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Jean Moreau ‘firsts’ to consider:

  • the first time Jean allowed himself to enjoy a blue sky
    • the trojans had dragged him off to a picnic for “team bonding” and it was the first time he’d been allowed to look at the sky without Riko looming over him
  • the first time Jean felt the grass under his fingers
    • on that same picnic, while Laila and Alvarez were wrestling playfully nearby, Jean looked at the grass under the blanket and ran his hands over it and was in awe at how smooth it was
  • the first time Jean went to a party
    • the Trojans just won a game and wanted to celebrate, so of course they made Jean come along, and at first he’d been apprehensive, but then Jeremy grinned at him and it turned out to be not so bad
  • the first time Jean genuinely smiled
    • unsurprisingly, it was because of Jeremy, who made a stupid pun that Jean wanted to groan at, but he found it humorous somehow so he just… couldn’t help it
  • the first time Jean failed and didn’t beat himself up over it
    • the Trojans rarely lose a game, but sometimes Jean can’t stop a shot that should have been easy. One day he can’t block a shot and he’s surprised to realize he’s just thought “I’ll do better next time”
  • the first time Jean lets himself love
    • it’s not just Jeremy, but also Laila and Alvarez, who show him that love isn’t supposed to be painful or possessive or suffocating and who give him the courage to let the team love him
    • even Jeremy
    • (especially Jeremy)
Being In Boarding School With Yandere Bangtan *Short One-Shots*

Anon Asked:  Could we have a yandere bts/ boarding school scenario??reaction??idk??? Like yandere bts at boarding school thing about their day to day with the reader? I don’t know if this makes any sense, sorry. I love y'all and though I completely want bonbori to be her safest and happiest it breaks my heart that she might have to leave here to do it. Just know that you are adored and appreciated no matter what and thank you for the awesome time we’ve had! 💋💋💋

I really loved this request!!~ And OHMYGOSH Thank you so much honey! I’m going to be sticking around for all of you so don’t worry! We all love you too so much!~ Enjoy :-)

WARNING* Our Yandere post always contain some kind of violence, and stalker/possessive material within them. We never want to hurt any of you with our writing so if any of these topics makes you uncomfortable please refrain from reading :-(


   He first noticed you as soon as you stepped on school grounds. Because of how popular he was he never wanted to bring more attention towards you than you were already receiving for being new, by focusing all his attention on you, because he knew how much people liked to talk here and how fast rumors and gossip spread like wildfire. But he just couldn’t help it. You radiated in every way possible here and were different from all the other girl who only wanted to get close to him for his family fortune he had inherited. But you, you weren’t like that at all. The times that you two had talked when no one else was around, it was very genuine and of course you showed that you cared, and accepted him for him, and for who he was, not his title. 

   This is what made him fall so much more for you, so much so that he had to have you, no matter what the cost. For you he would give up everything, he didn’t care, as long as he had you in the end. And not just as a friend, but as his. He wanted every inch of you, good and bad. After sometime he didn’t care anymore. Today was finally the day he would have you.

   He was in the courtyard with some of his friends ,talking about the previous event from the week, but no matter what was said, he just couldn’t focus. You were on his mind the whole time. Those kissable lips of yours, your infectious laugh, your bright smile, the way you seemed to make heads turn your way whenever you walked by. He became more frustrated by the minute. That’s when he saw you.

    There you were.

    Walking towards the other wing when he jolted forward from where he stood as another classmate came up to you. He frowned as he noticed you tense up when he opened his mouth to speak, and he could feel himself start to quickly walk over to where you stood when the man took a step closer to you and put out his hand to grab yours.

    Before the man who had just confessed to you could touch your hand with his, Seokjin swiftly came up behind you grabbing your wrist with one hand and pulling you back against him by your waist with his free hand.

    Of course anyone that was nearby gasped at his actions, for never did he date anyone at this school before, let alone ever be interested in anyone for that fact, so it came as a shock to them, especially you and the man who looked his way in question. 

