idk i just really liked my profile

but like a tinder reveal tho
  • like have you ever just sat with your friends while you all swipe through tinder?
  • and like gush over the people you match with and laugh over dumb profiles and screenshot the people you know?
  • idk i feel like ladybug and chat noir would do that when they’re bored
  • like chat noir would automatically cheer really loudly whenever he matches (which happens a lot and ladybug’s like “what the hell he’s an actual dork these girls have no idea”)
  • and whenever ladybug matches chat noir leans over, squints at the profile, and jokes around with her and says stuff like “eh, whatever, my abs are way better.”
  • chat noir has like double the amount of matches that ladybug has (”jeez, are you famous or something?”) but ladybug gets so many superlikes and chat noir is high-key not surprised because if he could he’d superlike her too
  • but then one day they’re both swiping and ladybug freaking screams because Adrien’s tinder profile shows up in her stack and it shows that he’s less than a mile away
  • (LB: “oh my god, why is he out here so late?
  • CN: “HAHA. ha. um. hey. who knows? he’s a model, right? probably….model…type…..things.”)
  • and chat noir isn’t trying to be pushy but he asks her “sooooooo, are you gonna swipe right?”
  • all the while practically begging in his head for her to say yes, oh my god say yes, please swipe right, please do it, it would make this evening magical. 
  • and ladybug’s just like “ugh we probably won’t match :/” and chat noir’s like “the dude would literally be an idiot if he didn’t match with you.” 
  • so ladybug decides to screw it and swipes right and she howls because YES! IT’S A MATCH! WE MATCHED OH MY GOD I MATCHED WITH ADRIEN AGRESTE HOLY SHIT
  • and then chat’s phone buzzes immediately after
  • with a notification from tinder
  • because he has a new match
  • and it’s marinette
  • and he damn near drops his phone from the top of the gd notre dame
Not so “super” man

Fandom: DC Universe (Supergirl/Superman)
Pairing: Reader x Clark Kent
Words: 1,194
Warnings: it’s cheesy, but decent!
Request? yes or no
Inspired By:

A/N: this one isn’t so old as a matter of fact it was on my other profile I just wanted to add it back. :) enjoy! (also! i didn’t really specify which “clark kent” it is based on so if you’re a Tyler Hoechlin fan like me use him, if you are more Henry Cavill use him! or maybe Tom Welling or Brandon Roth idk it’s totes up to you!)

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Yo hi I just wanted to say I adore ur art it's gorgeous but like, do you have any tips when it comes to keeping characters looking consistant? Like doing references and profiles, my characters always look different in each picture and Idk how to fix it but yours is stunning?

Thank you! Glad you enjoy my stuff.

I’m gonna admit it right now, I’m really not the best as consistency or angles or teaching, but I made some images to illustrate some tips I have, mostly because I’m a very visual person and find it easier to explain this way. I feel like it’s important to include both how I go about keeping my characters looking the same on each draw AND keeping them looking the same from different angles because let’s face it, you won’t just be drawing ¾ views of your character forever.

This is my Gin design for my Ginga fan project. I picked him because he seems like he’d be easiest to illustrate and I’m familiar with his design.
Basically, Gin’s head is a very simple conglomeration of basic shapes when you get down to it: the base is a sphere, the muzzle is somewhat cubic, like a square styrofoam cup, he has a solid dent in his head for his browline, his ears are triangular, and his eyes are beeeg balls in his head. Notice how I refer to his body parts as things like “spheres” and “cubes” and not “circles” and “squares”. That’s because when constructing a 2D character in a 3D space, you should make an effort to understand them in 3D terms. It takes some practice, but you should be envisioning them as essentially a 3D model on the page.
This is essentially how I draw Gin’s head, regardless of angle. His head is a squashed sphere, so I turn it like a sphere depending on where he’s looking (like forward, for instance.) His blocky muzzle also gets turned to a different angle if necessary. The key here is that he’s made up of solid shapes to start with, not just lines. If you’re in the habit of composing characters of purely lines while you draw and you’re having trouble with consistency, try breaking them down into basic shapes instead.

