idk i just thought this would look cool

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So I kinda follow Athena as a goddess of mine (I'm a still learning Hellenistic witch) and at first I didn't want to see Athena as a virgin goddess but as I've gotten closer and more in depth with my studies I see now she IS a virgin goddess but she doesn't look down on sexual people she just has and wants her followers to have priorities before sex. And I understand that. Sorry Idk y I told you that, thought it would be cool to share.

its fine!! i don’t mind anyone sharing information

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have you ever thought about designing tattoos? your art style is like really weird (in a good way) and cool with a lot of roughness and your coloring when u use those bright colors would look super cool as a tattoo imo... idk i just feel like if u drew like a brightly colored manticore or a dragon i could see that as like a big ass full back tattoo or smthn...

ahh thanks! i think it would be fun but i’d probably have to make like, pre-drawn tattoo designs bc i think the stress of someone specifically commissioning me for something to go on their body would make me overthink the drawing

SPEAKING OF TATTOOS i really want one by tarmasz, mariñe perez or tayri rodríguez but THEYRE ALL IN EUROPE so if anyone is tattoo-savvy and knows of someone in the eastern US who has a similar style let me know blease

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Hello, I would just like to say that Goggle is adorable and so is LHM. If you're looking for ideas for drabbles related to Goggle, I think it would be p cool if you had the reader reacting to how not modest clothing is now. Like going into public and just seeing shorts and so many shirtless ppl. Or maybe one of the dudes just chilling around without a shirt on? Idk, just some thoughts (PS your writing is super good and I appreciate you v much! Have a good day!!)

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You weren’t used to it. The men in your time were quite modest with clothing, the only skin shown was their hands (if they didn’t wear gloves) or their face. Women were much freer, but maybe the arm and neck were shown. These men, that you stumbled upon, are definitely not what you were used to.

Their neck, arms, and legs were shown every day. Even after you lectured them on proper clothing, they just rolled their eyes. Once, you stumbled upon one of them, with minimal clothing. You were cleaning the dust off your small bed when someone walked into the room.

“Hey Y/N, have you seen my phone?” You heard Lafayette ask. You shrugged, your back turned towards him. You heard more steps but ignored it. They all were loud, so you were used to the scampering of feet everywhere.

“But I had it right next to your bed. Are you sure?” Lafayette asked once more. You turned around, sighing.

“No, Lafayette, I have not seen-” Your eyes widened, seeing the Frenchman without a shirt. His chest was sweaty, probably from the manual labor that he was doing to their yard. You screamed, running around and hiding behind the cup that was still on your desk.

“Y/N, why are you-wait, are you blushing? What’s wrong?” He tried looking around the cup, but you hid your face in your hands.

“You are naked, Lafayette. Please, put something on,” You yelled, glancing through your fingers. He was still standing there, without the shirt on, “Laf!”

“Okay okay, sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s, it’s okay. Just please put something on.”

You heard steps coming towards you. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” You heard John say. You looked up, seeing John. You should have expected it, but still, it shocked you. His chest wasn’t covered, showing you everything.


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Ok but what if pewds was rafe instead since pewds made this roast thing about jack so it reminded me how much rafe hated nate and for some reason i was like oh yeah he wants his diamond play button too, right? why not make it as the “treasure” that he’s been looking for or something??? ?? h aha  ha

idk i just thought it’d be cool ;;v;;

how do you even draw pewds

but mark as rafe would be awesome too i guess :y

@markiplier-imagines @smolleweenie 

Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

Thank you so much to the lovely @theysangastheyslew​ for tagging me. You have no idea how much I appreciate even being thought of.

idk wat im doing but here goes

1. La Reine - Obviously I’ll start with one of my latest works. I think this is the painting I am most proud of to date. I credit the composition to the great Alphonse Mucha, but I feel like the general concept is where I excelled. In both this piece and the next one, I wanted to portray the characters as persevering through their most vulnerable moments and standing strong as king and queen. The background (which got a little muddy in the painting process) is meant to represent Ishval on fire, which is Hawkeye’s greatest regret. Her wounds from the battle on the Promised Day show her determination. The salamander represents her connection to Mustang. 

