idk i just rly like that style

i loved the mane event so much i drew something for it

i have never fricking drew long hair / a mane like that, so i struggled deeply and im not very happy w it :c

i liked both styles so i just kept both lol

this took me probs like 5-6 hours idk but my favourite thing bY FAR is that ROSE in her HAIR JUST OMG I AM SO PROUD HHH


@aboutmikasa Here you go! Don’t really know if it counts as an eskimo kiss…

Fun fact: you requested this in the summer. I’m sorry it took this long.

Bonus fact: I kinda started to hate this the moment I started coloring >< and now I just really dislike it :/

Anyway, happy holidays!


               i headcanon that in university, mizuna cuts her hair above her shoulders, dyes it black at one point, a more greyish color at another,  &  gets various piercings.

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what if your an artist that specifically likes neons? youre getting real worked up about this buddy and I understand you're defending yourself against people who're being pushy and trying to pick a fight because of your opinion, but idk??? i know a bit of colour theory too but it does'nt stop me from liking neons and im not wrong for enjoying using them...

If neon colors are ur artistic preference there’s nothing wrong with that…when used right neons can look rly good it’s just not a lot of ppls preference, especially when it clashes with the general style of the show and honestly gives a lot of ppl a fuckin headache from eye strain, I don’t think it’s an invalid complaint to have

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I love the colors you use!!! They're very pleasing in some drawings and seem to really pop in others!! I also love how you draw bodies just in general they just seem really fluid and natural looking if that makes sense,,idk I just rly like ur art !!!!

thank you so much !! i try my best to make my knowledge on anatomy match my style a lot HAHA i never use underline !! im like too intimidated to use them !!

thank you so much !!! it means a lot to me that you like my art !!!

you bring me a lot of joy !!

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💫 & hey let's talk about renly's blog because anna is fantastic and her style is gr8 and i wanna reblog all her stuff??


hogwarts house: ravenclaw / hufflepuff / slytherin / gryffindor /
ilvermorny house: wampus / thunderbird / pukwudgie / horned serpent /
title: quidditch captain / top of the class / troublemaker / prefect / none(other)
subject: herbology / transfiguration / defense against the dark arts / care of magical creatures/potions / charms / ancient runes / divination /
location: astronomy tower / forbidden forest / the burrow / hagrid’s hut / diagon ally / the room of requirement / hogsmede /
pet: pygmy puff / owl / cat / toad / other (hagrid/newt in training) /
quidditch position:
chaser / keeper / seeker / beater / spectator /
career: wandmaker / cursebreaker / auror / diagon alley shop owner / magizoologist / gringotts worker / healer / herbologist / unspeakable / hogwarts teacher /

no more please

some ladybug/marinette doodles! just trying out different designs for her, though I like the idea of older ladybug having low ponytails and some kind of cool cape :^o also kind of like the idea of mari having big eyebrows haha

(lol what is a consistent style??? don’t ask me I don’t have one) 

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I don't even get how the way he's dressing, the makeup, or the hair is modest. He still looks like a rockstar. And his style is still different and entirely his.

i think by “modest” they meant “toned down”; that’s how i interpreted it at least haha. regardless his appearance is fairly similar to how he looked when we first met him. i guess it’s just been awhile so some ppl forget?? idk.

anyway, i don’t rly have an issue w/ preferences for various magnus looks; it’s normal to like one thing over the other. it’s just the talk around magnus’s current look for s2 has been quite centered around how masculine (facial hair) vs feminine (aka beautiful/soft) he looks, which brings up so many problematic implications about race/gender/sexuality, I don’t even know where to begin. in both behavior and appearance, magnus consistently shatters gender/racial norms so it’s off-putting that some ppl still insist on boxing him in.

like, listen. magnus is a bisexual asian man who’s going to be shirtless looking buff as hell working out while wearing obvious eye liner and nail polish, w/ his boyfriend in the background appreciating him. that’s so many stereotypes broken already in just one scene. i think it’s important we don’t undo that progress, either by actively reinventing what he “should” look like or erasing certain aspects of him to better conform to the stereotypes we’ve been fed by popular media.

Ugh I rly wish teen titans go had better writing and character development because honestly the character designs are so cute and I like the art style but there’s no plot at all and the characters themselves aren’t very deep and idk the whole thing feels like it’s just supposed to be a big joke and?? It bothers me BC when I first heard about it I thought it would be more likeable but it ended up being wasted potential