idk i just the love the way he jumps up with his arms in the air

Title: Now or Never (Reader x Bucky Barnes) 

Summary: The reader is trapped on a sinking boat, with only Bucky to swoop in and save the day. Sometimes it takes a near death experience to profess your love for your best friend.

Word Count: 1433

A/N: *crying* I love Bucky Barnes so much. OK this is totally a cliche storyline but I think it’s really cute idk guys… I hope you enjoy! 

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Intuition {S.M}

requested// imagine from Shawn’s point of view where you are best friends with Shawn and his family says you are perfect for one another and he should do something about it

author’s note// all my imagines are going to crap idk if im gonna keep up with this page much longer


I loved her. I knew for a long time that I loved her, but for a good while I didn’t know if that was right. 

Okay, now before you call my crazy, just here me out. 

Haven’t you ever loved someone that you knew wasn’t the one for you? I know that sounds cringey and stupid, but you know what I’m talking about. That one person that you fell in love with, but they were so wrong for you, so unhealthy, even so mean to you, but you fell in love anyways. 

Well, I was convinced she was that for me. I thought she would never feel the same, and I thought that she would never love me the way that I loved her. I thought that she would always just see me as her best friend who was always just there. That’s what she was to me until the eighth grade, if we are being completely honest. We were at the school dance and I saw her in that cheap Macy’s dress with the beads falling off of it, and I thought she was so beautiful. She had been my best friend for like, five years, and I had never seen her like that. Now that’s the only way that I see her. 

And it’s been seven years now, I’m always on tour, and she was always with the kids she taught. She was a classroom assistant for fourth graders, she’ll be an actual teacher in a year. It’s kind of adorable. But we continue to be best friends. We continue to stay in touch even though she is in school and I’m almost never home. And I continue to harbor these absolutely disgusting feelings for her that she probably has no idea about. I’m pretty sure no one knew about them. 

The weird thing is, there weren’t even dating rumors about us. We had been seen in public together a few times, and photos surfaced, but it wasn’t ever,

“Shawn Mendes and mystery woman???????” 

Which baffled me to an extreme extent, but at the same time I’m glad. 

I’m rambling, aren’t I? 

Okay, so summary of the backstory before I get to the point:

I’ve been friends with her since third grade, been in love with her since eighth grade, she’s graduating college this year and I still haven’t told her how I feel, I do the pop star thing and we continue to be best friends, and I’m coming home for a month to take a break from tour and I’m seeing her tonight. 

Okay, let’s get on with it then!

“I’m excited to see you!” She beamed. I could tell through the phone. She was excited. I hadn’t seen her in person in six months, and I missed her more than words could say. 

“Me too!” I smiled, and I knew she could tell that I was. She just laughed a little, and I heard the line click off. I sighed and slipped the phone next to me as I placed my other hand back on the wheel. I was nervous to say the least, because I decided that seven years was long enough and tonight I would decide to tell her how I felt. 

Or maybe I wasn’t. 

I don’t know. 

But I do know who to ask. 

I pulled into my driveway, seeing the exact face I wanted to see. My sister, Aaliyah. I purposefully came home about an hour earlier than my parents get home, so I could talk to her before they got home. She sprinted to my car, waiting for it to come to a halt, and when it did, she ran over to the door waiting for me to open it, and when I did I thought she was going to cry when she jumped into my arms. 

“Shawn, oh my god!” She held on so tight as I let out a chuckle. She was happy to see me, I was guessing. I was always close with my sister. She always knew what was going on. She always knew what I was feeling, and she got it. Sometimes even when I didn’t tell her. “I missed you.” I squeezed just a little tighter, and  hoped she’d never have to let go, so I pushed the thought of having to leave soon out of my head. 

“Yeah? I missed you too kiddo, but I need your advice.” I pulled back, my sister doing the same. She smiled.

“I knew you would. Come on.” She started to go inside, and I followed her. I just left his suitcase in his truck, knowing he would be back out for it later. I walked up the familiar steps into my house, my black boots clonking on the wooden steps. “I’m pretty sure I already know too.” She mumbled, walking into the house, the scent of home washing over me. It almost hurt that I had been gone for so long. I loved this place with everything I am. I instantly walked into the kitchen, seeing that oh-so-familiar tin of blueberry muffins, grabbing one, and sitting at the bar. Aaliyah did the same, and as she sat down she let out a sigh. “What do you need my wise high school kid help with?” She bit into her muffin, obviously incredibly content. 

“Y/n…” I trailed off peeling the wrapping off of my muffin. God, I missed these. 

“You mean your future wife.” She stated non-nonchalantly. I almost choked on that muffin I shit you not. 

“What?” I coughed, trying to form words and get air into my lungs. 

“Shawn, come on. You love her. Jesus, everyone knows. It isn’t hard to tell. Even my friends know. Like seriously, you don’t hide it well. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t know.” She paused, collecting her thoughts for a moment and it caused his stomach to drop about seven stories. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt the same way.” That was seventeen stories. 

“Really?” I choked out, not even trying to take another bite out of that muffin knowing I would probably die. 

“Yeah, really. In all honesty, you really should have gone and seen her first instead of waiting for six a clock tonight and just tell her what you’re feeling. You’ve been harboring these feelings for what? Five and a half years?” She stated, still engrossed in that muffin. 

“Actually seven but..” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Pretty sure she’s at work anyways…” I knew very well she wasn’t. I was honestly just trying to think up an excuse on to why I shouldn’t go over there. 

“Fat lie. Call her, tell her you’re coming over, and then go tell her how you feel.” My sister basically demanded. All of the things that could possibly go wrong, or go right even, ran through my head at about a million miles a minute. No, more like a second. She could say no, she could say that she didn’t want to ever talk to me again since she didn’t want to have to deal with my feelings. She could laugh at me. Or, she could feel the same. She could jump into my arms and we could live happily ever after. And I’d really like to see the outcome. 

“Aaliyah, I know I just got home, but I really have to do something.” She didn’t even say a word and I knew she was fine with it. I instantly got up from the bar and walked out of the door. My courage was rushing through my veins and I hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t just go away. I instantly got in my car, put the key in the ignition, and pulled out of the driveway. My blood was boiling over with anticipation and in that moment I was so incredibly grateful that her house was only five minutes away. Because I was pulling into her driveway before I could even give it a second thought. I took a deep breath, making sure not to think it through again before I hopped out of the car and out onto her driveway. I took long, fast strides up to her front door, and knocked. She had gotten a tiny house of her own, only one story since she hated the idea of an apartment so much. I looked at the white paint that was chipped, most likely from the previous owner. It seemed like forever and a half I was waiting until I heard that door creak open. I looked over, her long legs uncovered since she was only wearing some pajama shorts, her arms pressed against the door frame, those only covered up by a long sleeve purple t-shirt. 

“Hey, you’re early.” She laughed, and god, it was a heavenly sound. Her dark skin glowing in the early afternoon sunlight. “Wanna come in?” She asked. 

“No.” I shook my head. “I just have to say something and then I can leave or stay or whatever it is you want.” I took a deep breath again, and she nodded her head, as if telling me to get on it with already. She crossed her arms and waited. “Okay well, so like this may be creepy but i’m in love with you?” She raised an eyebrow at him. “I am, and I have been for a while but I thought It’d just be better if you didn’t know but… But at this point it’s just sad and I wanted you to know I can leave now.” I instantly grew embarrassed and started to turn away, but I felt her hand wrap around my wrist and turn me around. 