Another tip that helped me when I was younger (and occasionally does now) is laying down extra lines on my references, even if those references are just the original character drawing, to communicate proportions. You’ll probably notice the line running down the center of Gin’s face in the first image, which is typically all I need, but it might be useful to someone else to draw him with three lines running down the center of his face to understand where to put his eyes.
This grid-looking Gin can be helpful. The three lines in the middle of his face, fore example, run through both his eyes and his nose. The line extending from his browline runs to the edge of his ear. He has a line immediately over his eyes and one immediately under them. That can help you align some of his features. The paranoid looking Gin was draw freehanded, not traced, and though it’s not perfectly exact, it’s fairly accurate to the original’s proportions.
Something I didn’t illustrate here is how I quickly “measure” different body parts while drawing them. Ever seen a characiture of an artist holding up a paintbrush? That’s a real technique used to see how something in the reference image measures up to something on the page. I typically do this in my head by approximating, like “Hmm, if I say the eyeball is 1, then the ear is 2 eyeballs long” or something similar.
Don’t be embarrassed of using a lot of guidelines if you’re getting into the swing of things. Nobody will need to see your sketch anyway, especially with digital lineart, or you can erase away the mess later if you need to. All that matters is understanding your subject.

This is sort of a combination of the above two things. I erased a lot of the more distracting construction lines, but you can typically still see the lines running down the middle of Gin’s face and maybe the lines of the sphere forming it as well. I primarily tried to illustrate that the centerline of his face (the eyeline) and the browline curve and follow the angle of his head, which shows me where to place his eyes. This could be expanded out to help place other features of his too.
When using guidelines like this to keep consistency, think of the angle the subject is being viewed from. e.g. when his head is turned up and back, the centerline is also curved in a way that shows his head sphere is turned up and back. If his head is pointing downwards, the lines curve in a downwards slope.
Despite the curve of each line, I tried to keep each line approximately the same length, even if it wraps around an unseen part of the head.
Another thing is that when his head is angled back, his eyeline and browline are placed further up on his head, and when it’s angled down it’s the same thing in reverse. This is also something to remember when constructing a character from different angles - you can’t have everything in the same place it is from a neutral position and expect it to look right.

It’s also much easier to tell if you’re keeping everything in check with references. Just because a reference is realistic doesn’t mean it can’t show you how your stylized character might look from a different angle - not only will you pick up on the subtle details that you might not have included before, but it will be easier to fit your character’s relative proportions to match. e.g. Riki’s mouth in the bottom ref is smaller then it usually appears since he’s at a downward angle, so i can take Gin’s already fairly small chin and make it smaller and it looks fine (though I probably could’ve stood to make his upper jaw a little longer… whoops!.)

Another thing that often works: try something new, and slow down. The sketch of my design of John on the left took me maybe 5 minutes, and it shows, even with references. I wanted him to have his head at an upward angle, showing his prideful attitude, but it wasn’t working. So I angled him a little differently, slowed down, and corrected myself as I went along, and he started looking more on model. He also began looking more like himself, as in he showed more of his personality, which also makes a character seem more “accurate”. It took more time, at least half an hour, but I was satisfied with the results. You can see I erased a lot more guidelines in the second one from all the left over pixely mess, which is fine given nobody has ever seen this sketch… til now!
You’ll notice similarities between the two, but in the end they ended up looking very different despite being constructed in a pretty similar way.


  1. Build a character’s design out of shapes. Remember those shapes and practice drawing them.
  2. Use as many guidelines as necessary to keep yourself in check.
  3. Wrap those guidelines around a character’s form to keep consistency at different angles.
  4. References are a godsend.
  5. Be willing to spend time trying a new approach if you don’t get it right the first time.

General tips -

  1. Learn to draw basic 3D shapes. Use them as often as you can.
  2. Become familiar with your subject - I’ve been drawing dogs for years so it was easier for me to adjust then someone who hasn’t.
  3. Actively look for the shapes that could potentially make up a character’s form.
  4. Practice with simple designs with easy to see construction shapes and forms first.
  5. Be patient with yourself. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight.

