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Nickname: I have a few, but I’m just Sam! :3

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus 🐂♉️

Height: 5′2"

Time Right Now: 9:44PM

Last Thing I Googled: Something with aesthetics I think?

Favorite Bands: BTS, Super Junior, Got7, BigBang, B.A.P, TØP, Owl City, Simon & Garfunkel

Favorite Solo Artists: Idk? I really love G-Dragon’s solo stuff. And Taeyang~. Paul Simon is good!

Last Movie I Watched: it was a Jay & Silent Bob movie?

Last TV Show I Watched: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

When Did I Create My Blog: I created this one I think in January some time? Maybe end of December. I had other blogs ranging back to 2013 ☺️

What Kind Of Stiff Do I Post: Aesthetics, Moodboards, Snaps and BTS stuff~!

When Did My Blog Hit Its Peak: It’s still on the rise! But it starting picking up speed when I started aesthetics.

Do I Have Any Other Blogs: I used to but I don’t use them~ :3

Do I Get Asks Regularly: For requests, yes~. As for people wanting to ask things/talk. Not very often~

Why I Chose My URL:
I wanted something weird and to do with potatoes. 😂 that’s literally it.
Following: 600+ (cause I followed my first 300 followers back cause I’m dumb)

Posts: 431

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Team: Rocket

Favorite Colors: Green, Purple, Pink and Black

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7

Lucky Numbers: 178, 17, 2

Favorite Characters: A lot from my weeaboo days. Sai, Deidara, Gaara, Hidan and Hinata from Naruto. Sky High and Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny. Jean and Marco from SnK. Rei from Free!. Kristoph, Larry, and Apollo from Ace Attorney. Justin Law, Kid and Maka from Soul Eater. Rory from Doctor Who. Captain America, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke… And more-

What Am I Wearing Right Now: my pjs. A doctor who shirt with captain America sweat pants.

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 3 or 4

Dream Job: Anything~ i don’t mind as long as I can come home to my love~.

Dream Trip: South Korea, Japan, Australia and Germany!

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Castle in the Sky (1986) dir. by Hayao Miyazaki

“No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love!”


Guy just jumps out the fukin window.

Dating Peter Parker Would Involve...

[a/n]: no request but i sense lots of thirst for peter and wow same. so i decided to post this really quickly while im writing my next request

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Dating Peter Parker Would Involve…

  • Him being a fucking dork all the time
  • Him always wanting to watch “that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back”
  • idk about you guys but I would not mind possessive!peter
  • Him loving to show you off at school because he is actually so confused as to how he even got someone like you
  • Peter getting jealous easily because he thinks that someone else could give you so much more
  • You having to tell him that you don’t want anyone other than him
  • Like I’m dead serious a guy would just be talking to you at school or some shit and he’d get scared that he was going to take you away from him
  • “Don’t you dare ever even think about her again. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”
  • Date nights consist of eating pizza and cuddling while watching a movie
  • Having to tell Peter to be careful when he goes with Tony
  • Him still getting flustered when you tell him how cute he is
  • But him giving you constant compliments like his life depends on it
  • Since his hoodies are too big you pull the sleeves into your palm and make sweater paws while he plants a kiss on your nose and tells you that you look much better in his hoodie than he does
  • Him loving the way you scrunch up your nose when he kisses it
  • Sometimes you just glance over and he’s looking at you with his head tilted to the side, eyes filled with pure admiration 
  • Making him take selfies with you
  • Bugging him about the selfies so much that eventually he’s just done and so he crashes his lips to your’s, snapping a picture
  • “Post that one. I like that one”
  • You posting it and him being happy because he loves how everyone can see you’re his
  • idk guys I just think that Peter would love and treasure his girl more than anything else in the world
  • fuck now i want a peter. where can i get one?

Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

this moment is so small and weirdly lit that there’s really nothing to be done with it gifset-wise but i had to gif it anyway bc it’s the only shot of sabo in film gold that i hadn’t been spoiled for before watching it and even tho it’s only like 2 sec his beauty in it blows me away

Idk why everyone is so uptight about the alcohol in ep 33. Like have y'all seen any teen movie ever? Do you only watch PG movies and children’s cartoons until you turn 21? Also Europe in general has a very different drinking culture, so a lot of this kind of reeks of ethnocentrism and ignoring other cultures and their habits.

Idk i feel like the fandom in general is just really pissy a lot of the time and I feel like if a game pissed me off that much I’d just stop playing and move on with my life.


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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“They’re so sappy, it’s disgusting.”
Clint’s snide remark is almost lost under Sam’s feigned wretching.
“Super assassins in love. I think it’s sweet”, Tony quips. “Would make for a great Lifetime movie, too.“
“You guys do realize we can hear you and I have a sniper rifle…?”

Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed

“Just friends” [Jealous Newt X Reader]

Request:  Hey dude, can I request a jealous Newt x reader fic where he’s really jealous of how reader is being flirted with at work but is oblivious to it & Newt eventually comes in & saves her by snogging her or something & that’s how they get together idk❤😘

A/N: Thanks to the lovely anon who requested. I hope you’re all having a good day!

Words Count: 1450

Warnings: None

“Newt, come on! You don’t have to bring me to work; I know how to take care of myself.” You complained while Newt walked by your side inside the ministry.

“Do you really?” He asked in a sarcastic tone, raising an eyebrow and looking down on you.

“I’m not a little girl anymore.” You found him making an ironic face because of your height difference; you let out a sigh of irritation mixed with a little bit of joy. “They are only praising me, it’s nothing.” You answered stopping in front of an elevator.

“It doesn’t sound like nothing to me.” His voice evidencing that he was a bit jealous.

“Well, I’m single; so it’s not like it’ll bother anyone.” You shrugged while entering the elevator and pressing the button to level three. “See you at lunch?”

“Sure.” He answered with a little anger in his voice while the elevator door closed.

A smile of satisfaction formed into your lips. 

You knew Newt since you started working at the ministry and had had a crush on him ever since; but being two years younger than him, you never thought he would feel the same way about you, firstly because he would probably see you as a young girl who needed a big brother like him and for the simple fact that you both were really good friends and none wanted to destroy that beautiful friendship of yours. 

Seeing him jealous made you happy because a little light in the bottom of your heart started shining with the thought of him probably liking you back. But it was just a thought and it quickly went away as soon as you got to your level.

You were a bit tired of working there. All the compliments were nice in the beginning, but now it just seemed forced and a bit abusive, actually.

All the man from your departmental would always say you looked beautiful and that your hair looked great and other things like that, at the beginning it felt good and made you a little happier about working and it helped to build a confidence you didn’t know you had before, but now it was just tiring. You knew all of that was just because you were the youngest and the only girl working there.

There was just one specific man that you always liked receiving compliments and that was Phillip. He was quite handsome and a bit of a gentleman; he would always open the door for you and help you with some stuff from work, he was the kind of man your mom would love you to take home. But, by now it was all getting a little old and boring.

Philip tried multiple times to take you out on a date. Even if he didn’t specify it was a date, you knew it was because you knew what his intentions with you were.

You never said yes; you didn’t want to give him a tiny bit of idea that you could like him back, so you would always say, or lie, that you had promised to go out with Newt. 

With no surprise, at the end of the morning, when everybody was already out and you were finishing your work to get out as well, Philip came up to your desk.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Phillip said coming closer to your desk. “You look amazing today.”

“It’s not exactly morning, but good morning Phil.” Placing the papers that were in your hand to the side, you looked at him. “Thank you.”

“I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch with me today.” He asked looking down to his clock.

“Oh.” You sighed faking that you felt surprised with what you just heard. “I’d love to, but I have already agreed to go with Newt, so maybe another day.” An untrue smile formed on your lips.