“God, it took you long enough. I’ve only been waiting for you to tell me since what? Ninth grade?” She bit her lip and smiled at me. 

“Eighth grade, actually.”

author’s note// OH MY G O D ITS GROSS I HATE IT WHY DO I EVEN WRITE ANYMORE I NEED TO DIE NOT WRITE also i made the y/n a poc cause freaking every imagine is a white hoe and its sickening. cant wait to get triggered messages even tho theres literally oNE sentence about her being a poc!!!!! bye!!!


For @tayegi and anyone else that has a wild fascination with submarine!jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 1.7k

Light sub!jungkook smut with a bit of switch!jungkook at the end idk there’s no real plot just fun smut. I wrote this from 3:30-5:30 am and I’m not sorry ‘bout it.This is purely fiction and the product of my sleep deprived brain. 

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Okay so this might sound like a weird one so feel free to disregard XD! But i was wondering if you could maybe to a one shot/imagine with Raphael Santiago (bae) from Shadowhunters but a one shot/imagine where like he finds out your own your period? IDK IDK IM SORRY TO WASTE YOUR TIME! 


You had been dating Raphael for a few weeks, and by now the two of you were happily content in each others company, spending nearly every available moment the two of you had free together. Sometimes it would be late night strolls through the park, cooking, talking, reading and even sometimes just sitting in silence, your head on his lap as he stroked your hair calmly.

So it wasn’t uncommon for you to be making your way over to Hotel Demort on a particularly dreary day. Entering the building through the back you headed to the top, to Raphael but he wasn’t there. You walked around for a bit, checking the few rooms you knew he’d be in  before finally flopping down on the couch, coming to the realization thathe was probably handling vampire buisness or out with Magnus.

After waiting for around half an hour you had made yourself comfortable, tv on for white noise, chips and homeade quac the two of you made together yesterday in hand and a book on your lap you were mindlessly teasing through when your stomach began to knot in pain. Your eyebrows furrowed together as you set eveything aside, your stomach had been bothering you this entire day and you couldn’t guess why but with everyting off your lap you decided it best to head to the bathrom just in case and low and behold all you could see was red.

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My brother’s best friend 2 || D.H.

A/N: SECOND PART LET’S GO! I’m not entirely sure about this idk why…

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by shinyphan

“Don’t tell Phil what?”

My eyes widened in shock as I saw my elder brother walk in. I immediately moved away from Dan, realizing that we were way too close to seem casual. I panicked instead of answering Phil’s question. Thankfully Dan wasn’t as perplex as me.

“Don’t tell Phil that his little sister is much better at this game than him.”

Dan smirked at his best friend. If I hadn’t known he was lying I would have believed him. He kept a completely straight face the only thing that might have given him away was the tinge of pink on his cheeks that was a reminder of the kiss we shared a minute ago.

“She’s not!” Phil exclaimed while he faked being hurt.

“You sure?” Dan continued to tease him.

I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Phil actually fell for it. I didn’t know how he would have reacted if he found out that Dan and I kissed. Honestly, I was confused myself. We hadn’t had the time to talk about this yet.

I handed the controller over to my brother and I left the two boys to themselves since Dan was Phil’s guest and not mine. As soon as I closed the door to my room behind me I jumped on my bed with a deep sigh.

‘Dan kissed me’ I thought over and over again. My lips were still prickling and I replayed the scene in my head a million times but never grew tired of it.

My mind was just a chaos of thoughts and emotions. I’ve had a crush on Dan for so long and he acted on it. What did this mean? Was it a one-time thing?

I was overthinking while I was covered in blankets and stared at the ceiling. I decided against calling one of my friends for advice because I was afraid that one of the boys could hear me talk. So it was just me and my confusion.

I listened to some music, cheesy love songs to be exact. Dan actually likes me? That was too good to be true.

I almost didn’t hear the knock on the door over the loud music, but eventually turned the volume down.

“Come in” I shouted, thinking it was Phil but to my surprise Dan was the one who walked in. I quickly sat up straight and fixed my t-shirt that was slightly pushed up and revealed a little part of my stomach. Dan smiled at me and the look he gave me was way softer than usually.

“Phil sent me to ask you if you want to watch a movie with us.” He said carefully like he was testing the depth of an unknown lake.

It felt like the air was sizzling.

“I saved a spot for you next to me and the couch.” Dan added, scratching the back of his neck.

There was hint of a blush on his cheeks. My mouth formed into a big grin at his words. Dan was into me for god’s sake!

We shared a quick and meaningful look. Then suddenly Dan crossed my room with a few large steps. He had reached me in a few seconds and sat down next to me on the bed. I got goose bumps because of how close he was. After I had gathered all my confidence I cupped his cheeks and turned his head so he was facing me.  

Dan swallowed hard, clearly checking me out. I could see the warm brown colour of his eyes as I softly ran my thump over the parts of his cheeks that turned red as soon as he entered my room.

He seemed embarrassed that his affection towards me was so obvious, but honestly it just gave me the certainty I needed.

I was the first one to lean in. Dan seemed surprised but that didn’t stop him from eagerly kissing back. It was like we hadn’t stopped thinking about kissing each other the whole time he was hanging out with Phil. I needed his lips like I needed air.

My arms wrapped around his neck as he grabbed my waist. His touch sent waves of what felt like electricity through my body. Our lips skilfully moved against each other while the door to my room wasn’t fully closed.

I pulled his tall body down with me, so he was on top of me in between my legs. At first all of our movements were slow and shy but with time they got faster and more eager. I ran my hands down his chest while Dan started to leave open mouth kisses all over my neck.

“Dan, what about Phil?” I managed to breath out.

“He can watch that stupid movie by himself” Dan mumbled shortly before his lips were back on mine again.

I felt his hips move against mine and completely forgot about my brother.

“Where are you guys? The popcorn is ready!” We heard Phil shout and froze in the middle of our tracks.

“We’re coming” Dan shouted back but not without winking at me.

I rolled me eyes at him but had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from grinning.

We quickly got up before Phil would come and get us. I looked at Dan and realized in shock that I had completely messed up his hair and that he was out of breath.

“How do I look?” I wanted to know, already expecting the worst.

“As breath-taking as always.”

“That’s not what I meant!” I laughed but felt flattered anyway.

I quickly combed through my hair with my fingers as Dan did the same.

As soon as we left my room we started to feel like we had committed a crime, which was not entirely wrong.

“Ah there you are!” Phil exclaimed as we entered the living room. He was as clueless as always.

It smelled like popcorn and Phil had already turned on the TV. Throughout the whole movie it was mainly silent although I had to remove Dan’s hand from my lap a couple of times. I caught him staring at me once in a while and somehow he needed so much space on the sofa that one of my thighs was practically on top of his. It was really hard to not rest my head on Dan’s shoulder and honestly I spent more time imagining what it would be like to cuddle with Dan than I spent paying attention to the movie.

Right after the credits started rolling Phil decided that it was time to sleep, so we said our goodnights and went to our rooms.

Half an hour later I was lying in my bed extremely tired but also wide awake. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Dan’s face right in front of me. How was I supposed to sleep when I still felt the adrenaline rush through my body?

