idk i just think shes pretty

I couldn’t resist creating Aideen! I made her into a bit of a warrior, although I’m not sure what she’s going off to fight. She’s definitely Roman-inspired, kind of similar to Athena. I actually don’t think of Aideen as really looking like a specific person, more like many different women, but I do think she’d have a light/gold theme. Anyways, how do you guys picture Aideen?

im pretty sure someone else has pointed this out already but it looks like lance is using pidge’s headphones (?) and pidge doesnt typically let the others touch her things so i like to think that she lent them to lance after he asked to borrow them so he could listen to the sound of waves or smthn that reminds him of home

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Am I the only one who thinks Clarke is just as aware of her feelings for Bellamy as he is about his own for her?? Idk, I could be completely wrong, but I honestly think she's pretty aware of her own feelings. She may be afraid of them after losing the last two people she loved romantically; but that doesn't stop her from trying to keep Bellamy at her side as often as she possibly can since they were reunited in 3B

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(quick note: this scene had the bellarke theme for about 2 seconds before someone started screaming. and Clarke looks at Bellamy’s lips.)

No you’re not.

I think Clarke is completely aware of her feelings and has been since she went under the mountain to try and get him out after Lxa abandoned them. She COULDN’T hug him. Why? Because of what she told Lxa.

She was not ready for anything with anybody. Anybody including Bellamy. She was already in love with him and scared to death of that love. I’m sure it contributed to why she left him at the gate with just that kiss on the cheek. 

I think she spent three months alone in the woods thinking about Bellamy and about how he wouldn’t let her pull that lever alone. And Hakeldama was terrible for her not because he refused her proposition or tried to lock her up but because it seemed as if she has LOST him. 

But yeah, I agree. As soon as she came back in 3B she was ALL about Bellamy and barely took three steps away from him without seeking him out.

I don’t reblog things I think are great sometimes merely because they say she doesn’t know she loves him, or doesn’t love him.

She totally loves him. She is totally in love with him.

But I don’t think she knows he’s in love with her, too. She’s still living from the place where she thinks she broke their relationship by staying in Polis. 

I had this new theory about Clarke and Bellamy and their loves in season 3. 

I think Bellamy loved Gina, very honestly, but he was not in love with her.

And I think Clarke was in love with Lxa, very genuinely, but she did not love her. She did not trust her, she did not open up with her about who she was, she was forever playing political games with her, she kept her guard up the entire time, even while they made love. It was kind of sad that they had this love relationship that was so guarded.

However, Clarke and Bellamy both love each other…. and this they know. They know how much they care and how much the other cares for them. They are partners. The believe and trust in each other.

BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE BOTH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. They don’t recognize that the other is as devoted as they are. They don’t recognize that they are staring at each others lips…. although I think they’re picking up on some hints, just always doubting. Particularly because Bellamy sees that she was in love with Clarke and he recognizes that and is being respectful of that and I think Clarke is reading that respect as reticence, because of her time in Polis and relationship with Lxa. Which is kind of true. 

So here they are, both loving each other and being in love with each other and they haven’t gotten on the same page yet.

So when will they get past all this reticence and start believing that they feel the same way?

You did not expect this much, did you?

okay so there’s this girl and she’s really pretty and she’s kinda friends with one of my friends and so when I’m walking with my friend and we pass her on campus they’ll stop and talk a bit. It’s never long enough for me to really get in anything so I haven’t got to talk to this girl. Okay and we matched on tinder like two weeks ago but I was too chicken to send a message. I wish I did though. A few days after that I followed her on instagram and she followed me back but we still haven’t talked. Idk I really want to talk to her but I feel like it would be really random cause we matched two weeks ago and then I randomly message her and idk I don’t want to come off creepy or anything but she’s really really pretty and like just seems amazing. What do you guys think I should do?


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.


(I get nervous posting OCs online aha…haha…..ha….)

This is Bubblegum! She uses She/They primarily, and is basically obsessed with 90’s candy. She often wears candy jewelry- More than what’s pictured.
Her outfit is… Pretty heavily inspired by it, too. The purple/pink pairs represent nerds, the blue cloudish trim of her dress represents what I THINK is an Australian gummy, that I’m pretty sure was a 90’s thing? I think? Idk they’re nice though. They’re also a bit glittery, so that part is a bit shimmery, I’m just…. bad at visually showing that pfft.
…Also yeah she has a toffee glued to her skull. She’s kinda messy.

She’s sarcastic, competitive, and would probably kill a man for a ring pop. She tends to somewhat… Zone out, a lot. She has a bad attention span and will sometimes stop in the middle of a sentence to say something odd, like, “Hey. Y'know what’d be totes weird? If I just… Chugged a freakin’ lava lamp. That’d be weird.”
…She’ll then continue the conversation like nothing happened.

