, briefly, before he left. they agreed it should wait until the empire officially crumbles
  • so not only did jyn just say goodbye to the love of her life for a whole year, she also watched the father of her child leave for a dangerous undercover mission with the empire. needless to say, she’s a fucking mess
  • draven tells her, firmly, that she can’t tell cassian. it’s dangerous to relay any more communications than are absolutely necessary. apparently the fact that he’s going to be a father doesn’t register as particularly important to the alliance.
  • bodhi, baze, and chirrut rally around jyn immediately. the first time baze calls her little mother, she about loses it. chirrut offers to make draven get her message to cassian (”what, you think he’s going to hurt a blind man?”). bodhi goes to every checkup with her, half-panicked the whole time. 
  • kay, for his part, offers up the first supportive statistics jyn’s ever heard from him: “there’s a 100% chance that cassian will be happy when he sees the two of you upon his return.”
  • jyn goes into labor with three months still to go until cassian makes it back to base. bodhi holds her hand the whole time and when lyra erso-andor is born, baze and chirrut bless her with the force as soon as they see her. kay says she looks like cassian. 
  • jyn cries (again) with her baby girl. lucky for the both of them, four interim fathers step up to the task. 
  • during her tiny maternity leave, bodhi sleeps on the floor of jyn’s quarters. they take turns getting up with lyra through the first two months of her life. baze sings lyra to sleep when she absolutely will not stop screaming. chirrut holds her so jyn can eat in the mess. 
  • kay works on improving her intelligence by going through every piece of rebel data he can aloud (”according to my research, human infants have sponge-like minds. we should make use of that feature.”)
  • when lyra is just over three months old (two weeks later than expected), cassian returns to base. jyn’s more nervous than she’s ever been.
  • she stands in the hangar, lyra tucked in the crook of her arm, surrounded by her boys. 
  • his ship lands in the hangar. 
  • jyn sucks in a shaky breath. four hands go to her back in acts of comfort.
  • finally, finally, cassian disembarks and starts walking toward them. his face lights up, then shifts to complete confusion. 
  • lyra lets out a squawk and jyn feels all the air leave her lungs. bodhi nudges her, then takes the baby from her arms. “go,” he whispers.
  • when cassian reaches her in the middle of the hangar, his eyes are wider than the moons of tatooine. “is that – are you – did we…?” he starts, voice trembling. 
  • she nods. “would you like to meet your daughter?” jyn asks, voice smaller than it’s ever been. 
  • before she can brace herself for something to go wrong, cassian’s nodding his head furiously, eyes shiny with tears. 
  • later, watching cassian hold lyra, surrounded by the men who’ve helped raise her these past months, jyn thinks her family is complete.

Im trying so hard to avoid all of this drama and negativity but it’s starting to become a lot to deal with. Youtube was where I went to escape the drama but now its there too. Idk Im just sick of seeing all of this hate going around. Im sick of people asking me to choose a side. Clinton or Trump? Pewdiepie or WSJ? It’s gotten out of hand. I cannot go anywhere anymore with out something being brought up and it is kind of affecting my emotional/mental state. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This blog is a safe haven for anyone who wants to avoid all of this stuff thats going on and just focus on loving each other, supporting one another, and building each other up so we can become better people. We don’t need to be divided like this. What we need, especially in times like right now, is to come together.

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Hi! I love your blog! So I wanted to ask your advice... there's this boy at my college who I have 2 classes with and is SO ATTRACTIVE like I rarely get crushes but idk he just has these gorgeous blue eyes... we've never spoken until this past Friday, when I worked up the courage to ask him about the ECONOMICS TEST haha which ended with like a minute and a half long conversation which was nice but I wanted to talk to him again. What can I use as an excuse to talk to him?

some fun topics of interest:

  • the weather
  • another economics test
  • whaat you totally missed the notes on something and you need to get them from him now
  • beyonce
  • the cuban embargo
  • u need to borrow everything. pencils, paper, his dick, everything
  • how many children does he want, is he looking for serious relationships, where does he want his wedding, casual conversations like this

u welcome


……its been awhile since ive brought together my shitposts from on here into a big video on my yt so um…here’s another video with most of my recent shitposts put together from my blog idk 

I was tagged by @mvbsva, thank you so much!
Rules: list 5 otp’s from 5 fandoms and tag 10 people