There was a faint knock on my door for the second time today. This time it was impossible to overhear it since it was dead silent in the house.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Y/N, it’s me.” I heard Dan whisper.

“Come in then.” I answered and seconds later the door swung open and closed again as the darkness in my room swallowed Dan’s tall figure.  

Me and Dan were both in our pyjamas and he didn’t even hesitate to walk up to me and peck my lips.

“What are you doing?” I whisper-yelled at him, gently pushing him away.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I had to see you, Y/N.” Dan admitted and it was nice to know that he was feeling the exact same way.

“But what about Phil?” I asked for the second time today.

“I waited till he fell asleep and sneaked out of his room. Can I kiss you now?”

I grinned at him and quickly nodded just as Dan pulled me closer to his body.

His breath fanned my neck at the exact moment as the light in the hallway got turned on.

“Dan where are you?” I very confused Phil asked right outside of my room.

Before we could jump apart my older brother opened the door and turned the lights on, revealing his best friend and little sister in a very tight embrace.  

The Perfect Partner | Jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

Word Count: 1715

Summary: You needed a dance partner. Kim Taehyung knew the right guy for you. And that guy was Park Jimin.

Originally posted by btsgifdump

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Idk if you've watched the new season but I was wondering if you could write a Sherlock x reader about the 2nd episode where he's gone off the rails. Absolutely love your writing, thank you!!

Originally posted by consultingeastwind

Reader x Sherlock

You cautiously walked up the stairs to 221B, following the sound of smashing glass.

“Hello?” You asked quietly, knocking on the door. When a cup was hurled in the air, you flinched back.

“Who’s there?” You heard Sherlock shout. “Now who could that be?”

You let out a small scream as Sherlock flung the door open and pulled you inside. “Y/N!”

“Sherlock?” You asked, warily. “What’s going on in here?”

“Life!” He waved the gun in his hands around in the air before shooting it at the yellow spray painted smiley face.

You nodded. “That’s, nice.”

“Now you see,” Sherlock grabbed you by the shoulders and turned your body around. Pictures of two men and one woman hung on the wall. “This one,” He shot the picture. “Is missing, while these two,” Sherlock shot their pictures. “Are supposed to be dead.”

“Then how are the connected?” You asked.

Sherlock let out a bellow of laughter. “That’s just it. That’s the case!”

He walked over to his stereo and turned up the classical music to an ear-splitting volume. Sherlock brought his hands up to his forehead and started spinning in circles. He faced the smiley face once again and shot at it.

“Bullseye!” Sherlock jumped on the couch.

“Sherlock, are you using again?” You asked, unsure of what to do with yourself.

“It’s for a case.” He smiled and grabbed a knife, stabbing it into the mantle of the fireplace.

“Sherlock.” You crossed your arms.

“Ohhhhhh, loosen up a bit, Y/N.” Sherlock lightly pushed you down on the couch and stood in front of you. “Look around. What do you see?”

You looked around the room before responding, “bullet holes.”

“Bullet holes?” Sherlock repeated. “How did they get there?”

“You’re shooting a gun!” You blurted out in disbelief.

“I thought I was shooting out flowers.” Sherlock muttered more to himself than you before clapping. “Right well, three people, one mystery. So the question is, how did they do it?”

“No the question is, how much did you take?” You stood up and grabbed the gun out of his hands.

Sherlock ignored you. “They seem to have nothing in common. How is that possible?”

Slowly, you reached into your pocket and grabbed your phone, calling John. He answered on the third ring.

“John,” You began, “I think you need to come to 221B.”

“Why? What’s wrong? What has Sherlock done this time?” You heard John ask.

“Is that John?” Sherlock asked. “Tell him I say hello and that we’ve got a new case, no questions asked.”

“He’s using again.” You ignored Sherlock. “And he’s off his rocker.”

“How off his rocker?” You heard John take a deep breath.

You looked at the hundreds of pictures on the wall and the dozens of bullet holes. “I think you need to see it for yourself.”

“I’m on my way.” John hung up.

“You didn’t tell him hi.” Sherlock pouted.

“He’s coming to tell you himself.” You told him.

“Can I have my flower shooter back?” Sherlock asked.

“No.” You shook your head and grabbed Sherlock by the arm, sitting him down on the couch. “Now why don’t we sit here and wait for John to get here, yeah?”

“Is he bringing me chips?” Sherlock asked. “I’m hungry.”

“We’ll get you chips in a bit.” You promised Sherlock.

“Alright.” He muttered, lying down and looking up at the pictures on the walls as the two of you waited for John.

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Luck of the Irish

Sheamus/OC: can you please do a oneshot with cocky sheamus that also has smut smut?? like, he’s just won a tag team match or smth or his first title and his shit is lit and he’s ready to bone (could you maybe include riding him? cause riding him while he’s acting like that and that little smirk and the fuckin sparkle in his eyes ?? WHEW! basically he got me fucked up.) - @get-glitched


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No Boys!

Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request: SO I HAVE THIS IDEA because the girl’s dormitories have this spell on them saying “As the founders considered boys to be less trustworthy they put a spell on the stairwell to prevent boys from entering that caused the stairs to turn into a slide“ and i thought that would be really cute if fred and george tried to find a way to sneak in! love your writing!!

A/N: Sorry for being away for so long, I’ll try and be more active! I’ve had major Fred and George feels of late… Do any of you guys sometimes have Fred days and George days?? because some days I’m like ‘yeah George would be so sweet and cute and maybe a little shy when talking to Y/n’ but some days I’m like ‘yeS Fred would be so outgoing and flirty and stuff to her’ and idk some days I’m in a Fred mood and some days I am in a George mood can anyone relate whatsoever? ramble over, enjoy the story folks

Squicks: None

“Why are boys less trustworthy anyway?” Fred asks with his arms crossed. Angelina and Katie had just walked into the boy’s dormitory to talk to Oliver, as well as Hermione having a deep discussion with Harry and Ron.

“They can all come into our dorms, but we can’t go into theirs, what’s up with that?” Fred adds.

“What does it matter? If they’re always coming in here, then why would we need to go in there?” George asks as Fay Dunbar also walked into the room.

“Because, Georgie, that isn’t the point,” Fred tuts. Before he could continue supporting his argument, Ginny walked in as well,

“Merlin, not you too!” Fred exclaims, throwing his arms up in the air and earning a strange look from Ginny,

“What’s his problem now?” Ginny asks in a bored tone to George,

“He’s debating the flaws in this school’s feminism and how we as men don’t have the same rights as women,” George replies, not looking up from his book.

“Why can’t boys go into the girl’s dorms anyway?” Fred argues,

“Because boys mess up things,” Ginny responds, “we’ve got everything in our dorms where they should be, whereas if we were to mess up anything in here I’d say it wouldn’t make much of a difference” she continues, looking around the cluttered and unorganised room,

“Still… I think we should be just as entitled to go into your dorms as much as you lot come into ours,” Fred grumbles.

“Who do you want to see in there anyway?” Ginny asks with a sly smile, getting George to join back into the conversation,

“That’s a good point actually, what do you want to go in there for anyway?”

“It’s not to see anyone,” Fred objects defensively, “it’s about the principles and equality, I personally stand for equal rights between the sexes, and I also happen to believe—“

“You want to go in and see Y/n don’t you,” Ginny says matter-of-factly.

