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HI there! I'm unsure if this is where I submit imagines and stuff but I really love your Werewolf!Dadsona one! It's so cool! I was wondering if you could write a imagine where dadsona is a YouTuber (you can pick what he does) and the dad's finding out. :3 you don't gotta do it if you don't wanna.

Hi, and yes this is where you can submits the asks. And Dadsona actually being a youtuber would explain so much. Btw I got too inspired.

You didn´t want to tell him. You were not ashamed, you loved what you did. But he went outside and worked hard to pay his bills and you stayed inside, in front of a camera and sometimes earned more than he did. But you knew secrets are best said in a relationship… Unless he comes and finds out by himself. That´s good too.

Robert Smalls

-You are a vlogger

-Amanda is a highly aclaimed invited star in your channel too

-You also add some reaction videos and challenges here and there

-Recently you´ve been considering doing a special video on the hunt of the Dover Ghost

“Heeeey guys! You good? ´Cause I am” You energetically greeted the camera planted in front of the couch. “So, I know I´ve been sort of absent and there haven´t been much videos recently, but, I have an excuse. Today I´ll be doing a QnA” You took out your phone and began searching for questions send from fans. Bless Amanda for showing you how to use Twitter.

Around half an hour passed with you trying to answer as many questions as possible, alternating from silly ones to more serious ones. The creativity from some questions astounded you. Sadly, you were having so much fun that you forgot that your sweet Bobert was coming over.

“Alright, last question. What is your favorite conspiracy theory? Well-”

“The existence of the Dover Ghost” A scruffy voice said and you let out a manly shriek. Your gaze shot to the doorway to see Robert looking confused yet grinning. “Uh… what are you doing?

“You know… My… job?”

-You explain the whole concept of Youtube and what you did

-Inmediately wants to join in on the vlogs, but he would act all cool and grumpy ´cause he´s Robert.

-He loves it

-Also makes you record all your cryptid hunts

Craig Cahn

-You do entertainment

-Like… I don´t really know how to put it

-I inmediately thought of Shane Dawson so idk

“Wow bro, what´s all this?” Craig had just come home to see you surrounded by papaer bags with random objects inside.

“Hey, I´m just working on a new video. I went to the dollar store and…” You shrugged while letting out a nervous chuckle. Craig smiled and joined in on the fun.

“Nice” He fished out a can then procceded to spray it around without knowing what would later happen, a catastrophe. You both groaned and waved at the air in front of you.

“What have you done, bro?” Craig turned to you with an offended look.

“Me? It was you who bought it!” You would later thank Smashley for taking care of baby River and the twins staying over with a friend so they couldn´t witness the disaster that were you two.

-You started your Youtube channel since college so… he knew

-When you began, Craig would do constant appearances in your videos

-He still does

-Fans love when you do boyfriend tag/couple challenges

-They also go crazy when River or Amanda do appearances

Brian Harding

-You do enterteinment

-Mostly skits tho

-You try to be funny and spontaneous, but not go crazy like some of the younger members of the community

-Your dad bod isn´t up for that

-You never mentioned this beacuse you couldn´t let Brian beat you at the job game

-Brian nor Daisy are into the internet so you´re not afraid of them finding out

You and Brian were watching some random movie that was on and, most importatly, cuddling on the couch. Brian had had a long day at work and wanted some relaxing time. You had just uploaded a new video and wanted to give some love to the cuddly bear. Amanda walked in by the middle of the movie nibbling on a waffle.

“Hey dad, there´s this guy that´s badmouthing you over on Twitter, want me to block him or you wanna say something?”

“Someone is insulting you?” Brian frowned as you began shaking your head. “I can go on… uh that thing and show them not to mess with you”

“No-It´s normal-”

“It´s normal? What do you mean by ´it´s normal´?”

-You end up having to come clean about yur career

-Brian dosn´t get it, but doesn´t think less of you because of it

-Before being a Rival Dad he is a Supporting Man

Mat Sella

-You are an animator

-You love to put up vlogs or if the creativity is high, then create your own little short

-And living with an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, artistic boyfriend helps with that

-He had seen you drawing a couple of times and complimented your art, but always thought it was just a hobby

-He has also thought about posting some of your art at the Coffee Spoon

-Recently you´ve considered improving your content by adding original music and, who better to complete the job than your talented boyfriend?

