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I think I saw Charming and Snow during Hook's scenes in that promo. So, he met them before 2x05? Why wouldn't Snow have recognized him then?

Well, actually, this brings up an interesting idea.  I always thought that Snow had a hint of recognition on her face when she realized who he was in 2x05.

Of course, this can just be played off as her knowing him by his reputation, but if they really wanted to, they could play it as Snow having met him in the past.  And Killian has been alive for hundreds of years, so I’m sure he doesn’t remember her (especially if he’d had anything to drink).  IDK, I always felt like there might be an untold story here with how she seems to recognize him, so maybe we’ll see something like that in the musical!!

I can see how fans may get a little disappointed that Dylan has a husband, but I’m gonna be the ass here and say I’m excited she has a male s/o.

All this non canonical shipping has mostly been male/male and female/female. Yeah, non canonical. So it’s not in the show and people want to see some of the possible ships happening, but most of them I don’t? I guess I’m a little tired of people wanting gay or bi characters since we already got that confirmed for Church, Ohio and then Sis is basically confirmed now too? Idk I was just really ecstatic to see Dylan have a husband because I need a break from non canonical and canonical gay/bi characters.

And this would probably come off as bitchy since I’m straight and have no idea what it’s like wanting representation for the LGBT community, but just know I’m all for the representation thing? And I’m not homophobic, transphobic, or bi-phobic in ANY way. I just want a break cause it feels like fans were REAAALLY forcing the “we want more diverse characters” onto Miles and now they’re doing the same to Joe?

So if I get shit for this then okay I’m totally fine with that cause opinions really suck and this one will suck to a lot of people, but I’m standing by this for now until I get a little more comfortable.

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Hi! Your blog is amazing! I really love it, but I'm a non binary person of color and it's important for me to know i'm welcomed here. Like idk if you're transphobic or racist or if you just think immigrants should go back to their country. I understand you not wanting politics on this blog, I do the same with my witchy blog! Thank you for reading and understanding.

Hi there! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. You ARE welcome here. I understand that’s a big concern for people on tumblr. Honestly, I’m the last person who judge a user based on their race, gender, ethnicity or whatever. As long as you’re a nice person interested in witchcraft (and it seems like you are!) you are welcome on my blog.

The reason I don’t have politics on my blog is because those posts are emotionally draining for me. Both the topics and the discussion surrounding the topics. I want my blog to be a happy place, full of self-care tips and positivity and witchcraft. I’ll get my politics somewhere else.

Thanks for understanding. You can talk to me anytime, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the content! Have a beautiful day! (^∇^)

Hi guys🙇🏼‍♀️

Idk if I even have any followers or mutuals left lol I’m sorry. I just haven’t had the time to spend on Tumblr really. We are currently crammed into my mom’s house with T-MINUS 1 WEEK until we leave for Michigan. It’s going about as awful as you would expect😂😭 I’m just ready to say all of our goodbyes and get the heck out of here! Any of my friends here live in the bottom left area of MI and want to be friends? Also I’ve been spending a lot more time on FB and Instagram so if you guys want to follow me on either of those just message me😘 Violet is great! Growing and healthy💪🏼 She was getting into a better sleep schedule but being here with all the chaos it has been rough on her. We are managing though and she is just the cutest! She wants to walk so bad! She stands up and supports herself on furniture..or me lol and she has started doing this thing where she grabs my hair and eats my face😂 I can’t wait to share some pictures of our new home with you all! I’ll post some recents of me and the babe here soon. Miss you all! I’m gonna go snoop and see whose births I missed lol

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single and I just want to get to know somebody really well.
LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: Both cuz I look good in lipstick but I’m lazy and I like chapstick but I forget to use it *shrugs*
LAST MOVIE YOU SAW: Uhhhhhhhhh I DON’T REMEMBER Mayyyyybeee it was Half Blood Prince?????
LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: The Pitiful Children from Be More Chill.
TOP 3 FAVORITE SHOWS: Steven Universe, uh,, Series of Unfortunate Events, uuuhhh,,,, Broadway shows >:3c
TOP 3 SHIPS: ok here we go; Davekat, Lapidot, (uh oh geez idk) Rosemary
TAG 9 PEOPLE: @jistery @gayindisguise @entrustedgold @rorbalorb @uhf-on-laserdisc @insertclevercomebackhere @posi-pan @softlybrrahs @dennys (<– this is the weirdest blog to me for some reason idk)