“You know, I won’t be around for a couple of weeks, so this might be a good chance to go out with me.” He said leaning closer to you, with his hands over yours. “This could be our goodbye or something.”

“As I said, Philip,” you paused “I’d love to, but I promised to go with Newt today.” You took your hands from under his. “Besides, I’m not a fan of goodbyes, so I’ll pass this one.”

“This Newt guy is always taking you out for lunch, is he your boyfriend or something?” He talked over you, his voice sounded irritated.

“He’s my friend, for that matter.” You stood up grabbing some of the papers that were on your desk and walking towards a shelf full of boxed files.

“I can be more than a friend for you.” He said walking after you and putting his arms around your waist.

“That’s a bit creepy; can you leave me alone now?” You took his hand away from you and walked back to your desk after putting some documents in their due boxes.

“Come on Y/N, I really want you to go out with me.” He followed you and grabbed your arm, preventing you from getting your purse. “Can’t you just tell this Newt guy you won’t be able to go?”

“I don’t think that going to be possible.” You heard Newt’s voice behind you.

It took you by surprise; he had never really come into your workplace, you would always leave first and met him already in the muggle restaurant you both loved.

“Y/N said you are just friends, so I don’t see why not.” Phillip said and you felt rage growing inside of you.

“Newt, ignore him, let’s just go.” You walked toward Newt and placed your hand on his chest as if you were about to push him off the room. “I can handle to him later.”

You looked up to Newt and his eyes were filled with jealousy and anger; he looked to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. Quickly his lips were glued to yours and your tongues were moving together in a passionate kiss. 

One of your hands was still on his chest and the other one pulled him closer from the back of his neck. You were on your tip toes, trying to make the contact even deeper, it just felt good to be finally kissing him.

Philip walked out of the room while you and Newt were still kissing.

You both didn’t want to stop, your bodies begged for more contact but that wouldn’t be possible in the place you were standing; Newt started walking and you felt yourself bumping into a desk, he shoved everything that was over it to the ground and leaned you on it. 

You two continued kissing and his hands ran through the side of your body contouring all of it; your hands dragged him closer to you and your legs wrapped themselves around his waist helping to make your bodies closer.

As he started leaving hickeys on your neck you came back to reality and realized that you were still at work and that wasn’t the most appropriate place to keep on what you both wanted. At the same time, you thanked God that no one was around.

“Newt.” You said putting your hands on his chest and pulling him away while unwrapping your legs from him. “We can’t keep doing this here.”

It took him some seconds, but soon he said. “Oh, you’re right.” He stood up straight and pulled you up so you would be sitting in front of him. “But we can continue this later.” He whispered into your ear and you couldn’t help yourself but smile.

He helped you put everything back into place and held your hand while you both walked towards the elevator and then to the restaurant, without saying anything.

“I didn’t know all of that was inside of you.” You said at some point on the way.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to kiss you and I planned on doing it in a romantic way, but I couldn’t keep listening to that guy talking about us.” He kept looking straight.

“He just said that I told him we were only friends and that I should cancel the lunch with you to go out with him.” You laughed while talking, both of you stopped at a crosswalk and you looked to him.

“Exactly, he wanted you to go out with him, how could I possibly not care?” His gaze met yours and your smile grew.

“I mean, we weren’t together.” You said in an ironic tone.

“Oh, so now we’re?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Well, we better be, otherwise everything that just happens will be just a really awkward way of being just friends.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. 

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Hey so I love the concept for your movie ducks, but I just wanted to let you know that (thought its a trope) it's actually really unhealthy to feed ducks bread, it can make them overweight and get sick if they eat too much. Idk it's probably not a big deal for the movie, but if you can do something to help wild birds/ promote their safety you might as well!

