idk i just thought this would look cool

So I know there’s are theories about Thace being Keith’s father and there are theories about Zarkon being Keith’s father.

What if Zarkon is Thace’s father? It would make sense, Thace falling in love with a human (or some other species) and Zarkon being angry and casting him out of the empire

Then in the black paladin, he’s angering his father AND looking for his son

Idk, I just thought it sounded cool, but maybe not

Just re-writing a shitty story I did two years ago that made me cringe so hard that I thought my head would recede into my neck.
Pairing: Levi X reader
Word count: idk,like 400
Author: me

You were tired, teary eyes, the feeling of the world on your shoulders. 
The dimly lit kitchen a feeling of dread and doubt created a void of depression.

It was quite obvious you weren’t the same person you always were. 
Everyone around you with just a simple look knew, just knew something was up, that there was a heavy feeling reeking doubt that you were fine.

Many thoughts reaped your mind, creating a shallow blanket of sorrow over your withered figure, the coolness of the kitchen floor chilling the outer shell of your paper skin.

A warm glow of orange settled on the marble, outside a while of dead leaves withered and sank to the dirt and scum.

Autumn was the month of dying.

Everything that held such beauty, that held life, fell, turning such lovely hues of oranges and reds, a scene Mother Nature brought to calm the souls of the dreary.
And here you laid, on the icy ground, corroded by the illness that blackened your once brightened light and dimmed it to a stagnant grey.

Salty tears cascaded down your porcelain cheeks, staining them with a sheer slick coat, a quick knock rasped at your cherry colored door.

Ignoring your unwanted house guest, you continued to swim through the dark thoughts that plagued your mind, the floor holding you captive, as If it wanted you to stay. 

With a slam, and a heavy pattern of leather boots that corroded along your dark floor, you ignored the steely glare that burned through your thin spine.

“What are you doing?” The masculine voice shattered the tension the kitchen held, chilling you to the core. 

ignoring him, he sighed, walking closer to you, stopping and lowering himself next to you in a grunt.
A heavy sigh, and a cough that rattled your body, leaving a metallic taste behind you turned your head slightly to meet the light grey hues of Levi.

”I’m sick” you rasped, your voice not use to talking for so long, the leftover sting of coughing in its wake.
“If you’re sick then why in gods name are you laying on the ground” he chided with a deep motherly tone only you were gifted of hearing
With an empty laugh you squinted your lackluster eyes at him, sadness now taking over.
”its not that easy when you’re a dead man walking” you chided.
Confusion rattled his body squinting at you, trying figure out what you had said, like a puzzle.

“What in the hell are you talking about” he seethed seemed to take over the confusion he had, lightly taking ahold of your arm, as if it was made of glass.
”(l/n) if this is a joke, I find it utterly disgusting” he spat, anger reddening his ivory skin.
”you’re right Levi, its utterly disgusting when you’re dying of cancer” in a flat tone, eyes emotionless.

"How long, how long have you hid this from me?’ he said, the grip on your arm tightening slightly, making you jerk yourself away from him jolting your weak frame up so you were both equal.

"I’ve known for a few months now, I- I just” your façade slowly fading as tears worked their way out your resilient orbs,you felt awful knowing that someone you loved so dearly, had been kept from something so dreadful.

Pulled into a strong embrace he hushed you, threading his fingers through your diluted hair,lightly kissing your forehead

"We can get you help, don’t worry” he said, looking you in the eyes.
Never in your life have you ever seen the corporal cry until now, the crystalline tears worked their way down his softened face.
With a sigh and a shake of your head, you gripped one of his hands lightly.

”you cant fix something that’s already dead”
“don’t lie to me” unable to understand the concept you brought up.
You snorted, lightly whipping away his chilled tears with a shaking thumb.
“I would never lie to you”

Nothing but utter denial and anger slewed through his veins, feeling your grip tighten.

"I’m sorry Levi”

And that was when he knew,

Autumn was the month of dying.


Ok but what if pewds was rafe instead since pewds made this roast thing about jack so it reminded me how much rafe hated nate and for some reason i was like oh yeah he wants his diamond play button too, right? why not make it as the “treasure” that he’s been looking for or something??? ?? h aha  ha

idk i just thought it’d be cool ;;v;;

how do you even draw pewds

but mark as rafe would be awesome too i guess :y

@markiplier-imagines @smolleweenie 

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Yo! I was gonna just have this been a random idea out there that I thought of like a week ago but instead I'ma throw this at chu as a dabble idea perhaps if you still want it. Ok idea was like a headcannon that Undyne's left eye has actually been a blind eye she was born with, and that's why she is able to just function fine with one eye. Make some story of like Alphys learning of this! maybe as a how they meet or something and Alphys gives her eye patch to look cool or something idk! <3

This is fascinating, actually, and would take much more than a mere 100 words to convey… *eyes kind of unfocus* And now that I have to spend so much time lying down while I recover, this could be the perfect distraction….