    “S-Seokjin. What are you doing?” The man asked him in a hesitant tone, but wore an annoyed expression.

    He smirked at him for sometime before going back to glaring at him like before. “Y/N’s mine..” He said in a soft growl, He then locked his hand with yours, lacing his fingers in and out with yours, before gently holding up your arm with his so everyone could see, “Does everyone hear that? She’s mine, and I am hers from now on.” 

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   His studies were everything to him. Sure he had friends, but he never thought about going out to parties or doing anything reckless that would jeopardize everything he was building up towards. But that all changed when you entered school. 

    When you walked into the classroom he couldn’t help but take a second glance from what he was working on. Actually, he didn’t just take a second glance, but he stared too. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, and for the first time in a long time, he started to feel himself smile.

   Before the both of you knew it, he was following you to class, helping you with any work that needed to be done, and asking you if you had wanted to hangout when the both of you didn’t have classes. Soon he started to slip from everything, but he didn’t care. You were his everything. 

    Soon his talks that used to be about his own life after here, now included you. 

   You never did realize his fascination with you until you were waiting for him by the library doors. A classmate of yours had come up to you, with talks of the events from earlier that day. Though you smiled on the outside , you couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy by a presence that stared your way from across the building. 

   That’s when it happened.

   From the corner of your eye, you saw Namjoon throw his stack of books he held to the floor only to rush over to where you two stood. Before anyone could utter a word, he had him shoved away from you and against the front desk as he held a hand up above his face, as his other one was wrapped firmly around the collar of his shirt,holding him in place.

   He didn’t hear the warning of the librarian , threatening to call the dean, but he didn’t care as his fist came crashing down on the boy he held.

   As he pulled away in a huff and frown, he looked over at you with sad eyes, as you pleaded with him not to fight in fear of him getting expelled.

   “I don’t care about any of that anymore. I only care about you Y/N…”

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    He never really took interest in anyone. All he cared about was getting his work done and getting out of there as fast as he could, but as soon as you came into the picture, time seemed to slow down, almost to a stopping point. Never did he see someone so beautiful and so full of life. He lost sight of what used to matter to him, as he found himself staring your way in class much more these days. And in the classes that you didn’t have together, he daydreamed and fantasized about you. He craved you, he wanted more of you and tried his best to find ways to be able to talk to you, or have you glance his way. 

   He had never tried so hard from someone in life before, so it was all new to him. It was a scary experience but he wanted you to know just how he felt and that what he felt wasnt’ just going to go away. He just had to have you.

    Not knowing what to say to you made him more and more frustrated. He noticed you getting more attention from other guys alike and he didn’t know what to do anymore. He was never one to strike up a conversation first so he worried he would mess everything up and make you veer away from him.

   Days went by, and he became lifeless, until he saw an open opportunity and dove into it.

   As he was late to getting to his next class ,he perked up at the sight of you walking down the hallway as you made your way somewhere by yourself. Though he knew it was rash, he just had to have you alone so he could talk to you. 

   That’s when he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you into the nearest supply closet locking the door behind him before cornering you in the small space. 

   Now it was the little lamb and the hungry wolf alone together.

   He could sense the fear from you so he breathed and spoke ever so softly, telling you how he felt and why he did what he did, and how he couldn’t stand seeing you with those other men.

   “I hope after this you will see me in a different light…I hope you understand that I’ve never wanted wanted anything so bad in my life…”

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   Upon seeing you he was mesmerized. He was head over heels for you the moment you spoke, the moment you smiled, the moment you laughed.

   He latched onto you like no tomorrow, while still keeping his distance. You two became the best of friends after a few weeks of talking here and there, and you both realized that you had more in common than you thought which made him much more drunk on you.

    When it was the two of you he couldn’t help but smile the whole time, when you were away he felt sick to his stomach, especially when it came to seeing you with other students, worried they would whisk you away from him at any moment. He always wanted to be at your side, protecting you.

    He couldn’t bear the thought of life without you and it put him in a bad mood. There was only thing that he could think of that he knew would be the only way to keep you two together without any one getting in the way.