Some (more eloquent and pretty) tutorials on construction:


Character profile 1/7

A few more facts about jimin:

  • Not in school
  • Likes drawing things relating to nature
  • Never really knows what to draw half of the time so he just draws tae in very funny or unfortunate situations (he cares about him I promise)
  • Doesn’t know if him and yoongi are official or whatever (they pretty much are idk what he’s thinking
  • Loves sweets
  • Has a thing for very baggy clothing

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What happened with the MGB's search for Victor after he disappeared? I know you said people can disappear, I just worry Victor is going to have to live under an assumed name and he and Yuuri in some type of hiding for the rest of his life and that makes me sad (unless the assumed name is Victor Katsuki obviously <3) because it doesn't seem like they would ever turn down a lead on him if they found one

Well I mean, is living under an assumed name really that bad, especially given that he had no family left? idk, I’m not that attached to my surname for its own sake. And yeah, they have to keep a low profile, but that was the choice that they made- to live quietly, together and free, rather than facing god knows what in their old lives. Life is full of sacrifices, but I think they came out of theirs pretty well.

BTS based on what I saw from Epilogue in Manila


  • How can people call him ugly??? He looked sooo good in person I cannot understand
  • His aura was screaming “manly” the entire damn time
  • He performed What Am I To You and I cri gurl his voice is amazing
  • I imagined he will be good in rapping but not like that like seriously, though he was out of breath a little bit sometimes, it was still amazing. Fucking hell
  • Did I mention he looked so darn good??
  • So much daddy vibes I almost peed my pants
  • He spoke about the fans’ safety at the beginning of the concert and said “no pushing” and awww that was just sweet okay
  • His english was better than what people are saying lol
  • He stood in front of me a lot of times and gawd, If I wasn’t already on the floor I don’t know what else would’ve happened to me
  • He looks good in blonde!!!!
  • And he’s not dark?? Like at all??? People are saying he is, and he wasn’t?? (in my eyes at least)
  • In the middle of the concert he took off his jacket and god damn his body proportions are out of this world
  • BICEPS. damn
  • I’m not Namjoon-biased but I might as well be rn


  • He was smiling all the time and his energy was off the roof. Seriously
  • He started with “I’m your hope” and this random bird sound (he flapped his hands like wings and he’s supposed to be an angel i dieeed) like he was the cutest I swear to god
  • Literal sunshine because he was glowing like seriously Hobi please share your skincare secrets
  • His nose was perfect like dang it
  • He’s tall but not as imposing as how Namjoon was
  • His pants were ripped like almost his whole thigh was showing and I just-
  • HIS VOICE. Damn.
  • He was so good live, like seriously you’d think he was lip syncing or something
  • He went to our side of the stage, and like in front of me did a robot dance after he picked up a Baymax plush toy. Cutie pie huhuhu
  • His expressions were really cute! He kept saying “Wow, wow woooow!” during the fan project!
  • He kept coming to our side of the stage and he just smiles a lot and it was the best feeling really
  • JUST A BIG BALL OF FLUFF I wanted to put him in my pocket


  • SIDE VIEW PROFILE. Fucking hell
  • Okay so Namjoon was like tall and daddy vibes, right? Jungkook’s tall as well (I think even taller than Namjoon) but like baby vibes. Ya feel me
  • The thighs. I cannot deny the thighs.
  • His eyes were really huge??? Like doe eyes and they were so clear?? (idek how that is hahaha)
  • His nose was like how it is in photos but like more refined? It doesn’t look particularly big really idk
  • His hair looked so fluffy!
  • HIS VOICE WAS AMAZING like really stable ohmygod 
  • His dance part in Tomorrow. fucking hell was it sensual
  • His make-up was coming off a little because he was sweating a lot. LIKE A LOT (and you know what that means hehehe)
  • Idk, he wasn’t really that present a lot of times in our area 
  • He was quiet but when he spoke his english was pretty good
  • He went in front of us one time during Miss Right and he was holding one of the signed balls and pointed the mic at us. He was such a tease hahaha


  • Okay my jaw dropped when I first saw him
  • I thought “is this man for real” cuz really, his beautiful face + beautiful skin + beautiful blonde hair = an angel and dude that’s just too good to be true
  • HE IS SO NOT BAD AT DANCING. No one in BTS was and is. I swear.
  • He sounded good live as well though there were times when he was out of breath
  • HIS LIPS WERE SO FULL ‘nuff said
  • He was always at our side so I saw everything from his head to his toe (well tip of his shoe but whatevs)
  • He was tall too and his shoulders were indeed broad but he’s got this gentle aura around him. So precious
  • HE WAS SO GOOD LOOKING i cannot even deal T___T
  • During the encore he came out with glasses and oh my god he looked so good in them
  • Looked like the perfect boyfriend, really
  • He looked sweet, you know. Like he would look at you and you’d just feel butterflies in your tummy
  • And he kept on sending flying kisses to the fans!