“Ah yeah, the (h/c) girl, that’d be right,” George agrees,

“Shut up, that’s not why I want to go in there, and I don’t want to go in there anyway, it’s probably all tidy and pink and smelling like flowers or whatever you girls spray in there,”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind seeing you either,” Ginny says as if Fred hadn’t even opened his mouth,

“I bet she would, we’re going to have to come up with a loophole to get you in there, ay Freddie?” George says, nudging his brother with his elbow.

“Look, I’m as keen to break the school rules as the next guy, but I am not doing this just to see Y/n, alright?”


It had been about a full week and somehow the rule-breaking masterminds of Hogwarts were unable to figure a way around the darn ‘no boys’ rule.

“So let’s go over it again,” George says for maybe the fourth time, “when a guy tries to enter the girl’s dorm, the—“

“Stairs turn into a slide and you fall down, yes we know we’ve tried,” Fred says, resting his head in his hand and playing with his food.

“We tried going in with Ginny and it still didn’t work…” George continues,

“And we tried Polyjuice Potion, but that bloody backfired…” Fred adds, shuddering.

“There’s no gender changing potions or spells, are there?” George thinks,

“Unlikely, and even if it was, I don’t think I’d be too up for it,” Fred says, “We want to go in there as males anyway, so there’s be no point in that,”

“Thank goodness, you’re both still alive,” Y/n says as she sits in the middle of the two boys,

“Why wouldn’t we be?” George asked confusedly, while Fred sits there silently, keeping his eyes on Y/n.

“Well it’s been so quiet around here all week with no pranks, I was beginning to wonder what happened to you two,” Y/n teases.

“We’re trying to hatch a master plan,” George says, looking out the window,

“Ah, that sounds about right,” Y/n giggles, “What’re you trying to do?” she says as she looks at Fred.

“Oh, right, we’re trying to find a way to get into the girls dormitory… Strictly for equality purposes only, you know, for men’s rights and… equality,” Fred rambles, causing Y/n to laugh,

“And here I was thinking you two were just wanting to drop in to say hello,” She smiles,

“Well, maybe that too,” Fred smiles back.

“So,” George interrupts, “We are trying to find a loophole in the rule, or a way of getting in”.

“Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?” Y/n says, earning a confused look from the twins, “just don’t go in through the door,”

“Ah yes, great idea, Y/n, why didn’t we think of that Freddie!” George says sarcastically, “We’ll just jump up seven stories into their window—“

“Or fly up…” Fred says, eyes widening as he finally understands,

“You’re both in the Quidditch team, with your own brooms, how did you not think of this earlier?” Y/n chuckles,

“We’re idiots,” George says, looking over at Fred before putting his head in his hands with shame.

“You’re a genius,” Fred says, smiling at the girl,

“You two just try to make things too complicated,” she laughs, “Hopefully I’ll see you tonight in the girl’s dorm if this plan all works out,” she says to them both, but possibly more directed at Fred.

— — That night — —

“Ready Fred?”

“Ready George,”

The twins had managed to sneak past Filch and Mrs. Norris, so that they were now on the frosty grass outside of the castle, almost directly under Gryffindor Tower.




They pushed off the ground and flew into the night’s sky, soaring upwards with the crisp air freezing their skin.

“There it is, Georgie, let’s hope this works!”

— —

Meanwhile, Y/n was sitting up in bed reading, while girls walked in and out of the dorm doing who know’s what. Y/n was waiting, hoping, for Fred and his brother to come to the window, so she could spend just a little more time with Fred. Y/n, of course, fancied Fred, and had no idea about how he felt towards her. She liked the way that he always had time for fun, even with the huge load of schoolwork they received. She loved the way that he and his brother would always come up with new and exciting tricks to do on the teachers and students. She loved how he would always have the best snarky comments to say back to someone, and always being able to make her laugh. The way his eyes sparked when he spoke about something he was passionate about was another one of her favourite things about him. She loved how—

*tap tap*

Y/n’s head snapped around to the window, to see Fred and George Weasley outside the window on their brooms, teeth chattering in the cold air.

She got up straight away to open the window, to which they flew inside and landed on the floor.

“WE DID IT!” they both cheered, high-fiving each other.

George looked around at the little circular room, taking in all of the tidiness, makeup and posters of attractive Quidditch platers above the beds, and was honestly not as impressed with the room as he thought he would be.

Fred, however, was extremely impressed with the view, as he was looking straight at Y/n.

“You did it, Fred!” She beamed as she pulled Fred in for a hug.

“Yeah, it was worth it I reckon,” he smiles.

“What, really? Our dorm isn’t really much different from yours,” she replies,

“I’m not talking about the dorm, Y/n,” Fred says, still holding Y/n in his arms. As she looked up at him, he bent his head down and kissed her on the lips. George hollered while the few girls still in the room cheered, with Ginny simply saying ‘called it’.

They both puled away from each other, their cheeks both a little pink (to which Fred claimed that the only reason his were red was from the cold outside, adding that Y/n had no excuse other than the fact that he was so incredibly sexy).

“Well now that you’ve found a way into the girl’s dorm, will I be seeing more of you in here?” Y/n asked with a smile,

“It’d be so much easier if you just came into ours, but I may make the exception for you on occasions,” Fred said, kissing her again.

Go Howl at The Moon

Request: “Heyy i love your writings and i was hoping if you could do Sirius Black x reader, where she’s a total badass who smokes but really cute and smart, and once they’re at a party or sth and he follows her when she leaves to smoke and its really sarcastic but end up making out or smut idk thank you<3<3"

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k


Originally posted by novecientosonce

End of year parties always got a little too rowdy. The obnoxiously loud music was getting to you, the room cast in a haze as you made your way to the door. Your fingers fidgeted with pulling out a cigarette from your packet, clumsily grasping as it fell. A swift hand caught it before your mind could even register that it wasn’t between your fingers.

“These things kill you, you know.” Sirius noted, his deep smirk fading in and out of view as you swayed.

“The sooner the better.” You said, snatching it from his hand. “A shorter life means less encounters with you.”

Sirius rolled his eyes, opening the door for you, then dramatically presenting it to you. You shot him an annoyed look, as you let the cigarette hang from your lower lip. The freezing cold air greeted you, your body having been getting used to the heated house you’d been drinking in. But whenever you had alcohol, there was always this unexplainable craving to smoke something. Maybe it was because sometimes you needed to have an excuse to leave the party when you got overwhelmed by the amount of people you were around.

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Somebody Else - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: based off the song Somebody Else by The 1975, a generally sad imagine where Dan and reader are in love but can’t be together for various reasons,, what happens next? read to find out ((idk why i made this sound like a bad movie trailer i’m sorry))

Requested: no

Warnings: slight angst, so many time jumps (i’m actually sorry about how much it jumps around)

A/N: hi hi hi i’d like to apologize for being the absolute worst account owner and writer as i haven’t posted a new imagine in over a month… to anyone who’s requested something, i’m so so sorry it’s taking so long. as a late kinda easter gift please enjoy this imagine which came from me being kinda down & also expect more imagines sometime soon!


prologue thing idk:

I can’t give you my soul cause we’re never alone.

“If we love each other [Y/N],” he started as the two of you lay cuddling on the couch.

