idk i just really like his face

I was rewatching “Escape from Beta Traz” and like this fucking scene

Pidge is just like “Lance, you’re gonna need to get a scan of his face” like it’s the easiest thing in the world and if it were any other idk SANE person they would’ve at least been like “wtf pidge have you seen this guy like he’s terrifying and also how the fuck am I gonna scan HIS FACE from this distance hidden away without him fucking noticing me”

But Lance, CLASS CLOWN LANCE, just says “Copy that” and gets down to business




But Lance used his fast leggys and hid himself like wtf I’m so proud of him. He is so smart and good and has amazing reflexes and is a quick thinker and doesn’t hesitate when people need him.

And he is like so relieved that he actually did the thing but doesn’t gloat or bask in his moment he just sends Pidge the face like NO PROBLEM “Face on the way Pidge” THAT WASNT RISKY AT ALL. WHATEVER. ALL IN A DAYS WORK.


Okay so was I watching Order of the Phoenix again last night and idk why but I started paying a lot of attention to Draco, especially on the scene on Umbridge’s office after Fred and George explode the fireworks

Here he is all happy like “hehe Harry’s getting screwed”, as usual,but THEN

Umbridge slaps Harry and he’s like WHAT THE FUCK-

And then he has this look on his face like “wow I was just in for some light bullying but what the hell is this you old frog” (while the other slytherins in the room don’t even flinch or give a fuck about anything really)

And then right after that, they are interrupted by Snape and Draco goes back to smiling like “oh…yeah…I’m supposed to be finding this super fun” 

Now, leaving all my drarry shipping aside, it’s just really freaking brilliant the way Tom Felton portrayed Draco, and I feel like he understands the character so deeply. He portrays all of these mixed, confused emotions Draco feels, and how his image in front of others is important for him, how despite looking confident and cool inside he’s just utterly scared. Even when the scene isn’t about him he’s giving all this out. I love Tom and this saga so much.

Forcing a friend into watching a camren video:
  • <p> <b>me:</b> *pauses 10 seconds into the video* diD YOU JUST SEE THAT???<p/><b>friend:</b> see what?<p/><b>me:</b> That!! Who doES THAT??<p/><b>friend:</b> idk, they seem like, really good friends...<p/><b>me:</b> really goo- friends?? friENDS?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN FRIENDS, HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?? THEY'RE SUPER GAY FOR EACH OTHER!!!1!!<p/><b>friend:</b> I just don't see it.<p/><b>me:</b> *throws computer at them* take a closer look you heartless bitCH<p/></p>

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….

No wait but let me talk about the almost kiss

At first I was a little disappointed with it - I had pictured a lot more lips & saliva than actually was.

But then I started to rewatch the gifs from the scene and GUYS. Please look at how close Hugh Dancy comes to actually starting to kiss Mads. IT’S RIDICULOUS.

He bobs his head forward and comes SO CLOSE

and then comes EVEN CLOSER OMFG

and I don’t want to take sides here but Mads really just stays neutral and probably thinking, “well, it seems like I’m gonna kiss today” and makes an almost imperceptible movement forward, but then Hugh gets all shy and thinks again and looks down.

AND WAIT IT’S NOT OVER YET, because Hugh stays like, head down, breathing hard and grabbing Mads’ arm, and then, idk, his right hand SNAKES upward? till Mads’ shoulder, and FUCK ME, look at how fucking close those two are again because Hugh moved his face towards Mads’ again

and then he puts his head on his shoulder, and Mads makes that *orgasm!* face

and NO, STILL NOT OVER, then there’s the FUCKING WAIST GRAB (and jesus, look at how Mads buries his nose on Hugh’s neck)

which may or may not have been actively, purposefully, one-sidedly staged by, GUESS WHO, HUGH DANCY.

And all that was written on the script was “lunge forward”, YOU VILLAINS.

Those two seriously I don’t know how Bryan managed it for three whole years.

Naruto opening 20 (SNS)

So I was just casually listening to the Naruto Shippuden opening 20 (again) and I noticed a few things that I just had to share.

Let’s start from the beginning

Sasuke looks like he is thinking about something and as soon as he opens his eyes, Naruto’s face pops up. (I see what you did there SP) And that’s not all~! The frickinnn lyrics at that moment. I don’t speak Japanese but it’s something along the lines of: ‘I keep screaming until I reach the light’. 