    You two would have to run away together.

    He asked you in the late afternoon to meet him in the middle of the night when things have calmed down to meet him by the giant tree that you two spent free time talking under.

   As soon as he told you his plan, you gave him a surprised look, hoping that he was just joking, but when he never smiled, you knew that he was dead serious.

   “Please don’t look at me like that Y/N…” He quietly pleaded.

   “I just don’t understand why you would want to do that Hoseok…I know it isn’t so great here, but we are okay..” You couldn’t help but take a step away from him, feeling uneasy by the serious and yet upset way he looked in the darkness.

    He must have felt your uneasiness because just then he smiled your way as he walked closer to you, and with his arms outstretching to try and grab your hand with his. 

    “Please don’t be scared of me…The only reason I suggested it is because I want us to have a life together…Just me and you with no one trying to interfere. Isn’t that what you want to?” 

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    He was the most superior student at the school. He blessed the students there with his smiles and charisma. Everyone had kissed the ground he walked on, and no one ever stepped to him knowing there were dire consequences to the actions people took towards him. 

   The girls adored him, and the boys secretly envied him, yet still tried their best to be in his circle. 

    The moment that you attended this giant school, he took interest in you with a snap of fingers, of course the boys who knew him,knew to keep their eyes to the floor when looking your way. Although the girls knew not to bother you, they still threw hateful whispers and nasty looks your way for taking their precious prince from them.

   You could have cared less. The way he acted around you made you roll your eyes. He was much too cocky and far too flirtatious with you that it made you wonder if this is how he was with all the girls, or at least the newer ones. It made you sick to think that maybe he had no respect for women at all and just thought you would be at his side just like the other girls with a clap of his hands. But you weren’t to give in so easily.

   You had enough when he suddenly stopped you in the middle of the classroom as you walked to your desk and complimented you hair today.

   You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at him before you brushed passed him to continue to your seat, but before you could take another step, you felt his hand curl around your arm, that you quickly yanked from you, which made everyone in the room gasp then go quiet. The girls snickered, knowing that this was the final straw and waited for what was to come next.

   But what happened next made everyone, including you, speechless.

   All he could do was smile, then burst out laughing, explaining after sometime that the reason for this reaction was because you were the first one to decline his feelings and not give into his charms.

   “I see that everything I did, never changed your mind. Even though I find your anger adorable, your whim to push yourself from me just makes me want you so much more Y/N, and I’m not going to stop trying until I win your heart like you have already won mine, without even trying…”

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    Right away he took interest in you, and it was very noticeable. He was sitting with a group of friends during class when you walked in. His eyes lit up as he slid off the table top that he leaned against and made his way over to you. There was no hesitation between the two of you as he started to talk up a storm. 

    During the weeks spent together, he distanced himself between him and all his friends. You didn’t mind his presence at all.  He was just so cheerful and funny and always was the life of the party, even if it was just the two of you. You hadn’t noticed but after sometime he started acting different.

    He latched onto you much more, and became so much more clingy than ever. The hugs between the two of you seemed to linger and last longer. He became more touchy, and sensitive.

    This Taehyung was much different than the one you met when you first came here. He seemed more paranoid and more angry, only when other people came around you two.

    You knew something was wrong the instant that one of his friend has come up to the two of you as you sat,talking on a bench next to the tennis courts. He came up with a beaming smile, asking if you wanted to play a round of ball , but before you could answer back Taehyung stood up and shifted in front of you. His now smile was replaced with a frown. 

    “What do you think you’re trying to do? You know that Y/N is my friend. She is mine, so I don’t understand why you are trying to come between us. She’s my bestfriend and so much more..I’m what’s best for her,and I’m not going to let anyone else take my place..”

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    It took you a while until he finally looked your way. Why? Because he hardly went attended classes. He just didn’t care for them or being at that place at all for that matter, and you could tell by the time everytime roll call was being called, he was no where in sight. Of course people made fun of him and gossiped here and there, saying how he was troubled, and they didn’t understand how someone as pathetic and low was even allowed at such a prestigious school. 

