idk i just really liked this chicken


I’m gonna be real with you, I procrastinated finish this for like 5 days because I just couldn’t get the lighting to be gucci. Lucky me, @illustraice is an actual fried chicken goddess and saved my ass so that I didn’t just trash it and redo it by making it all BAM FIRE BOOM.

So! Technically, this is my first collab, even if it did only take her about 25 minutes because she’s a #queen. Tap for better quality because it’s being a fuck

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 so im revisiting my bad gem au and kinda making it closer to canon-ish or smth

 instead of the gems they were before, chica’s now a jasper (more or less overcooked, i bet,,) and bonnie is an amethyst (his gem is on his back i think idk i kinda forgot it lmao)

 i mean its still a bad au, but it’s just slightly less bad than it was before. ofc it’s rlly ooc w/ the actual su canon stuff (i mean REALLY loose, esp since there’s no male gems, oopsies) but i mean like. its an au so. eh

if nhl players were contestants on ‘chopped’

sidney crosby: has been the head chef of a restaurant since he was 19. wants to win so he can buy his own restaurant. smiles and blushes whenever the judges say something positive about his food, purses his lips and nods when they say anything negative. keeps talking about how he’s a “competitor” and how important winning is to him. when he wins, ted asks him if he’s excited and he says “for sure.”

jonathan toews: owns an all-organic, gluten free, vegan restaurant. says he would use the $10,000 to buy some land to farm so he could do true farm-to-table. gets pig’s cheek as a basket ingredient in the entree round and doesn’t know how to prepare it, gets chopped before dessert

tyler seguin: calls his food ‘sexy.’ says he’s going to win it all. uses an absurd amount of vodka in his dish, after taking a shot or two of the vodka. winks at alex guarnaschelli as he presents the dish. gets chopped in the appetizer round

alex ovechkin: makes food that ‘reminds him of russia.’ somehow manages to charm all of the judges. makes pasta even though scott conant is one of the judges, and kills it. tries to bake something in the dessert round and ends up with a wonky cupcake-looking thing that he tries to pass off as ‘deconstructed.’ gets chopped in the dessert round.

jeff skinner: is the youngest one by far in the competition. “i’m just here to prove to myself that i can do it.” kills it in the appetizer and entree round, but can’t work the ice cream machine in the dessert round and gets chopped.

brad marchand: spends literally the entire time he’s cooking trying to talk to everyone else in the kitchen. gets chopped in the entree round because he literally didn’t plate, he just threw everything in a damn bowl.

pk subban: wants to win so he can take his family on a nice vacation. manages to charm all the judges and ted with his jokes. slips up a little in the entree round and gets a lil too ambitious with his flavors, but makes it to the dessert round and ends up winning it all.

carey price: “i’m here to prove to everyone who said i couldn’t make it as a chef.” burns one of his basket ingredients in the entree, but somehow turns it into something amazing and gz says it’s “the best dish of the day.” gets chopped in the dessert round, but just barely.

brent burns: is “just here to have fun.” is probably wearing board shorts under his chef’s apron. gets fish in the appetizer round and is the only person in the competition who can actually prepare it. tries to make a sauce out of peanut butter and lemonade in the entree round and gets chopped.

connor mcdavid: looks like he’s flustered and doesn’t know what he’s doing, but actually is super fucking skilled. uses all the weird kitchen appliances like the anti-griddle and shit like that. the judges keep praising him for being “innovative” and “new.” wins the whole thing, in his exit interview he says “yeah this was pretty cool. glad i won.”

jack eichel: gets personally offended when the judges don’t like his food. gets chopped in the entree round bc he ‘over-seasoned the chicken.’ his walk-out interview is just “i mean if they like bland chicken that’s fine, whatever.”

nate mackinnon: “i just really want to make a name for myself and showcase who i am.” forgets a basket ingredient in the appetizer round and gets chopped.

vladimir tarasenko: spends the entire time running around the kitchen like a crazy person. all of the judges are like ‘what is he doing??? there’s twenty seconds left why is he in the pantry?????????’ but he somehow manages to get everything plated in time. plates are a little sloppy but he actually ends up winning it all.

well the good news is he doesn’t hate me.