2. Le Roi - The companion piece to the above. I am actually not as happy with this one, even though I think I like the symbolism in the one more. I am more familiar with drawing female anatomy, so drawing Mustang’s body was more of a challenge. The color scheme also does not feel as cohesive. But I’m still proud that I managed to represent Roy’s low points by including Envy and his blindness, as well as his Promised Day wounds. The background depicts Roy’s door of truth and shows his connection to Riza.

3. The Thornybrush Ball - This is ancient, but it’s still one of my favorites. This is an illustration that I painted for an old friend’s poem. I used to be so good with traditional media, and I miss that. This one was made with watercolors and India ink. The perspective is a bit wonky, but I like the way I anthropomorphized the frogs and the detail in their textures. I think I managed to portray the drunken pompousness of the occasion very well. If I were to go back and change it, I might make the framing with the plants a little more dynamic and add more characters to show the extravagance described in the original poem.

4. Tracer Sketch - This one was really just a quick sketch, but I included it because it’s one of the only things I’ve drawn recently in my own style. I have this problem where I only emulate the style of my source material, such as my mimicking Hiromu Arakawa’s style when I was trying to do my FMA comic, or Alphonse Mucha for my art nouveau pieces. But this one was just me and my tablet without any references, and I think it shows the influence of Disney, anime, and classical artwork on my personal art style. 

5. Olivier WIP - So I never even finished this piece, but I wanted to showcase it because I was very proud of the texturing of the cloth and fur in this painting. I was also practicing with color palettes, since I had a bad, lazy habit of throwing a multiply layer over the finished piece to create a unified color scheme. Although it’s not finished, I feel like I managed to create a cohesive color palette using only my eye. I still need to work on painting hair, though.

Aaaand I’m not tagging anybody because I actually don’t know that many artists here on tumblr and I’m super shy and have no friends and stuff, but if you’d like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!

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any tips for kids starting out w drag makeup?

AH wow this is a cool ask since i definitely would not consider myself an expert but yeah i can help!!! I have thought about maybe starting a youtube idk if anyone would be interested in watching that…

  • like look up drag makeup tutorials on youtube for SURE
  • get yourself some elmers glue sticks to glue those brows down
  • a high coverage foundation like kryolans tv foundation stick (WHICH I WANT DESPERATELY) or just any foundation you can build up
  • get a setting powder like the coty airspun
  • get a good contour palette, cream or powder, your choice, or both if you want and can afford too
  • get yourself one good base pallete with mattes and stuff to start looks, and then build yourself up to more metallics and colors
  • liquid lipstick is the best for lips!!!! (i like colourpops, lots of colors, pretty cheap)
  • glitter and highlights are super fun!
  • fake eyelashes are crucial
  • and last but not least, have FUN

you guys wanna see tae’s profile on the AU I thought of ? :-) I think he looks rly cool

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Gravity falls😁

this dumb triangle

but because he’s only a triangle i’ve also drawn him in two human(oid) forms i made up, which was pretty fun

idk where the cane came from i just thought it would look cool also what are hands and feet

thank you so much for the ask love!!!! i really had a lot of fun drawing these!! <3 have a great day!!! :Dxx

- - -

{give me a fandom and i’ll draw my favourite character!}

5 happy things meme

@geniusorinsanity tagged me to post 5 things that make me happy, so

1. The bakery/coffee shop in my town. It has delicious breakfast foods and cakes and awesome coffee and it’s a 3 minute walk from my house

2. My tattoos. They are very dear to me and I have a lot of love for tattooing as a craft. I got my first one for my love of HP/a connection to one of my best friends, three that I mostly just thought would look cool and ended up meaning a lot to me because of when I got them done, and one that I got for my parents after they let me and my bf live with them after our place had a fire. It’s two cardinals building a nest.