  • (Okay so let me tell you guys first that I’m not Taehyung-biased okay so uhm Idk where to begin with Taehyung just-) 
  • He was also always, always in front of us so almost half the time I was looking at his whole being
  • THEY WEREN’T KIDDING WITH THE PERFECT FACE THING like his face was per. fect.
  • His side view profile was amazing as well like hoooow
  • His make-up was pretty much not there and you can see some blemishes on his face it was so natural and so good
  • He was the one who did a lot of fan service in my opinion. Like he was always coming to the sides to dance and stuff
  • He said “Kilala n’yo ba ako?” which means “Do you know who I am?” and we just lost it
  • He seemed like the one who studied a lot of Tagalog words (i’m crying Taehyung why you like that)
  • Like Namjoon, he wasn’t really tan?
  • He would walk around the stage slowly like he knows people are taking pictures of him and like “yeah I know I look good” and god dammit he was sexy as hell
  • He kept saying “Mahal ko kayo” and “Saranghamnida” and I just don’t know anymore
  • I think he was wearing contacts?? His eyes were beautiful
  • He seemed so excited to be there, his energy was just contagious
  • HE DRANK FROM A WATER BOTTLE AND THEN SPRAYED US. Like one minute I was filming and the next thing I know my phone was wet and there’re water droplets in my hair! BLESS TAEHYUNG


  • I was so torn with this guy seriously. One minute he’s this cute fluff ball and the next he’s sending these intense gazes like what the fuck Park Jimin
  • He’s small when you put him next to the other members but not tiny. no
  • HIS HANDS THOUGH. They’re like a baby’s I’m crying
  • He started with “Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Jimin. Let’s have fun today.” and his english oh my god his english
  • His parody of the 3:33 dance break in Fire literally got me squealing because he was just so cute i can’t
  • HIS CHEEKS WERE SO FULL I just wanna pinch them
  • He’s just one big ball of cute when he wanted to be and my heart was weak for that
  • Like I said, he would go from “baby” to “daddy” real quick like damn it Park Jimin!
  • I’d say he’s handsome but he’s more of pretty in my eyes. He was wearing contacts and that just intensified the intense gaze. It was intense (hahaha)
  • DANCING WAS OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE. sexy. SEXY everywhere you look
  • HE STOOD A LOT IN FRONT OF ME, LIKE REALLY IN FRONT and if I reached out enough I would be able to touch him
  • One of my faves was Tomorrow and damn during his part I almost peed my pants
  • HIS VOCALS ARE NO JOKE. I’ve always loved his voice and hearing it live was just wow
  • He kissed one of the signed balls before throwing them to the fans!
  • HE GAVE ME THAT INTENSE LOOK AND THEN SMIRKED AT ME and I swear to god I almost went over to the stage to fight him. Like who do you think you are?! (I think my mouth was just hanging open after that dang it)
  • He became teary eyed at one point and I don’t know. It’s a surreal feeling to know he enjoyed our company so much.


  • So this person is my bias and when he stood in front of me I died, went to heaven and came back to continue looking at him
  • He started with the “let me hear you scream” sign, you know, when he puts his hand in his ear and then “Nice to meet you. Welcome, Philippines. I’m Suga!”
  • His english wasn’t bad at all.
  • I can say that I was surprised. Like I know he looks good in photos but in person that just multiplied by 1000%
  • All the members have fair skin but his is the fairest. (at least for me)
  • He looked so good
  • He looked tall and it was a surprise as well cuz he’s almost the same height as Jimin but with Jimin, you can tell that he’s not as tall as the others but Yoongi is different. He looked tall. Yas.
  • Idk if he’s working out or not but he’s not skinny at all. I can see some biceps, hun.
  • HIS ARMS WERE SO MANLY. Veins. Bless.
  • I love his blonde hair.
  • I can’t tell if his make up was done really good or if that’s just his natural skin because dude was he flawless. No pores at all. 
  • You can tell that he loves the stage so much. It shows in his performance. His energy was spilling over.
  • He did the 3:33 dance break in Fire during the ment and he was so cute it was like a different person
  • SWAG. 1000%
  • Daddy vibes as well like Namjoon and I cri T____T
  • Everything about him was so manly–from the way he stood, the way he walked to the way he holds the mic. 
  • DON’T EVEN ASK ME ABOUT HIS RAPPING because oh my god I only decided to get a standing ticket because I wanted to see Cypher Pt. 3 performed up close and I do not regret anything. 
  • He wore his cap as if he was covering his eyes and fucking hell he looked sexy as fuck 
  • Tomorrow was also really really awesome.
  • He was throwing the signed ball aggressively like what the hell Yoongi??? He would throw them on the floor and then let them bounce hahahaha
  • He was teary eyed as well and he said “Mahal ko ang Manila! The best talaga!” And he kept giving us the thumbs up
  • He was everything I expected and more and I might be biased but idc

