idk i just think this has a pretty story so yeah

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Lol @ this pap. So he clarified he heard Rumple will die and Jen will not. And he has HEARD Jen MAY not be coming back for a possible s7. I think he is assuming Jen wouldn't come back based on her maybe not wanting to stay if Ginny, Josh, Emilie, and Robert are gone. I think she would stay if her and Colin agreed to do one more year. IDK, but all this taught me IS TO NOT TRUST THIS GUY. He keeps changing his words and stories.

I’m pretty sure she would agree if Colin stays.  She’s just as close with him as she is everyone else (minus Lana).  And I think her desire to do right by the show and by her character outweighs whether or not all of her friends are still on the show.  Working with people you love being around is usually a perk when it comes to acting.  It doesn’t always happen.  

Yeah, absolutely DO NOT TRUST THE RANDOM PAP GUY.  He’s just looking for attention.