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is Leviathan gay bc i have it in my bookshelf and i havent read it yet please tell me its gay

It’s under my ‘it sure feels like it is’. It literally is written like it was supposed to be gay or one of the characters is trans, but idk I’m 99% sure that Westerfeld chickened out during editing, and went with the whole WWI Mulan approach.

Despite that it is a really awesome trilogy and I highly recommend it. Also, I feel like they both like each other even before the guy knows she is a girl.

PS there is a bi side character sooooo.

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Chicken!! Today in my anthro class at college we re talkin about sexuality & stuff and my professor talked about asexual as like a Real Thing that Real People are and I was just like !!!!!!! and idk it just made me really happy and I thought it mightt make u happy too :)))

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THTS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’’’M SO GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my favorite thing about kids ive noticed, is thay theyll just randomly tell thier parents, “i love you.”
like this girls in the middle of eating her chicken nugget, smiles at her mom and says - “i love you mommy.”
its so pure and ive seen this happen quite a few times with just kids eating with thier family, chillin in line, walking through the store.
we lose the ability to just shamelessly tell someone we love them because as we get older “love” is tied to so much more than just a simple happy feeling you get when youre with someone.
idk its just somethine that is really bittersweet to hear.

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Ahh, I think Tumblr was eating my messages because they were too long, so I'll break it up. I'm sorry that I'm causing a lot of trouble~ ^^; It was just in Bon Voyage Behind ep. 8, Tae was playing something that sounded like "Wedding March".

Anonymous said: nenooo, did you watch BV behind cam ep 8? when taehyung played the wedding march and kookie said “welcome the groom kim seokjin” and the three of em (chimchim, taetae and kookie) started laughing and looked over at namjoon (to see if he would laugh too? to see if he’s in on the joke?) I WANNA KNOW WHY THEY STARTED LAUGHING. And what’s worse was that there was a short CUT. THE VIDEO WAS CUT.

hi to the first anon! i think what you talked about has the same point as the 2nd anon so i decided to respond to your messages all at once~

so yep, i’ve been watching this very scene multiple times tbh and just like you, i was so fed-up at the CUT right there. i bet the name who kook mentioned was vital that’s why it got cut. or you know, they just want to see how we reacted to it, left us hanging in so many possibilities of who it might be. because let’s be real, it could be anyone’s name. like i saw some post mentioning the possibility of kook mentioning namjoon’s name since he was looking at his direction. well yes, it’s possible. everything’s possible…. but if i have to put my shitty analysis skill into words, why don’t you rewind it for a few seconds. before tae, kook, and jimin huddles over the piano and played wedding march, there was yoongi lying down on the couch

his chicken leg in the bottom left corner next to namjoon

yoongi was there before…

first, do you think kook was looking at namjoon’s direction or he was actually looking for someone? (please notice jimin’s eyes direction as well) second, if kook really mentioned namjoon’s name, do you really think namjoon would only react like that? just smiled at them and didn’t say or retort anything back to them? …tbh i don’t think so. third, taehyung’s face. it looks like he wants to say ‘this is how we fool around every time’ and idk if it’s just me but he looked a bit.. nervous? guilty?? like he knows that scene would got cut in the end. and namjoon right there probably was used to the maknae line being like that and just laughed it off like ‘ah they did it again’.

but then again, as i said before, every thing is possible. kook could mentioned anybody’s name. he could even mention a name of a member from any girl group or boy group though but it doesn’t seem makes sense if we’re looking at kook’s gesture lol

the thing is, they like to fool around like this. um how to say it.. they like to fool around with jin and yoongi as their object??

i mean, remember that time when jin read his love letter for yoongi in their showcase in japan. how the other members ran and hugged them soon after like they’re teasing their hyungs.


*nods again*

yeah look at them having fun, still, with yoongi and jin being the object. sorry that i had to bring these back up but i just want to proof my points.

and we know kook, who used to be that shy maknae, is now looking more comfortable around his hyungs. with yoonjin, he can be a total maknae without having the fear that he would got scolded because i can see that jin and yoongi is weak against this one adorable maknae too :’D

that’s why, (back to the bon voyage) i think it’s possible if kook mentioned yoongi’s name as well along with taehyung’s wedding march, because he likes to play around with the eldest hyungs knowing the other members are also likes to teases them as well. but this is just me though. how my yoonjin shipper eyes sees things :)

cr bon voyage vid to sweaterpawsjimin

I really wish i had a girlfriend. Like idk. I just wanna make a girl smile and laugh and i wanna play with her hair and gosh. Girls are so perfect, ya know?