    The words of your fellow classmates made you sick. Everyone had seemed so stuck up there that you kept mostly to yourself during your journey there,which lead to you being talked about as well, sometimes good, but mostly bad. Surprisingly though, there were a few incidents where you had run ins with this lone wolf. And during that time, you actually enjoyed his company. You had learned that he was misunderstood and that he hated being there just as much as you were starting to. 

   In the end you to made a pact to stick together and see this through side by side. Though, no one told you how obsessive and over protective he could be. 

    The moment that you let him into your world, he didn’t want to leave. He instantly became attached to you. 

    You were like the small speck of light that he needed to help him go on in this bottomless pit and he wasn’t about to let that disappear from him. For him you were his hope that he always longed for. 

    Over time you he started showing up to class more and more each day, through all of the snickers and stares he got. At lunch he stayed right behind you, always making sure you had enough to eat, to keep your strength up. He made sure to always walk you to your next class. 

    You were his motivation, and things seemed to be looking up for the both of you. You felt he was changing for the better and you had hoped that others would see it too.

   But the illusion was shattered when some boys decided that since Jungkook wasn’t around you during lunch that to would be fun to torment and pick on you, knowing that now without him around you at this moment you were vulnerable. 

    You frowned and pleaded as on of the boys grabbed your tray, trying to take it from you, but only flipping it and the contents on your tray onto you in the process, in the end. 

    You opened your mouth to say something at the now laughing boys but before any words could come out, Jungkook ran swiftly from behind you, and knocked him to the ground with a ear-splitting thud. He was so blinded by rage as he bashed his face in over and over again, that he didn’t hear your screaming for him to stop or he would end up killing the already passed out boy. 

    After sometime he stood up, with bruised knuckles and a scowl upon his face as he looked down at what he had done. He knew he shouldn’t have gone that far, with how far he had already came with you, but he had hurt you, and he was damned if he let anyone touch you in that way.

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park woojin|promposal

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member: park woojin
genre: FLUFFY n short
summary: your boyfriend woojin asks you to prom with the help of the wanna one guys 

  • you were so hyped up as you see your boyfriend woojin go up on the stage
  • but suddenly as the music started 
  • you felt two people gently lift you up out of your seats to a seat which was in the middle of the centre aile of the auditorium
  • and you admit you did give a little scream
  • “you okay sweetheart?” you hear the concerned tone in your boyfriends voice
  • you shout back “just fine” with a shaky thumbs up
  • you turn around to see daniel and seongwoo smirking at you 
  • they both say at the same time “enjoy the show" 
  • then they dash to the stage as well 
  • you were confused like were they doing this because woojin’s performing???
  • woojins voice rings out again
  • "y/n get ready to dance”
  • you were even more puzzled and shouted right back
  • “to dance???”
  • “yes dance” he said with a cheeky smile showing off his snaggletooth
  • suddenly the music gets louder and woojin starts dancing
  • you can’t help but clap and cheer as he dances
  • he is the most talented person you know 
  • you love to see him dance not only because he’s amazing but how much you can tell he loves every moment of it
  • suddenly as the chorus comes in
  • the wanna one boys came into the stage with button up shirts 
  • and everyone cheers even louder 
  • daniel does his b-boying and seongwoo and jihoon doing popping
  • and everyone else doing their own thing
  • especially minhyun doing his little butt dance which resulted into a lot of cheering and laughing
  • your favourite bit was when woojin was in the middle and jumped making a heart and winked at you
  • your heart died then 
  • as the instrumental bit came on 
  • the wanna one guys suddenly lined up in a line with woojin in front of them 
  • and woojin grabbed the mic and looking at you directly said sweetly 
  • “will you go to prom with me y/n??" 
  • and just at that moment all the guys took their button up shirts off
  • while you laughed your ass off 
  • as some of them had white shirts on and some of them were showcasing their bare torsos 
  • cause daniel wanted to take his shirt off
  • on either their t shirt or torso they had a letter spray painted on spelling out
  • G O T O P R O M ? ? 
  • you laughed harder as you see their embarrassed faces
  • and you were secretly slightly disappointed woojin didn’t take his shirt off
  • and just as the chorus came woojin flipped off the stage 
  • making you scream in shock and worry 
  • people cheer as he did
  • he just gave you a wink as he landed safety
  • you just rolled your eyes but also glad he didn’t hurt himself
  • then he started to collect a flower from people on the edge of the rows 
  • and you couldn’t help but become all soft as they were your favourite flowers 
  • and before you knew it woojin was only centimetres away from you 
  • with a bouquet of your favourite flowers 
  • and with the biggest grin on his face he whispered to you 
  • "what’d you say will you go to prom with me?”
  • you smiled at him and replied “i’d love to”
  • he whisked you up with you letting out a little squeak and laugh 
  • and the auditorium became loud cheers, claps and wolf whistles
  • and that became louder as woojin kissed you so softly 
  • and you just melted in his arms 
  • as you two parted he whispered softly to you “i love you”
  • and you replied “i love you too" 
  • with both of you sporting huge ass grins on your faces and feeling like on the top of the world
  • you two danced for the rest of the song together 
  • but also danced the night away at prom together 