I can say that I’ve been to enough Kpop concerts to be able to say that this was one of the bests, if not the best. Everything felt so personal and my heart just almost exploded with so many emotions. I can’t wait to see them again. No regrets in stanning these boys. So so so much love and respect. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, indeed.

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Bi struggle: I'm currently leaning towards girls in my attraction but all girls in my social circle are straight, so I downloaded a dating app (it's really cool, you can vote people you're interested in and if they vote you back you can chat with em, you can take personality quizzes and it will tell you how much you match, etc and it has a nonbinary gender option for ur profile and search!) But I just keep getting voted by dudes. Kinda considering just saying I'm lf girls but I don't wanna (1/2)

(2/2) lead anyone on either bc I know a lot of people don’t wanna date bisexuals? Which in itself makes me really sad. But just… guys are not what I’m currently looking for!! So idk if I should leave them in what I’m attracted to, or take em out but I feel like I wouldn’t be true to myself. I’ve voted almost all the wlw in my preferred age group and area and I’m just hoping to get some matches… so far I only have one with a girl that lives in another city and we haven’t chatted yet… aaaaaa

honestly you can do whatever you want with your dating profile. being bisexual isn’t about keeping your options open, that’s personal preference. no one really has the right to judge you for deciding you’re just looking for girls atm, don’t stress!

i felt like i really had to do a vent

hey everyone… just posted this on my twitter but i also want to share it here since i kinda bet some ppl are wondering why i haven’t been so active and whats been going on…

Idk sometimes i feel like i’ve been burnout from social media or staying online too much… been kinda inactive in tumblr for an example along with facebook, where my profile hasnt been active for months probably? not to mention msgs who have been left without replies too.. same for talking to people, where i… only talk to a few ones while many are still waiting for my long replies (or not even that longer) and i feel very fucking guilty of this tbh

i’m trying to cope while watching tv (i fall asleep more often than watching tho) or playing on PS3 but ehh idk if it will go so far, especially since im probably going back to the old sedentary life style i had and this is really bad, i wouldnt be surprised if I gained more weight during august and september… after all the shit i did these last 2 years to be healthier and lose weight
i dont even get the urge to work out, jog or something else too, i only go out if, what, a friend invites me to hang out or visit him/her

and if that wasnt enough, university just scares me and makes me anxious again like it used to be, its been a while since i’ve been really there when it comes to being present… yeah things have been bad for me lately, both mentally and.. irl too i guess

its even worse when my parents and pretty much anyone in the family have been down due to grandmother (my dad’s mom) in the hospital :/  and like i can get very emotional and worried when ppl close to me are sad or cry, so seeing my father like this made me feel the same
yeah, things for me and everyone around weren’t good

sorry for filling your feed with personal stuff, i felt like i had to let it all out, something that i also did very often with my psychologist and i even had an emergency session with her recently when i asked for it

Vent Time:

He really felt it was necessary to send this message with obvious nasty undertones when he could have JUST blocked me. He sent this message with the intention to hurt and/or be rude because I faved his profile?? I mean I guess that just shows what kind of person he is but I really didn’t need him to insult my intelligence especially when I didn’t even look at his profile, I only clicked favorite which he could see because just like you can view who favorites you, you can also see who viewed you soooo?