Yes, I know. That’s why the ducks don’t actually eat the bread in the movie. They use it as their currency.

me w/ DC: 

  • will take anything and everything dc throws at me. love the justice league, love the batfam, love the teen titans, love the villains, love obscure comics from ten years ago, love quirky kid comics, love the movies, love the animations, love the tv shows, love everything and hardcore stan

me w/ Marvel:

  • idk i love daredevil and the x-men i guess

Prompt:  Person A accidentally figures out that person B has a hair pulling kink. Maybe A fell and grabbed B’s hair by accident and heard a moan, maybe A was playing with B’s hair one day and noticed that B’s all flustered. What happens out of that is up to you.

Warnings: *southern voice* it gets a lil sexual. (I’m from the South, I can make that joke)

Author’s Note: Idk, I just love the thought of running my hands through his hair and….yeah I really couldn’t pass this up. (ALSO, a shout out to the Broadway Gang!!!!) 

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Did you like cursed child?

Some things were really nice, some things were ridiculous. I liked Harry and Draco’s conversations, Scorpius was a sweetheart. I felt like Hermione and Ron were more like their movie versions than book versions. I was annoyed by how Ron was just that stupid and “hilarious” friend. Generally, idk maybe I’m old and forgot all HP books, but it wasn’t the Harry Potter I knew and loved, it was more like I was reading a fanfic where:
- Draco was that hot, broken boy you just wanted to hug and comfort (◜⁎ˇ3ˇ⁎)ゞ
- Ron was a jealous prick picking on him and serving some boring lines that supposed to make everyone laugh ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)
- Harry was awkward and generally tired and not very good as a father (I mean, that’s fine)
- Hermione was weird (that book cupboard thing, also toffie scene?????? wtf, Hermione/Ron scenes were a harlequin romance)
- Ginny was the most supportive woman in the galaxy
- Snape! sarcastic bamf with a heart of gold ╮(ಠ‿ಠ)╭ who saved the world
- plus two kids who didn’t know what they were doing: an emo with aunty issues and the sweetest cinamon roll.
All villains were so grotesque I can’t even. The gyöngyhajú lány. And that Voldemort au? What was even that? Dungeons of tortures?? Scorpion King????????? I mean… ლ(⊙_⊙ლ) The trolley lady was pretty normal in comparison with the rest… Like, tbh everything was just action (and that’s weird because some scenes didn’t move the plot much) and no emotions, the characters were rather shallow in my opinion (siriusly, not much depth) And why the heck it was about Cedric? We just don’t know ╮( •ิ_•ิ)╭
I wish I could watch it on stage (•́︿•̀) maybe I’d like it better…
So, did I like it? Meh. Do I accept all those things as canon? (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ Hell no ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

Just So Y'all Know

So I saw that Leafy retweeted a tweet from Shorbie saying smth about them streaming together. I’m like “hmm, I wonder what this’ll be like?” And I clicked the link that lead to the stream and guess what?

I ended up staying for most of the stream even after Leafy left. It was overall a really fun time because I got some EXCLUSIVE!™ info:

Cal’s absolute fav movie is American Psycho, he really likes Fight Club and 2 other ones (shame on me I forgot them.) and that he’s going to be streaming today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone).

We’re finally getting the stream we’ve been begging for all of last year and this year. (If he decides to keep that promise)

P.S: I like Shorbie now


Feel free to delete this:
I spoke about this moment before but I finally got around to making the gifs to go along with it so again, the thing I love about these moments is that at first she was like “lol you read comics how charming” and then later while she’s with Bill he asks her about Louis and she’s still mad/upset with him and yet she’s reading his favorite comic series and idk man I just think it’s really damn cute. I just love this movie entirely. That is all. 

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Do you have any advice for a hufflepuff who's really burnt out by friends w mental illness? Idk how to step away but I have my own problems but that feels like being a bad friend:/

That’s super hard, dude.

Honesty is really the best idea with this. “I love you, and I will always love you, but I need some alone time right now to recharge my batteries. I have X going on right now and I need to take care of that.” Even just taking a few days for yourself, turning off your phone and going to see a movie or whatever.

Best of luck to you, my friend <3

-Amy (Hufflepuff)