3. Drawing, while it gives me a neck ache, is one of the best ways I know to pass the time

4. Wearing high waisted pants. Idk. Get off my back.

5. When my bf makes me food. He’s a great cook and baker but he doesn’t cook all that often. It’s a great treat.

I tag @queenlopunny, @slowwshoww, @fatlardo, @gettzi, and @incredible-pedals

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[I hope this is okay? idk i just thought it would be cool to rp with you] Antonio looked up at the person he just ran into. "L-lo siento!" He squeaked, then shook his head, flushing with embarrassment. "I mean, I'm sorry. I, uh, didn't see you there." He tried for a sheepish grin. ~nihilisticsuggestion


Jack had only glanced back for a second as he ran, but it was enough for him to miss the person that had moved in front of him. The two collided and tumbled to the ground in a heap, but before Jack could even register what the stranger had said to him, he scrambled to his feet and pulled Antonio into a small side alley, pressing them against the wall moments before a group of city guards ran past.

Jack let out a sigh of relief as he leaned back against the wall, “Sorry for running into you there, wasn’t looking where I was going.” he apologised, looking at Antonio; a hood covered most of his face, but from what was visible, there was a slight grey tinge to Jack’s skin

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can u do a headcanon on what people around the village would say or think when they find out about the secret relationship between kakashi and his s/o. if they were supportive, surprised, curious idk something cute like that :,) thanks

Oooh this is cool! Yeah I’ll do my best! x

Team 7

Would all be genuinely surprised as they always thought Kakashi was a loner type of guy. Sakura and Naruto would want to meet them as soon as possible just to get to know them, while Sasuke would be more low-key about it, pretending not to care but actually being very curious too. I can defiantly see them having ‘secret’ missions where they spy on Kakashi and his s/o. Once they have gotten to know them more, they’d probably start interrogating them on what Kakashi looks like without the mask. 


Would probably start crying because Kakashi kept it a secret from him for so long and it looks like he will probably get married first, as its always a competition with those two. But in all seriousness, Guy would be really happy for Kakashi and his s/o, congratulating them and preaching about the ‘power of youth!’. He will also become best friends with Kakashi’s s/o almost immediately and would support their relationship completely. 


Would be extremely surprised! Like I can see Kakashi casually mentioning it to him and Yamato just like practically falling over in shock. Like team seven, he never imagined someone like Kakashi could be boyfriend materiel. He’d probably ask numerous questions about their relationship until Kakashi gets annoyed and walks off. 


Would be totally embarrassing and inappropriate about it! Like he’d get all giggly and start trying to give Kakashi unwanted sex advice and Kakashi would just be there blushing like ‘please leave me alone’. He’d give Kakashi a massive lecture on women because he thinks he knows everything about them, and Kakashi would just discreetly escape while he is distracted.  

I hope this was what you were looking for <3 xx Thanks x

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Because of this post :o

@cheapcookiez I wanted to see how the transformation would look like if it were animated!! :D its not smooth or anything so im sorry about that ;;v;;

I imagine jack doing this at every start of a new game :D like when they spawn and all? he automatically has sam as his protection once the players get to choose their characters :33 then “3..2..1..SUBSCRIBE AND FIGHT!!” and the match begins n’ stuff >3<

idk if that’s how it works but i just thought it’d be cool ;;<;;

Thank you for making this happen btw! I promise i’ll support you guys in every way I can <333 I love you so much you have no idea ahhhh TwT


I was tagged by the lovely @tylerssposeys, thank you!

*Glo up: post the oldest selfie you can find and post the newest next to it*

The first is early 2011 when I was a tiny 16yo who just got a nose piercing and the other was last week!

Tagging: @deborabane @imaginedmelody @henrymarsette @d-quintana if any of you would like to! :)

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The hair and stumble is working for me and the red sunglasses r a new look. I def like it ,idk if I'm flailing about it only because its not news to me that he looks hot with his pushed back and look hot with stumble. Thats just basic science. I think i would flail more over new video content. Cause its just seems like its been forever. Sidenote: its interesting he even had that look with the facial hair while he was filming BP. I thought his character was more clean cut. -leelee

@leeleesun oh definitely, it’s a cool look and I like it, but like you I’m not wowed by the hair and stubble, as you said that he looks hot like that is a given.

I think you’ve hit it on the head re needing to see him in a vid, something new would be great. It has felt like ages, since sherlock S4 really.

I have a feeling the stubble is part of the ‘jungle Everett aesthetic’ lol