•Regan (The Walking Dead)
•Mclennon (The Beatles fandom) Yes John Lennon and Paul McCartney were in love, if you don’t believe it just check out @mclennonwasreal (some free promo because I love your blog Marco)
•Mileven (Stranger Things)
•Froger (Queen fandom). I just ship Freddie and Roger idk
•Amelia x Pacino (El Ministerio Del Tiempo, Spanish show lmao)

I don’t think I can tag 10 people hahahaha but I’ll tag some of you and everybody feel free to do this) @weinsanedreamer55 @lavergadebill @neganstonguething @reganapologists @losercowboy @metalbutter
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       HEY MINNA, this is bia again with a new blog. ( again ) this time its a Mavis Vermilion one since I was tempted a lot to make one & I just love her and her story ad background– I will make a decent promo but for now please reblog this to spread faster! & feel free to start to interact with me here too if you want to write with a Mavis, I’d love to write with all of you!


So uh, I was tagged by @egalitarian-nature-blog to do this screenshot challenge I think…? Lol idk I’ve been so busy and I just know I was tagged, so here. I don’t think my phone background is that surprising for anyone lmao! Also if anyone is curious about who made my GORGEOUS phone background, it was created by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED @nikiforovkatsukiplisetsky !!! THANK YOU JULIA~!

And I didn’t have the last song I listened to in my phone so I just screened shot it from google. It’s an amazing song and it makes me want to rewatch Your Name again. Anyways, thanks Allison for the tag! Sorry this took so long haha

I’m not gonna tag anyone cuz I’m lazy so if you wanna do this, I spiritually tag you! :) go go go!!

once upon a time, long long ago, i doodled jack on my (now broken) phone. then it spiraled out of control and i transferred it to my computer for coloring. several months later, after some technical issues but mostly just me getting distracted by video games and youtube, i finally finished it. idk what this even is tbh. i mostly just wanted to draw jack and blood again lol

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1: 6 of the songs you listen to most?
– banana bread by cavetown, the kids don’t wanna come home by declan mckenna, swimming pools by troye sivan, powerless by waterparks, by my side by spookyghostboy, and please tell rosie by alle farben
65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr.
– aaaah idk i just like blogs that fit my aesthetics i guess ?? also @lemon-socks :)
95: You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
– i would love to go back to Paris i went in 2015 and i want to draw at the museums and stuff again

i will never understand how ppl can advertise exactly what mental illnesses they have on their blogs descriptions or abouts
like to me thats Priveleged Info™ on a need to know basis
and no one needs to know

fanartomaniac  asked:

I decide I will ask this to every kuroko no basket related tumblrs that I actively followed. I rewatch Saikou no present desu countless number of times! What are your opinions of that episode? :)))

Dammit I haven’t seen it yet. Since the others have vanished and I’m basically the only one running this blog atm I’m afraid this won’t be a very good answer :/

Ye I’m still in the Rakuzan/Seirin game soooo… I’ve seen a lot of stuff about the episode though and it looks really cute and funny.

I just want all my children to be happy and friends again.


Idk what else to say since I haven’t seen it and have just heard about it. Soz.


anonymous asked:

Maybe it's just because you can't convey tone over the internet but you sometimes seem really annoyed to answer asks. Maybe just delete them if you don't want to answer? Idk sorry. Hope you have a nice day.

I’m not annoyed to reply them ( o.o)??? It’s just that I get the same questions again and again (even when I have some of them on my FAQ) and I don’t like to ignore people you know? But there are not tips for having an acnl blog, it’s just about having fun. I don’t really know what kind of reply do you expect me to give.

It’s 8 am, I slept 5 hours. I’m a bit anxious today cause I have a showing and I hate those kind of things… So please don’t just go assuming things. Thank you. 

Aspect of the Moon invocation seems so neat, I Want

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Hey Manu I just don't get any notification whenever you tag me in fics. Do you know what the problem might be. Thank you soo much.

Idk, man. I had another blog complain about the same and so I re-tagged them. I’ll try doing the same with yours or else I’ll have to make my perm tag-list all over again😥😥 but hopefully you’ll receive a notif next time I post something. See, maybe this is why @ourpeachskies isn’t getting notified 😂😂 dont worry i’ll fix it asap. Thanks for informing, tho.