Idk I know this won’t be the last rude message I receive just for being black and plus size, but it just really rubbed me the wrong way that he called me uneducated. No sir, I’ve been in school for 2 years, going to be in school for another 10 to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology and uggh call me fat and black all you want but don’t disregard my education because for some reason you’re so pissed that I liked your fucking profile even though that’s all I did.

I didn’t send him a message, I didn’t ask to see his pictures, and I certainly didn’t give him permission to view mine. I simply liked his profile, a profile that I admittedly didn’t read which I’ll say is my fault, but still is it really that big of a deal when ALL I DID WAS LIKE IT?

Moral of the story my feelings got hurt and I needed to vent so that I would stop thinking about it. And always read a guys profile otherwise he’ll feel the need to call you stupid because you’re not his type.

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which of the rfa members' profile pics are your favourite?

Ahh I delayed answering this for a while until I gathered up some of my favourites, but I still don’t have photos of all of them. For the sake of narrowing these down, I’m NOT including profile pictures that come from CGs. These are just the ones that only show up in profile pictures. Some of my top picks (that I have screenshots of lol):

First Jumin pic I saw and was like ‘…damn.’

Similarly, this was when I realized Jaehee was really pretty ^^

Idk it just makes me laugh lol.

He looks so clean and crisp here~


He just looks so sweet…

I need more happy Seven in my life I swear.

Not seen ‘cause I don’t have screenshots of it:

- Seven as a doctor (omg)
- Jaehee looking hella cute on her route except those are CGs so I excluded them
- Probably a lot more I’m forgetting T_T

To be honest, I’d love to do some sort of ‘collect all the profile pictures’ project, but I’ll leave that for when I have a bit more time to organize it. In the meantime, I’ve been screenshotting all the profile pictures I come across in Zen’s route. I’ll be able to do the same for Yoosung’s when I go back for his last BRE.

If you have a favourite profile picture, feel free to send me a screenshot! :D



i met some dope queers off tumblr recently. their profiles are lowkey so i won’t call them out but it is refreshing to vibe with some adults/peers for a change.

i think people forget i’m about to be 26 sometimes. i’d like to meet more adults off here… preferably 35+ 

it’s really hard getting to know people in my age group. idk if i’m beyond my years or just attract people on different life paths but i feel like most of the adults I know are living the high school/college life style.

i wanna know more business/career driven/travel lovers. i like being around people actually doing something other than being a hot mess. sustenance is essential.

i’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of some people on here. dope as ever.

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About the rainbow facebook thing - I didn't wanna do it because I was scared people would think I'm gay (because I am and I'm just not ready) but I then my aunt shared this picture of marriage being a man-woman thing and I just got so angry I was like fuck you I'm gay as hell and I don't care about you or your husband with his straight pride profile picture (sorry if this is weird but i saw you talking about it and i just really needed to tell it to somebody idk sorry)

Good for you! And thanks for sharing!

Here is my first follower forever! It’s really just going to be honorable mentions but don’t take offense if I don’t mention you specifically by name, I love you all my darling stars.

@itschildofthefairies-You were my very first friend on here and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love talking to you everyday, you are so sweet and caring just as your muse. I love rping with you,there’s so many times I find myself laughing outloud one minute and then crying the next. Thank you for being my friend.

@fairytamashii-You were my second friend on here. When we rp I love your Natsu and you also make me laugh. You are so sweet and when I was really upset one day you made me feel better just by talking to me and being yourself. You also got me into the MLB fandom from your story which I love.

@smile-lifegoeson-I got to talking to you after reading your Nalu military AU. I was so shocked since I was about to write one myself and bam I saw yours on my dash and fell in love. I consider you my writing senpai and love how nice you are.

@sirdragneel-One of my more recent friends! You are an rp queen dear and your Natsu makes my heart go doki doki. You have his character down pat and that’s amazing. You are so much fun to talk to and I swear that sometimes we are the same person with how our minds work.

@celestial-fire-writer-You are the first person ever to call me Senpai and that made me feel so honored. I love your writing idea for your story and I’m glad I was able to help a bit. You are so sweet and color amazing Lucy panels. I screen shot all of them and save them in my camera roll :)

@shotsfrid-When you asked to rp with an oc and you gave me such a detailed character bio I was so impressed. I’ve tried to make long character bios but you put me to shame! I love talking to you!