You and Mat sat in front of your computer. He was watching your most recent work with a fond smile . You glanced every second to see his reaction everytime the frame changed. This was just so exciting. Once it ended he complimented the work.

“This is really neat (dadsona), I don´t know how you do it” You smiled and waved dismissively. “I bet people would love to see this”

“It´s nothing and actually they already do” He raised an eyebrow. You procceded to log in Youtube and search for your channel. You scrolled down your videos. “This is sort of what I do. For a living. And I´ve been meaning to ask if you could help me”

“But I don´t draw”

-You explained your plan and Mat started getting nervous about putting his music alongside your kickass animations

-Does it in the end and loves knowing he contributed

Hugo Vega

-You´re a gamer

-Oh yes, the highest status in Youtube

-You have a below average yet faithful community of fans

-It was actually Ernest who recognized you

He didn´t move once he saw you. He just stood still, frozen. Hugo didn´t understand, Ernest was everything but quiet. And he had already seen you, so why was he speechless?

“(Youtuber name)” His voice was barely audible, but you listened right and clear. ´He knows me!´ A smile started stretching your lips and you didn´t try to hide it.

“Woops, I guess I´ve been discovered” You step closer to him and hold out your hand. He moves his stare from you to your hand and numbly shake it. “Nice to offiicially meet you Ernest”

He stammers out a greeting that seems to wake him up from his daze, and then he hides his hands inside his sweater and looks away grumpily. Hugo looks from you to Ernest and back. “Am I missing something?”

-You tried to vaguely state what you did for a living

-Hugo wasn´t satisfied but decided on researching after you went home

-After all that, he was glad that your relationship with Ernest wouldn´t be so horrible.

Joseph Christiansen

-You are an arts and crafts/ cook youtuber

-And a good one at that

-Scarily good at it

-You quickly became a must in his bake sales. You just know how to make sweets that not only look great, but taste great.

-You never thought much of it so you didn´t mention it.

One day Christie invited you to bake some cookies with her and Joseph. She wanted to do the same chocolate chip cookies they always did. To change their pace a bit, you offered doing a recipe you had done already but didn´t quite remember. So, you checked the video for reference. Just then, Joseph happened to come in the kitchen to see you watching… yourself?

“Sweetie? Is that you?” You send him a charming smile and made way for him to see. You scribbled down all the ingredients and instructions while Joseph enjoyed the video. Once he ended he turned to look at you with shinning eyes. “Is there more?”

You softly chuckled and nodded, opening your channel´s main page. “Now you know the secret to my baking success”

“I guess. Wow, this is amazing. (dadsona), you could come to church and teach the youths some of this, right?”

-Opens a space at church just for you

-The twins love your channel after they found out

Damien Bloodmarch

-You are a beauty guru

-And it´s been tough

-At first no one took you seriously, being a guy and all, but with a lot of perserverance you managed to create a name for yourself

-Needless to say, you´ve mastered nail painting, make up, hair stylying, DIYs and costume making.

-And also make a certain young goth that just happened to live in your cul-de-sac, your fan

-You surprise Damien by helping him do his make up and helping him with his hair

-He becomes even more surprised when Lucien suddenly becomes a pro at doing his make up

Father and son were in the master bedroom, the oldest sitting down in front of a mirrior with his hair down and the youngest stood behind him. “Pass me a bobbypin” Damien did a asked and admired as his son started pulling braiding his hair into a crown.

“Where did you learn to do this wonderful hair style?” Lucien throws him this sort of confused face, but answers.

“From your (dadsona)´s Youtube channel?”


-He is bothered you didn´t tell him, but is super supportive and even lets you show him in some of your videos to try out whatever new idea you´ve come up with.

I’ve been listening to the SU soundtrack and let me tell you that replacing them with the characters of Camp Camp is amazing so here’s a list!! of all the su songs that can somewhat work with camp camp

- Dear Old Dad (Dadvid AU!!! it’s only been like a year or two calm down Max you’re not that old)

- On The Run (two scenarios work. Either Max, Nikki and Neil, Max who is definitely playing the guitar, because I live for music camp Max, or the classic camp kids David and Jasper! On an adventure!)

- Comet (idk David gets an electric guitar and and amp and plays and he’s so into it he doesn’t notice that all the kids came to watch)

- Wailing Stone (If you replace the wailing stone with something else and “Gems” with “kids” it’s basically season 1 David)

- Don’t Cost Nothing + Empire City (More Dadvid!!!)