woojin it’s your birthday, i remember paying attention to bnm auditions and being so so impressed by he fact you choreographed the dance i instantly stanned you and seeing your adorable nature in ep 2 just solidified your n2 spot (I’m sorry okay seongwoo was attacking me) but by get ugly wowowoow you stole my heart ONCE AGAIN and you’ve had it ever since. i love but hate writing for you because i’m really not as good at it as writing for other members and so many other authors are better than me. but it doesn’t matter. i love you so so so much and i will always support you. and i hope you have an amazing birthday I LOVE YOU PARK WOOJIN!!

okay everyone i’m back and when i say i’m back i’m back i have a jaehwan enemies to lovers ready to post for tomorrow and already working on my guanlin one i KNOW IM ACTUALLY DOIGN SHIT FOR ONCE LMAO just an update on heirs vs bodyguards heirs is in the lead and you guys only have a week left to vote so KEEP ON VOTING!!! love you all!!!

also not adding to master list only if someone asks idk its just so short and not really properly thought out so ya

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how does it feel having a fic this popular & having so many people be affected by it & so excited to read even just short asks about it?? did u ever expect this??

idk man idk i wish i could express how grateful i am to everyone who loves this story because i love it so much and to know there are people out there who probably love it as much as i do is incredible. it’s like watching your baby grow up before your eyes and being so proud of what they’re becoming and then realizing that you’re the one who helped it get there, you know? idk. i really didn’t expect this much of a response. and there are days where i honestly believe i don’t deserve this much of a response – or, like, everyday, lmao – but that doesn’t mean i don’t count my lucky stars when i remember this story is touching people so much and they’re out there enjoying it and idk. that’s always my goal. always has been. i know i like to read because sometimes i need to forget about the things around me, and if my stories can have that effect on someone else, then i’m very, very happy and i feel like i’ve done my job.

girl!everyone is the au where i live but i cannot stop thinking about the au where everything is the same except gansey is a girl