This fits so well because Naruto was Sasuke’s light in his darkest times.

Then, the lyrics go: 

‘I’ll never let go of your hand’…..

‘I’ll never give up on you’ - This is what Naruto has always said throughout the manga to Sasuke and how he will never give up on him until he brings him back ♥

And if that still isn’t enough to make your heart scream then rest assured, because the next part of the lyrics will get you.

‘Our hearts are connected, even if we’re far apart!’

Do I really need to elaborate? It speaks for itself.

‘So let’s keep living on, together’. 

A favourite SWR character (Kallus!!) in 1B!!

I can’t imagine him ever pulling such a broad, expressive face unless he was really emotionally provoked in some way - someone really just pushing his buttons. I tried to come up with various scenarios that would force him to go away from his calm, composed personality for a bit, so here’s an injured, disheveled, exhausted Kallus pulling a beast-like grin of victory after a rather intense fight/duel with someone.

(Idk if the pose makes sense cropped like this but he’s kneeling down on his knees.)


okay but Shiro being really self-conscious about the scar on his face because, besides his arm, it’s a really prominent reminder of what he went through and the horrors he faced. 

And everyone can tell he’s kind of uncomfortable with it, because when he gets embarrassed, he’ll duck his head or cover his face and stuff. So they all start to make a point of being really soft around him. Like Pidge will boop Shiro’s nose and Allura will kiss the scar and Keith squeezes Shiro’s cheeks and they just all do little things to help him feel a bit less self-conscious about it by making it a normal thing to touch it and make it feel a little more a part of him that they all love

I find it really interesting that we’ve seen Natsu’s face when he cries every time except when Future!Lucy died (correct me if I’m wrong about this).

I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it’s a huge contrast to the rest of the scenes like this. Natsu’s grief has always been more “in your face” than anything else, but with F!Lucy all we saw was his back. He couldn’t even explain to Ultear what really happened.

idk I just think that’s interesting.