You interrupted him, knowing where he was about to go, “I can’t… We’ve had this conversation a million times Dan please, I can’t be with you like that, you know why, I’m sorry.”

“[Y/N] please, look, I get it, I really do-”

You cut him off again, “But it doesn’t seem like you do, Dan… I love you, but I just can’t because of what you do.”

“I know, I know that you don’t like that a lot of my life is on the internet but I could keep you away from it, I know I could.”

“It’s inevitable Dan, the second you mention that you’re dating someone it’ll only be a matter of time before your followers find any of my accounts online,” you smile just a little, “People on the internet, especially yours and Phil’s followers, are like mini-detectives most of the time.”

Dan let out a sigh before you continued, “We’d never truly be able to be alone with our relationship. It’s not fair of me to only be apart of half of your life; I can’t date Dan Howell without also dating danisnotonfire. You need to find someone who can be with all of you,” your heart breaks a little as you say it but let the words hang in the air.

He’s silent for a little while, the two of you just staring at one another on the couch.

“I love you,” he mutters out weakly, reaching to pull you back into his chest.

Your voice shakes as you wrap your arms around him, “I love you too.”

The words mean too much, more than if you had said them to Phil, or to a friend. Hours later you’re still silently sat intertwined with one another, simply co-existing next to the love of your life but being unable to be with one another in the way both of you secretly wanted; Dan outwardly and you in denial of it, too afraid of what ifs to take a leap in the right direction. Playing this open-ended game of dating without a label, because a label made it serious; made it real.

a few months later:

Our love has gone cold you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else.

It had been a few months since you and Dan had talked and things were very suddenly spiraling in a direction you didn’t want them to.

You had encouraged, no, you had suggested that he find somebody else but you hadn’t anticipated how much it would hurt.

Slowly, he had begun to pull away from you and it hadn’t become increasingly apparent, until now.

You’d come over this afternoon to visit your two best friends, fully expecting everything to be normal.

Phil had given you a hug on the way in, asking you about your week and how work was. Dan, however, had simply said hello, smiling before making his way to his bedroom, muttering something about editing a video.

Phil furrowed his eyebrows at his behaviour as your heart shattered. You knew it wasn’t fair to expect Dan to keep waiting for you; the two of you had been playing that game for nearly 6 months and it wasn’t at all reasonable of you to want him to wait for someone who just kept rejecting him. 

You just shake your head at your confused friend, “I’ll go see what’s up.”

You make your way down the hall after an affirmation from Phil, knocking lightly on the door of the bedroom you’d never had to knock at before.

“Come in.”

The voice was almost strange, cut off and distant; he knew it was you but he was acting like someone totally new, not someone who was in love with you.

“Umm, hi,” you let out, stepping in the doorway.

“Oh [Y/N], hey, what d’you need?”

He said it almost harshly, as if you were bothering him.

“I’m sorry to bother you… Is everything alright with us?” your heart beat rapidly in your chest as you waited for his answer; anxiously hoping that every terrible thought running through your head was an overreaction.

Dan sighed, running a hand through his hair as he turned to face you, “You’re not a bother… C’mere.”

He opened his arms, sounding much more like the person you loved as you made your way over to him.

You didn’t say anything as you sat down on his lap, facing him as you buried your face in his neck.

“Love,” he began, “We can’t keep doing this… I,” he pauses, “I found someone who seems really cool, we’ve been talking a bit and I really think I like them.”

Your heart stops, breaking a little more as he continues, rubbing your back as he does, “I still love you, I think I always will; but I think it’s time that I start to move on.”

The words feel forced, like he doesn’t truly mean them. You pull away, looking at him in the eyes as you attempt to decipher what he’s thinking.

You come away with nothing. And that’s when you realize that for right now, you’ve lost him.

Dan had always been good at hiding his emotions, but right now, he was choosing to do so from you.

Nodding your head you looked down at your legs, unable to look him in the eyes in that moment.

“I understand,” you murmur, “I’m- I’m gonna go hang with Phil if that’s alright.”

“Of course, I’ve gotta get back to editing anyways,” he lets go of you, allowing you to slide off his lap.

Quickly, you do, disentangling yourself from his body and exiting his room with a quick goodbye; immediately making your way across the hall into Phil’s room.

Phil looks up from his laptop, watching you make your way toward him from his place on his bed.

“[Y/N] is everything alri-” he cuts himself off when you burst into tears, immediately closing his computer as he stands up and makes his way towards you.

“Alright, you’re alright; I’m here [Y/N], I’ve got you,” Phil continues letting out words of comfort as he hugs you, having moved the two of you into his bed.

I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else.

A little while later, you’ve calmed down; your breath evening out as Phil has finally managed to comfort you enough to stop crying.

“I-I’m sorry Phil,” you stutter out, voice hoarse after having been crying.

“No worries, wanna tell me what’s going on?”

“Dan,” your chest feels heavy as you let out a shaky breath, “I’m, I’m just really stupid and I’ve blown it with him.”

“I’m sure you haven’t blown it, what’d he say?” Phil attempts to reassure you, rubbing your back soothingly as he speaks.

“I told him to move on from me because I was too afraid of what could be and now he’s found somebody else and I don’t know what to do with myself.. I screwed up, Phil, really badly.”

“Dan loves you, try talking to him about it, I’m sure-”

You interrupt him, “I can’t keep doing that to him though Phil, it’s not fair of me to keep stringing him along and I can’t be in a relationship with him… It’s like, I want to be with him, but something’s holding me back.”

“Well I mean, not to be blunt, but are you sure it isn’t just a lust thing? Like, are you in love with Dan or the idea of Dan, or even just the idea of being, ya know, with Dan.”

“It’s more than just physical Phil, I’m totally and completely in love with him, I’m just too afraid of having it screwed up; I don’t want to lose him forever.”

He nods in response, “I think you need to go for it, forget about your fears, you’ll never know if you don’t try… Why don’t we forget about Dan and all this for now, how about a movie and some popcorn?”

Sighing, relieved, you agree, “Sounds good, d’you want help?”

You watch him stand up, beginning to exit his room to head to the kitchen, “Nah I’ve got it, open my laptop and pick a movie, I’ll be right back.”

You nod, grabbing his laptop and logging in, opening up netflix in order to find a movie for the two of you to watch.

a few days later:

You’re woken up when you hear your phone ringing, groaning, you answer groggily, “Hello?”

“[Y/N]!” Phil practically yells into the phone.

“Jesus Phil I just woke up, calm down.”

“Come over!!”

“Alright, give me like half an hour,” with that, you hang up, beginning to get ready to head over to their apartment for the first time in just over a week.

I’m looking through you while you’re looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else.

A little over a half an hour later, you arrive at Dan and Phil’s apartment, letting yourself in as per Phil’s request when he texted you and making your way up to the lounge.

“Morning [Y/N],” Phil says as you walk up the stairs.

As you reach the top, you notice Dan is completely dressed and ready to go out. Confused, you raise your eyebrows at Phil and gesture towards him, knowing that Dan was never one to be out of his pajamas before noon unless absolutely necessary.

Phil shrugs his shoulders in reply, the two of you watching as Dan continually texts someone back, not acknowledging that you’ve just walked in.

He smiles at a message and your heart sinks even further than it had already sunken, knowing that it couldn’t be anyone but the person he’d met.