If Bubblegum threatens someone, it’s not a shallow threat. She WILL follow it up, some way or another. She hates Fresh, and thus feels protective of the other Parasites that he’s created. She has the ability of ‘Wound Transference’.


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Team Voltron Bonding

Idk, I just felt like making random Headcanons on how the team (this is including Allura and Coran) bonds. Other Headcanons might slip in, just saying.

•Allura found out from Lance that there’s this Earth thing called “Yoga” and she wanted to try using it as a bonding exercise. Almost everyone is awful at it. Everyone except Allura herself, Keith, and Lance. Lance can do yoga pretty good because he did it with his mom all the time. Keith can do it fairly well because, I mean, he trains a lot and I just think he can (good reasoning Kat, good reasoning). Allura can do it like there’s no struggle at all. Literally, she can do any pose for any amount of time. I guess younger (how old is Allura anyway???) Alteans are really flexible?

•Lance paints everyone’s nails. And I mean EVERYONE’S. He even paints the mice’s nails. He’s the ultimate nail guru, you can fight me on this. Of course he also probably gives everyone special skin and hair care products as well, cause he care about his teammates skin and hair way more than they themselves do. They all go along with it though cause it’s something he did with his family all the time so it helps him get over his homesickness in a way.

•Hunk is master chef. Which is something we all already knew. He helps teach the others how to cook simple things, just in case they need to eat and he isn’t around. He gives them all little chef hats and aprons, they also have their own color coordinated oven mitts. The amount of chaos that happens in that kitchen though, it’s amazing how they somehow set the food goo on fire, truly amazing.

•Keith teaches everyone self defense tricks, so if any of them are attacked with out a weapon, they’ll know what to do. It’s surprisingly a great bonding activity, considering they’ll end up practicing the moves against each other. Everyone has a good laugh when Allura freaking HURTLES Shiro over her shoulder. Even Shiro laughs, despite really needing an ice pack. Don’t worry, after their little “lesson” is over, they have a bonding activity of patching each other up.

•Pidge figures out how to play video games in the castle. It’s become a tradition to have a game night where they’ll all play video games, card games, and/or board games. The Paladins make the cards and board games themselves and then teach Allura and Coran how to play them. Pidge almost always wins each round with any type of game they play. She is a boss okay? A total boss. (“Mlg” is her new nickname, given to her by Lance himself. Such an honor.)

•Shiro gets embarrassed by this, but he does everyone’s makeup. With lashes and eyeliner like that, how can you convince me he isn’t a makeup guru?? Exactly, you can’t. He’ll also do their hair, cause he has such perfect hair as well, why not give everyone else amazing hair as well? It would just be unfair not to. They all look fabulous btw.

•Coran learns about memes from Lance. He uses these memes like there’s no tomorrow. Voltron charging into battle? “Here come dat boi!!” Is all the enemy hears from Coran before they’re sliced by Voltron’s sword. All the Paladins hate yet love it when he references a meme. Allura is confused™.

•And finally, Team Voltron playing hide n seek and tag. Imagine the possibilities man. So great. Love it. Must have. Please give me fanfic of them playing hide and seek. I need it to survive.

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I think DW the Copycat is probably one of the best episodes about DW because it's about how much she wants to play and hang out with with Arthur, and he's the big jerk in the episode. Like at the beginning she's super excited that he'll play baseball with her and idk i feel like we all lost sight of how DW actually is just a kid who's got some pretty great and funny lines and a good heart haha

yeah that’s a good point!! she is just a little kid and yeah she can be bossy and selfish at times but that’s… not uncommon for children, haha. she does love arthur a lot and it’s not unusual for younger siblings to admire their older ones. she’s a pretty endearing character imo!

Pokemon ships as K-Pop Songs

I was bored. This is what I do. Watch kpop lyric videos and make them relate to my ships, it’s a little sad.


Gfriend // Rough: I chose this because it’s about two people who are like parallel lines, they’re near each other but they never meet. It’s about wanting to meet again after they’ve grown up and telling them how they felt. It reminds me of Misty and how she never was able to tell Ash how she felt but idk, look at it for yourself :)


SHINee // View: I don’t know this one is just so… Ash and Gary. It just screams new and exciting feelings, first experiences and I think it fits them pretty well.


Twice // TT: This song sort of encompasses Serena’s intense crush and Ash’s genuine obliviousness. Full of frustration and pining. Plus it’s a cute song just like Serena.


Red Velvet // Russian Roulette: This song talks about a boy who acts confident but is actually nervous around a girl, if that isn’t May and Drew I don’t know what is.