werewolf jungkook

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  • heads up idk anything about werewolves except what was mentioned on the hit show scooby doo so please bare with me
  • jeongguk was born a werewolf,,, and his mom was like i am not letting my precious baby ever interact with humans ever,,, and so for the beginning of his life jeongguk was a sheltered little baby
  • also in this au, once werewolves grow older, they can decide what form they stay in, but i repeat, there is no in between phase, i will not tolerate that, he’s human or werewolf, thanks
  • but his werewolf form is cute like it’s basically a steppe wolf, he’s a very dark ashy gray with a slender face but really big eyes and he looks more like a normal wolf than anything, just a lot bigger than most like i said idk much about werewolves…
  • he was the cutest little wolf cub, he would always chase his tail when he was in werewolf form right, and he was like the fastest of all the kids, and he would always try to race everyone else in the pack, just to prove a point
  • he was a wild child, and this worried his mom even more because he wasn’t very good at hiding his werewolf nature like his older brother was
  • like jeongguk was the kid that when they did leave the cool werewolf house (legit like a huge ass cabin their pack bought together where they all live like one big family) he was the kid okay that would howl at all the puppies walking down the street
  • they are nice werewolves okay like there are some evil werewolves down the ways, but this pack is just a bunch of puppies who all love everything, and chasing butterflies and rolling around and chewing sticks
  • also was really prone to scratching everything up when he was a small bean
  • in his family, his mom was the one out and earned money, because he and his dad had no control over their werewolf nature okay
  • like when jeongguk was small and his mom would leave for the day he would get so upset he would just scratch up the door frame with his baby claws and his dad would be like wtf what is my son
  • totally a momma’s boy btw
  • as he grows older he definitely wants to see the human world despite his mom warning him that it’s dangerous, especially for werewolves so young because they can’t really control their emotions
  • but he’s like nah man i got this!!
  • one day when he’s in high school he goes out with some of the other boys from the pack to go be normal teenagers because their whole life they’ve been contained to the cabin and the woods surrounding it, they want to actually see the world
  • they’re all hanging out right, and it’s getting super late and some old creep is like hey there kids, wanna come over my house i have cheap beer
  • jeongguk is like gross wth no plz dont and he goes to leave with his friends but the dude grabs his sleeve and jeongguk can’t control himself his werewolf side just takes over
  • like he could feel his body morphing before he could stop himself and he just attacks the dude with everything he has
  • of course he panics because he just fought some dude in alley (justified of course) but still, he can’t be caught, like anyone will be able to see those marks weren’t from a human
  • all of the boys sprint home in fear of their lives and when they get home jeongguk runs into his mom’s room and breaks into tears, explaining how he couldn’t stop hismelf and how scared the poor baby was
  • after that he vows never to interact with the human world again because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore, and he doesn’t want to face a situation where his werewolf might take over when it’s someone he actually cares for
  • and for a while he does a great job of staying isolated like while his friends go out and party with humans as if there is nothing different about them, jeongguk binge watches scooby doo and the reluctant werewolf (or should i say scoobert doobert)
  • his mom is worried though, like she wants her son to be happy and live a normal life and she knows that he’s not a bad person and that he has the biggest heart, but now he’s permanently scarred and she hates that
  • but alas
  • someone walks into his life
  • literally
  • on full moons, the pack likes to go out and bond or something but jeongguk is not feeling it, like he is having a scooby doo marathon, and he is in his cringey minion onesie like he is living the life
  • but someone knocks on the door suddenly and he’s on edge because who the heck is that nobody in the pack knocks?
  • so he races to open the door
  • and behold
  • it’s you
  • cute, disoriented you
  • your leg is bleeding profusely like there is a huge gash and it looks like you’re limping and he just kinda !! and ushers you inside and helps you over to the couch
  • he runs to get the first aid kit and he drops it on his foot in the process and he lets out a literal howl of pain that scares you because you think it’s a wolf outside or something (little do you know…)
  • but jeongguk races over to you and he kneels down in front of you and he doesn’t ask questions or take the time to realize wow you are a human!!!
  • he cleans your wound with some peroxide i think it is and then gently wraps your leg up
  • “oh my god how did you even get out here??”
  • you shrug through your pain “I was hiking and i kinda tripped and fell, but i saw this place and-”
  • you wince when you try to stand and jeongguk pushes your shoulders down gently so you don’t have to strain yourself
  • and he gives you this shy smile “well you’re not really walking anytime soon, you wanna stay and watch scooby doo with me??”
  • ofc you should be like um wow stranger danger but he’s so cute and he’s wearing a onesie and he’s giving you the puppy eyes and it’s not like you can go anywhere… (disclaimer don’t go off with strangers, even if it’s international playboy jeon jeongguk)
  • okay like five minutes in tho he is like sniffing you low key because you smell like happiness and fresh cotton mixed with honey and you kinda look over at him suspiciously and his eyes go so wide and he hides behind a pillow and literally shouts “YOU SMELL GOOD I’M SORRY”
  • you find it strange, but kinda cute, so you laugh
  • anyway you two spend like three hours binge watching movies and you get to talk to him and you’re like wow you look my age why haven’t i seen you around and he gets all nervous and kinda tenses up like “my mom loves nature”
  • and internally he’s like wow jeongguk that was smoooth way to go man and he’s very proud of himself
  • and you obviously introduce yourself and you talk about school and your job or whatever but you’re more interested about this boy, who’s claimed he’s lived here his entire life but yet you’ve never seen him before…
  • but alas it’s getting late and your leg is feeling somewhat better and you’re like sorry pal ig2g,,, “but i wanna visit again if that’s okay”
  • and jeongguk is faced with the biggest decision of his life does he associate with you, the super cutie of his dreams again, or does he play it safe and shun you because you’re a human??
  • and he’s like lmao yolo “i wanna come visit you if that’s okay”
  • and you kinda !! mysterious okay i like that and so you tell him your favorite coffee shop and ask if he’ll be cool to go on wednesday
  • he walks you home btw just a lil!!
  • wednesday rolls around and jeongguk is a little out of touch to the human world so he gets his bro (witch seokjin and angel hoseok) to help him out with his fashion but he ends up in a flannel and skinny jeans which really screams werewolf if you ask me,,,
