idk i just thought these were amusing

  • miraculous fans: how is everyone so blind?? how does NO ONE realize that marinette is ladybug and adrien is chat noir??? mari doesn't even change her HAIR and both of them disappear all the time and -
  • miraculous fans: there's no way that gabriel agreste is hawkmoth. it's totally his twin brother

swoosh! this took shorter than i thought it would! im super happy with the final image too! i might just doodle tonight then! now that iv’e done 2… i might as well do the rest! also in case you were wondering why Ace isn’t there, he got lost on the way and decided to stick with Julius instead ^^. here the cube line ups by the way… if you’re interested 

  •  summer cube- hatter family
  • spring cube- heart castle (+ amusement park)
  • autumn cube- tower of clover (+ ace and the jokers)
  • winter cube- castle of diamonds (+ other characters in dnkna)
  • cake cube- ??? idk yet. feel free to send suggestions though.

(here’s the real size)

so like i re watched exo second box disc two. and like my heart was pounding too much idk why… i mean i felt butterflies in my stomach, like the one when you feel all warm and cozy cause your otp is so domestic it makes you wanna cry forever. 

back to the point, so i watched the disc two and yadah yadah but when it was the part where xiumin lay and baekhyun were in the amusement park i suddnely had this thoughts that what if chanyeol was also with the three? what if it was baek yeol and some other member? i dont know. i just had this feeling like yeol will probably stare at baek most of the time i mean because come on look at this cute bunny

dont get me wrong tho they are all cute babies, my babies. i just really had this wild imaginations just if what if yeol was with them? i just,… i had this dream yeol was staring at baek lovingly and he kissed him softly and sweetly. ok im crying again ;-;; 

in my conclusion, if yeol was there it would turn into a chanbaek domestic date at lotte world.

Dancing Queen.

Original Request

I really liked your ‘Shake It!’ story so I had an idea for a request; what if it was Dean who was dancing? The reader walks in on Dean rocking out to his classic rock, perhaps doing some intense air guitar riff, which leads to him eventually realising the reader’s leaning against the wall watching him. Then it could lead to playful flirting and they could rock out together? Idk it’s just an idea but I thought it was pretty amusing - thank you either way though! You’re awesome.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 763

Summary: Reader catches Dean in the act of dancing to Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love.


You were watching Dean dance. Wow, you’d never thought you’d hear yourself say that. I mean he was really going for it. Your body naturally lent into the door frame as your head rested on the side. Your smile grew wider the more you watched, he had yet to notice you staring.

The music played out from the speakers while Dean bobbed around the room. His hands mimicking that of the drums while he belted, to the best of his ability, the lyrics to the song.

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