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DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS WHOLE TIME I'VE NEVER KNOWN IF YOUR FULL NAME WAS EMMA OR EMILY, AND IDK, I NEVER WANTED TO ASK, AND I HAVE JUST NOW LEARNED THE TRUTH TODAY? I'm just very glad to know this information, after 12 years of waiting. Emily is a super cute name.

LMAO I HONESTLY WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT THE OTHER DAY and like, some people here have known it’s emily this whole time but i only have em in my bio so!! a few people have called me emma in tags

i don’t really care either way - emma is really close to emily and frankly i love both names - but yeah!! for the record my real full first name is emily lol

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How come everyone in ur fnaf crew doesnt get along? idk if u have explained this in the past before or not so sorry if u have

 ahh i sort of did in this one ask here

 basically the reason why everyone just despises one another (for the fnaf 1 crew, at least) is mainly because freddy was a fucking jealous prick when he was younger, to the point where he’d outright manipulate people to get what he wanted and in the end it just snowballed into this huge mess

 the fnaf 1 crew doesnt hate, per se, the fnaf 2 crew, but they just. dont really care for them, mostly. its just cause i think theyre jaded they got replaced a bit

 they dont hate each other that much anymore as time has passed, but there’s still some of tension

I am a dude with a boyfriend.

We’re both Asian.

We went on a bus and sat in front of two girls.

I kissed behind his ear (and then he punched me in the arm, he’s shy in public) and I heard one of them whisper to the other something along the lines of “We get to see close up yaoi on here!”.

(Neither of us are even Japanese)

I was kinda offended, so I took my boyfriend by the hand and left.

It made us feel very uncomfortable.

I just want to say:

Our love and relationship isn’t for your entertainment.

Nor is it here for you to fetishize and sexualize.

Please just keep your “yaoi xDD” to just fiction, and please do not call us “yaoi”.

Many dismiss this as not a problem, which I find rude as they have never experienced this so they don’t really have much to say against this.

Thank you for reading.

- Submitted by Anonymous

* ^^^ Sorry to hear that anon D: that’s pretty terrible.


recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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this is titled “i-have-art-block-and-cant-produce-anything-except-bullshit-so-here-is-a-generic-¾-view-bust-of-lance-BUT-WITH-GLASSES.png” on my laptop. 

idk this is a college au or something he’s reading a really smart astrophysics book or whatever offscreen that’s why he looks so serious it has nothing to do with the fact that I CAN’T DRAW ANYTHING EXCEPT GENERIC ¾ VIEW UNSMILING BUSTS RIGHT NOW

klance under the cut just in case some of y’all dont ship it

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and then they paint each others nails and come up with wild theories about why Zarkon is such a grump until Hunk bursts in looking for his missing headband

he does agree that space IKEA constantly failing to give Zarkon enough screws to properly assemble his space furniture is a plausible explanation also where do you even find this stuff Lance? and don’t try telling me it came with your lion 

(idk i just wanted to draw something cute. i hc that lance really enjoys pampering people since it reminds him of his family, and keith didn’t get pampered at all growing up but he finds that he really likes it, even if he initially only agreed because he didn’t want lance to look so sad and homesick)