- I Could Never Be (Ready)  (Dadvid but just imagine it’s that first night going home and Max falls asleep in the car and David carries this small tired boy inside and does that sweet parent shit like tuck him in and kiss his forehead then David just passes out on the couch in this cozy apartment. idk I’ll make an animatic or something after my hiatus so you guys can see what i’m imagining)

Bonus: What’s The Use Of Feeling (Blue)? (I was listening to this and I was kind of going for a scene with our favourite duo, Daniel and Jen, Daniel who’s, after the whole Cult Camp episode, and like doubting Zeemuug for some reason but also moping for a dead friend that would be Jasper’s parallel, and Jen’s just like “pull your shit together and let’s go burn that camp DOWN” idk I thought it’s a really cool idea I like to think about. this is all set in like a church or something)

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How do you feel about ino?

I actually REALLY like ino lol but let me explain why

One of the reasons why i like ino is that I saw how kishimoto tried to make her a water down sakura but she still came out as a better character then sakura in my opinion

In the beginning ino stood up to sakura and became her friend but once sakura figured out that ino like sasuke she ended there friendship after that ino and sakura were rivals fighting for sasuke’s attention she was a sasuke fan girl

During the Chunin exams I thought she was really smart and brave she even stood up for sakura in the forest of death when they weren’t friends

I LOVE the scene when she tries to distract neji with her beauty and then he tells her to get lost lol

During the chunin exam fight against her and sakura I believe she deserved to win she came up with a smart way to take control of sakura’s mind so smart that shikamaru thought she was going crazy he couldn’t even figure out her plan and the only reason sakura was freed was some bull called *inner sakura* like no ino deserved to win

Also another reason why I liked her was kishimoto tried to make seem like this bitchy, vain character he describes her character in the data books as selfish or self indulgent however in the manga/anime she’s always shown as caring to her friends and sticking up for them so I never got how she was vain and selfish

So the Ino Yamanaka in shippuden:

She cried when they found out sasuke went rouge and I was like reallyyyyyyy he didn’t care for you at all don’t waste your tears!!!!

Then sai comes in and she realized he looked like sasuke and commented on how “cute” he look and how he has similar features to sasuke but and then he called her “beautiful” when they all were out to eat and that’s the last of there interaction and that’s the last time we really see ino fanning over guys

The kakazu and hidan fight she didn’t really do anything so yeah I’m still mad over that because they didn’t use her or choji at all in the fight!!!

we don’t see her much in shippuden until the war arc came in

During the war arc she was very useful she took over the bijuu mind and she saved naruto kakashi and gai I think

she also takes control of obito’s mind
So the nara clan could restrain the bijuu she stayed strong after her dad died and she even connected the whole shinobi force with her mind to relay shikamaru messages to them and her sensory skills were EXCELLENT and improved so much during the war she had good development for a side character in my opinion

I hated though how when the anime showed the chunin exam episodes in between the war arc (I think they were filler I’m not sure) they could’ve portrayed her better in my opinion they just used that whole chunin exam to show how sakura isn’t gonna stare at sasuke and naruto backs anymore (even though those guys are like god level strong and she’s kage level as best) and be by them

Anyway back to the war arc when sasuke came to the picture I hated how she ran to him but I think is was more of shocked then anything because everyone in rookie nine went running to him

However I the dream she had during the whole infinite tyusmai was bull! That dream destroyed ALL of her development in shippuden I hated that dream!!! Lol

After that then comes gaiden which I don’t really have a problem ino ending up with sai (to be honest I thought she was gonna be with shikamaru only because he would be jealous and annoyed anytime ino would talk about sasuke just naruto was when sakura did it but I guess it’s cool she’s with sai ) I don’t really care about ships

At least her son has a father at home and looks like there isn’t any unnecessary drama in there household so I guess

HEAD CANON: (idk if this is 100% true but it’s what I feel like is possible) there’s this one part in the manga Idk if it’s gaiden or something but when sasuke come to the village and she says hi to him and is going to go talk to him but sarada stands in between them and sasuke and ino looks confused and sakura is laughing nervously like I don’t understand why ino is friends with sakura I’d sakura is gonna bad mouth her and to a child!!! It’s crazy

Anyways to recap why I like Ino Yamanaka:

- she’s a great friend

-she’s suppose to be this vain and selfish person but she’s not

- she had good (not great but good) character development as a side character

Thanks for the ask 🦄


2 doodle things ive managed to draw up between yesterday and today cause ive been getting home rly late from my classes

top ones some concepts ive stolen from previous ocs i had that ive ultimately scrapped and i thought would be cool to put on this garbage man ((been thinking about it for a long time, its not a spur of the moment decision))

and then the second image is a small ref i did for an AU, in which adris an alien from my friend @falsehavran‘s story 

anyways, i should probably go to hell for the cringe. thank u all good night

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hey! im still new to ur headcanons and i got a few questions for those: why does Six have 3 eyes?? and who's Dark Six?? thnx

aaaaaa so the whole 3-eyed six thing… I really had no reason to choose that design I just thought it looked cool and it would be interesting if Six had something abnormal to her appearance as well. I guess now that I’ve been thinking about it, maybe her third eye is the source of her weird life-sucking power she inherits from the lady. (cause remember in the prison the eye on the wall also has deadly powers so?? maybe it represents that idk fgdgh)

my hc is that dark six isn’t actually an Existing Being. She’s a hallucination that taunts Six whenever she’s in her weakest state: when shes hungry.  She urges Six to stop this whole “defying the lady, defying the maw” quest and give in to what she really is, which is a monster just like the rest of the residents. Six is a child, however, so she doesn’t Realize that dark six is not some actual demon stalking her and is actually a figment of her imagination

thats just my take tho… glad u were interesting in finding out!!!!! sorry if it was kinda Long.

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have you ever thought about designing tattoos? your art style is like really weird (in a good way) and cool with a lot of roughness and your coloring when u use those bright colors would look super cool as a tattoo imo... idk i just feel like if u drew like a brightly colored manticore or a dragon i could see that as like a big ass full back tattoo or smthn...

ahh thanks! i think it would be fun but i’d probably have to make like, pre-drawn tattoo designs bc i think the stress of someone specifically commissioning me for something to go on their body would make me overthink the drawing

SPEAKING OF TATTOOS i really want one by tarmasz, mariñe perez or tayri rodríguez but THEYRE ALL IN EUROPE so if anyone is tattoo-savvy and knows of someone in the eastern US who has a similar style let me know blease


so I somehow thought of an au where Morro decides to possess all the ninja just to take them all out and not worry about them later

it gets kinda long so I put it under a cut lol but here’s why I paired each ghost with their ninja annnd why Kai doesn’t have one

Keep reading

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So I kinda follow Athena as a goddess of mine (I'm a still learning Hellenistic witch) and at first I didn't want to see Athena as a virgin goddess but as I've gotten closer and more in depth with my studies I see now she IS a virgin goddess but she doesn't look down on sexual people she just has and wants her followers to have priorities before sex. And I understand that. Sorry Idk y I told you that, thought it would be cool to share.

its fine!! i don’t mind anyone sharing information

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Hello, I would just like to say that Goggle is adorable and so is LHM. If you're looking for ideas for drabbles related to Goggle, I think it would be p cool if you had the reader reacting to how not modest clothing is now. Like going into public and just seeing shorts and so many shirtless ppl. Or maybe one of the dudes just chilling around without a shirt on? Idk, just some thoughts (PS your writing is super good and I appreciate you v much! Have a good day!!)

Originally posted by jjjjjjjjjjohn

You weren’t used to it. The men in your time were quite modest with clothing, the only skin shown was their hands (if they didn’t wear gloves) or their face. Women were much freer, but maybe the arm and neck were shown. These men, that you stumbled upon, are definitely not what you were used to.

Their neck, arms, and legs were shown every day. Even after you lectured them on proper clothing, they just rolled their eyes. Once, you stumbled upon one of them, with minimal clothing. You were cleaning the dust off your small bed when someone walked into the room.

“Hey Y/N, have you seen my phone?” You heard Lafayette ask. You shrugged, your back turned towards him. You heard more steps but ignored it. They all were loud, so you were used to the scampering of feet everywhere.

“But I had it right next to your bed. Are you sure?” Lafayette asked once more. You turned around, sighing.

“No, Lafayette, I have not seen-” Your eyes widened, seeing the Frenchman without a shirt. His chest was sweaty, probably from the manual labor that he was doing to their yard. You screamed, running around and hiding behind the cup that was still on your desk.