Black Pink // Stay: Being anxious about the state of your relationship. Filled with awkward silences and not understanding why you need the person. Dawn and Paul in a nutshell. I really love this song :)

That’s all I have for now. There are more but I’d be here all day.

okay i literally made this blog a few days ago so that i could start writing fanfiction and not have to post it on my main blog lol cuz i’ve been thinking for awhile now that i might actually be bi? and I’m not sure what to do with that. like. idk man. it’s one of those things where i’ve never been involved with a girl before so i’m not totally sure, but i’m like weirdly invested in gay ships? like korrasami, and clexa literally changed my fucking life, and then root/shaw and now sanvers. i’m more invested in sanvers now than i have been with a hetero ship in a very long time. honestly i don’t know what to think. maybe I’m just overthinking things, but at the same time like, i notice women. i mean, i used to think it was just like oh wow she’s so pretty, but i was thinking it was in a jealous manner? but now, idk what to think. i’m just confused honestly. if anyone has any thoughts on this please feel free cuz i don’t really feel comfortable talking to anyone about this in real life.


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0 2 / 0 9: C o n f e s s i o n s.

Jeonghan as Your Boyfriend

Let’s hope my productivity will continue after school starts :)

This was requested by this lovely anon and since I’m kinda doing a boyfriend series now I was thinking about “what would sex be like with ___” but I already write a few things about it in these too so idk


  • Wants you to braid his hair
  • Buys you flower crowns
  • Kisses you at random times
  • You could be walking through a crowded street and he’ll just be like “God she’s so pretty, gotta kiss her”
  • Type of guy to fill your room with balloons on your birthday so that when you open the bedroom door you see a giant mountain of balloons
  • “I’m in love with you”
  • When you meet with the other members they’d be like “Wow you’re so pretty” and Jeonghan would just hide you behind his back and be like “Back off she’s mine”
  • “Hey guys look my girlfriend is even prettier than me”
  • Worried about you all the time
  • You can hit your waist to the kitchen counter and he’ll be like “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE”
  • Boops your nose all the time
  • Amusement park dates
  • “Jeonghan you’re MY boyfriend not Seungcheol’s”
  • Soonyoung always asks you “So is he good in bed?”
  • And just before you can answer Jeonghan grabs you by your arm and pulls you away from him “okAY that’s enoUGH”
  • Likes to watch movies with his head on your knees
  • Sometimes he gets really emotional and start talking about how you’re very important to him
  • “Did you know that I love you a lot?”
  • punisHMENTS
  • “Don’t you think that dress is a little short, kitten?”
  • You know you’re going to get some when he calls you kitten
  • He has a thing for chokers
  • Likes it when you pull his hair
  • His favourite place to have sex is the couch


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I saw a really pretty girl at my school today and she's not straight!! but idk how to talk to her and I don't wanna make a Fool of myself pls help

just focus on being normal around her honestly just act like she’s anybody else until you get comfortable talking with her. just act chill if u think abt it too much you’re gonna freak out.

Idk if this has been thought of before but,

Complaints box at Arkham. 

 Naturally it’s not /called/ a complaints box, because Arkham is a “friendly learning environment that gently guides you to your ideal self”, and they’re supposedly to give the doctors some ground to work on for group therapy - but the inmates know that it’s pretty much just a box that they can leave anonymous complaints about each other in. /Chaos ensues/.

Joker is as about as ridiculous as you can imagine, slipping in comments like “Harley farts when she thinks nobody can hear her” and “I could see the security guard’s buttcrack when he reached up to change the channel yesterday - someone get that guy a decent pair of pants!" 

Crane is a tad sinister with his. "Killer Croc’s cries of pain are getting shriller than usual, I recommend lowering the volts on his collar to prevent desensitisation." 

Nigma is fooling NOBODY with his "The Riddler is too smart”, “The Riddler makes me feel inferior with his vastly superior intellect”, and “The Riddler has reached a standard that I, a humble and genetically-flawed fool, could never hope to achieve in my lifetime and that makes me feel massively inferior” entries. Nobody. 

The doctors almost enjoy reading Harley Quinn’s. Some of them are nice comments, like “Dr. Leland’s new hairstyle really suits her face!” and “Dr. Roberts has been lookin great since he ditched his sleazy ex!” and some of them are just plain jokes - but on the other hand, her tendency to notice the minute details mean she can /really/ pull some punches and point out the things people would rather keep hidden. Then you get the darker jokes that staff know she stole from Joker. All in all it’s hit and miss. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but if anyone has any ideas please add them on! I don’t think the complaints box would last the month.