I wish i had the confidence to actually talk to girls though. Like ugh… Its so horrible coz you would think that girls find it easy to talk to other girls but nope. Like fuck, i chickened out in asking my bi friend out. I was gonna ask if she wanted to see a movie with me but yeah… She’s so smart and kind and sweet and just so fantastic thay i felt a bit intimidated. Well not really intimidated but I feel like she’s waaaay outta my league.

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NAME |  Kyrie
NICKNAMES | Kyrie lol
HEIGHT | 5′8″?
ORIENTATION | Homoromantic, pansexual
FAVORITE BOOK | I dont read lol nah um idk
FAVORITE SCENT | My mom’s crock pot chicken, or just after it rains
FAVORITE ANIMAL | Cats for sure
DREAM TRIP | probably to tokyo because im a weeb

BLOG CREATED |  Well Doll is about 3 years old

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I really don't feel like I am anorexic. Idk I just feel like what I am eating is enough for me because I am actually full at the end of the meal and eat again when I am hungry. I usually eat stuff like eggs, oatmeal, fruit, salad, and meat like chicken and tuna.

yeah but you still need to eat enough (and PLEASE don’t count calories). Just because you think you’re eating enough, doesn’t always mean you are. I just want to make sure you’re okay and not forcing yourself to do things like counting calories and stuff

I just woke up super super super happy today and i was like hmm why? When halfway to work i remember I had a really sappy dream that i was on a date with Thomas Sanders and we were just watching movies and eating dinosaur chicken nuggets with like lasagna…??? and just like being blanket burritos..?? I mean it was a nice dream which is why i woke up happy but it just seemed so weird to me during the daytime lol

Name: Maria Lin

Birthday: February 7, 2002

Gender: Female

Orientation: I identify as Asexual

Age: 15

Favorite soda: Regular coke when I’m on my period. I don’t really like soda

Favorite candy: idk, I don’t eat candy that often. But I do like chocolate

Favorite pizza: Literally all I eat is the pineapple pizza, nothing else. It’s my first and only pizza.

Favorite salad dressing: I don’t eat salad either

Favorite meal: Fried chicken, just mostly meat and a lot of rice

Best memory: That time I got a perfect score on a test without studying at all

Best friend: *Shrugs* I’m a very lonely person in real life. I always wonder what it’s like to have a group of friends that you regularly hang out with and talk to irl. I guess my brother should be enough of a “best friend”

Best relative: my baby brother

Best pet: *laughing forever* I can’t even take care of myself properly, how do you expect me to take care of a pet?

Best celebrity: idk. I don’t follow many celebs

One random fact about you: Yes, it’s true. I have only ever eaten pizza with pineapples. It’s the first ever pizza I’ve eaten and I haven’t tried any other pizza.

One random fact about your day: I wake up early no matter what. I woke up this morning at 4am, it’s Saturday and I slept t 11pm last night.

One random fact about your job/school: I’ve been told we’re studying some pretty advanced topics. My mom said that she didn’t get to study cell division until she was in college. 

One random fact about your favorite t.v. show: Ahh, tv. It’s been so long since I’ve watched a tv show. Our tv had been broken after a storm came by, it’s been like that for four months already.

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baby bluey for the ask meme :0

babe bluey: personal

1. your middle name

2. favourite pizza toppings
buffalo chicken, or tomatoes and broccoli

3. what you’re allergic to
amoxicillin. not really something i run into in my everyday life lmao

4. tater tots vs baked potato
baked potato!! oh, and twice baked potato skins with the sour cream and the cheese and everything??? heaven

5. favourite animal
idk i like a lot of animals!!! :0( AAAA basically ANYTHING soft and fluffy??

6. favourite book genre
tbh this is cheesy but i’m a sucker 4 romance…. but other than that just like, fiction? i enjoy fantasy and magic especially, howl’s moving castle is my favourite book!