“Y/N, why are you-wait, are you blushing? What’s wrong?” He tried looking around the cup, but you hid your face in your hands.

“You are naked, Lafayette. Please, put something on,” You yelled, glancing through your fingers. He was still standing there, without the shirt on, “Laf!”

“Okay okay, sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s, it’s okay. Just please put something on.”

You heard steps coming towards you. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” You heard John say. You looked up, seeing John. You should have expected it, but still, it shocked you. His chest wasn’t covered, showing you everything.


Google (Small!Reader x Hamilsquad)

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I just wanted to let you know that I really loved your Monsta X god series, and was wondering if you had any plans to do something similar with other Kpop groups. I for one would be very down with an official Kpop pantheon. ;) Regardless, I look forward to seeing other art from you, and I hope you have a great day! ^-^/

i haven’t thought about that before.. but it’s kinda a cool idea? i like it.. idk if i can do it but i like the idea ahsgdfv

Why? Why Why why Tumblr?! I posted this LAST NIGHT and when I checked this morning it was gone. POOF! Why does Tumblr keep erasing my posts?! 😭😭😭 Anyway…
I thought that with the recent Anti stuff being involved with The Escapists 2…. Idk I just thought this would be a cool drawing. I used orange paper to draw now he kind of looks like a very detailed Simpson character.. either way I am VERY proud of this one. I hope y'all like it! :) and I hope Jack likes it, too! (If he sees it)
@therealjacksepticeye #Jacksepticeye #antisepticeye #septicart #drawing #art #fanart

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can u do a headcanon on what people around the village would say or think when they find out about the secret relationship between kakashi and his s/o. if they were supportive, surprised, curious idk something cute like that :,) thanks

Oooh this is cool! Yeah I’ll do my best! x

Team 7

Would all be genuinely surprised as they always thought Kakashi was a loner type of guy. Sakura and Naruto would want to meet them as soon as possible just to get to know them, while Sasuke would be more low-key about it, pretending not to care but actually being very curious too. I can defiantly see them having ‘secret’ missions where they spy on Kakashi and his s/o. Once they have gotten to know them more, they’d probably start interrogating them on what Kakashi looks like without the mask. 


Would probably start crying because Kakashi kept it a secret from him for so long and it looks like he will probably get married first, as its always a competition with those two. But in all seriousness, Guy would be really happy for Kakashi and his s/o, congratulating them and preaching about the ‘power of youth!’. He will also become best friends with Kakashi’s s/o almost immediately and would support their relationship completely. 


Would be extremely surprised! Like I can see Kakashi casually mentioning it to him and Yamato just like practically falling over in shock. Like team seven, he never imagined someone like Kakashi could be boyfriend materiel. He’d probably ask numerous questions about their relationship until Kakashi gets annoyed and walks off. 


Would be totally embarrassing and inappropriate about it! Like he’d get all giggly and start trying to give Kakashi unwanted sex advice and Kakashi would just be there blushing like ‘please leave me alone’. He’d give Kakashi a massive lecture on women because he thinks he knows everything about them, and Kakashi would just discreetly escape while he is distracted.  

I hope this was what you were looking for <3 xx Thanks x

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I honestly don’t understand 1) Why people thought Evil Morty would show up. And 2) Why people would want that.

He’s one of our main antagonists from the looks of it. We have another season. Why in all hell would the confrontation happen now. That’s just bad story telling. If we already saw him this season at least.

Also, those of you complaining about the less climactic ending, I don’t really get that. Like, sure, season 2’s was pretty badass, but season 1’s is obviously about looking cool and character development. And now with three seasons, the trend is the latter. Rick and Morty endings focus more on character development. Oh well. What does it matter? The episode and season was great. I honestly don’t see the issue here.

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hi so today i got to do some paint mixing and not only was it super stimmy but everyone was super impressed because i made red!! which i guess they thought wasn't possible? but it was so fun and even though i had to use a paintbrush to scrape and mix it (eugh) it turned out super nice!!! and then i got to use it to paint on our homecoming float! i just wanted to share the good feelings with you asbdmvl

Oh wow, I never thought about how tricky it would be to make red?? I tried thinking about it just now and I can’t think of a color combo to make red that doesn’t use red as one of the colors?? I’ve never been artistically versed though so idk lmao ^^;;

That’s super cool!! I’m sure the float is looking awesome! ^^