EDIT:  !!!! @paladin-pile​ wrote a fic inspired by this???! it’s absolutely fantastic and y’all need to read it! it’s over here on AO3, go go go! :D <3

hey um this is a random long caption. I really appreciate you all. The fact you take time to tell me about your day or how you feel or your opinion on something I ask is just nice and sweet and I know it’s small but like just speaking to me is cool even if it’s not direct. Yeah so Um I’ve been feeling weird. I’m not sure why, well I know why but idk. I know this has been emphasized time and time again but I don’t think it hurts to emphasize it again. I mean maybe it does it’s probably annoying but hey that’s me right. You know I do these over the top colorful looks and am overly bubbly sometimes it may seem but um it’s not always like that. I’m not always an angel, I can lie, I can breakdown, Im insecure, I can misinterpret things, sometimes I won’t listen.. and so on. But i try really try to be a better me and try hard to do whatever I want when it comes to what will make me feel good and not worry about outside opinions ya know (doesn’t work at times but a lot of times it can). So however you want to express yourself it’s okay. Something someone says about you or a friend or your dog isn’t about that specific thing, it’s about them and their own view of the world and how things should be. And we’re all different so we’re all gonna have different outlooks. What they think you should do may not be what you think you should do about a situation or what to wear to an event or the best way to approach that person you like.. etc. idk this really doesn’t have a point and I’m just typing as I think but.. remember ppl look through different eyes and remember to look through your own and find what works best for you and it could be wearing a yellow wig, over lining your lips, investing in equipment to efficiently stream you playing your favorite games, or entering a spoken word contest even tho you’ve only written one poem before. Idk we’re only here for a short period of time and I just want you to do and be whatever makes you smile a little bit or lose yourself in. But yeah thank you for always being kind to me and sharing that kindness and love with others as well. seriously love you all

I imagine that the Marauders (and Lily and Marleen and Mary and… well, all of those arseholes, really) tell each other that they love each other all the time. It starts out in their very first year, with James telling them all he loves them because he was always a very affectionate child and the others latching onto it because none of them got enough love in their childhoods. (Remus is a fucking werewolf, Sirius came from the Black Household, and Peter’s sister got all the love, since their mother never wanted a son; she’d only wanted a daughter.)

They’re all doing it by the end of First Year. It just becomes a part of their vernacular. 

Naturally, Sirius and Remus say it to each other just as much as the others, but Sirius can’t –for the life of him, damn it– figure out if it means anything else. He wants it to –boy, does he want it to– but he has absolutely no idea how to distinguish between the platonic and… well, the less platonic. So he says nothing.

And then, they start fucking. 

That’s all it is. Sirius pushes his emotions down because he can’t think about it any other way. Remus is just a mate helping a mate. They’re just… doing it to do it. Practicing for the girls. It doesn’t matter that Remus sleepily mumbles that he loves him as they cuddle after sex, because that’s what they’ve always said. Nothing has changed. The gaping black hole in his heart doesn’t matter. 

It isn’t until Remus comes up to him in the Common Room and curls up in his lap that Sirius actually questions it. He stiffens minutely, but it’s enough for Remus to be like ??? What’s wrong??? You literally had my dick in you last night are you okay??? I just kissed your neck Padfoot you look like you’re terrified I’m going to bite you. 

And Sirius stares at him for a full thirty seconds, in which Remus begins to squirm a little under the gaze, and then blurts out YOU LOVE ME???????

And Remus’ eyebrows skyrocket. They fuckin’ leave the planet’s orbit. “Yes??? I tell you that a lot???” 

“But you tell Prongs you love him. You tell Wormtail you love him.” 

Remus stares at him and then slowly, slowly begins to shake his head, because it had never even occurred to him that Sirius might doubt his actual intentions. He supposed they did sorta skip the whole Talk that usually came with dating, but he’d assumed it was implied. It had been implied!!! 

But apparently, Sirius hadn’t picked up on that particular implication, because he’s still staring wide-eyed down at Remus. So Remus sits up properly and kisses him, long and full on the mouth. Sirius melts into the kiss, like he always does, because he can’t resist because Moony is so brilliant. When Remus finally pulls away, Sirius’ eyes are slightly unfocused. 

“I don’t do that to Prongs,” he points out, and nuzzles his nose back against Sirius’ collarbone. “I love you, Sirius. I want to date you. To be honest, I kinda assumed we were already dating.” 

And Sirius just kinda goes……. oh. 

It’s worth Remus’ soft puffs of laughter against his skin, though. His Moony is so brilliant.