  • anyway he sees you and get so excited that he starts bouncing and yapping almost and he’s like wait wait chill,,,
  • but when he sees you he kinda forgets that he’s supposed to be human and he hugs you because excited puppy and he just kinda !!! and you kinda !!!!! as well because he’s hugging you??
  • he has never had real coffee and you’re like wtf are you living under a rock or something??
  • and he gets all red and he like wilts or something and you kinda oh my god no bby here i’ll show you what to get!!
  • he burns his tongue
  • and proceeds to whimper like a kicked puppy or something and you think it’s so cute ahh and you tell him to put sugar on his tongue to help it feel less fiery!!
  • but afterwards you two decide you wanna spend more time together and you two are walking through town, all cute,,, but whenever he sees a dog he gets a lil on edge and you kinda oh alright…?
  • you two becomes bros
  • like hardcore bros
  • except the issue is that jeongguk cannot control his werewolf nature, which means he gets SO possessive over you like the other werewolf boys always make fun of him because he cannot go five seconds without talking about you
  • whenever you two are out in public he has to have his arm around your shoulders and he will glare at anyone who dares look at you
  • he’s also super protective like one time some store attendant was giving you a hard time because they were like um you might wanna try a different size and jeongguk unloaded he had like a ten minute speech about how beautiful and perfect you are and how amazing you are and how he is your number one  fan ever??
  • at first this stuff is like ehh to you but now as time goes on you kinda get a little !!
  • like what young adult wants to play fetch like he calls it catch but it’s a glorified game of fetch
  • and he gets really touchy when he sees werewolf costumes in halloween stores like dramatic eye rolling and grunts of disgust
  • also is always missing on a full moon?? what is this??
  • also legit sometimes howls at things and you’re like wow really subtle,,,
  • you plan to confront him about it but then one day he’s over your house right and you leave the room to go get snacks and you left your laptop up and running and it’s open to how to tell if your boyfriend is a werewolf
  • and jeongguk is like !!! “OH MY GOD THEY KNOW”
  • “wait did they say boyfriend”
  • and he panics because he flashes back to that time he lost all control and he’s so scared that could be you one day and he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings or his fears and he runs for it, legit sprints out the door back home where he runs straight into his moms arms and completely loses it
  • and she strokes his hair and kisses his head and tries to calm meanwhile you’re frantically searching for him but then you see the laptop and you’re like dear god no no no no
  • you don’t even need to think twice about it you start out to go and find him and explain how you don’t care at all and how you love and accept him for who he is
  • but as a werewolf he’s super fast and you get like ten feet and you’re already panting and you’re like great now i’ll never make iT
  • it’s getting later and later, which means it’s getting darker and darker and the woods have never been so terrifying before
  • like is that an owl you hear? are those footsteps? did something just move in those bushes behind you?
  • you consider turning back but you don’t want to lose jeongguk over something so stupid and so you keep pressing on, now only using your phone as a source of light, but your battery wasn’t very full to begin with
  • you’re hair is one edge and there are chills running down your spine because suddenly you can only see a few feet in front of you and the noises keep getting louder and louder and louder
  • jeongguk is at home, playing with the beanie you gave him for your four month friend-versiry and he just senses that something is wrong he can’t really explain it but he can sense you are in danger and he races out the door
  • back to you yah?
  • you’ve stumbled and fallen, and you’ve dropped your phone in such a way that you can’t see the flashlight anymore
  • and there is definitely something near you right now, it sounds like it’s circling you
  • you push yourself into a sitting position, your heart slamming against your chest, your breathing heavy
  • you go to stand up but something suddenly pins you down
  • it’s a wolf, a huge, white wolf, with teeth longer than your fingers, with eyes red as fire
  • it snaps at your neck and you shriek and try your best to shove the monster off of you but it’s way too strong, and has you pinned by the arms
  • it takes another bite at your neck, and you turn, and catch most of the impact with the side of your face
  • you scream again and the beast snarls and hot tears are streaming down your face and you think this it, this is how it ends
  • but then, the wolf plummets down to your side, crying out in agony
  • another wolf, definitely smaller than the first, but still larger than any animal you’ve seen, has tackled the first, fangs sinking into its shoulder
  • you scramble to your feet and watch in horror as the two battle before your very eyes
  • but it looks like your savior isn’t doing so hot, sustaining a serious bite to its front leg
  • in your panic, you grab a giant rock, and as soon as the brawl gets close to you, you smash it on the white wolf, which allows the ashy wolf to overpower it
  • idk how these things end jeez
  • but the white wolf looks defeated, lying there unconscious
  • your wolf limps over to you and nuzzles its face up to your leg and with a shaky breath you whisper “oh jeongguk you’re hurt…”
  • you two make it back to his house which is super safe because the whole pack is there and they all kinda !! when they see you but then they see jeongguk and everyone is in a panic
  • you are the one to nurse his wounds, even though he doesn’t have the energy to change back to human form
  • you wrap his cuts and bruises in bandages, and his mom handles the laceration on your cheek
  • she directs you and jeongguk upstairs to his room while she and some of the elders vow to avenge both your injuries
  • once in his room, jeongguk hops onto the bed (still in wolf form mind you) and circles around a few times before plopping down with a sigh
  • you go and slip in beside him
  • “hey thanks for… well saving me.” you smile softly “i think it’s pretty cool you’re a werewolf… how cool is it that my boyfriend is a werewolf, huh…”
  • his ears perk up at boyfriend but you promise him “tomorrow”
  • you fall asleep with your head rested on his back
  • you wake up the next morning and jeongguk is licking your cheek (what a noob), and is back to his human self
  • but where’s his shirt?
  • actually, what’s under the blankets?
  • “uh jeongguk”
  • and he sprints off with the blanket wrapped around him like a toga and when he comes back he’s in the minion onesie
  • you laugh and roll your eyes but check up on his cuts and bruises but with a cocky smirk he tells you it doesn’t even hurt that much
  • you roll your eyes but smile anyway
  • “i really meant what i said you know…”
  • “about me being your boyfriend”
  • “about me not caring about you being a werewolf but that too…”
  • he rubs his nose up to yours and then leans in to kiss you so softly,,,
  • and the rest is up to your imagination

anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario where tendo has an s/o who's friends don't really understand why she likes him and he over hears them asking her why his s/o is even dating him in the first place and she starts to list the multitude of reasons she has for liking Tendo and at the end she's like "and that's why I love him" but this is the first time she's ever admitted it out loud? Idk how it would end but I guess you could end it however you want, my only request is that u make it really fluffy? Thanks ILY!

He knew her friends didn’t like him.

He could see it in their eyes when they first met. Frowns were casted upon their faces and out of the corner of his eye he saw them mouth, ‘why him?’ At the time he just ignored it, he knew the way girls were. His older sister had always complained that guys in her class were good-for-nothing, backstabbing, sonuvabitches who, to quote her directly, “were an abomination to female kind.” Girls were supposed to despise guys at first sight, weren’t they? He was honest they would call him a ‘fuckboy’ or ‘douche bag’ or whatever else behind his back once he walked away. He was sure it was just their natural instinct to protect their friend. He was sure they would get used to him eventually. Although, he soon learned to never trust his instincts.

He should’ve known after four months of them dating, their petty little hate parade on him wasn’t just a feeble attempt to protect their friend. It was elementary school all over again when he heard, ‘monster’ slip past gloss caked lips for the first time. Half of him wanted to die, right then, right there, because the people that meant most to the person that meant most to him, loathed him. He knew he shouldn’t let them bother him, because his girlfriend would always assure them they were just being ‘girls’. Although, after the fifteenth time one of them had passed by him and coughed, ‘freakshow’ under her breath, he knew they weren’t just being girls. They were being bullies, and it seemed like such a childish thing to say. They were tormenting him to break up with her, and god knows what they say to her, but in that moment, Tendou knew somebody was out to get him.

His obsession with finding out the truth came crawling up on him one month later. The mocking never ceased to end, and with all his power did he try to suppress the pettiness they produced. She had started growing a bit more distant, he noticed. Late night conversations were cut short by nine o’clock, greetings in the hallway were becoming shorter and shorter, soon they were just small waves in his general direction before she was pulled away by a menacing hand. He didn’t want their relationship to end, not like this at least. He wished she would just stand up for herself, or something, but she never did. Unless someone did something, anything, their relationship was going to be an endless cycle of ‘dump him’ and ‘stay with me’ until all came down in shambles.