  • girl gansey can bend the sun to her will, nobody bats an eye at the fact that she goes to a boy’s school and is rowing captain and stuff nobody questions her Magic
  • blue’s prophecy said “if she were to kiss her true love, they would die” and she was like, ok, thanks, very helpful
  • helen loves her younger sister but wishes she would stop being the way she is and help run the wedding planning business. gansey’s mom smoothing the wrinkles away from her forehead when she frowns takes on new meaning here. gansey not wanting to bother people as she’s literally getting killed takes on new meaning.
  • ronan’s relief at having feelings for a girl– haha wow!! close one phew!!!!– until he realizes he doesn’t want to kiss her, he just wants to die for her, that’s all. they find people’s assumptions that they’re together incredibly funny
  • at the beginning of trb she and adam kinda straddle the line between friends and lovers and siblings. it’s weird for everyone. ronan is basically drunk the entire time rip my son
  • so tbh in this au maybe blue and adam never date, it’s just that gansey and adam are dating sort of at the beginning, and gansey is trying to be his mom as well as his gf and neither of them see each other clearly and it’s just kind of a mess. Bi Disaster Blue Sargent ™ thinks everyone in this friend group is hot and it’s terrible but she’s not about to go after someone in a relationship. tbh i don’t know if adam and gansey would even be Officially in a relationship but it would read like that to blue
  • so when blue meets them all she’s like haha shit, this boy doesn’t know i’m gonna steal his girl. but wait i don’t want to steal his girl, i don’t like her. wait…… do i want to steal his girl??
  • spoiler alert: she steals his girl

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I don’t want to rush you bt could you maybe do a ‘study date’ imagine where your crush is the tutor and is helping you out in a subject you’re bad at and are about to have exams in? Thank you!!! Love the blog btw!!

You sat in class trying to focus as much as you could to get the information through your brain, but it just went right through. The teacher was finishing the lesson for today so you could start doing the assigned homework but you had no idea how to do number one.

“Okay class now get started on the worksheet and remember exams are next week so be sure to keep up with the class,” she says while returning to her desk.

Part of the reason you were doing bad in math was because your teacher was crazy. Another reason was because (c/n) was in your class and the fact that he sat in front of you was not helping you learn math. You turned and looked at him, admiring him from afar. Suddenly he turns his head towards you and you quickly turn your head back to the teacher. 

 “(y/n), please meet me at my desk for a second,” your teacher says, not looking very happy. You approach his/her desk and fiddle with your hands nervously.

“(y/n) you have a B+ in this class, I know you work hard in school so why is it that you’ve been struggling,“ he says with concern. You sigh and look into his eyes, “I’m having a hard time understanding this lesson and no matter how much I study I can’t do it,” you admit. “Okay well I suggest you have a tutor. I suggest (c/n), he seems to have the highest grade in this class” he says and a blush rises from your cheeks, “(c/n) would you come over to my desk?” You watch as his head perks up.

As he heads over to the teacher desk you admiringly watch him. “What’s up (t/n)?” he asks with no worries whatsoever. You see him take a few glances at you but return his focus back to the teacher. “Well (c/n), (y/n) needs help on this lesson, would you be willing to tutor (y/n) perhaps for extra credit?” He looks at you and nods. “Yeah sure. She’ll understand it in no time,” he says with a small smile. “Okay great,” your teacher says, “now return to your seats”.

Walking back to your seats, (c/n) says, “Okay well class is almost over, is there a time you want to meet? We could go to the library or something,” he says while packing up his stuff. You nod and agree to meet him after school.

You sit quietly to yourself waiting for (c/n) to arrive. You look around, noticing there’s not many people here. You were quite nervous you were going to be talking with (c/n). You push your glasses up the bridge of your nose and pull out your math homework. You try over and over again to do the first equation but it still doesn’t make sense.

“Need some help?”, (c/n) says while pulling his chair out and plopping in his seat next to you. You jumped at the closeness in his voice and felt the butterflies erupt in your stomach. You nod and turn your chair and position it so it’s slightly facing him. “You don’t need to be shy (y/n), I mean c'mon we’ve been friends for so long,“ he says pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. You smile and nod again, “Sorry (c/n), I just get shy sometimes, it’s a little embarrassing,” you say while blushing.

No that’s okay, it’s cute,” he says, making the blush appear even more.

Once (c/n) took out his notes he began explaining the steps to the math homework. “Okay so once you distribute the number to the parenthesis, you combine the like terms and write it out again as a whole,” you write it out as he explains it. You try the first problem again and this time, it was a piece of cake.