“I’m heading out, coffee date,” he says abruptly with a small grin.

“Alright well, we’ll see you later,” Phil lets out in reply as Dan makes his way down the stairs and exits their apartment.

“See ya.”

“So, [Y/N], what d’you reckon we should do today?”

“I dunno, we have a few hours to kill before [Y/F/N]’s birthday party… We could go for a late breakfast- brunch?”

“Sounds good.”

You agree, Phil standing up to go change out of his pajamas as you wait, thoughts only focusing on Dan and what he could possibly be doing with somebody else.

few hours later again (lol i’m sorry for all the time jumps):

Come on baby, this ain’t the last time that you’ll see my face.

It was 2:00 in the morning, and you were still out with all of your friends for [Y/F/N]’s birthday.

You had been out, bar-hopping since about 11:00 and were having a really great time with everyone, while also avoiding Dan.

It had been going so well, until now, when you felt like you really should’ve heeded Ted’s advice in How I Met Your Mother, “Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m.”

You were sitting at the table your group had claimed as there own by yourself, watching all of your friends dancing while you sat with a drink, drowning sorrows in alcohol in the hopes that it would somehow make the situation better.

All of a sudden, Dan appears beside you, sitting down next to you and angling his body towards yours.

“[Y/N], I feel like I haven’t seen you all night,” he says, bright smile appearing on his face.

That was intentional, you think to yourself before replying, “Yeah I guess, I’ve been ‘round.”

He scoots his chair closer to yours, wrapping an arm around the back of your chair, “I’ve missed you recently.”

Your eyes snap in his direction, widening as you realize this is drunk talk.

When you don’t answer, he continues, “C’mon [Y/N], you can’t tell me that you don’t miss me too, miss us.”

He pauses, and again, you don’t answer, unsure of what to say; instead choosing to play with the straw in your drink. Of course you missed him, every piece of you was itching to say it, to go onto the rooftop of this stupid club and scream that you missed Dan.

But you couldn’t say anything at all; because he was seeing somebody else and you were supposed to be moving on, he was drunk and you were still too sober, he was Dan and you were, you. So you sat quietly continuing to move the ice cubes in your glass around, praying that he’d drop this topic.

“[Y/N],” he suddenly lets out, causing you to look up at him.

You catch his gaze for a moment, and suddenly, Dan’s lips are on yours.

Your eyes widen as you quickly pull back, shocking both you and Dan as you do. Before either of you can say anything, you’ve shot out of your chair, making your way to where you’d last seen Phil and [Y/F/N], desperately hoping that they’d still be there.

Luckily, they’ve remained in the same spot and seem slightly surprised to see you there, “[Y/N], what’re you doing here?” Phil asks.

“Came to say goodbye,” you rush out, “I’ve gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow or something.”

“Awh alright, text me that you’ve made it home alright.”

You just nod in reply, giving them both a quick hug and wishing [Y/F/N] a final happy birthday before hustling out of the club and calling a taxi to take you home.

In true movie-like fashion, as soon as you’re entering the taxi, Dan runs out of the club; calling your name as he attempts to stop you from leaving. Ignoring him you hop in, telling the taxi driver the address to your apartment and watching as he stands frustrated on the curb as you pull away.

the next morning:

Got someone you love? Got someone you need?

The next morning, you’re woken up by a knock on your door. Furrowing your eyebrows as you weren’t expecting any guests you stand up out of bed, making your way to the door only in an old t-shirt of Dan’s and opening it with a yawn.

To your surprise, Dan stands there, hands in his pockets and eyes on the ground, eyes which quickly dart upward as the door is swung open.

“You shouldn’t be here,” you say, replaying last night’s events in your head.

“[Y/N] please, just let me come in, I think we should talk,” he replies nervously.

You nod without thinking, something in you telling you that the conversation was a good idea.

Dan immediately steps in, making his way to your kitchen, “You just woke up, I’ll make some tea while you get dressed and then we can talk,” he states as he sets to work on the aforementioned tea.

“Uhh, yeah sure,” you answer, still stood watching him move around your kitchen, easily finding everything he needed.

“Is that my shirt by the way?”

Your cheeks turn red as he finally points it out, “Umm, yeah, I’ll give it back next time I wash it.”

With that, you turn and make your way to your bedroom, throwing on some sweat pants and a shirt of your own before pausing and taking a deep breath in order to prepare yourself for this talk; whatever it may turn out to be.

You leave the room and return to the kitchen to find Dan stirring a mug of tea.

He looks up as you walk in and something in you shifts as he speaks, “That one’s yours,” he motions to the other mug, “I made it just how you like, even added a little bit of honey because Phil mentioned you’ve been feeling a little ill recently.”

“Thank you,” you say, picking up the mug and stirring it once before taking a sip of it.



“About last night-”

“I miss you too,” you blurt out, cutting him off.

“What?” he asks, clearly confused over your comment in comparison with your reaction the night before.

“I’ve missed you so much, Dan, and I’ve spent too much time thinking about you with somebody else when I know I want it to be me. I am so in love with you, and I think it’s time I finally let go and give us a chance.. If you want to, that is,” you finally finish, looking up at Dan, hoping that he doesn’t reject you but knowing it would be totally fair if he did.

“I came over here to tell you I ended things with the other person a week ago because I couldn’t be with them because they weren’t you… I somehow knew you’d come around.”

He crosses the kitchen in two strides, grabbing your face with his hands as he pulls you in for a kiss.

You sigh, relieved as you pull away, finally feeling like everything in your life might be just right; especially now that the love of your life was no longer with somebody else.

fic: pink wallpaper

pair: betty ღ jughead
notes: 1x06. musings in a shed, a second-story window, and the aftermath of a kiss.

The fact of the matter was, Jughead Jones had thought about kissing Betty Cooper many, many times before.

The first time the thought had manifested itself, Jughead had been only a lonely, hungry boy and Betty had offered him her slice of apple pie under the table, away from the prying eyes of the lunch monitor. But the thought, these days, was more frequent; when her lips looked more pink and sweet than strawberry milkshakes at their booth at Pop’s, late evenings in their private headquarters, surrounded by pink wallpaper and insecurities in his over-sized blazer and old suspenders (It was the best I could do, he’d murmured instead), watching her shed tears for her dear sister and remembering times when he had wanted so badly to do the same for his own.

But something in the air had changed. Since Polly. Since being forcibly distanced from one another by her family. Something (something, something) had changed so that suddenly it had become unbearable to live another moment without having kissed Betty Cooper.