It was the Friday night before mocks week, and Tendou knew he had a million and one things he should be doing. Although, like an idiot, he found himself wandering around campus at eight o’clock at night, doing nothing in particular except letting the steady raindrops fall onto his now matted hair. The entirety of this scenario was miserable, hell, he probably looked like an Andy Biersack stan to anyone who dare caught him wandering around like this. The rain started pouring down harder, claps of thunder and lightning illuminating the sky. His shoes began to get sloshy and drops of rain began to fall into his eyes, and he began to thank whatever god he prayed to for the library just twenty feet away from him. With a slightly awkward jog he darted into the facility, the old woman behind the front desk giving him a curt nod upon his arrival, muttering something about closing in an hour, but he didn’t really care. He didn’t find himself in the library much, not since volleyball practices became more and more extensive. Although, he remembered there was a nice pod up on the second floor, a reading corner, as it was called, with bean bag chairs and fairy lights and he was sure he would destroy the place with his soaking wet being, but nothing was stopping his from going up there anyways. The old lady could kiss his ass if she told him otherwise. Although, all his plans had backfired the moment he stepped foot on the top floor, catching a glimpse of an all too familiar, acrylic nailed hand, and the chime of a giggle he loved so much. His heart was in his throat, then, as he darted behind a bookshelf barrier. Curiously, carefully, he peeked out, only to find his girlfriend, and the entirety of her friend group, huddled around in a circle. He wasn’t sure if it was sweat dripping down his forehead, or rain, but he knew he was nervous, and really had no clue why. He could abolish each and every one of them if he wanted to, in every way, shape and form they were weaker than him, but even then, he was nervous, and he had no idea how to escape his refuge from behind the bookshelf.

Twenty minutes past and he sufficed to sitting down, carefully pulling a book out from the wall up behind him and skimming through its pages. He was in no way interested, just passing the time as the girls conversation droned on, the occasional mentioning of a boys name or a giggle catching his interest, though. Although, it wasn’t until he heard his name being choked out with such malice did he put the book down, all attention gravitating towards the conversation happening behind him.
“I still don’t get why you’re with Tendou.” Came the remark, quick and fast and out of nowhere. “If you could have anyone on that team besides Tendou, who would you go for?”
There was an elongated pause, the only noise to be heard was the rapid beating of his heart.
“I’d still go for Tendou.” His girlfriend sighed. “I’d find a way to get him.”
“You wouldn’t go for Ushijima-kun?”
“What about that Semi guy? I hear his casual attire is atrocious, though.”
Comments kept spilling out everywhere, but Tendou couldn’t quite catch them all. He had to suppress a giddy giggle upon the words she had said. He knew it was pathetic of him to get so excited over such a thing, but after a month of doubt, to hear that he was still wanted was just music to his ears.
“I really don’t get what you see in him, still.” Came a sigh, and the clatter of something being set down.
“What isn’t there to get?”
“I mean, doesn’t he just seem… standoffish? You’ve seen him play, we’ve all seen him play, he’s a freak. He doesn’t get along with anyone except Ushijima-Kun, who I’m sure is just tolerating him for his reputation…”
The insults just kept pouring on, and on, and on, until Tendou could feel himself on the verge of tears. The last thing he needed on this godforsaken night was his insecurities to be dug up and laid out in front of him after three years of digging a hole and laying them down six feet under. The last thing he needed was for his girlfriend, the one person he trusted above all else, to just sit there and take it, embarrass him while they just kept talking.
“Are you done yet?” Came a sudden peep, through the ruckus of calamity. All went quiet and a throat was cleared, and Tendou physically braced himself for what was to come.
“What you said isn’t false, Satori is the weirdest guy in the school, or whatever.” She began, and Tendou could feel his heart drop from its former place in his throat. “Although, have you ever stopped to consider maybe that’s why I like him? Maybe I’m sick and tired of the status quo, tired of a photocopied generation with limited options to choose from. He’s different, and I love that, and if that makes him a freak, so be it.”
There was another elongated pause, Tendou, his girlfriend, all the girls in the circle, and even the old lady sitting at the front desk downstairs, were dead silent.
“I’m done with you guys bashing on my boyfriend like this. Every single time I see him you have to say something. Why do you always have to be so negative? Can your sad little pea brains even articulate that he makes me happy? That ‘freak show’ has been a better friend to me than all of you since the day I met him, and if you’re just going to sit around and disrespect him all the goddamn time, I’m not going to sit here and respect you.”
There were whines, protests, feeble attempts at apologising, but Tendou didn’t hear them. There were tears dripping from his eyes and he didn’t even attempt at wiping them away. There was shuffling, the dramatic zipping of a bag, and aggravated footsteps. She barked something t him again, and he wasn’t sure if the pounding he heard was his heart beat or her footsteps getting closer. Suddenly, she stormed through the set of bookshelves he cowered behind, and she didn’t even notice him. She didn’t notice him until he swung out an arm and grabbed her ankle, causing her to jerk backwards and gasp.
“Satori?” She whispered, her voice nearly broken. He stood up from him place on the floor and smiled, her worried expression something he didn’t like to see. Her face was red and fuming, eyebrows scrunched up in a concerned manner.
“You’ve been crying.” She muttered, her fingers quick to wipe his cheeks. Tendou just kept smiling, his eyes desperate to meet hers. “How long have you been here for?”
Without saying anything, he kissed her, his hands desperate in her hair and his mouth, voracious. She let a giggle slip in between them, and boldly shuffled out of the protection of the bookshelves. A chorus of gasps erupted, and Tendou couldn’t help but feel like he was in some cheesy, American high school rom-com. Confidently, he flicked the group of girls off, beginning to kiss his her in a way that was far too lewd to even be considered kissing. He didn’t care, though, because she seemed just as into it, tongue and teeth and all, tugging at his damp hair and lower lip. Suddenly, she broke the kiss, grabbed his hand, and darted towards the exit of the library, laughing the entire way.
“I love you, Satori.” She announced, once they were dancing in the open rain. “More than I can articulate out loud.”