7. if you were given the chance to marry anyone, who would it be?
can i marry someone platonically??? BC IF SO @daftpink.

thanks for the ask, bee!! :0)

Litttle question that’s been buzzing on my mind : how would people feel about oc/canon character art and how should I tag it b/c hop boy is that my jam but also I’m like super nervous about that sort of thing so idk I’d like to get some opinions on it first before I make up a desperate blog on the subject 👀👀👀

just me watching eatbin and trying to understand what’s he’s saying

-when a fan told him that there is a ghost behind him, he turned around and checked it if there is any. 

-he thinks exams are necessary but not that important

-he hated science and maths + literature classes. but he enjoyed stuff about exploring animals in science

-he read some comments and someone said “so you know how to read” he was like: ofc i know how to read~ lol

-he likes ‘Fireworks’ the most from the Summer Vibes album. -guess it’s a ballad song but not slow kinda-

-he ate chicken like for 30mins then he gave up(he was so disappointed in himself omg), he offered to give chicken to the member who comes first (waiting for jinjin to join him)

-wrong alarm he didn’t stop eating them he was motivated after seeing 20K people were watching him

-someone asked if he has abs or not and he said ayyy our members are all -stopped talking then- he said i think all idols have abs, you know dancing on stage is a thing and you lose weight like pbak pbak pbak -sorry-

-here goes binu he said eunwoo has abs and said if eunwoo starts dieting and exercising and stuff he doesn’t crave for ramyun etc he is strong. “eunwoo did well on lotj, he is scared of insects but he even slept there”

- he thinks this album’s songs are better than the first one and wants us to expect more

-still waiting for jinjin to join him but he almost ate all of the chicken

- the chicken made him think about the duck in their mv..also duck was bigger than he thought

- “am i close with yoojung?” “our training period is almost same almost 4 or 5 year -idk- she was good”

-ARMY? whoa there are armies here, i really like BTS sunbaenims “wae nae mameul heundeuneun geonde.” -boy in luv-

-finally jinjin came *screams* 

-then rocky came while singing trot  

-waiting for to get1M hearts to shoot a chicken mokbang with members later

-jinjin wants to do a pizza mokbang

-moonrock talking about their training period when they used to eat more

-more moonrock *-*

-got 1M hearts so they can finish the broadcast

-*me: is done with them, me: can’t believe watched them eating for more than 40mins *

The Signs as People I Know (Gemini Perspective)

Aries: Literally you are the most legit person ever, we talked for 5 minutes about something dumb and random and have been best friends ever since. But I know you stole my cookie and I’m freaking coming for you

Taurus: I don’t remember the last time we had a conversation that wasn’t an rp or about food. You are so massively talented and creative and drop dead hilarious; when will you believe me?!?? Oh and you don’t know how to use punctuation WHAT SO EVER and it kills my soul.

Gemini: I know you are up to something (don’t pretend that you aren’t) and hey ok man it’s totally cool but my only ish will happen if your mischief screws with my mischief. Mutual respect 100% but warn me before you do something seriously or at least let me in on this plan! Our team would be so freaking unstoppable no joke. Btw you’re hot af

Cancer: Hey ok you’re totally cool and funny but dude knock it off with the clingy thing. It’s not really you, honestly it’s me; but your emotional and needy personality is way too much for me to handle on a regular basis. But besides that, you’re so cool and have a fashion sense and aesthetic that I love

Leo: So I would NEVER admit this to you in person, but see you as goals that make me push myself harder and harder. You’ve got all your shit figured out and have this perfect (not so little) life with everything just being freaking peachy keen for you. It absolutely infuriates me and I want nothing more than to show you up, but you’ve really got it going for you

Virgo: I don’t know you very well because I think we might be mutually scared of each other (I am for sure). You just seem so level headed and smart. You’re the only person I can’t read. And being around you is so unsettling because I feel like you’re judging me every single waking moment of the day. All my friends say you’re really cool but idk I think you might be plotting to kill me.

Libra: Hey baaabe;D We are the number one partners in crime. We sneak out at night to get chicken nuggets, we fail regularly at diy projects, and we’ve literally been around the world together. I’d be nothing without you. Every friend I have I only know because of you. I love you so much and always will

Scorpio: Have I ever told you how freaking badass you are?? Nothing scares you, you’re always down for anything, and your awesomeness is goals. Plus I maaaay have been crushing on you since basically forever. I’m sorry but you’re one of the few people who can keep up with my shit and let’s me be free. You’re just this dark and dangerous but ridiculously smart god who might as well rule the world.