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Did u like the music video?

i thought it was a cool concept, he looked hot, it was nice and interesting but.. There were a lot of mistakes, it wasnt done very well, idk how much of a budget they had but comparing the effects and costume and whatevers of ENC to that just makes it look WORSE, and like they couldve done so much better.. 

a few examples 

i honestly dont know what they were thinking bc this is like 2 seconds after he got stabbed??? you can see his full stomach and hes magically healed?? who is he??? deadpool???/ he would even take longer

do i even need to…..point it out……..whats wrong with this…… looks like someone took a picture of brendon and just moved it across the screen in fact now that i’m saying it yeah im pretty sure thats what they did, he doesnt fucking interact he looks like an ugly yet majestic bird escaping through the window after aunt hilda slapped it with a broom. he stays in the same position… the same….. position…i dont know………what these people were trying to do….. (also quick point out he doesnt have the injury there either)

no to mention how it never actually looks like the tentacles and brendon are legitimately interacting except for a few points/areas, and ik yes theyre gonna look like that to some degree but like it looks like one of those netflix movies that somehow has ½ a star about the sharktipus trying to invade iceland

i mean what is this????

ANYWAYS i could go on picking it apart but i dont want to..

I dont think it really fit the song? again at some points i could see and match up but like i was talking to my friend oliver @tinybren and like we both thought itd be more of like katy perry last friday night theme, but the whole tentacle monster thing doesnt really fit the vibe of the song at least imo, if they had had him getting fucked up and having fun and then waking up the next morning even w the girl and like going through having a hangover for just a short amount of time, or even if they like had him get fucked up and that was the cause of him seeing angry squidward, it still wouldve worked.. aha.. 

I guess i just have this image in my head of what i assumed it would be, it’s not my least favorite music video, i can understand why a lot of people dont like it for different/multiple reasons. I would say i dont dislike it, i like certain areas, i enjoyed the overuse of bedrooms eyes and the amount of licking he did (whether it be to his own lips or to someone else). Plus he looks good when he gets slapped. I can’t look at a lot of parts without laughing, im hoping he was really going for the ridiculous theme over scary/creepy because if he WAS trying to freak……honey……let me help you okay…..

I like it more than the Hallelujah video and ill probably make my mum watch and laugh @ it with me, all in all it couldve been better, i dont think the idea worked as well as they were hoping, and the next MV should have a much better budget or less special effects…this sounds mean ok i love my son ok i love brebdop i have been so mean recently with the tat and now this omg i love him ok i dont hate him or anything. im a monster fanatic, im a brendon urie fanatic, even more so with naked brendon urie (they did that part really well..i appreciated the camera work for that), put them together and youve automatically won me over so even if i dont like this music video it has a place in my heart!! forever! now. and in ways i have to automatically like it. Because i like that kinda shit, so.. To answer your question.. Yeah i guess i did/do.


reposting my fav pics of me for tdov

i never really talked about my gender a lot bc i am still looking into it and it makes me nervous since i am not too sure. i never really felt like i belonged in any category and i was just kinda different. I feel like im everything and nothing at all if that makes any sense and im honestly really nervous talking about this on here and it’s like idk i look super feminine but i don’t feel it IDK im sorry im sorry if i sound super dumb i just saw genderqueer participating in today and i thought it would be a good time to talk about this all 

 but like idk hey they/them would be really cool.

U know what would be rlly cool if Steven wore a dress in front of Connie and she was kind of like “wth…..???” At first but starts accepting it. Because of how she was raised she prolly only thought boys should wear this and girls should wear that, and a boy wearing a dress isn’t “normal”. I think it’d be really realistic and shows that it’s ok to not be 100% with it at first as long you’re willing to accept them (a lot of parents go through this when they have a child that breaks gender norms or anything like that so I think it’d be a good lesson for adults as well).

What about if everyone thought that Bard and Thranduil would make a really good couple and tried setting them up on dates and in suggestive situations and they are both like what is going on??? And lots of things like that happen and then they eventually are confused enough to ask people what is going on and everyone kind of ashamedly explains that they had been trying to set them up and Bard and Thranduil just share a look and then are like, but we already are together????

Pic my dad sent me from vacation, supposed to be the skull of a horse that escaped young and grew up wth the halter embedding itself in its face. Not sure how much I buy this (I feel like the noseband would have distorted the bone instead of looking like it just punched thru but idk what do I know about bones) but it’s pretty cool. Thought you guys would like this