He knew her friends didn’t like him, but all that mattered was that she did.


just look at my ot3 over there, mob and reigen with their mouth open, did they do this unconsciously?! their habits are killing me!! and mob is leaning on him, his hand, and in-between his legs like HOLY CRAP the reimob!!! /SCREAMS/


lookit security guard Dimple (SO FINE) and that ekurei connection /CRIES/  look at his frickin face all up by reigen’s ear (damn you earmuffs but i also kinda like you bc you make reigen really cute!) and reigen is being cradled by dimple’s LEGS and im just dying MY OT3 YESSSS and Idk how to match but i see matching with my ot3, very small like Mobs orange pants and the orange on reigens earmuffs and the green of reigens shirt and the green on dimples tie /CRIES/


i love height differences I LOVE THEM so much and i love seeing the ot3s height difference it’s so perfect i feel inspired 

Teru, if i could ask you to push against them a bit more so they could be even closer :”D that would be perfect~

im actually 100% completely here for Jack buying ridiculously expensive things for the people he loves and them being like “Jack, no, stop” and him being like  “?? why” because I just think Jack would like to get his friends really nice things and he makes a lot of money so who cares about the price??

 Like i know someone was like “Jack will you buy me this pony” and he’s like “sure,” because maybe he heard them talk about how much they love ponies, idk 

and so he looks them up, but then he realizes they need some place to stay, so he looks up stables and stuff like that and brings it to them and is like “these places are the best but what do you think?” and they have this blank face and they’re just like “what??”

and Jack is confused and he’s like “You… you wanted a pony, right? Is this not the right one?”

and thats when everyone realizes they cant joke around like that because Jack will literally buy you a pony and everything else you’d need for it 

(also i’d like to say that I am totally aware that Jack would probably not ever do this, let me enjoy this head canon in peace)


Murasakibara is being swarmed by kids! XD

He probably didn’t expect it. He thought the kids would be scared of him but instead they thought he was cool because he was so tall and they all wanted to ride his back to reach the net and shoot. 

mama Himuro thought it was adorable and secretly took a picture to set as his wallpaper later. 

After playing basketball, Murasakibara gave the kids some of his snacks to take home. ofc kinda reluctantly but himuro sealed the deal

“Thanks Murasakibara-oniichan, Himuro-oniichan! Let’s play again sometime! Basketball is so fun!” one kid said as he waved goodbye.

Murasakibara and Himuro waved back with a smile on their faces. (just a hint on mukkun’s face tho lol)

“Did you have fun, Atsushi?”

“….Just a little.”

Himuro smiled that smile of his that said “I know what you really mean.”

//idk how this turned out like this but one thing led to another and here it is lol//


Got a kind little tag from @literalprince (who is super stunning btw) to post six selfies from this year! I haven’t really saved many selfies so here’s the majority!
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