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Falling (John Laurens x Reader)


Summary: It’s the first game of the year and you can’t wait to get back out on the field

Warnings: Ummmm idk I don’t think any
It was game day! You’d been itching to get back on the field since the ending of the last game. You were so excited, you couldn’t contain it.
“Can someone get the hufflepuff a chill pill. She looks like she’s about pee her pants.” You heard over your shoulder. You turned to see Thomas, a Slytherin seventh year. You rolled your eyes decidedly and ignored him.
“The fuck did you just say Jefferson?” You heard Alex yell. You sighed, of course he’d want to fight. Stupid gryffindors.
“Hey don’t listen to him, be as excited as you want to be, we know how much you love quidditch.” John said putting an arm around your shoulder.
“I know, he’s just being rude. That’s just him, but someone better reign Alex in before he gets sent to McGonagall.” You said and all of you turned to look at Alex and Jefferson yelling at each other.
You stood in the locker room alone strapping your gear into place. When you were done you walked out to the common area in the locker room to see your captain giving a pep talk. You listened to it, but you didn’t need it you were ready to play, and to knock Jefferson down from his high horse. Or broom? Whatever doesn’t matter.
As you walked out onto the field you looked up into the crowd. You saw four guys sitting in the Gryffindor section, they were almost falling out of the box screaming and jumping. You laughed at them and shook your head. When you met the other team on the field you were standing across from Jefferson. You have the politest smile you could and he sneered. You got on to your broom and looked to Madame Hooch for the whistle to start the game.
Madame Hooch blew the whistle and you flew into the sky. You did a quick sweep of the field. You hovered over the left side of the field, as you looked for a golden glint. You could see Jefferson looking at you, watching your every move. You rolled your eyes.
That’s how the game went, you flew around looking for the snitch. You’d been seeker since second year and you’d always found it a little boring. Then you’d see the snitch and case after it and you wouldn’t think it was so boring.
One thing that made you a good seeker is that everything caught your attention. Then again that could also be seen as a weakness than a strength. Your eyes would dart around quickly scanning everything and absorbing it.
Slytherin had just scored when you saw it. The snitch was floating at the bottom of the field behind the Slytherin goal. You sped towards it, Jefferson saw you and followed suit. You were about to swipe it when the golden ball flew straight up in the air. You turned your direction and went up at a sharp angle. Jefferson was close behind you.
You flew as fast as you could, you had to win. Jefferson did the same. You were neck and neck, your arms reaching out for the wing, when you were shoved. Hard. You fell off balance and for a moment you didn’t think you were going to fall. Then you did. You could hear the crowd yelling as you fell, your life flashing before your eyes. You didn’t know what happened after fifty feet from the ground because your world went black.
John was so in love with you it was funny. What was even funnier was who blind you were to it.
“Look at her she’s beautiful.” John said a little dreamily as he stared out at the field.
“Yes John we know, she’s so beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful, we know. Her eyes, her laugh, her smile, she’s beautiful. Her soul is pure and kind, and she’s too good for you. We know.” Alexander said rolling his eyes. Laf and Herc laughed at Alexander’s words. He didn’t have any room to talk never shutting up about Eliza Schuyler, a sixth year ravenclaw.
“Well she is!” John exclaimed a blush rushing over his tanned and freckled skin. He watched as you flew over the field. He gasped as you flew down and then up.
“She’s found it!” He cried and drew his friends attention to you shooting up in the air.
“Finally it’s been an hour.” Alexander said and then proceeded to shout encouragement from his place beside John. Then you fell, and John’s heart plummeted. He was pushing and shoving his way to the stairs and down to the field. When he got to the bottom, you were crumpled on the ground your teammates surrounding you and teachers rushing to you. He ran as fast as he could, but when he reached the crowd of people you’d already been taken to Madame Pompfrey.
“Is she okay?”
“Where is she?”
“We’re her friends we deserve to know!”
“Oui! She will want to see us!”
You heard this as you started to wake up. You sat up as best you could. Everything hurt and you were dizzy. You looked at the door four guys were yelling at the nurse and you shook your head.
“If you boys keep that up you’ll give her a heart attack.” You said and they pushed past the woman and made their way to you.
“Thank Merlin you’re okay!” John said and grabbed your hand. You blushed and he pulled up a chair next to your bed.
“You do know you’re supposed to stay on your broom right?” Alex said and sat on the foot of your bed.
“Oui, you cannot scare us like that. You’ll break John’s heart that way.” Laf said and standing behind the foot board.
“Yeah, John over here almost pushed us over the edge trying to get to you. It was crazy.” You blushed even more as they kept talking.
“Well uh thanks, did anyone talk to Jefferson. He’s the one who pushed me.” They all looked to Alex who was already cracking his knuckles.
“Not yet, but I will.” Alex said and stood. He started walking towards the door; Herc and Laf gave you apologetic smiles and followed after him. Leaving only you and John alone.
“Did you really almost push people out of the stands to get to me?” You asked and he blushed, his freckles more noticeable. He nodded and you gave him a sweet smile and kissed his cheek.
“That’s sweet. Thank you.” You said and grabbed his hand.
“My pleasure.” He said and brought you hands to his lips.

Fixing Holes

Anon asked: “I just need a super fluffy Bellarke modern AU. Like super fluffy. So sweet my teeth rot. Idk like Clarke’s dog runs away in the park and she’s chasing it and Bellamy catches it and dating happens?”

Hello there, nonnie! First off, I just want to say I’m sorry that this took so long. College has been really, really crazy, and I overestimated the amount of free time I’d have by a lot. Writers block didn’t make things much better, but I pushed through and ended up with this. Thanks for the prompt! :)

Raven Reyes was the biggest liar on the planet and Clarke Griffin was the worst dog sitter there ever was.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Raven had told her, “Duke’s the sweetest puppy—he shouldn’t be any trouble at all.”

Yeah, right. Try telling that to her now when her shoes were half-eaten and the floor of Raven’s apartment was covered with muddy pawprints—at least she hoped that was mud—and pee stains. Duke was a sweetheart, he really was, but at twelve weeks old he hadn’t quite figured out what humans deemed socially acceptable.

Clarke opened the backdoor and sat the small creature on the grass, telling him to “go potty” before heading back inside and opening Raven’s cleaning cupboard. Sure enough, the carpet cleaner and antibacterial spray were right in front, just to the left of a note that read:

“Thanks so much for dog sitting, Clarke! Much love, Raven”

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okay, i’m too stressed looking at election results (fuck you florida, get your shit together) so have a stripper au i was too chickenshit to post (bc i don’t really like stripper aus, so this was a challenge). i don’t think i posted this already, but i did share it with a bunch of people privately so my brain is all confused. ~1700 words, adorable cat named pizza

“Come here often?”


Eren looked around at the half naked bodies lining the stage and the horny middle-aged women screaming at them and Jean smirking as the stripper pulled him into the VIP room.

“Relax, it was a joke.”

The man pushed him into the dimly lit room.

“Sit, but try to only sit on one asscheek these cushions have so much shit and spit and cum on them it’ll make your head spin.”

Eren’s mouth hung open, still a little buzzed from the shots earlier until the words registered.

“You’re…not very good at sexytalk,” Eren said.

“Not paid to talk, I’m paid to dance,” the stripper said, teasing by dipping his fingers down beneath his thong.

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Finger Guns - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asks: “Okay but like imagine Jay and his SO lying down and making out on a couch (fully dressed no NSFW stuff happening) and then like one of Jay’s bros or Roy bust in and start pacing and ranting and so like Jay sits up but his so is still laying down and so the person ranting doesn’t realize they are there, but then like after a couple minutes Jay’s SO sits up and is like "Is this very important or can it wait?” and like Jay starts laughing. IDK I thought this was cute and funny.“

Warnings: swearing, nothing other than that I believe but tell me if there is

a/n: oh my god this is so short, but I’m actually pretty pleased with it. Also I used Roy because if it was one of Jason’s brothers he’d just be like "go. fucking go.” anyways, I hope you enjoy this anon! As always, I am open to rewrite it if you are not pleased.