@doragunirx- I know you are busy, especially with running like four blogs which I still don’t know how you do it. I was so shocked to find out that all those blogs, which I followed, were you! I like reading your rps even when I’m not in them.

@flamebrain-We haven’t talked in a while but you were one of the first blogs I really admired when I joined here. It’s been fun talking and rping with you and I hope we can do so more in the future.

@indayiashow-I never heard of the ship Shalily before you came along and asked me to write a one shot about them. I was so glad when I decided to do it, even though I wrote it at midnight XD especially with seeing how happy my writing could make someone.

@general-gray-sama-I love your blog and used to read your rps with other people before I got the nerve to talk to you. I know you’ve been really busy and that’s ok! Come back to us when you can! Your presence on my dash has been missed.

@xxgajevyloverxx-You are so sweet! I love talking to you and after seeing you draw Natsu’s hair, dang that was good! I screen shot it for future reference that’s how much I liked it.

@boomtheregoesyourpants, @boomtheregoesmypants-We haven’t talked in a bit but there was a day where we chatted for almost an entire day and it was great! It didn’t even feel that long. Let’s do that again sometime! PS Iove your url

@celestial-flame-dragon-You were the first person I ever got a Skype message from! I never thought that I would make one but I did but I guess now that we have messenger I don’t really need it lol.

@zeref-the-seraph-Where you been?? Your Zeref in the rp we did was so cute and innocent it made me want to hug him and you!

@dragneelmedown-Your reaction to finding out that I was your secret santa was so adorable! Your blog is adorable just like you! Don’t be scared to talk to me, message me anytime!

@ready-set-go-away and @cosmicflavoredcottoncandy- Thanks for putting up with me online and in real life XD

@missyplatina and @nanakoblaze-My writing and drawing senpais. Senpaies? idk XD. I love both of your works so much, keep up the amazing work.

@juvithewatermage-We haven’t really talked but you seem really nice and you pop up on my dash a lot and I reblog a lot of your stuff.

@apinkhairedpyromaniac- We haven’t talked in forever! That should change!

@lillitheamazingotaku3393-You are so sweet and I love your name and profile pic!

@nxtsxdrxgnxxl-I love your blog and reading all of your rps with people. Hope that doesn’t sound like I’m a stalker XD

And to my new followers from today!

@lucyscelestialspirits, @some-bullshit-really, @sixofheartsatan, @emmyhippo, @rigolotekitten, @mavisthecursedgirl, @manapoint-chan, @wolfcry77, @trying2makeapoint, @littlemisscrunxii, @estrellaluna03, @naluutrash, @mak-tmnt, @galaxygamerhearts, @watching-the-lovely-rain-fall, @diseasesofmymind, @ampharos98, @merthur22, @maevisthesongbird, @redblackroselove, @frozenforseb. Sorry if I missed one of you it was a lot to go through!

Thank you all so much!!! Love you all!!!!


anonymous asked:

I'm not saying you haven't replied. It just most people I've tried messaging. Maybe it's my looks? Cause I have a selfie as a profile photo. Idk. I just stopped cause I've messaged about 20 people that say they're nice and they always reply. But only 2 have messaged me back ever. And then stopped talking to me after like a day. I'm not rude or anything. So idk why that happens. It kinda just fuels my depression and anxiety. Which isn't good so I've stopped.

Oh sweetie I don’t know what happened on other blogs and I can’t really control that. I can only speak from the experience I have and that is writers are a friendly bunck. I am sadden to hear you have learned differently. 

Again I can only speak from my own expirience. Some people IM me and I talk to them just once (not for any paticular reason - just that they don’t message me again and I kinda suck at remembering to reach out again unless it is people I talked to a bunch of times so with me you kinda just have to keep at it - it is not that I don’t wanna talk I am just forgetful!)

One thing I can say is I never ever decide on if I wanna talk to someone based on a selfie. I could care less how you guys look. I just care how you act and you seem like a friendly person so I am sorry that is what you have been met with. 

I gotta say that two of my best friends on here are followers that 1) started tagging me in stuff all the time @harley7509 and 2) that started sending me asks and IMing me out of the blue @tia58 

I got a lot of other friends on here but I don’t really remember how those friendships started - they just did :) 

If you ever decide to talk to me of anon I promise you you will meet no hate!