Sagittarius: You’re the one I can ALWAYS count on to be down to party it up. If i need a wing man to be with me to own the show, you are absolutely the first person I call. Not to mention, we always have a million and a half things to talk about and no moment with you is ever dull! I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be bored if you’re involved

Capricorn: There’s no one else I count on more than you. You get me, you listen to every bs rant and rage and problem I’ve ever had and you’re advice is more helpful than anything. We’ve been through thick and thin, and even through the worst shit I’ve been able to count on you to be there

Aquarius: Ok so I know I might get on your nerves sometimes…or all the time…but you’re so cool. Literally like everything you do might as well be in Vogue because seriously no one I know is as chill as you are. You’re the kind of person who would come have coffee with me right after being in a photo shoot, then have to leave early because they are scheduled to give a ted talk or advise the president

Pisces: You annoy the living hell out of me but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person when it comes down to it. We might go through rough patches, but somehow you manage to show up and pick me up when I have no one. You always know the right thing to say; and how to use those words to either raise anyone up or knock them down just as hard.

The100 315 recap

important to note, I did not make a single thing up. like I’m not even joking about things here.

Trigger warnings: child abuse, blood, cutting, hanging,suicide 

  • the gang is blaming Clarke again. nothing new here.
  • Octavia is siding with Bellamy, that’s kinda new
  • Clarke walks away from them and they let her? okay
  • so Clarke’s in the forest, talking to the chip, being sad and all
  • ALIE appears there and has her minion attack her but Roan comes to save the day
  • why is Roan here and how did he find her, no one knows
  • so he takes the chip from her and Clarke points a gun at him
  • lmao he literally just pulled the gun out of her hand and throws it away (this is hilarious I actually had to pause to laugh)
  • Roan wants to give the flame to Ontari
  • but oh wow, Bellamy comes in with a gun to save the day
  • by save the day, I meant shooting Roan, he shot him.
  • so they go to Arkadia, they hold Roan as a prisoner and Clarke tries to persuade him to give the flame to Ontari, 
  • slytherin and Good Earth Cleavage™ Clarke at it again
  • so Clarke plans to kidnap Ontari, get the chip out and put the flame in her
  • I don’t see how this could possibly fail
  • Miller got 10 seconds of screentime (Dat LGBT Rep™)
  • Roan and Octavia stood next to each other, I heard blarkes ship this, ew
  • they leave for Polis, but ALIE is there so I assume someone is chipped
  • they come near Polis and split up, Clarke going with Roan
  • if you didn’t know that this show was a joke, Clarke just said she trusts Bellamy
  • Jasper doesn’t know what a motherboard looks like like wtf
  • Jasper is jealous Harper and Monty had sex? idk
  • more Jasper manpain
  • surprise, Jasper is chipped (no one saw that coming)
  • he stabbed Monty in the stomach with a screwdriver
  • dat Minority getting hurt again
  • lol he’s literally running full power, apparently stabbing doesn’t work if you’re a guy
  • Jasper is literally acting like a zombie wtf
  • in Polis, Roan takes Clarke as a fake prisoner, all gagged and stuff
  • the gang is covering them with guns (classic Bellamy)
  • 15 second Briler interaction (by that i mean talking about raising chickens)
  • Bellamy saying they’re not there to kill anyone cause they’re not the enemy (LMAO)
  • so Jaha goes to meet Clarke and Roan
  • I swear I read this all in a fic
  • Roan’s like “who are you” lol
  • anyways they’re surrounded by grounders (including the gang) so they all get locked up 
  • KANE JUST KILLED ROAN WHOA that came out of no where
  • Monty is still alive (power of being a straight male) and helping Raven
  • zombie Jasper still knocking at the door (he literally sounds like a zombie, all slowed down and shit idk maybe they thought we really liked F.TWD)
  • Jasper blaming Raven, classic feminist show
  • Clarke is brought to the throne room and Abby is waiting for her there
  • fake hugging happening but Clarke is smart
  • “what’s the pass phrase Clarke” - like wow she’s not dumb
  • they chained Clarke up to that pole (like they did with Emerson)
  • when Clarke asks her to tell them to stop, Abby says it’s not them but that she’s doing it and literally opens a bag fool of torture tools/med stuff idk lol