Laying back on the somewhat uncomfortable white couch, your mind is elsewhere as you tug slightly on your boyfriend’s hair. Lips locked in a kiss that had lasted for what felt like hours, you weren’t focusing on the sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop outside of your apartment. You weren’t focusing on anything but Jason’s lips against yours and your growing need to take this situation to the bedroom. Or the kitchen table. Or you know, any stable surface in the apartment, you really did not care.

“Jay, let’s go.” You murmur, trying to urge your boyfriend to stop prolonging things, to stop teasing you. Really, you knew you weren’t going to get through to him, Jason was cruel when it came to things like this, testing your patience each and every time, without fail. But alas, tonight it seems you would finally get your wish.

Jason nods, rushing things along as he attempts to unbutton and unzip your jeans. He’s half-way through the process when… BANG! The door slams open hard and loud, making you jump so violently you can feel your teeth collide with Jason’s and your foreheads bang together.

“What the fuck?” You mutter, rubbing your head and feeling your now bleeding lower lip. Turns out when you jumped a mile in the air Jason reacted by accidentally biting your lip, really, really, hard. Before either you or Jason can even blink, Roy Harper comes bursting into the room, pacing and ranting at 500 miles per hour.

At his friend’s distress, Jason immediately sits up, eyebrows knit together in concern, causing you to give him a look that reads ‘what-the-shit-Jason-we-were-literally-about-to-fuck-what-is-going-on’. Now listen, you loved Roy, Roy was your best friend, you were ecstatic whenever Roy came over, but right now was terrible timing. Looking between the two man-children you consider family, your irritation builds as your arousal dies. You were still laying down, hoping that maybe Roy would get over his rant quick enough where you and Jason could get back to what you were doing. But no, no that was not going to happen. You laid back on the couch for another 15 minutes before finally sitting up, an eyebrow raised in the way that scared men to their cores.

“Okay, so is this important or can it wait? Like cause unless you’re bleeding out or the world is ending, it can wait.” You deadpan, re-buttoning your jeans, adjusting your shirt, and finger-combing your hair into place. At your sudden comment Jason bursts out into hysterical laughing, giggling so hard that he actual falls on to the ground. This situation really was a unique one. You sit on the couch, resting bitch face at 100%, Jason lays in hysterical fits of laughter on the floor, and Roy paces the room with what you now see is an arrow lodged in his thigh. Unique situation, not uncommon. This shit had to happen like 3 times a week, at least that was your estimate.

“Why are you laughing?” Both you and Roy simultaneously ask Jason. The aforementioned incredibly hot zombie tries to reclaim his breath, giggles still pouring out of his swollen lips. “B-because…Y-Y/N is ready to…murder you.” Jason manages to squeak out through wheezy laughs, clutching his stomach because laughing so hard had made it hurt.

Roy, with a somewhat hurt expression on his face, turns to you, green eyes confused. “Why do you wanna murder me? I already have an arrow in my leg…” He asks, looking like a little lost puppy. Sighing, you realize that even though he completely ruined what could’ve been a very fun time, he did have an actual arrow in his leg…oh god and he has one in his back too. You didn’t notice that.

“Because Roy, you are a pain in my ass, and a complete cockblock. But you know what? I love ya, gingersnap, so I’ll take that arrow out of your leg and the other one out of your back, okay?” You explain, getting up and lightly kissing Roy on the cheek. His eyebrows raise in understanding, as his eyes grow mischievous. “Well, I mean I could go? Leave you two to it.” He speaks, smirking at you.

“Yeah babe, Roy can take care of himself.” Jason says, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you against chest from behind. Apparently, he had composed himself from his earlier laughing fit.

“Yeah, how about no? This whole situation has turned me off like a fucking light-switch, and Roy has arrows in his leg and back, I don’t think that’d be comfortable to drive home with.” You articulate, shrugging Jason’s arms off of you as you go to get the first aid kit.

While checking up on the supplies, you hear muffled arguing, so you creep to the door, hearing what you can.

“Nice going man, I could’ve gotten laid, but noooo.”

“You dropped to the floor laughing, and you think I ruined your chances?”

“I will fucking shoot you.”

“Go ahead!”

“Blam, blam, blam!”

“Really Jaybird? Finger guns?”

The Confessions Wall (teenlock)

A teenlock fic based off a headcanon by the lovely @grumpy-swoop

Idk how to do italics so everything in an ** is in italics, and i also can’t link the original text post but i’m sure you’ve seen it anyway it’s great

Enjoy :)


The Confessions Wall (teenlock)

*I am in love with Sherlock Holmes.*

The Confessions Wall is on the east side of the bottom corridor that leads to the locker rooms and is lined with language classrooms. John stood facing his scrawled handwriting, tongue resting between his lips and hand still hesitating in mid air.

Suddenly the bell went and John jumped out of skin, hurriedly scratching out his writing so hard that the plaster came off the wall. *Shit idea,* he told himself as he turned sharply to go. *Really, colossally shit idea.*


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#5 William nylander

Hey! Can I request a willy nylander where ur at the game when they make the playoffs with like steph(Mitch’s gf)  ,lex and Sydney (matts gf) and then just being super cute after the game . Maybe you play for the Toronto furies too?

song suggestion of the day: BRNT by the magic city hippies

sorry idk what this is it took me forever idk why

Originally posted by morganrielly

God your muscles were still aching as you weaved your way through the crowd of white and blue in Toronto. This is was the first of willy’s playoff games you’d actually been able to go to since it was in Toronto. Willy was lucky you loved him because that practice had killed. The season may have finished in February but you hadn’t taken missing the playoffs lightly. Of course willy meant everything to you and you wouldn’t miss this for the world… Only you would never tell him that.

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anonymous asked:

Hey ok so this is the first time in sending a request and may ask for a scenario with kirishima where like he and his like friend are just messing around and something happens that makes them go "Oh shit I think I like you" Idk if this makes sense but even you don't understand im sure it will still come out great as always. I hope you have a great day!

“And now…” You held your hairbrush up to your mouth like a microphone, “It’s time for another round of Slice-n-Dice Rowdy Time with Sharp Boy Kirishima! Kirishima, are you ready?”
Kirishima grinned, hardening up his hands. “Hell yeah! Come at me!”
“Then in three… two… one… Begin!” You slammed down on the tennis ball shooter, which was filled with dozens of empty aluminum cans. He jumped in the air, ready to slash. This was always his favorite part of the week. He felt the cans crumple and split like ribbons when he hit them, not letting a single one touch the ground. He had one whole minute to get as many as possible, or until the machine ran out.
“You’ve got three seconds! Two! One! And time is up! Let’s tally it up now.”
The two of you ran around the field, grabbing as many fucked up cans as possible.
“I’ve got 27.”
“43 here.”
“Holy shit dude, I think that’s a new record! Nice!”
You were laughing super hard, arms full of shitty halves of soda cans. With the way the sun was setting, it looked like a scene out of a shitty movie. Kirishima loved it. He loved you.
Wait, what?
“Alright, lets get some trash bags and clean this up or Iida’ll be up our asses for weeks.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Ignore it for now, Kirishima. Deal with it later today and just clean up the cans. Clean up the cans and don’t think about how pretty [Name] is.
“So, same time next week?”
“Hell yeah, dude. You bring the cans.”
“You bring your cool ass Quirk and we’ve got a deal!”
This was going to be a problem.