“Wow thank you so much (c/n) I really appreciate it. Sorry for taking up your free time but-” you were cut off by (c/n) saying, “you didn’t take up my free time. I wanted to help you. But maybe you can repay me by giving me your number,“ he says biting his lip anxiously.

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “Wh-why do you want my number (c/n)?,” you ask nervously. He chuckles and replies,“so I can ask you out on a date later this week, is that okay with you?” With words not being able to form you simply nod. He laughs once again and says, “you’re too cute (y/n),“ and you take out your phone and allow him to put in his number. You notice him text himself something before locking it and returning it back to you. He grabs his stuff, shoving it all into his backpack and he says, “Well I’ll see you tomorrow in class (y/n), I’ll text you later,” and after that he winks and walks out of the library.

Once you got home from finishing the now easy math homework, you went upstairs and laid down on your bed. You finally have the time to check your phone after a long day. You look at the text (c/n) sends himself and it says,

(c/n) you’re the cutest guy ever

You notice he also texted back.

Aww thanks cutie

You blush at the fact that he would text himself that and you notice he’s put his name as ’(c/n)❤️’.

Your cheeks blush again. What was this boy doing to you.

SORRY this one is really short but idk I just didn’t want it to be typical where they kiss so I just wanted it to be slow and innocent. I love you guys so much I have like mid 500 followers and that is so amazing. Next imagine next week maybe idk.

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Can you please do how the boys would react if you sent them texts really worried that they're on a diet or aren't eating enough, cuz you saw pap pics of them where they looked skinnier? Thanks!!

Omg for this one I really wanted to do some fake texts, but idk how to lol

Jimin : “Don’t worry Jagiya, i’m alright ! It’s just that the comeback is in few days so I need to be careful, but, if you’re really worried, to prove you that you shouldn’t I take you to the restaurant tonight okay ? Love ya XX”

Jin/Seokjin : “You’re worried about me not eating enough ? Come on Jagiya, you should know me by now, I still eat as much as before, but it’s just that I am practicing really hard the new choreo :p Want a proof ? Here” 

 *joins a short video* Caption : Yum yum~

Suga/Yoongi : “You should worry about me not getting enough sleep instead- I mean no. You shouldn’t even worry about me, I don’t need food to survive, the food needs me. Really don’t worry babe, I’m okay”

Jungkook : “*sends a picture*

“Did you see it ? I’m not getting skinnier, I’m getting stronger~ You like it don’t you ? So stop worrying too much okay ? xoxo”

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anonymous asked:

hi so I've run out of drarry fics and I'm wondering if u could rec your very favorite ones??

ahhhhh i dont really have many favorites!! i usually just read short ones because i have the attention span of a chipmunk but ya sure lets go!!!!

Draco Malfoy, It’s Your Lucky Day

okay this one is ridiculously ooc and harry is a flirt and draco is a snarky little ass and theres some ~~mystery~~ oooo but otherwise happy ending c: 

The Ties That Bind Us

this is another faithwood fic and its hilarious and silly and dumb and ya 

Talk to Me

this is the first fic i read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its absolutely adorable and i loved it and it made me fall in love with this pairing

on a clear day 

omg this one is just lovely and isa forced me to read it and i loved it its one of my absolute favorites c:

The Punching Mistletoe

okay im obviously such a dork because i laughed way to hard at this one and its super short and ya im just dumb sorry!!

He Who Must Not Be Normal

okay this one is kinda darker (eh not really but its not as fluffy) and a bit longer than the others and idk???i really fell in love with it??? i think i just loved how they both managed to heal the other and help one another 

Draco’s Boy 

this is the longest fic ive ever read and it was super adorable in the beginning gah its a muggle au and theyre little kids and next door neighbors and its super sweet (but soooooooo ooc omfg)

Storm in a Teacup

yay more cute and dumb and im dumb ya but good fic woo!!!!

The Liplock Jinx

omg i love this fic soooo much!! its also one of the first i read and by the end was just wiggling like a slug ya

okay ya so thats all ive got friend!! sorry for my dumb commentary and i hope you enjoy yay!!!