I can’t believe I’m seeing this shit with my own two eyes. it gets really fucked up from here

  • Clarke refuses to talk, Abby takes a blade and literally stabs her in the chest (like it’s shallow but there’s a lot of blood and Clarke screams)
  • Clarke begs her to stop the whole “this isn’t you!” thing and she cries
  • Abby stabs her again and twists the knife in her before pulling it out
  • when she refuses to speak Abby tells ALIE that her friends are her weakness and they should start with Bellamy
  • cut scene, with the gang, Nathan and Octavia are getting beaten up
  • Murphy, Indra and Pike show up to save them and shoot everyone
  • Octavia tells Indra that Pike killed Lincoln
  • Bellamy gives a speech and Pike gives him a gun (gun buddies 4 life ♥)
  • Pike shoots a grounder and Bellamy yells at him lol
  • so only Murphy and Bell go up to save Clarke
  • some bro talk happens, nothing important
  • Indra defending Pike while Octavia cries
  • Kane comes shooting at them, hits Pike and Bryan (damn that minority attracts bullets like crazy, huh?)
  • Octavia grabs him and points a gun at him instead, knockig him out
  • they threw a bomb at the grounders that were approaching omg
  • Bell and Murphy get attacked in the elevator
  • Murphy gets choked but Bellamy saves him by shooting a grounder in the head (nice shot of blood splattering on the wall)
  • Pike was shot in the stomach but he is still managing to fucking pull that elevator up I can’t this is too good
  • Jasper is still talking shit but Raven does some sciency stuff and.. gets the code back up? she looks for the kill switch
  • Harper shows up & Jasper attacks her (that feminism) and takes her gun

fucking triggering shit again

  • Jaha prepares a noose so that Abby can literally hang herself in front of Clarke while she watches 
  • Clarke begs her to stop, Abby says that ALIE isn’t what’s killing her but Clarke is and asks for the pass phrase again
  • Abby kicks the barrel she was standing on and actually hangs herself while Clarke screams 
  • you can see her like literally swinging in the air and choking while Clarke cries and apologizes, few of these scenes tbh

what the fuck okay

  • Ontari kneels down and Jaha hits her with a metal pipe (?) directly smashing it against her head, you can see blood splattering and all and she falls down, totally knocked out
  • ALIE says damage to her brain is substantial but she’s still alive
  • Clarke is begging him to stop 
  • Abby is still swinging in the background
  • Bellamy and Murphy manage to get inside, shooting Jaha and knocking him out, Murphy takes Abby down and she’s barely alive
  • shot of Ontari on the floor and bleeding out (similar to the one of Lincoln) and she bleed out so much blood, literally lying in a pool of it
  • Clarke tries to save her but she’s “brain dead”
  • another shot of Ontari, the camera zooms in on her head, it’s gross 

That’s it. There was no Lexa in the promo.

Reminder that the finale is rumored to be the most triggering episode so far (confirmed by Javi, Christopher Larkin (Monty) and LJ insider.  Rumors also have it that it will be way worse than 307 so please don’t give into Jason’s queerbaiting again.

Please don’t watch live in any way. If anything, don’t watch it for the sake of your friends who might be triggered and be ready to give them support if they might need it after.

I will be posting the recap on @lgbtviewersdeservebetter as soon as the episode is over. Check that, check the gifs and if you must, torrent it later. 

Please be safe and be there for rest of the clexakru who might get triggered.
Please DO NOT liveblog or interact with actors during the episode. They will most likely be blogging about it and use the official hashtag so interactions with them will count as you supporting the twitter trend instead.

things the signs have said to me personally
  • aries: "can i have some weed"
  • taurus: "those chips really taste like chicken tacos i swear to god"
  • gemini: "wanna go to this anime con with me?"
  • cancer: "i'm not gay!!!"
  • leo: *talked about the size of her bf's dick for far too long*
  • virgo: *puns*
  • libra: "what, i didn't know you moved out of the school district!"
  • scorpio: "do you still think i'm cute?"
  • sagittarius: "you should just accept his advances bc you aren't a hot commodity"
  • capricorn: *talked about this goose she saw for literally half an hour*
  • aquarius: "hey look, there's a meteor shower holy fuck!"
  • pisces: "we exist, somewhere"